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Mistaken identity…

I got a little carried away with the wood stork chicks at the rookery the other day. I do think they are cute, in an a ‘face only a mother could love’ sort of way. Plus they were really the only game in town. They are always earlier than the egrets, but I did expect to see a few egret chicks by now, but I didn’t see any. I asked another family that was watching if they had seen the alligator, and the dad answered that yes, he had seen one. What followed was a comedy of errors as they, the father, grandfather, and young granddaughter who was manning the binoculars, began to spot alligator after alligator. Or so they said. I on the other had spotted none, but that didn’t stop me from shooting in the general the direction of where they were pointing. Eventually I did hear the dad suggest that what they were seeing might be soft shell turtles. My feature photo seems to have proved him correct.

Yes, the lovely egrets were present, but without a busy nest of chicks to tend. Not so far at least.

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Love is in the air…

Okay, maybe love is in the air, maybe not, but love is certainly at the rookery. Breeding plumage is on display. There is much posturing to attract the opposite sex, and, with the help of another peeping Tom with a pair of binoculars, I saw babies on one nest! They were tucked down in the twigs of the nest enough that I”m not sure I’d have spotted them without the heads up. I didn’t even have my biggest lens on the camera because I wasn’t expecting to see chicks yet. I’ll be more prepared next time.

I feel pretty…
Oh, so pretty…
I feel pretty, and witty, and bright…
There he is, not easy to spot at all. A wood stork chick…
There, that’s better…
There were actually two chicks in there, at least…
There were no egret chicks, or I didn’t spot any anyhow…
But I don’t think it will be long…
This little blue heron was directly in front of the photographers, in an area of vegetation in the water that wasn’t there in the past. I heard that the alligator was spotted that morning also, so I hope this little guy was watching out for himself.
And since I have spotted him once, I checked to see if my my neighbor, the eagle, was on duty again yesterday. Looks like he was back in this exact same spot, or was he still there?
I have to view him from a condo development, in someone’s backyard, so I don’t feel comfortable hanging around for hours waiting for something to happen. If there are babies on the nest I could see no evidence of them, but why else would he be standing guard?
I think he takes his duties seriously…
This cattle egret was on my sad looking lawn when I got home. A new comer to the neighborhood…front yard visitors
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Sushi anyone?

Sushi was definitely on the menu at Circle B Bar Reserve yesterday.

Ospreys eat the head of the fish first, that’s where they get their water.
You have to wonder how they swallow their catch.
And they deliver!

But not everyone was feasting, some were just enjoying the warm weather…

Working on his tan.
Drying off.
It was a day for nice reflections.
Great blue herons around every turn.
So close sometimes and they don’t seem to be bothered by the people.
Glossy ibis, I don’t see them often.
Green herons are a treat to see too.
Little blue herons were always in my backyard pond.
The trees arched over the road as I drove into the park, and the Spanish moss was glowing in the early light.
Just a tree that caught my eye.
I hoped we’d see a raccoon, and we did.
Merlin says this is a prairie warbler.
Here is a tower of black-bellied whistling ducks.
Until I saw these sandhill cranes I hadn’t realized that we don’t see a lot of them at the B either.

And yes, I brought the lens ball with me. It was a beautiful day, hot after you’ve been hiking all afternoon. I spent another two hours of my life trying to get a covid vaccination appointment today, but all things considered I can’t complain. Life is good.

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A walk in the Tetons…

We Floridians are not the hardiest of souls. A blustery 50-degree day will keep us in, declaring it too cold and windy to be outside. In fairness to us we don’t experience this type of weather often, and certainly not for days at a stretch, and we simply don’t have the wardrobe for it. So I took a walk through the Tetons today. In my computer of course, having located the pictures I took over the summer. Thankfully they aren’t lost for good, just not organized well. I have no idea if I will ever get to enjoy the Tetons in person again, but isn’t that why we take pictures? So that we can return for an hour or two, and remember…

this is The Sleeping Indian, do you see him?

There is no rhyme or reason to these pictures, just images I was happy to see again. Now to tuck them away safely so I can find them the next time I decide to go down Memory Lane.

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Zoo babies…

You know I was looking for orangutans at the zoo on Monday. I especially wanted to see if we could see changes in the newest little baby, but on our first go-round we never did see the mom and baby, so contented ourselves with the antics of the bigger babies. But before we left we came back to the orangutans, and this time not only were mom and baby there, but she moved out into the light and seemed to display him to us as any proud mama might do. I have barely looked at any non-orangutan pictures so far, so forgive me the orangutan overload. I can’t help myself.

He has gotten a lot more interested in the world around him, or so I thought. I’m sure I’ll be back in a few more weeks so we can watch him as he grows…

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I had orangutans on the brain the other morning, but instead of dropping everything and heading to the zoo I dithered and it broke the spell. Later I saw pictures of a brand new baby orangutan taken by a friend that same day and I was disappointed that I hadn’t gone. So when the thought crossed my mind yesterday I was out the door in no time flat.

With so many pictures to go through I decided that it would be easier to look at the pictures of other than orangutans, but fair warning, there will be so much orangutan cuteness to come.

The macaw fly through happened just as I entered the zoo. There was barely time to get the camera out of my bag.
I would never have cropped so close except I had zoomed in on my pictures to see if they were sharp and this one popped in and startled me, in a good way, so I kept it cropped.
The baby elephant is getting so big.
I thought they were piping in the sound of a tiger roar, but no, it was this guy.
And a meerkat just because…
Another new baby, a white rhino.
This zebra was nice enough to walk into the sun and get his picture taken.
Getting a full length close up of this guy just wasn’t in the cards…