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Diamonds in the sky…

I woke up this morning in the Hudson Valley area of New York, and what woke me up was the sound of the snowplow out front.  I peeked and there didn’t appear to be a lot of snow, but what snow there was seemed to be in the process of being piled up at the end of my son’s driveway.

As I seem to do everywhere I go, I was was up first and enjoying coffee in the dark and quiet.  My son’s house sits on a hill, and with the land falling away from the house out back what you are seeing out the back windows are the tree tops.  I wasn’t fast enough to take a photo of the owl that was out there last evening.  I saw him fly from a closer perch to one further away, but by the time I had the camera out he was out of sight.  We could hear him though, so it was frustrating.  Maybe I was looking for the owl, or maybe I couldn’t have missed the view out back as it got lighter out there this morning.  But those tree tops were encased in ice, and as the sun hit them they were spectacular.  A true winter wonderland.  I had to stand on the steps in order to take pictures, which left me without a perch for a tripod, and I had gotten the 600 mm lens out and I thought I wouldn’t get any sharp photos, it would be futile, but I took some anyhow.  And I thought it was raining because I could hear rain falling, but I was surprised to realize that it was the ice melting off of the trees that was what I was hearing.  It was a beautiful morning…02-21-19treetop02-21-19-treetop202-21-19-treetop402-21-19-treetop3I’d have called this post ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ but that would have led us in a whole other direction…

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Black and white…

It didn’t take long after the holidays for me to remember that during my growing up in New England years I had always hated January.  Gloomy gray days looming endlessly ahead, with nothing to look forward to but more gloomy gray days.  This has been especially evident in my recent photos, which aren’t intentionally black and white.  It’s just that this is it.  It’s what we’ve got.  And in reality with the snow falling it was prettier than this looks.  This is the view from my son’s front porch, and on other visits I’ve taken beautiful sunset pictures from this same spot.  It was a four hour drive to get here, and one weather report from Tuesday had insisted that there was a ‘wall of white’ coming, so I was especially happy to have arrived ahead of the snow.  But arrive it did, just in time for photos.02-20-19bloominggrove

Back on the Cape I had noticed that Ozzie’s footprints in the mud had been preserved after he was gone, and I took this picture.02-20-19ozziepawMaybe that’s why I noticed this as I walked from my car into my son’s house.  A footprint of another kind.  Human, and barefoot in what I had to assume was the slush.  What crazy person walks outside barefoot in the slush?  That would be my granddaughter.  I only wish I’d had my phone with me to take a picture before the snowflakes blurred it a little.02-20-19magspaw

02-20-19flashI was out for pictures for a little while, but then I thought that Flash had a better idea, and I joined him by the fire.  My feet were only slightly less cold than if I had been out there in the slush barefoot.  If the fact that the snow plow was just here means anything those footprints are totally buried now.

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Lewis Bay…

Perhaps I should have been paying more attention to the Severe Weather Alert notices that kept taking over the navigation screen in the car.  The ones that I kept dismissing so that I could keep following the route.  As I drive I don’t look at the scenery anymore, just the road and the navigation screen.  That’s not a complaint though, I’ve had a lot more fun in this last year or so by following the GPS directions to photo ops, and to epic adventures.

The plan for today was to meet a cousin for breakfast this morning.  But when I flung the curtains open I discovered that I’d have to clean the snow off the car before I could go.  Wait, that meant I had to shovel my way out of there too!  I remember coming home for a visit once and encountering snow, and being horrified to see my 55 year old father heading out with the shovel.  He was too OLD to shovel, I said to myself, so I took over for him, and felt as if he’d barely escaped certain death.  Funny how your perspective changes as you age, at least chronologically, but mentally you are just the same person as ever.  My father was fond of saying that he was 18 years old, trapped in a 55 year old body.  I thought it was cute when he said it, it was only later that I ‘got’ it.  But I do wonder if I’d have done all the things that I have done in the last year when I was younger.  I would have told myself that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do because I had other obligations that came first.  It’s only lately that I’ve developed this ‘what the hell’ attitude and head out the door.  02-18-19winter3

But I got there, to breakfast I mean.  And since we were chatting I hadn’t read the menu at all. But the waitress was standing there, and I’d seen something about a Cape Cod Benedict, so I ordered it.  The waitress came back and told me that something that was supposed to be on that dish wasn’t available, so I’d have to have double lobster instead.  If I didn’t mind she said.  I said no, that would be fine.02-18-19CapeCodBenedict

As we were leaving my cousin suggested I head to Lewis Bay for photos, so I did that too.  Then I had a little trouble getting the car off the parking lot, but it’s like riding a bike, I remembered what to do.  But that was enough to send me home to pack.  I’ll be leaving the Cape tomorrow.  Many thanks to my sister and her dog Shadow, who let me and Ozzie invade their peace and quiet.  It’s been very nice, but it’s time to head for home and get settled into my new place.  And to warm up…02-18-19winter202-18-19winter402-18-19winter5

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Tilting at windmills…

It’s safe to say that I would never have found this spot had I not gotten a heads up from a friend.  Thank you Terri.  Then when I asked Siri to take me to the Judah Baker Windmill the location popped right up.  It’s good to have friends, and Siri!

That the sunrise was happening directly across the water was an extra added bonus.  Guess it was just one of those days.02-17-windmill102-17-windmillscene302-17-windmillscene4


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Another very nice visit with a friend from many years ago caused me to be perfectly timed to return to Powder Point bridge a few days ago.  And this perfect timing included the sunset.  I love when that happens.02-14-19duxburysign02-14-19Duxbury102-14-19Duxbury202-14-19Duxbury302-14-19Duxbury402-14-19Duxbury5

I spoke of my love of Duxbury Beach many times over the years, but when Charley finally got to visit there he was singularly unimpressed.  It was the rocks that he objected to, no soft sand here.  I always considered the rocks to be handy to place on the corners of your blanket to keep it from blowing away. 02-14-19Duxbury6

I used to think that editing photos was cheating somehow.  But a little editing can improve a picture, while too much editing is just exactly that, too much.  It’s all in the individual eye of course.  But I think we all might agree that when I asked the editing program to level this photograph, and it came up with this, it’s not what I had in mind.

02-14-19Duxburylevel?Sometimes a bit of common sense is in order…

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Just thinking…

I’ve been reading a story in serial form, a new chapter waiting for me online every morning.  It’s written by another blogger with a lot more experience (and followers) than me.  Which isn’t hard since I’m here in the dark and quiet, in the recliner, with my laptop, and I’m just thinking out loud.  Well, accompanied by the sound of the typing, and the clock ticking.  That other people may find it and read it is nice, but it’s not the point exactly.

In the serial the main character has come upon an old typewriter and he has discovered that whatever he types on it the night before is the reality that he wakes up to in the morning.  What an interesting premise that is.  I sit and write at night, what if I could just write my way into whatever fantasy I’ve been thinking about?  It boggles the mind a bit, but me being me what comes to mind are my musings about life in an RV.  Not unlike this author’s premise, in my fantasy my little trailer is magically parked in a spot with a fabulous view.  Something with either a sunrise or sunset right outside the door.  And I explore to my heart’s content, taking pictures.  Period.   I’ve been enjoying this particular daydream for years, without ever trying to imagine how the trailer has gotten to that lovely spot.  It’s the imaginary destinations that I crave, not the gritty day-to-day work of getting from point A to point B.  Soon I’ll be forced to figure all of that out, daunting as that may be.  If only it could be as easy as “If I write it it will come.”

But there are places to go and people to meet.  They are really out there, they aren’t just in my head.  Like this place, Bass River, which caught my eye as I drove across the bridge.  Who could resist that little green tugboat off in the distance?  Certainly not me.02-14-19bassriver02-14-19bassriver202-14-19bassriver302-14-19bassriver4

The blogger that I’ve been enjoying can be found at beetleypete.com.