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Pine Island sunset…

I’m happy to find that I’m not as much of a Florida wimp as I thought I might be. It turns out that 51 degrees on the beach for the sunset is pretty darned comfortable when the wind isn’t whipping. Pine Island, where I’ve found many photo shoots occurring in the past but on a chilly night and with low tide I was surprised to find one going on on this Wednesday night.

Social distancing wasn’t a problem, except for the seagulls.

The low tide I sought didn’t result in a beach full of sunset reflections that I hoped for, and the lack of clouds kept the sky from lighting up. But often the people and the birds determine how much I enjoy the trip out for the sunset. And this one was pretty nice.

'scene' along the way, birds, making memories, moments, perseverance, photography, Pine Island, sunset

Back to Pine Island…

As I drove to Pine Island on Sunday night I was early for sunset, on purpose, because I’d been to a class on photographing birds in flight the day before and I knew there would be lots of birds at Pine Island.  I did get distracted as I drove and saw the beams of sunlight filtering through the clouds and I was worried I’d miss that shot.03-09-20pineisland1stshot

I liked the soft color when I first got there, plus I didn’t miss the light beams.  There were hundreds of gulls there, all sounding off in unison.  As far as the birds in flight thing goes, this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking of ahead of time, but it seems like there is always a kid or two who takes great pleasure in rousting out the gulls.03-09-20pineislandgir203-09-20pineislandboy03-09-20pineislandgulls

And of course we did manage to have a sunset, despite the clouds.03-09-20pineislandgirlandrays.jpg

And kudos to the iPhone, so often I like those photos best.  And I never have to do much to them.03-09-20pineislandphone103-09-20pineislandphone203-09-20pineislandphone303-09-20pineislandphone403-09-20pineislandphone503-09-20pineislandphone6

'scene' along the way, a second look, Florida landmarks, Florida wildlife, fun, moments, nature, perseverance, photography, Pine Island, sunset

Back to Pine Island…

Pine Island used to be my go-to place for the sunset.  I remember thinking that it never let me down.  Between birds, people, and the sunset I seldom struck out.  I even made a new friend one night, you know who you are Sandy.  So after a very overcast day on Wednesday I couldn’t resist heading back to Pine Island when the sky began to clear up.  And it all was going quite well…11-6pineisland411-6pineisland311-6pineisland211-6pineisland5

I found myself a nice spot to stand and watch, thought it was a great spot and planned to stay put.11-6pineisland9

Haven’t I always said how nice and helpful photographers seem to be?  Well, this guy announced that he was going to walk in front of me ‘for a second’.  And then he just stayed there.  How rude!  He must have starred in everyone’s photos from then on.11-6pineisland6

But even he couldn’t spoil the evening.  Not when Mother Nature was putting on such a nice show for us.  Pine Island came through again.11-6pineisland811-6pineisland711-6pineisland911-6pineisland1

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I had to force myself out for the sunset.  I had a busy couple of days ahead and wanted to be prepared with photos just in case, but I wasn’t going out with my usual enthusiasm.  I went to Pine Island, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  It wasn’t pretty in person, and there was a large group of people settled in for the sunset in the area where I usually stand to take photos.  And that really was the problem, that after being so enthused with Pine Island sunsets for quite a while I wasn’t expecting to get anything different from all the other sunset photos I’ve taken there.  Which is why I took the photo above and the one just below, of the beach to the left, not really aimed at the sunset.  The gulls were in the air and the Laughing Gulls were laughing, calling my attention to that side of the beach.  And when I got home I was surprised that I liked the images that I had gotten.  I thought I had been wasting my time and I was discouraged, so I headed next door to Bayport.

sunset4sunset3sunset2sunset1At Bayport you have a choice.  You can be out in the park area with just the setting sun to focus on, or you can park in the other lot and peek at the sunset through the palms.  For some reason I felt more like peeking.  Just me and the camera…

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New ‘old’ friends…

Went to Pine Island for the sunset last night for the first time since before Thanksgiving. Didn’t I say that Pine Island never disappoints?  Struck up a conversation with a woman there last night and anyone overhearing us would have thought we’d known each other forever. We had hoped to kayak together today but the fog is pea soup out there. I can hear the cranes but I can’t see a thing. Maybe it will get better later. And maybe I’ll be sorry that my number didn’t come up on the jury pool for today, it just might be that kind of day.

But the sunset last night didn’t disappoint.1-22sunsetfire1-22sunsetfire21-22sunsetfire3 copy

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Widget’s tale…

After two cold, rainy, and entirely dreary days, it was almost startling to see some blue sky that afternoon, but still lots of clouds. Clouds that just might be lit up by the sunset. I hadn’t been out for the sunset at Pine Island in quite a few days, so off I went. I complained when the wind wasn’t there the other day, and the no-see-ums were there, well, the wind was back, in spades. The clouds had been blown almost entirely away and the seagulls kept taking to the air, and flying nowhere. They couldn’t make headway against that wind.


And that wind, well, the seagulls weren’t the only ones who struggled with it. Don’t I always say that Pine Island never disappoints? That the people I meet are just as important to me as the sunsets? Well, we can now add elves to that list, or, one elf at least. His name is Widget, and he had quite the tale to tell…

Widgets mission
It seems he had been chosen by Santa for a very special mission, one that had taken him to Hawaii. It was hard work training those elf recruits, so before he left Hawaii he earned a chance to relax on the beach…Widget gets some sun

But then a huge gust of wind blew across the beach, and Widget found himself flying through the sky.  All he could see were all the seagulls who were also being blown in the wind with him.  He was flying and flying, and he was very scared, but mostly because he didn’t know if he would ever see his boy Jonah again.  He just wanted to go home.

Widget touches down

There were hardly any people on Pine Island on that cold and windy evening.  But lucky for him Jonah’s mommy was one of the people there on the beach, and we all saw him as he flew through the air, and landed with a thud, and we ran to see if he was okay.  He didn’t care that he was cold, or that he was covered with sand, he said he just wanted to go home.  And then he smiled…

Widget's selfie