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It’s all about the light…

It was raining out when I decided to take the ferry to Nantucket yesterday.  But the weather report said it would be a high of 76 degrees and sunny, and beastly hot for the next couple of days, so off I went.  And I fumbled as I attempted to find the terminal, but that was okay because I took some pictures before I even got myself parked and bought my tickets.  It was the light yesterday.  The ferry left at 12:45, and the light would normally be pretty harsh at that time.  But no, the light was perfect.  I had been hoping to see lighthouses while I’m on my first snowbird summer, but I didn’t expect the first one to be right in Hyannis harbor.  I wonder what that structure is?  A guest house?  Some sort of office or art studio?  I would love to know. LewisBay1LewisBay2LewisBay3LewisBay4LewisBay5LewisBay6LewisBay7LewisBay8LewisBay9LewisBay11LewisBay10

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Millway Beach sunset…

The trouble with finding that the sunset is going to be especially nice is that you are there with your camera, so you keep clicking away.  Look away for a second and when you look again you would swear that the colors are up a notch and it’s even more beautiful than you thought.  Though later on when you look at your photos in the computer that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Which one is the best?  Our fearless camera club leader says that if you really want to know how to choose between essentially equal photos then look at the metadata and choose the biggest file.  Bigger file means more detail.  Did I do that?  Of course not.

Sunday night I went out to Kalmus beach expecting to take the pictures I got last night.  Nope, I was way off.  And I wasn’t going to be able to find another vantage point in the amount of time available.Sundaysunset

Ah, but last night was a different story.  I should get a compass ap for my phone so I can find west when I need to.MillwaybeachboatMillwaysunset2Millwaysunset3Millwaysunset4Millwaysunset7MillwaysunsetphotographersMillwaysunsetclams

And just when you’ve already taken a million pictures and you think you’ll be heading home soon this happens.Millwaysunsetrings

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World’s End…

No, not a prediction, it’s a place.  A park actually.  It wasn’t what I expected as I looked at the map on the computer.  I was in Panera, located in a shopping plaza (Derby Street, Hingham, MA) with lots of shops that I’d have loved to visit, but I wondered if there were photo ops nearby.  World’s End Park showed up as an option.  I expected to park on a lot and take a few waterfront shots and be on my way.  But, as is often the case, I was wrong.into hewoodsI paid my $6 fee and the very nice Ranger told me that the entire figure-eight trail was about 3 miles long.  Be sure to take the right hand fork to see a nice ocean view, she said.  And then come back on the opposite trail to the highest point in the park with a view of the Boston skyline.  So I was going to have to work for it.  Plus I had planned another stop that afternoon so I limited my walk to the first loop in the figure eight.  I have to wonder what I missed in the other half of the park.  It would be worth another trip to find out. World'sendcoveWorld'sendcove2World'sendcove3oceansideYour views were mostly through the trees that lined the waterfront on the park side of the water.  So here are your ‘ocean views’, look way out beyond the road.oceanview2oceanviewAnd the Boston skyline.  I love Boston, maybe I ought to investigate taking the “T” in for a day of photo ops…Bostonskyline

I should mention that my computer issue was as simple as ‘dusting’ out the magnetic connection between the charging cord and the laptop.  It’s all fixed.  And another friend took the hint and dusted hers out and solved her own computer issue.  Always happy to help…

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Sunset Hill…

Have I only been here a week today?  It seems longer.  But on the other hand I haven’t been ‘out for pictures’ yet.  It’s the fact that we had the 4th, and the influx of people to make getting around an issue.  That I am one of those people doesn’t keep me from resenting my fellow invaders who are making life more complicated here on the Cape.  And camping itself is a distraction.  I’m not sure I should be congratulating myself over how much I am enjoying living in this little pop up, or ‘pup’ as they are called on the online group I found on Facebook.  Not when I can head into my sister’s house to do laundry or cook a meal.  It’s the best of all worlds at this moment.  I will just enjoy it.  But I did manage a trip to Sunset Hill last night.  I know I’ve been there before but it wasn’t sunset and I had vowed to go back.  I’m glad I did.sunsethill1sunsethill2sunsethill4sunsethill

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Cape Cod Canal…

I caught a glimpse of the canal as I drove toward Cape Cod on the 3rd of July.  I saw a sailboat, and I imagined a pleasant sail, and a lovely breeze on a bright sunny day.  As I crawled along on that last leg of the journey the announcers on the radio informed all of us that the 3rd was the very worst day to be traveling for a 4th of July event.  But it honestly wasn’t any worse than I had expected.  Of course I had the camper in tow, and I almost dreaded getting to my destination for fear that I wouldn’t be able to get into the spot in my sister’s yard that I had imagined.  But I did, and I’m here.

I drove back off the Cape on the morning of the 4th, and I stopped at the nice scenic overlook on the canal to take some photo.  The pleasant sail I had imagined looked a little more hectic with the canal full of boats, all of which seemed to be going as fast as they could.  And creating waves that were rolling up on shore.  What was their hurry?  All they seemed to want to do was turn around and go back the way they came.  We used to call that cruising the drag back in the olden days when I was a girl.

There were people who appeared to be ready to spend the day, with their picnic baskets or bikes.  And lots of fishing along the banks too.  And the cutest little golden doodle puppy standing with her front paws up on the railing, enjoying the view just as I was.  Of course when she saw me trying to take her picture she chose a different pose.  She was a happy little thing.  She is the least golden golden-doodle I’ve ever seen, I hope she doesn’t get a complex about that.  I liked her just as she was. fourthcanal1sailboatsailingbridgebridgesail2fourthcanal1canalfishingcanaldoodle

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Ready or not…

Time marches on in spite of me.  Sometimes I just need to process things.  I want to stop and think, catch up mentally when things seem to be moving impossibly fast.  I first remember feeling this way when my kids were really little.  They grew and changed so quickly, and I remember thinking that I wanted to put them in deep freeze for a second, just to catch up.  When they first started making announcements that you knew weren’t just a repetition of what you had said to them, but were an original thought of their own.  They became people, right before your eyes.

I have two sets of grandkids, the ‘big kids’ and the ‘little kids’, with a very large gap between.  As the two oldest grew up I was just as astounded as when my own kids did the same, but I told myself at least I still have the little kids.  Now the little kids aren’t little anymore, and the oldest one graduated from high school the other night.  I have an amazing set of grandkids, as I know we all do.  They are my greatest blessing, that and the fact that my kids are the people who raised these amazing kids.  But I’m scratching my head over the whole thing.  And the bug bites, but mostly I’m scratching in amazement because I tend to get lost in my own thoughts now and then, but then I resurface and come face to face with life’s milestones, ready or not…grad12