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That crescent moon…

It was Ozzie who got me out back early this morning, but it was the crescent moon hanging relatively low and in the east that got me out to Bayport for the sunrise.  To be honest, I hoped it would be even lower in the sky than it was, but as I got to Bayport and noticed it over the palms in the boat launch area I had to stop for a photo.  And as long as I was there I took a photo of the launch area also.  I hadn’t wondered about where the boats that I see leaving the area early in the morning had come from, but now I know.6-10boatsiteAnd the sunrise looked promising, but as has been the case lately the cloud cover didn’t cooperate much more than this.  Luckily the sky to the west was reflecting as much, or maybe more, color than I was seeing to the east.6-10sunriseHDR6-10reflectedHDR6-10sunriseboat26-10sunriseHDRSo I was happy as I headed home, but I caught a glimpse of the sky to the west as I crossed a little bridge as I was leaving, and I doubled back to capture this…6-10littlebridgeHDRMaybe my powers of observation are getting better.  When Ozzie and I head north to where I will always call ‘home’, I have to wonder how long it will take me to get there if I stop for every photo op I see along the way.  Isn’t that the point of travel after all, to see everything you can see?  I’ve seen it said lately, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’, but call me greedy but I want it all…

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The moon wasn’t quite full this morning, but it was pretty.  I thought of the morning that I saw the full moon hanging very low in the sky, and I tried to get out to see it hanging low over the houses at Hammond’s Creek.  Tried and failed.  Twice I’ve missed a moon like that.  So I headed out this morning just in case this moon might be the one I capture, but no.

And it wasn’t raining, but it also wasn’t the prettiest sunrise.  But there will be another one tomorrow there always is.


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It’s my blog-iversary!

Who would have imagined that a random stop at Best Buy would be a life changing event?  It was late December of 2016, I was just at loose ends and wandering, shopping, and there it was, a nice DSLR camera that came with two lenses, and for less money than I ever would have thought.  There was no research on my part, no investigating of different brands or camera models, all of which would have been lost on me, and truth be told, still would.  No, it was a Canon, and I’d had a Canon 35mm camera before and loved it.  And a nice salesman my age, which for some reason made me feel more like I’d be able to figure the thing out.  Within a month the Sandhill cranes that frequented the lake out back laid some eggs, and that gave me a built in reason to sit out back with the camera with the nice new zoom lens and see what I could see.  And as much as my iPhone was and is a great camera, it wasn’t going to be enough once the cranes were on the scene.

The rest is history.  Local classes that had me attempting to learn to use the camera settings, and then came the infamous class on’ how to start a blog’, which I had never once given a thought to ahead of time.  I had become totally obsessed with the little crane family, watching the ‘colts’ grow, and the class on how to start a blog got a framework set up in the computer.  And wanting to tell their story got me writing.  I did wonder what I’d talk about after they had left the nest, which was almost enough to stop me from ever starting in the first place.  But I figured I’d worry about that later, besides, I thought, it’s not like anyone was going to read it anyhow.

All this is in anticipation of the one year anniversary of the first post.  I am well aware that I haven’t thanked the very nice people who have chosen to follow this blog, and who have encouraged me along the way.  I usually can’t remember what I posted a day or two ago because I’m onto the next photo op and wondering how I will turn it into a post.  And I’ve met such nice people online, and also in person through photography.  Yes, it’s been life changing.  Possibly life saving…

So, better late than never let me thank you now.  All of you.  It’s nice to have someone to talk to…5-27sunsetreflect5-27sunset15-27lastsunset

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Moon over Hammond’s Creek…

A couple of days ago I was out on the patio at 4 AM for my do-over of a moon shot.  Got a chair, adjusted the tripod, moved a table over for the iPad and my steaming hot cup of coffee, and I was all set.  And did the moon cooperate?  Why yes, it did!3-2wispyclouds3-2moon1But then I imagined that moon over the scenery at Hammond’s Creek bridge and off I went.3-2moonside3-2moon3See the churning in the water in the foreground of that picture.  I’m pretty sure those are mullet, which you can’t catch with a hook.  The fishermen throw a net off the bridge and catch a bunch of them at a time when they see them swarming like this.  But lucky for them there were no fishermen there that morning.  I thought of my fisherman friend and wanted to take a picture of One-Foot Fred for him. But that didn’t turn out to be our one-footed friend at all!3-2twofootFredAnd right across the street there was a sunrise going on.  Guess it was a BOGO of sorts  that


morning.  I love BOGOs, of both kinds, of any kind…3-2sunrise3-2moon2

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It’s not unusual for the dogs to want to go out at 4 AM, but was unusual that it was so light out on Wednesday morning that I didn’t need to turn on the outside light to see them wandering out back.  The moon was big and beautiful, and straight up overhead.  Once it occurred to me that I hadn’t attempted a moon photo since I got the 600mm lens and extender I just had to try it.  Here I’ve been complaining about the cold, and yet I didn’t even notice the cold while I was taking pictures out there.  It was 30 degrees out, according to Siri, but with no wind it didn’t feel so bad.  Or I was so distracted by trying to get the tripod to point straight up that I didn’t notice.

Since that went well I was off to Bayport for the sunrise a little later, and found it to be so windy and cold that I got right back into the car and didn’t take any pictures at all.  Instead I headed to Jenkin’s Creek where the birds were no where to be seen.  So much for always finding an eagle at sunrise.  But at least I have my best moon photo so far…

1-4moonshot2 copy2

The featured photo is one I took quite a while ago and finally decided to see what I could do with it.  The moon was blown out, and I always seem to try to include branches or something besides just the moon in my moon photos, but it honestly doesn’t work well.  I guess the camera wants you to focus on one or the other.  But I liked this picture so I took it into an app called Distressed Effects and played around until I came up with this image.  I have a lot of photo editing apps that I never use anymore.  I’ve often thought that it might be fun to choose a single picture and put it through all the apps that I have to see what I could do with them.  If this cold snap continues to keep me inside I might just try it.

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Taking it easy…

Sometimes you run out of energy and have to take it easy after you get home from work, and after swimming laps.  It helps that the Sandhill Cranes were out back, sounding off as only they can.  They must not be the same pair that was here last year because last year’s birds ignored the dogs.  These cranes were all the way across the lake and yet they objected to Ozzie and Zoe wading and drinking out of the lake.  Last year, at the end of December, I took a picture of two Sandhill Cranes nesting on the island out in the lake.  I’m not sure that I realized that they were nesting at that moment.  Now I have to hope we’ll have a new set of babies this year.  They seem to be feeling their oats.  Love the new lens in this situation.  It’s quite big and heavy though, I’ll have to pick and choose when to bring it with me.


I took the featured photo at about 5:30, just about the same time as the sunset out front.  I  had a feeling that once it got dark I wouldn’t be able to capture the detail in the moon, not as clearly as it was in this photo.  Plus ducks, and what Merlin says is an immature Little Blue Heron.  And it’s time to snooze…