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To spend a day out shooting pictures and ‘only’ come home with 668 is not particularly a lot.  But it’s a lot to go through and it leaves you with pictures that are left over, that didn’t quite fit the story you were telling, or you simply missed them.  Or maybe they just wanted to stand alone.

All day long we had a running debate over whether or not the bird we were looking at was a tri-color heron or not.  But once we did see one we didn’t have to debate anymore.05-21-2005-21-20tricolor

Green herons seem more rare of a sighting, or maybe they just hide better, but I was happy to see this one.   And this pale colored one was a mystery to me, but Merlin says it’s a black crowned night heron.05-21-20greenheron05-21-20greenheron205-21-20blackcrwned

Soft shelled turtles aren’t particularly cute, but we were amazed to see this one camouflaged in the algae.  And the orange shell of these turtles stood out too.05-21-20sftshellalgae05-21-20orangeshell

An osprey flying over with its catch in its talons is always a goal to see.  But if he stops to eat in a tree it’s the next best thing.05-21-20osprey-fish05-21-20osprey-fish2

I missed the excitement when this hawk stole this snake from an ibis.  I did get to see him make short work of it.05-21-20hawk-snake

A butterfly is always a pretty picture, and this green dragonfly was my favorite dragonfly picture of the day, but I somehow failed to export it so I missed it on my dragonfly post.  But it’s too pretty not to post.05-21-20butterfly05-21-20greenongreen

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I confess, I was feeling a little sorry for myself, missing sitting in my former backyard with my camera and letting the photo ops just happen as they may.  Would it really be easier to be in quarantine in that house as opposed to this little place?  Probably not, it just seems that way.  But with that in mind as I walked the park yesterday I decided to look for dragonflies at the edge of the lake, and there they were.  Not as pretty colors as some I’ve seen, these all seemed to be black.  And they were pausing on the tips of the grasses that were being tossed about by the wind.  But one guy landed in the grass giving me a better chance for a picture.  As I concentrated on taking pictures I remembered that my fellow park residents always talk about the alligator that suns itself on the far side of the lake, which is where I was at that moment, so I decided that I was done for the day, though I paused to watch the osprey who was cruising on the wind overhead.04-06-20pondview04-06-20ospreysoar.jpgAs I headed home I thought of the big, fat orange dragonflies that always seemed to zoom by, teasing me while I tried for pictures in my backyard.  Zooming past but never landing where I might have a shot at a photo.  Then when I got home and put my photos into the computer I discovered this one.  Now I will have to go back and be more patient, and better prepared with a tripod next time.  It’s odd what’s right under your nose sometimes and you don’t even know it.  04-06-20orangedragonfly.jpg

'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, Florida wildlife, live and learn, natural wonders, nature, nesting, on closer examination, Osprey, perseverance, photography

Another nest…

You would think that with all the time I’ve spent at the rookery I might once have looked up and noticed the osprey nest off in the distance.  One day there was an osprey hunting right at the rookery which scared me to think it might be ready to zoom down and snag a baby bird.  He did zoom but came up with a fish, and I may have had the camera ready but I didn’t get the shot.  I also didn’t ask myself where that osprey came from.   But the last time I checked on the rookery I saw it, the nest in the tower in the distance.  I saw them in the air also, but too far away to see them well, and I started wondering if I could get a shot of them with a fish.

02-20-20ospreynest.jpgThe good news was that I only had to drive a couple of blocks up and over to get a better view of that tower.  But the bad news was that I could see that there was never going to be a good shot of that nest, the structure was in the way.   And then he took off and I thought I might be in luck after all.


I saw the dive, and saw that he had something in his talons.  I hoped it was a snake, but no, it was just a stick. 02-20-20osprey1.jpg02-20-20ospreynest2.jpg

Another bird who is busy feathering it’s nest, so to speak?  Will there be little ospreys before too long?  I will be keeping track now that I have discovered yet another nest in my neighborhood.  I wonder what else I might be overlooking.  I’ll try to keep my eyes open from now on.

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Winding down the day…

My usual trips out for the sunset have me racing out the door because I had lost track of time and was barely going to make it.  Not last night, however.  My goal was the Dunedin marina, in hopes of nice photo ops of boats, etc, plus a nice sunset.  So prepared was I that I had enough time to kill to walk to the far side of the marina to see what photo ops might be there.  I found an osprey up on a ship’s mast, much closer than I’d ever been to one before.  I was sure he’d fly before I could get his picture, but he didn’t appear to be bothered by me at all.

I used to be disappointed when the bird I saw flying was ‘only’ an osprey, as opposed to the eagle I was always hoping to see.  But I’ve looked them up recently and discovered that they used to be known as fish-hawks, and were endangered due to pesticides, but they have recovered and have now been given a classification all their own.  They are impressive as they hover over water, watching, waiting, and then dive talons-first and fly away with their catch.  They are found nearly world-wide, anywhere they can fish in fresh or salt waters.  This one wasn’t hunting, he was calling to his mate at the end of his day.  It took me a minute to see her.  In the feature photo, just above dead center, on a cross piece of a mast.  They were calling to each other as the sun was sinking lower in the sky.  Another day done…


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On the lookout…

This osprey was sitting on this post when I got to Hudson Beach the other night, and as I drove away I looked for him and he was still there.  He was a distraction because I wasn’t exactly early and I had several spots I wanted to stand for sunset photos.  I hadn’t counted on him as a distraction.  I’ve been too lazy to use the tripod lately, but in low light the shutter speed is long enough that you’ll get camera shake without a tripod.  I was probably a good thing that I already had the camera on the tripod when I spotted him.

Then yesterday I had a pop up on Facebook, and ad for a new Photoshop program that makes eliminating background distractions look like a piece of cake.  I saw the ad first and then opened the pictures of this guy and here I had  photos that needed that program.  Or that feature, but I know you can do that same thing with the software I already have, and learning to take better advantage of the programs is something I keep meaning to do in my spare time?  Why does it feel like I don’t have any spare time when all my time is ‘spare’?9-30Hudsonbeachosprey29-30Hudsonbeachsunset49-30Hudsonbeachsunset5And a couple of shots from the phone.  I sometimes forget to check the iPhone to see what those photos look like, and forgetting to even pull the phone out and take a few shots while I’m out.  But I have the newest phone now, the iPhone 11 pro max, and it takes an extra wide angle shot, so there is the novelty factor.  I think I like it.

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New friends…

Part of the charm of heading over to the rookery is that there is a Twisty Treat ice cream stand right there!  So you can tell yourself that you are going to take pictures, but in the back of your mind you are thinking ice cream.  Yesterday I had my priorities straight, I got the ice cream first!  Okay, you do have to drive across the parking lot and tuck your car in behind the buildings to unload, but I then found myself marching towards the fence with another gal, a like-minded gal, because we were both lugging a three step ladder and cameras with nice long lenses.  It must have looked like we planned it.  So I made a new friend yesterday, and had a very nice time as we took pictures of the chicks, and talked about photography in general.  I told her about our camera club, FCCP, Florida Center for Creative Photography, and I told her that there are a lot of people my age in the group, but younger people also.  Mentioned because she is young, the years that I wonder where they went are still waiting to unfold for her.  But she said she likes people my age, and at that moment we were kindred spirits.  The big difference was that when the osprey we had been watching hover in the air over the rookery finally made his dive and came up with a fish, her camera battery didn’t die like mine did.  The most dramatic moment of a nice afternoon and I missed it.  But really I didn’t miss anything, I made a new friend…4-15-19twochicks4-15-19thisbig4-15-19ospreyegretfight34-15-19ospreyegretfight24-15-19ospreyegretfight4-15-19incoming