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The sunsets keep coming…

This one is from a few nights ago at Cypress Point Park.  The plan was to take photos of planes coming in and landing with the sunset colors behind them.  What a photo op that would have been.  But the winds caused a change of runways at the airport, and even then I came away with 676 photos to go through.  So here are a few of the sunset, just a little late.  Let me just say that I got distracted by two boys tossing a football back and forth.  I was hoping to capture the action of throwing the ball.  Then when I reviewed the photos I was very excited thinking since it looked like a bird had thrown my shots.  They were potentially nice shots, this was the only one that I could have cropped to not show the football.  I left the boy in this shot just to remind myself to keep my mind on what I’m doing.4-14-19cypressparksunsetfeature

But there were lots more sunset shots, ones without footballs…4-14-19cypressparksunset54-14-19cypressparksunset44-14-19cypressparksunset34-14-19cypressparksunset24-14-19cypressparksunset1And I couldn’t help but watch another photographer in action.  I wouldn’t enjoy doing portrait photography.  If I’m taking pictures that turn out to be disappointing then I’d prefer that the only one annoyed at me is ME!4-14-19cypresspartwogirls24-14-19cypresspartwogirls

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Living and learning…

A year and a half ago a blog reader encouraged me to find a photography group here in Florida.  It would be a way to meet people and also add to my growing enthusiasm for photography, she thought, and she was right.  So thanks LoisMargaret.  The group has done exactly that, brought me friends, got me out of the house, and I’ve learned so much about photography.  Today I went to a class on learning to take panoramic photos, and I left dying to try it.  And I knew just where to stop on the way home to practice.  Oh it’s not the ideal setting for these photos.  The ideal setting would be up high with scenery laid out below you.  It’s not easy to get up high here in Florida.  Mt. Dora claims to be Florida’s highest point at 186 feet about sea level, LOL.  But I thought the scenery in Dunedin on the way home would be a perfect spot to practice, and so I did.  I employed most of the tips I learned in class today, but before I can use my tripod I’ll have to clean the sand out of it.  So, far from ideal photos, but four beginner panoramic images.  And a couple of extra photos that I couldn’t resist taking.  It was a glorious Florida day, but that’s just the way we roll here…4-13-19HDRpano34-13-19HDRpano54-13-19HDRpano#24-13-19HDRpano#14-13-19HDRboats34-13-19HDRboats24-13-19HDRboats

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Big birds…

That’s what tonight’s photo shoot was supposed to be about.  Big birds like this…04-11-19bigbirdshoot2

We were on a beach near the airport, and the planes were supposed to be coming towards us to land.  An entirely different perspective.  And we were shooting at sunset so some color in the sky behind them would have been nice.  There were plenty of planes, but they were taking off with the wind, and we couldn’t see where the planes coming in were landing.  But it was okay since birds of a different sort kind of stole the show.04-11-19bigbirdshoot104-11-19bigbirdfeature2Wait, is that an osprey?  Oh, let me zoom…04-11-19bigbirdosprey1And the prettiest shore bird, a willet I think.  I saw another one of the photographers concentrating on him, and later on he said that he thought he caught  this guy with a tiny little crab in his mouth.  I hope his patience paid off for him.04-11-19bigbirdwillet

I took 675 photos, and I have to say I love the new camera and lens.  We were panning, so all my photos were taken hand held, and zoomed to the fullest, so I assumed that I was getting blurry shots, but hoped for a few that I liked.  Well, my shots weren’t blurry at all.  Oh, and the new lens goes from close up to pretty great zoom, like this.04-11-19bigbirdflower

I have so many more photos to go through, but tomorrow morning is another shoot so I need to go to bed.  I have to get up early…

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Clouds on the horizon…

The clouds were gorgeous just as the sun came up this morning.  But attempting to get the palm trees to be in silhouette against the prettiest clouds proved to be harder than it looked.  Plus I was distracted by the knowledge that being out front with my camera was possibly going to cause repercussions with a problem neighbor.  I guess the wonderful neighbors in my old neighborhood had not prepared me for the possibilities in a new neighborhood.  It remains to be seen if the ideal of blissful life in an over-55 community is a pipe dream or a reality.