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Perkins Cove…

If I hadn’t dithered so long in the gift shop at Nubble I wouldn’t have even known that Perkins Cove existed, which would have been a shame.  I asked the clerk for suggestions of other places to go for photos, and her face just lit up when she mentioned Perkins Cove.

I knew I’d love it as soon as I drove into the little town.  Like Kennebunk and Ogunquit, the shops and restaurants were charming, sitting as they were at the docks with sailboats tied up, just waiting for someone to sail them away.  And lots of people about too, I half expected Jessica Fletcher to pop out of the little book store, and if you know who that is then you are old, like me!PerkinsflowersPerkinsfrom the bridgePerkinshousesPerkinscommingthrough

Do you see that the bridge is up?  The controls are on the bridge and a sign says that only adults can operate it. The sign called it a pedestrian bridge, so maybe it’s up all the time until someone wants to cross it.  Unlike the campground which is emptying out, this town was full of tourists, shopping in the pretty shops or having lunch on the porches of the waterfront restaurants.

But it was Marginal Way that had caught my attention.  A mile long ‘cliff walk’ overlooking the ocean.  I was so lucky to be there on such a perfect day.PerkinscovePerkinshousescenePerkinssailboat2PerkinssailboatscenePerkins2benchesPerkinslighthouseThis is Little Beach Light, it sits at about the halfway point in your walk.  I just loved it.


I spent a lot of time waiting for this paddle boarder to decide to ride a wave so I could try for some action shots.  Maybe he was shy because he kept letting them go by.  And maybe I’m not the only senior citizen who doesn’t seem to know enough to act their age.


My last shot of the visit, taken while sitting on a bench with my back to the parking lot, and eating a coffee kahlua brownie ice cream cone.  The sun felt wonderful, almost too warm and then you’d feel the breeze and it was perfect.

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Old Orchard Beach…

Turns out that another one of the only places in Maine that I was aware of ahead of time is also close by this campground.  I searched so long for a parking space at Old Orchard Beach that once I found one I wasn’t actually in Old Orchard Beach anymore.  Which was probably a good thing or the beach goers vacationing there would have been seeing this mucky surf.OrchardbeachfishingpoleOrchardbeachseagullOrchardbeachbutterflyOrchardbeachcottagegardenI took a couple of pictures and headed back to the car to see if I could find the amusement park that I thought was at Old Orchard Beach.  And I did.  And do you see that very nice looking life guard in the feature photo?  I asked him why the surf had been so mucky up the way a little.  He was my age, well, not my actual age.  He was the age I think I am, and very friendly.  He said, in his sexy Italian accent, that it’s a factor of the wind and the seaweed.  I wonder how they kept it off this stretch of beach?OrchardbeachfessiswheelOrchardbeachfessiswheel2OrchardbeachpierOrchardbeachwave1OrchardbeachwavesceneI also asked the lifeguard which lighthouse this is that I was seeing off in the distance.  Biddeford light was the answer, he said he thought that’s what it was.  I just enjoyed his accent.Orchardbeachlight?I found this beach town to be a little less slick that some of the tourist traps I’ve seen.  You can still walk up the street and find the same fries, and ice cream, and taffy shops you find in a lot of beach towns.  But it had an old fashioned feel to me, and that appealed to me a lot.  I took this picture for my friend who has her eyes open for a little house with a porch to make her own.  I found her a candidate, and I’d definitely love to come and stay a while in the summer…OrchardbeachKozyCorner

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Acadia National Park…

I think I have to thank the invention of the GPS for the ability to be on the road, by myself, and managing to get from point A to point B with very little problem.   It was a 2 1/2 drive to Acadia on Friday, not too far to go to check another bucket list destination off my list.  I drove the Acadia Loop Road, stopping at every turn-out to take pictures, even when each one was a view of the same scenery but from a slightly different angle.  My photo group is planning a trip to this park in October, and they’ll probably have the addition of fall colors to enjoy while they are here.  I quickly realized that jumping in and out of the car and attempting to set up the heavy tripod and my biggest, heaviest lens wasn’t going to work so well, so it was back to the new camera and lens.  I hate to admit it but it’s all I use now, and I’m so glad to have it. From my point of view it was a clear, sunny day, with blue sky and puffy white clouds.  The water color was bluer than the sky was.  But the distant scene was in mist, so zooming in for details was frustrating.  A very enjoyable day, but I was glad to get home to the camper…Acadia1Acadia2Acadia3Acadia4Acadia5Acadia6Acadia7Acadia8Acadia9Acadia10Acadia11Acadia12

A friend from Maine messaged me to be sure to go to the Jordan House for lunch, and try the pop-overs.  I no sooner read that and there was the Jordan House, but I must have arrived right after several buses had unloaded their passengers.  So I opted for grab-and-go on the upstairs balcony.  Darn, those pop-overs were calling me.

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Scenic New Hampshire…

When I first set out from Florida on this trip I lamented that I was seeing beautiful scenery as I drove, but there was no place to pull over and enjoy it.  And take pictures course.  But that doesn’t seem to be a problem in New Hampshire.  There was no shortage of lovely scenery on our drive yesterday, and lots of places for you to pull over for viewing.  As we drove the Kancamagus Highway there were cars lining the road periodically, but not a soul to be seen.  They were all hikers who had disappeared into the woods at the many trailheads that we passed by.  My tour guide pointed out the points of interest by name, the mountains he had climbed and places he had camped, most with stories of the fun he’d had over the years.  And that great laugh to go with each one.

Satdriveelephanthead2SatdriveelephantheadHe was pointing off into the trees and mountains and insisting that Elephant Head was there, but it took me a while to see it.  The elephant even has an eye the size of a dinner plate.  Since my NH friend hadn’t ever heard of it I was taking pictures even before I had spotted it.  Of course once I spotted it I wondered how I didn’t see it.Satdriveold man

The Old Man of the Mountain is such a part of NH that it’s worth taking note of where he used to be.  My friend announces that ‘there’s the old man’ even now that he’s gone.

SatdriveMt.washingtonThis view of the Mt. Washington hotel took me by surprise.  I’d been there before but never dreamed it was nearby at that moment.  There had been fog at the tops of the mountains even as we set out that morning, and the clouds look ominous here.  But the day turned out to be sunny, until after we had gotten back and the rain came pouring down.  Quite a few hikers must have gotten drenched.SatdrivescenicoverlookSatdrivescenicoverlook3Satdrivescenicoverlook4The trees in the foreground at the scenic overlooks have grown up so tall that you don’t see the scenery that you saw years ago.  Or so I’m told.  I’m also told that this drive is spectacular when it’s decked out in fall foliage.  I’m sure it is.  I was hoping to stay north long enough to see the fall colors, but I find that I’m beginning to look forward to being home in Florida.  Nice when you can call where ever you are ‘home.’


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Millway Beach sunset…

The trouble with finding that the sunset is going to be especially nice is that you are there with your camera, so you keep clicking away.  Look away for a second and when you look again you would swear that the colors are up a notch and it’s even more beautiful than you thought.  Though later on when you look at your photos in the computer that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Which one is the best?  Our fearless camera club leader says that if you really want to know how to choose between essentially equal photos then look at the metadata and choose the biggest file.  Bigger file means more detail.  Did I do that?  Of course not.

Sunday night I went out to Kalmus beach expecting to take the pictures I got last night.  Nope, I was way off.  And I wasn’t going to be able to find another vantage point in the amount of time available.Sundaysunset

Ah, but last night was a different story.  I should get a compass ap for my phone so I can find west when I need to.MillwaybeachboatMillwaysunset2Millwaysunset3Millwaysunset4Millwaysunset7MillwaysunsetphotographersMillwaysunsetclams

And just when you’ve already taken a million pictures and you think you’ll be heading home soon this happens.Millwaysunsetrings

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The Kancamagus Highway…

That was my goal Wednesday when I set out to take some pictures.  I think I just like to say Kancamagus, and it was too pretty out to stay home.  If you look at it on a map it looks like it goes in a diagonal line from where I am now, to Lincoln, NH.  That’s not true though.  You have to drive a bit to get to Rt. 112, and I discovered several distractions along the way that slowed me down and kept me from traveling the whole highway.  Which is okay because a friend of mine is most at home in the Lincoln area and I’m in hopes we’ll get back there together eventually.  This farm was a distraction along the way.  And when I stopped to take a picture this cow came over to say hi.farmagain6_12_19cowandbarn6_12_19cowandbarn26_12_19redbarnscene

Then the town of Bradford provided it’s own distraction.  Just a block long, but quaint, and good food.  A pastrami reuben at a little coffee shop called The Local Buzz.  What a great name, and a great sandwich.6_12_19waterfall1bradfordlibrary6_12_19townturretthelocalbuzzBuzzmap

Eventually I did make a run at the Kancamagus though, and I got there.  As promised by my cousin, the scenery is spectacular.  But pull-offs are too few and far between.  Which explains why I turned around after I passed the Beaver Pond scenic area and returned for photos there also.  But I turned out to be the main course for the black flies and mosquitos that were just hanging around waiting for an unsuspecting tourist to show up. When I told my cousin that I stopped at Beaver Pond he said that he and his wife hiked a trail there once and encountered a swarm of black flies that had them running to their car.  Glad to know it’s not just me being a wimp.  Nobody bothered my DEET infused legs, which was nice.  But too bad I didn’t think to spray my ears because they got gnawed on pretty fiercely.  Now my ears are burning, you aren’t talking about me are you?6_12_19beaverdamoverlook26_12_19beaverdamoverlook6_12_19beaverpondredux