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Armstrong-Kelly Park…

Armstrong-Kelly Park isn’t the easiest place to find.  The GPS couldn’t find it even when I entered it’s actual street address into it.  I gave up on it the first time I tried to go there, but my sister directed me to it yesterday.  We hoped for a nice picture of the holly tree that is planted there in honor of my brother-in-law, but we’ll come back in the spring to try that again.

My brother-in-law wasn’t a big man.  He was small, actually.  He was about my height and I out-weighed him all the years I knew him.  He.was quiet. Worked all day and came home, had a beer and watched TV.  There was no inkling of what a big man he actually was until he died.  That’s when the crew from Bartlett Tree Experts took over the planning of his funeral, and the stories they told of his expertise at his job astounded all of us I think.  They said that there was probably not a street on Cape Cod that hadn’t benefitted from his hard work.  The story I remember best was about a homeowner who wanted a gigantic boulder moved from one side of his lawn to another.  A Bartlett truck was on the scene, and the crew of workers were standing there trying to decide how they were going to accomplish this task when Neil pulled up.  He got his winches and pulleys out of his truck and got to work.  He had the boulder moved in no time flat, loaded up his tools and left the rest of the crew standing there scratching their heads.  No, he wasn’t a big man, but he had a big impact on his little piece of the world.

This holly tree was planted to honor Neil for his 50 years of hard work for Barlett.  He trained a lot of arborists in his day also, so his influence is still sending ripples out into nature.  Such a quiet little man, who left a legacy behind him.



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Stops along the way…

There is no problem with parking at Craigville Beach.  At least not in the winter.  And to have waves breaking along the shoreline is a treat to the eyes for me.  It was very cold and windy, which may have had an influence on the waves, but I appreciated the chance to stop for a few pictures even if I was freezing.

On the way home I spotted a pretty church, I may have to do a whole day of finding churches one of these days.  And my sister pointed out a very cute candy store, an apparent landmark on the Cape.  So we stopped for photos again but didn’t go in.  It’s exactly the kind of place that I would have happily stopped and bought Charley some licorice not all that long ago.  But it some ways it seems lot longer…



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Sagamore Beach Sunrise…

The thing about getting that last minute urge to go out for the sunrise is that it eventually gets light out.  You may get lucky and have the beach to yourself.  No other sunrise watchers to witness the mis-matched outfit you threw on, and your bed-head.  I found myself alone at Sagamore Beach this morning, and the beautiful sunrise had me wondering what took me so long to do this… 1-2-19sagamorebeach11-2-19sagamorebeach31-2-19sagamorebeach41-2-19sagamorebeach51-2-19sagamorebeachfeature1-2-19sagamorebeachfeature2

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King Ida…

I suppose it’s not politically correct to lump people into a group and then talk about my impression of the people who fit into that group.  Like how cat-like and aloof I found the people to be at the one and only cat show I ever attended.  Conversely, my dog show experience seemed to be the opposite.  The people were friendly, like, well, puppies.  But what’s on my mind today is a desire to rave about what nice people photographers seem to be.  What a great activity to re-find at this time of my life when I had figured out that spending all my time alone was probably not going to work out well for me in the long run.  I wanted to get out and do something, and jumped at the chance to go to a photography class I happened to see on Facebook one morning.  I couldn’t have known where that spur of the moment decision would lead me.  The photographers I have met have proven themselves to be willing to share technical information about the camera itself, and locations for shooting.  Not just willing to help, happy to help.

The other morning at the Cape Cod Canal was a good example.  I was standing there with my camera and tripod when several other photographers showed up.  “Have you seen the King?”, was the question.  I think I probably just stood there with a blank look on my face, so he said, “The King Ida.”  I was still lost.  He pointed out that all the ducks I was seeing had just arrived in the last week or two.  The white ones are Ida’s, he said.  The males, he explained, have a blue ‘cap’ over their eye, and he searched the photos in his camera until he found a photo of one.  He had only seen one, but he had heard that there were two with this group.  After our conversation he, and a few other photographers who had shown up, headed down the path to see if there was a King with the group that day.  There wasn’t.  But I smiled through the rest of the time I spent shooting these photos.  A little encounter like this one is enough to totally make your day, even when the King doesn’t show up…12-29canal

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A new day…

Here we are with the first day of a new year stretching out ahead of us.  None of us knows what the year will bring, maybe good and maybe bad.  But the greatest joy of this year, and this particular time of my life, is that I don’t need to know what’s ahead.  And I don’t need a plan.  I’m willing to let each day dawn like a gift, and see what the year brings.  It’s a little scary, I’ll admit it, but it’s even more exciting.  Happy New Year!