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Making the rounds…

It was owls first on Tuesday, and then we headed over to see the eagles.   As you can see, the ‘babies’ aren’t hard to spot these days.  That cute fuzzy stage doesn’t last long, I think this is their awkward adolescence.  And that shy second chick seems to have gotten over it too.  We didn’t stay long, didn’t wait for parents to put in an appearance,  It was almost a drive-by.


And if that was almost a drive-by then our next stop at really was a drive-by.  Just down the street is Anclote River Park, and it’s a given there that if there is a post then a pelican will be sitting on it.  So we shot out the car window in true. drive-by style.02-19-20eaglepelican.jpg

We parted company after that, and my trip home took me right past the rookery, so a stop there seemed like a no-brainer.  I was the only one there, but lots of people stop their cars to see what is going when they see you on a ladder with your camera.  They are always amazed and usually have no clue what birds they are seeing, and say that they never noticed the birds before.  And I don’t mind the distraction since things are on hold there at the moment.  Egg-sitting and standing guard seem to be the order of the day while we wait for the hatching to begin.02-19-20eagleegret3.jpgExcept for the egrets.  They fluff out those feathers and ‘display’, I think it’s called.  In one fluid motion they stretch their neck up, and up some more, and then bow down, to no one in particular.  Hmm, I should probably look that up…

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Two heads…

Two heads are better than one, or so they say.  But in this case they aren’t prettier.  It was a beautiful day today so while I was out I checked the rookery, just in case.  All was fairly quiet, and I answered some questions from a few people who were amazed to see this place.  Birds were flying in and out, mostly with twigs and branches to feather their nests, (I’m rolling my own eyes here).  But for the most part birds are on the nests with their partners standing by.  Period.  Not a lot of action.  But these two were snuggling up together, I thought it was kind of cute.  I might have been a little jealous…


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I saw a post on Facebook that sent me out the door with barely a sip of coffee this morning.  It was about a ‘snow moon’, and when I got home I looked for it again and it has disappeared.  I popped out the door and saw that big moon in a clear sky and couldn’t get to Aripeka fast enough.  I never did take pictures of the sunrise since it was barely there, but oh, that moon!02-09-20moonclose02-09-20moonview102-09-20moonview302-09-20moonclose202-09-20moonbirds02-09-20moonglowbaitshop

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Happy endings…

Waking up in a camper with no heat on the coldest morning in 7 years wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  The heated mattress had kept me cosy all night, and I plugged in the ceramic heater (with only one available plug-in at a time it was a deliberate choice) as soon as I woke up.  I left for the day intending to take the feature photo, the line-up of rental kayaks and canoes at the (closed) rental shop.  There has been very little activity here these last cold days.  And that probably explains why the campground that is normally booked up months in advance seems to have a lot of empty slots available.  

Then it was on to the actual fort which lent it’s name to Fort DeSoto State Park.  The sign explains the significance, and all that information was news to me.1-22-20forthistory1-22-20hikerguy1-22-20ruinsfromabove1-22-20beachruins

There is a raised walkway with a view which I may have missed if I hadn’t noticed a creature with a very, very long tail enjoying lunch in a very sparse tree.  No, not an escaped monkey from the zoo, which from a distance was my first thought, but a squirrel.  Not seemingly too different from your general, run-of-the-mill-squirrel, other than it’s tail.1-22-20squirrel11-22-20squirrel21-22-20barge1-22-20northbeachshop1-22-20edgemontkeylight1-22-20pinkflower

The day before Joe had been working at the snack bar at the campground when I wandered in and asked him what was on the menu.  Nothing, was his reply since it was close to closing time.  But come and see me tomorrow at the Gulf Pier and I’ll make you some grouper.  I’d been eating the almonds, clementines, apples, and animal crackers that I’d brought from home so that sounded divine.  You can sit outside on a stool and enjoy the sun and the view while you eat, was his further comment, which at that point didn’t sound like a good idea at all.  But on this new day by lunch time the sun felt great, and some nice grouper outside was enticing.  And delicious.  Up on a nearby pole I saw an osprey eating a fish and wondered it he also was enjoying grouper.  And as I sat there I half expected an osprey to swoop down and steal my lunch.  The sky was full of them.  But I didn’t have to share and it was great.1-22-20grouper1-22-20ospreywithfish

While I was at the Gulf Pier I had noticed an empty dog crate, and the posted information with it was all about what to do if you catch a bird with a fish hook, and how to take care of it so that it can be rescued and recover from any wounds.  I didn’t expect to see this situation in action so quickly, but I had moved on to the Bay Pier just in time to see a rescuer leaving the pier with a wounded pelican.  She said that the pelican had caught a fish and hook as the fisherman reeled it in, just as I recently saw happen back home in Aripeka, but in this case the fisherman got the hook out and the bird just needed to have it’s wound heal.  And to be fattened up.  She said that the young pelicans are starving because these cold temperatures have driven the fish into deeper waters and food hasn’t been as plentiful for them.  I was glad to see this pelican have a chance for a good outcome from his adventures.1-22-20birdrescue1-22-20pelicanrescue

I love a happy ending, and didn’t know that there was one in store for me too.  A chance conversation with fellow campers not only got my electrical issue fixed, but I was also assured that when I leave on Friday I will be able to make the turn onto the one-way road with the trailer in tow and it would would clear the surrounding trees just fine.  Yes, happy endings all around!

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Just another day…

The day started on the bridge.  A nice view of the sunrise over the Pithlaschascotee River.  Taken from the bridge on Rt. 19, meaning there is a ton of traffic behind you, and you can’t go back and forth across the bridge like I can at Hammond’s Creek.  Darn it.  And on this day at least the traffic was causing a lot of vibration on the bridge, which is how I’m explaining to myself why all my camera photos were blurry.  Thank goodness for the new iPhone 11 pro max which handles low light very well.  And it ignored the vibration.11-19sunrisebridgeiphone211-19sunrisebridgeiphone111-19sunrisebridge211-19sunrisebridge111-19sunriseathome

I misidentified this last picture the other day, it really was the sunrise, sometimes I confuse myself.

And I ended that day on Green Key beach.  Another day gone…11-19greenkeysunset11-19greenkeysunset211-19greenkeysunset311-19greenkeysunset4

I’ve lost track of what happened in between these two sets of pictures.  I’m sure it was full of good intentions, but with very little follow through.  I’m a world-class procrastinator, especially when it comes to the pesky necessities of life like housework.  After all, those messes aren’t going anywhere now are they?

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Perkins Cove…

If I hadn’t dithered so long in the gift shop at Nubble I wouldn’t have even known that Perkins Cove existed, which would have been a shame.  I asked the clerk for suggestions of other places to go for photos, and her face just lit up when she mentioned Perkins Cove.

I knew I’d love it as soon as I drove into the little town.  Like Kennebunk and Ogunquit, the shops and restaurants were charming, sitting as they were at the docks with sailboats tied up, just waiting for someone to sail them away.  And lots of people about too, I half expected Jessica Fletcher to pop out of the little book store, and if you know who that is then you are old, like me!PerkinsflowersPerkinsfrom the bridgePerkinshousesPerkinscommingthrough

Do you see that the bridge is up?  The controls are on the bridge and a sign says that only adults can operate it. The sign called it a pedestrian bridge, so maybe it’s up all the time until someone wants to cross it.  Unlike the campground which is emptying out, this town was full of tourists, shopping in the pretty shops or having lunch on the porches of the waterfront restaurants.

But it was Marginal Way that had caught my attention.  A mile long ‘cliff walk’ overlooking the ocean.  I was so lucky to be there on such a perfect day.PerkinscovePerkinshousescenePerkinssailboat2PerkinssailboatscenePerkins2benchesPerkinslighthouseThis is Little Beach Light, it sits at about the halfway point in your walk.  I just loved it.


I spent a lot of time waiting for this paddle boarder to decide to ride a wave so I could try for some action shots.  Maybe he was shy because he kept letting them go by.  And maybe I’m not the only senior citizen who doesn’t seem to know enough to act their age.


My last shot of the visit, taken while sitting on a bench with my back to the parking lot, and eating a coffee kahlua brownie ice cream cone.  The sun felt wonderful, almost too warm and then you’d feel the breeze and it was perfect.