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Heritage Village…

On Saturday three of us club members from Hernando County made the trek to Clearwater to have our camera sensors cleaned.  A wonderful perk of club membership.  Florida Center for Creative Photography, or FCCP, for those who may wonder.  Haveing made a bit of a trip we asked where we might go to take some pictures while we were out, and we settled on Heritage Village.

On a sunny day the colors were vibrant, and it clashed with the notion of seeing those days of old in sepia tones.  In truth I looked to see if I could tint the pictures that way, but I grew impatient, so you are seeing what we saw.

The general store came first…12-3generalstore12-3shopping

Then the train station…12-3crossing12-3allaboard312-3allaboard2

And, of course a garage.  It even smelled like a garage…12-3outtolunch212-3outtolunch12-3heritagegarage

How about a barber shop, complete with a photo bomb by Natty Boh…12-3nattyboh12-3barbershop212-3barbershop

And a one room schoolhouse…12-3schoolhouse212-3schoolhouse

I’m not squeamish, but the doctor’s office blew me away a little.  Instruments displayed under glass, and numbered so that you could find out what they were used for.  I’m sorry, but they looked brutal.  I wonder what the survival rate for surgical patients was back then.  I did take a photo of the first dental X-ray machine, and the birthing chair which was surprisingly short, and complete with a sink for the baby to be delivered into. Again, brutal.  Next time I’ll concentrate on the instruments more.12-3openwide12-3birthingchair.jpg

And some scenes of everyday life in the village…12-3kitchen12-3heritagespinning12-3office12-3redwheels12-3bedtime

Seems appropriate for the outhouse to be the grand finale of the visit!  It was a fun day!12-3outhouse

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The “afterlife”, sort of…

I was messaging with my daughter in PA yesterday and I referred to ‘our recent cold spell’ here in FL.  She found that thought to be hilarious, but I told her that the struggle was real.  The fact that I was too cold had me hunkered down in place for a couple of days, not making much progress with the move.  But I shut down my yard sale at about 2:30 and ventured down the road to see if I could accomplish some unpacking/organizing there.  And I purposely left in time in time to stop at what now will be my closest sunset location, Hudson Beach.  Which comes complete with a beach bar, which just might become my new favorite place for a bite to eat, once I move, and once I get back to FL.  The sky was full of dark clouds, with a break in just the right place for some color.  And a very nice conversation with another photographer.  Life will go on…


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Peaceful places…

I’m not sure why but my GPS took me on a route I’d never been on when I left Cape Cod last Wednesday.  I was happy it did because I noticed a pretty little harbor and stopped for photos.  The boats were all at anchor, it struck me as a sleepy little place.  Only later did I notice that I was in the town of Weymouth, MA.  Weymouth, where a policeman was killed recently during a routine traffic stop, along with an innocent woman killed in her home in the same incident.  Sleepy and peaceful for days, and weeks, and years, but not immune to the craziness that we see on the news all the time.  Even in the aftermath it’s hard to imagine that such horrific things can and do happen in such lovely places.


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The Flume…

New Hampshire sunsets happen behind layers of mountains, but if you are lucky you see the sky light up before it’s done altogether.

On Saturday we found the trails I was looking for on Friday, when we made a last minute decision to go to the Flume Gorge.  With it’s wooden walkways, and an 800 foot gorge, it sounded like a beautiful sight to see.  And while there was a nice trail to follow to get to the walkway, that trail was straight uphill.  The struggle to get up the hill was real, and the fellow hikers were encouraging to each other as we made our way up the hill.  Fortunately there were benches and boulders to sit on to rest as you headed ever upward.  I thought that instead of climbing every mountain we were sitting on every bench, and when I said that out loud I heard a few people around us laugh in agreement.     Here and there along the way we saw people who had gone off the trails and made their way onto the boulders in the river, usually for photo ops.  (Not me, I had my hands full just getting up the hill).  And there was one guy who was doing his darnedest to make a rock pyramid by trying to balance a triangular rock on one of it’s points and get it to stay long enough to take a picture.  It was giving him lots of trouble, that was obvious, so we kept on with our climb, but when we reached an overlook the people up there were excited because they could see that this guy had succeeded.  There he was down below in the gorge, taking pictures of his creation.  I have no idea how he managed this feat, if smaller rocks were helping to keep it in place, or possibly mud?  It’s a mystery.


That this gorge was discovered in 1808 by a 93 your old woman who happened across it while fishing is especially amazing to think about.  I’ll bet there weren’t any benches for her to sit on back in her day.  And I ought to mention that there is a bus available that will take you up the trail to the walkway, and back down.  But we are tough, or possibly just stubborn, we made it on our own…

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Antiques and more…

It’s Salisbury, NH’s 250th birthday this year.  The Sestercentennial, for which there is a competition for the residents involving placing a wagon and flowers out on your property.  This one is my favorite, so far, the truck that is.  But the wagon is fun too.  Plus another covered bridge, more photos from Weir Beach, and alpacas from the local veterinarian’s yard.  As we were driving the other day I said to Kathy that I’m not in Florida anymore, she said, “You’re not in Kansas either.”  No, I’m not.  And I won’t be here much longer.  The dreaded good-byes are just around the corner, but only ’til next time…

7-14truck7-14wagonwheels7-14coveredbridge7-14dock27-14dockbirds7-14bluehouseHDR7-14boohoo7-14alpaca17-14alpaca2I love that little kid from Weir’s Beach.  I thought I was taking pictures of a little kid having fun on the beach.  Turned out she was sobbing her eyes out.  My daughter once said of me that I see what I want to see, if the shoe fits…