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One of these days…

The day will come, eventually.  The day when there is nothing to do but go out and take pictures, and play on the computer.  And when that glorious day comes there will be hugs to give, and better yet to receive.  I’m not quite there yet, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.  So it’s back to work, but not work-work, just the work of making a life change happen.  It hasn’t been easy, but I know it will be worth it…11-28springhillsunrise.jpg

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The interloper…

I heard the ping as a text came in, and discovered that there was a soft-shell turtle in my neighbor’s pool.  So of course I grabbled my camera and headed out the back door.  When my neighbor heard my screen door slam she called for me to help her.  But it was more fun to take pictures.11-26interloper111-26interloperfeature1

He was a speedy little thing.  Catching him looked easy, so Sue’s husband took over and he also found out that it wasn’t as easy as it looked. But he was caught eventually.  I just hope Sue doesn’t have to try to catch anything smaller than him with that net.11-26interloper2These are snapping turtles, see how he has the net?  I’m sure he’d love to chomp on Sue’s finger too.


11-26interloper4She told me to get ready, that he’d make a bee line for the lake, but that didn’t happen.  It took persuasion to send him on his way.  And one last photo of Wilbur, in case you were wondering how he’s been doing.  Of course things are usually a lot less exciting, but I have loved living next door, having a front row seat so to speak.  Lots of fun without the responsibility.  Sue doesn’t acquire her menagerie, often they are deposited at the doorstep by her daughter, but sometimes they just wander in on their own.  She says I’ll miss all the lakeside drama, and she is right…11-26Wilbur

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New neighborhood, nice sunset…

It’s complicated, this move.  That the house sold at all came as a surprise to me, but in a day?  And the opportunity to buy in an over-55 mobile community was even better news.  After my very needed, and wonderfully long, visit ‘up north’ over the summer I was in a quandary, needing more time up north, but also needing to be in FL and keep my healthcare plan.  This move will allow me to be a snow bird, able to retire, again, and enjoy the best of both worlds.  But the actual physical ‘move’ has been exhausting, because I’ve had access to the new place so I have moved a few boxes a day and it has felt endless.  I must have made progress because I have arrived at the particularly frustrating time when I walk into the bedroom, pick up the TV remote, turn and click only to realize that the TV and the bureau it sat on are both at the new place.  And I decided to bring steamed, spiced, shrimp to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving, got everything ready,  and I opened the cupboard where I keep the spices and it was empty.  My underwear is at one house and my socks at the other.  I fixed that today though.  Now almost all my clothes are at the new place, I’m sure that won’t cause a problem at all.

When the papers are signed Ozzie and I will be hitting the road.  Being a snowbird doesn’t usually mean you are up north in the winter, but I need to be there.  So does Ozzie, because he’s not supposed to be in the park.  There is a no pets policy that’s been in place for years.  But in today’s world if you have a service dog they must be allowed free access.  If I was the sort of person who enjoyed a fight I’d bring him in and not care what repercussions come from that.  But I hate conflict, so I will head north now and see what happens.  Ozzie is the last of his litter still with us and I know that he probably doesn’t have a lot of time ahead of him.  But they will be good days, I’ll make sure of that.  He and I are in this together after all, he’s my boy, so I have to hedge my bets…11-25support dog

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If only I was as good at talking other people into or out of things, it might come in handy. I am, however, really good at talking myself into and out of things.  Like last night, I was tired, too tired I said to myself, to go out for the sunset.  Which explains how it is that I only saw the sunset from my neighborhood, since Ozzie talked me into taking him for a walk.  I knew it would be a spectacular sky last night, and it was.  And I did also notice my neighbor’s update of their ‘campfire’ on the lawn.  Their first attempt with a black pot over the ‘fire’ hadn’t held up, but I saw this one as a coffee pot so maybe that’s why I liked it so much.

211-24campfireSo this morning I kept telling myself to get on the ball, get yourself moved for God’s sake, don’t go out for the sunrise, even though it was probably going to be pretty.  Then I thought about the fact that in a sense it would be the first sunrise of the rest of my life, and that thought got me out the door.  Not especially pretty, but I’ll have a lot more sunrises to see since I have no place else to be, and that’s good thing.11-24firstsunrise

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Taking a break…

This sunrise is from last Sunday, which was the first time I’d been out for one in a few weeks.  It looked quite foggy as I was driving to Bayport, but it cleared when I got to the water.  The Great Blue heron showed up, as he usually does.  And on the way home I swung by Jenkin’s creek to look for an eagle, but only found a Great White Egret. It was a nice break from the endless packing, and moving carloads of things to the new place.  One of these days a date will be set for settlement, and the question in my mind is how much notice will I get?  I need to keep at it…11-19sunrise211-19sunrise311-19sunrise411-19greatblueheron11-19greatwhiteegret

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Fourth time’s a charm…

Persistence paid off.  After seeing a friend’s photos I knew that the eagles we watched last year were in the process of building a new nest.  Their old nest hadn’t made it through one of the storms we had last year.  Watching them had been very exciting.  We waited for them to lay eggs, and then watched and waited for the eggs to hatch.  That’s when I joined the watchers, perfect timing, I could rely on the fact that every time I visited there was an eagle on the nest.  Sometimes they were hunkered down and you had to wait for a head to pop up, but somebody was always home.  We watchers were quite invested in those two little eaglets once they hatched, so when they disappeared with no explanation it was very sad.    These are the same eagles, but this is a new year, and I struck out the first three times I went by the nest hoping to see them, but there they were this morning.  It was my lucky day! 11-19DukeorDuchess211-19DukeorDuchess111-19DukeorDuchess