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Riding the rails…

Taking the light rail to go to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor yesterday seemed like a really good idea from the point of view of not having to find a parking space.  I needn’t have worried though, because there are lots more parking garages, and hotels, and more of, well, everything, at the Inner Harbor now.  And the light rail was fine, until we wanted to go home and had to wait for a train, and the ride home seemed to take so much longer than the ride to the harbor had.  And we got home just in time for Georgie, the kitty above, to catch the mouse we suspected he had been stalking all day.  Georgie is a rescue who has no claws and few teeth, but he is a great hunter.  But what he did with that mouse remains a mystery, and as I laid down on the couch to go to sleep I thought I’d lay there awake worrying that he’d decide to bring it to the couch with me to finish it off.  He didn’t.  Now to see what photos I got yesterday.  But I got this one ready immediately.  Soon my granddaughter and her Sam will be in Munich, starting an adventure together.  But for now they are here with us…7-9KaraandSam

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Next stop…

Next stop on the bucket list for my Home-Sweet-Home tour took me to New Hampshire.  To my oldest, dearest, bestest, friend in the entire world.  We met as little kids and have been living parallel lives all through the years, though, sadly, never in the same state.  New Hampshire means critters, lakes, and far off hills, or maybe they are the mountains that my ‘mountain man’ friend spent his life hiking and camping on.  Backpacking, is how he did it.  Now that I have camped in a camper I’ve been told that I can claim to be a camper!  Works for me…7-2chipmunk7-2finch7-2lakeside17-2lakeside27-2lakeside37-2pleasantlake7-2takeaseat7-2church7-2stream7-2weeds

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Barnstable Harbor…

I was supposed to be heading to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod last night, but sat and talked a little extra long, (don’t say it), so I opted for Barnstable Harbor so that I’d have more time.  I parked in a residents only area, but a very nice older couple said that that rule only applies when the life guard was there.  I asked if that meant that I had their permission to stay and take pictures and they said yes.  It made me feel better to have someone’s permission.  I’m still a slave to ‘the rules’… mostly.6-21boat6-21chair6-21grassesSingle photo enhanced with easyHDR 3.12.0: IMG_3845.jpg6-21sunsetHDR6-21sunsetHDR2

It takes a special talent to take this picture.  I love when there is a surprise waiting for me when I upload photos into the computer…6-21oops!

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As I was leaving Bayport this morning a song came into my head, for obvious reasons.  “My bags are packed, I’m ready to go,” and when I got home I looked up the song to see how appropriate it actually was to my current situation.  And it isn’t appropriate since there is no jet plane involved, and no one to kiss goodbye.  The kissing part will come when I get there.  And feeling sad over leaving?  That will come when I get back on the road to come home.  In between there are lots of faces I want to see.  People I want to kiss.  And hugs, lots of hugs.  I think I miss hugs the most…6-12sunriseview

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It was a dark and stormy…

…morning.  Couldn’t resist the Peanuts reference.  As I sat in the dark and quiet with my coffee I realized that I was hearing thunder.  And if I was hearing thunder there was probably some lightning out there.  Which is how I wound up out front of the house in my pajamas, at 4:30 AM, with my iPhone aimed at the sky.  I was using LightningCam2, an app I have had for a while but haven’t used in a long time.  It automatically senses a lightning bolt and takes the picture all by itself.  A no brainer.  But since I’ve used the app I have learned a lot about photography and the photo is horrible, too ‘noisy’.  I tried to ‘fix’ it, but it will never be great so I’m going to let it stand.  Turned it to black and white in Lightroom.6-8b&Wlightningcam2.jpg

My next thought was that if I went to Aripeka not far away, I would have wide open sky instead of the trees and power lines at home.  Even though I was nearly an hour ahead of sunrise the feature photo is what I found when I got there.  A very dramatic sky.  Good thing I was there early because clouds rolled in and spoiled the view before the actual sunrise happened.  And the lightning was too far off in the distance for any more lightning photos.6-8doggoneeasyHDR_easyHDR-night-strong6-8eltoritoSo I was out extra early, it was extra dark, and this little shop close to my house jumped out at me.  Or maybe it’s new.  Cute storefront though with the doggie.  But ElRanchito isn’t new to me, but if the photo is over the top so were the neon colors.