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Paddling along…

The feature photo is the marina where paddled, pink mountain views from the reflection of the sunrise.

Tuesday was the day for a kayaking adventure with my cousin.  She had never kayaked out of Colter Bay and she wondered why she and her friends hadn’t ever checked it out before.  She thought that they might have not wanted to deal with the boats which were coming back and forth to the marina, too fast if you ask me, and if I had had my camera with me I’d have been worried as we rode out the wakes they caused.  But it’s hard enough to stop paddling and get your phone out for a picture or two, and I was having a tough enough time of it keeping up with Mary.  She said that her paddling technique is to push with her upper hand, not pull back for each stroke.  It must work for her because she was zipping right along, but it wasn’t working for me so I just kept on paddling.  We were accompanied by an eagle who soared high over our heads pretty much the whole time we were out.  He’s in the last picture, you can see him if you try hard enough.  As soon as Mary said that she sees pelicans when she kayaks one flew into view.  I got his picture but I didn’t get the great blue heron who was hunting along the shore.  A nice couple of hours exploring the coves, which were quiet without the boats zipping through.  And views in all directions…07-22-20colterbayoffwego07-22-20colterbaykayak1.jpg07-22-20colterbayeagle

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Making the rounds…

It was owls first on Tuesday, and then we headed over to see the eagles.   As you can see, the ‘babies’ aren’t hard to spot these days.  That cute fuzzy stage doesn’t last long, I think this is their awkward adolescence.  And that shy second chick seems to have gotten over it too.  We didn’t stay long, didn’t wait for parents to put in an appearance,  It was almost a drive-by.


And if that was almost a drive-by then our next stop at really was a drive-by.  Just down the street is Anclote River Park, and it’s a given there that if there is a post then a pelican will be sitting on it.  So we shot out the car window in true. drive-by style.02-19-20eaglepelican.jpg

We parted company after that, and my trip home took me right past the rookery, so a stop there seemed like a no-brainer.  I was the only one there, but lots of people stop their cars to see what is going when they see you on a ladder with your camera.  They are always amazed and usually have no clue what birds they are seeing, and say that they never noticed the birds before.  And I don’t mind the distraction since things are on hold there at the moment.  Egg-sitting and standing guard seem to be the order of the day while we wait for the hatching to begin.02-19-20eagleegret3.jpgExcept for the egrets.  They fluff out those feathers and ‘display’, I think it’s called.  In one fluid motion they stretch their neck up, and up some more, and then bow down, to no one in particular.  Hmm, I should probably look that up…

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Egmont Key

Thursday of my silly little, chilly little, spur-of-the-moment trip to Fort DeSoto was the day with the promise of the best weather.  So when I saw that a ferry trip to Egmont Key was available from the park I decided that Thursday would be the day I would go.  We had a pelican keeping us company as we waited to board the ferry, and I couldn’t resist taking yet another picture of the Egmont Light, even though I knew I’d see it up close in just a little while.unnamedunnamed-1

We landed right at the weather-worn lighthouse, and we were told to take the trail to the beach across the island, and that we should be sure to see the ghost town also.unnamed-2.jpgunnamed-3.jpgunnamed-4.jpgunnamed-20.jpgunnamed-6.jpgunnamed-16.jpg

The day was warm and sunny, a nice change, and a nice day to walk on the beach.  While I was preoccupied with taking pictures of the birds and shells my fellow travelers were finding sand dollars and shark teeth.unnamed-7.jpgunnamed-9.jpgunnamed-10.jpg0-6.jpegunnamed-15.jpg

The ghost town turned out to be ruins of defenses constructed to defend Florida during the Spanish American war. unnamed-5.jpgunnamed-17.jpgunnamed-18.jpgunnamed-19.jpg

And ruins on the beach too.unnamed-8.jpgunnamed-13.jpgunnamed-12.jpgunnamed-14.jpg

In just two hours it was time to head back to the park, bringing our treasures, and pictures, and memories with us.unnamed-21.jpgunnamed-11.jpg

I have a friend that we tease with ‘butt shots’, so I made it a point to take this photo of the Willets on the beach.  Little did I know that it would be my best photo of them.unnamed-22.jpg

Even with the chilly weather this was a fun trip.  I didn’t know a soul when I arrived at the park, but there were four people to give me a hug goodbye.  Everything I heard about camping and campers has proven to be true.  I wonder where I’ll end up next?


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Before the storm…

Rain was in the forecast, but it wasn’t raining quite yet so I headed out for the sunrise.  I saw lightning on the way over and thought I should probably turn around.  But the sky was prettier than I expected, and the sunrise was lovely and pastel. 1-4-20Aripekabridgesunrise1-4-20FrankieinAripekaI was determined to get my photo for the challenge if nothing else, but there was an added element of fun.  It was Saturday morning and young fishermen were casting their lines over the side of the bridge and pulling in little fish left and right.  I was quite surprised to realize that there were two brown pelicans there, I’d never seen them in Aripeka before.  The fishermen were throwing their fish to them and they were trying to catch them.  It was fun to watch and I thought I’d get a lot of pictures.  But then it happened.  One of the pelicans leaped up and snagged the fish as the fisherman reeled it in.  So it caught the fish plus the hook and the length of line that snapped off with it, all in just a split second.  After that the pelican seemed to be gulping water and trying to swallow the fish but was having trouble doing it.  And there we were, helpless to help.  Suddenly this wasn’t fun anymore, and I wondered how it was that I didn’t anticipate what might happen.  I did call and alert the rescue authorities, but I was told that when a bird is in the water the chances of catching it even to help it was slim to none.  I stopped taking pictures at that point and left.  I heard thunder on the way home.1-4-20Aripekapelican1-4-20Aripekapelican21-4-20Aripekapelicanfeature

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Day one…

It may be a new year, but apparently I haven’t turned over a new leaf.  I took the drive to Safety Harbor for the sunrise on New Year’s Day and found a lovely sunrise and friendly photographers.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered that I must have bumped the dial on the camera causing almost all my shots to be overexposed.  Operator error, I should have been checking the shots as I went.01-01-20safetyharborsunriseIn addition to the sunrise I was also hoping to see spoonbills while I was there.  And I did see them, three of them, flying in and landing on a sand bar out in the water.  And that was the last I saw of them, but I got my 10,000 steps in while walking the boardwalk looking for them.1-2-20pelican1-2-20safetyharborview1-2-20safetyharborbikesI also told my friend about the fun photo challenge I had joined with my group.  You select a ‘companion’ and use it in an iconic Florida photo, one a day for two weeks.  I took some practice shots that day even though we weren’t supposed to take them until the 2nd.  Frankie the Flamingo will make her way into a few more shots in the next couple of weeks I’m sure.  But because of the challenge I was sent to the art center for some photos.  And I was told that the park across from Starbucks holds a 100 year old live oak that was the center of local drama a while back.  Some wanted it to be removed, but the locals objected.  I guess I know who won.  These were taken before the 2nd so I can’t add them to the group album, but I can use them here.1-2-20safetyharborartcenter1-2-20safetyharborartcenter21-2-20safetyharborliveoak1-2-20safetyharbortree

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Close encounters…

I love this time of year.  Not only are the temperatures pretty much perfect here in Florida, but you can wind up your day by watching a lovely sunset and still be home by 6 PM, which is what I did on Sunday.  I spent time watching football and enjoying the company at my son’s house, and then headed to Sunset Beach for sunset photos before heading home.  It’s aptly named, though I suppose most beaches here on the west coast of Florida would give you a nice view of the sunset.  And you can tell that the snowbirds are back in the area, since there were quite a few people also out enjoying the view.  One visitor on the beach, however, was attracting most of the attention.  Mine included.

You can see him in the feature photo, a lone pelican among the seagulls on the beach.  And people, including me, were approaching him for photos which he didn’t appear to find disturbing at all.  This didn’t seem like the usual behavior you see in pelicans, so I was happy to see him looking strong and healthy when he did decide to fly away.  12-15pelecan212-15pelecan12-15pelican312-15pelican412-15sunsetbeachpelican