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Curley Top…

Suppose you were just not in the mood to go out early for the sunrise, or out to walk in the woods with friends even though you know you’d have fun. And suppose this little guy was available for a photo shoot. Now what would you do?

It’s called right place, right time. Sometimes you just get lucky.

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Wake-up call…

What started out to be a potentially futile trip out to the sunset on Wednesday night turned out to be a wake-up call. After all there was no guarantee that the sunset would be a good one, and/or that my view would be decent, because I was headed out to try for the ‘shipwreck’ against a sunset sky. But not only was there a promise of some color, but I also met a biker who is on a journey inspired by what God has done for him in his life, and who is on a trip to the four corners of the country to spread his story and hopefully inspire others with their own personal struggles. I realized that it’s been a long time since I met someone and heard their story while I was out taking pictures.

James Rice is his name, and he said he was riding past on his Harley when he noticed the ship and the sunset and stopped to take pictures. I was happy to see that no one had parked on the tail of the boat, giving us a little leeway for photos, and the woman who had parked close to the front had moved her car a few feet over when I asked her to. So I told Jimmy that he could be my bouncer because it was going to be a while until the actual sunset and I was sure that other people would would try to pull in and park. And they did, but they moved when asked nicely. I was more surprised when a couple of young people climbed aboard the boat and settled down to watch the sunset. By then another photographer had joined us and he said, “I guess I’ll have to try again tomorrow”, but I figured the heck with that, and yes, they also moved. What a nice trip out that night turned out to be, for entirely different reasons than I expected. I will think of Jimmy and pray that he stays safe as he travels and shares his story.

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Kite Fest…

Kites on the beach, what could go wrong? Well, as you see in the feature photo, a huge expanse of beach, tiny little kites in the sky, (K heard there were huge kites the day before), and even a plane crash…

Loved seeing the surf.
Getting the kite and the flyer into the same shot wasn’t easy.
You could get the kite and flyer into the same shot sometimes, but you got way too much other stuff in the shot also.
Maybe I should learn Photoshop so I could take this girl and put her on the beach all by herself.
Flying these kites is more complicated than I thought.
There was a crowd up the beach and when I investigated I discovered that engine problems coupled with a student pilot had resulted in this. No injuries, thankfully.
Not a kite, but a low flying plane buzzing right overhead, which was slightly alarming after seeing the downed plane.
So people caught my eye, namely the little girl who was watching the other kids playing ball.
I was using my zoom so I couldn’t see the facial expressions when I took the picture.
She was so cute, all dressed in pink with her red-haired doll, but alas, she never cracked a smile.
I should have bought one of these…
My last photo. You see what the sky was doing, and I had an hour’s drive home, and it was time…
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I had been seeing photos of this washed up sailboat from my group for a few weeks now. Lovely shots against the sunset, I was envious. Today the skies were dramatic and I thought that I might have missed this boat already, so I decided to take a trip to the Dunedin causeway to check it out. Happily it was still there, unfortunately there was an RV parked right next to it. I wondered what the thought process was that had someone park their RV in such an obviously annoying spot. Charley used to call that, “Hooray for me and the heck with the other guy.”

As I looked at the photos I found that my dramatic skies weren’t quite as nice as I’d hoped, and as I edited I found that I liked a softer look than I usually like. The skies seemed to demand it.

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All this laughing…

Charley used to quote his grandmother frequently, and one of his favorites was “All this laughing is going to end in a cry.” He would roll it out when the kids were having a lot of fun and getting a little wound up in the process. That didn’t come to mind while I was at the zoo taking pictures of the baby orangutans, but it sure did later when I was checking the photos out and remembering their antics and the reaction of the crowd as we watched. They had props, several tee shirts and a black sack of some kind, and watching them attempting to put on the tee shirts and putting the bag over their heads was hilarious. The humans were laughing anyhow, and as far as I could tell nobody cried.

I thought this last picture was a fitting way to say goodbye to a year that none of us would have believed was heading our way last new year. Turning the page feels especially good this year…