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Simple things…

Can you see the Daddy Owl up there?  Camouflage is the name of the game with these two owls, owls in general based on how hard it usually is to see them.  Without other photographers there to point them out I would never have spotted these two.  There is a debate as to whether this is the same pair who have nested in the area in the past.  This is a different nest though, but in the same tree as the one I’ve seen in the past.  And the female spent the whole time down in the nest.  We could see that she rearranged herself a bit, but a peek out at us was the most we saw of her.  She is busy sitting on eggs, that much seems to be a given.  I’ll be back soon, hoping for more action when their chicks hatch.  I don’t quite understand how I’ve gotten so invested in watching Mother Nature in action.  Eagles and owls, and my former neighbors have promised to let me know when/if the Sandhill cranes that I used to watch out my kitchen window begin their housekeeping.  It bothers me that all of this,  the sunrises and sunsets, and nature going about her business, was going on my whole life and I failed to pay attention.  It seems that the simple things in life are all that matters at these days.  If only I would have figured that out sooner…01-31-20owl101-31-20feathers01-31-20mompeek01-31-20owl2

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Shooting with friends…

It turned out to be a nice sunrise, nicer than I had a right to expect as I drove the 45 minutes to meet a group for a sunrise shoot.  I was pretty sure the cloudy sky would keep everyone else home and I wondered what I’d do instead, but I didn’t need to worry.  The sky and the clouds were surprisingly pretty, and the crew showed up.  Fun people to spend time with, and there may have been a nice breakfast in the scenario also.  An altogether nice day.  I’m glad I took the opportunity to go out because as I’ve looked at my photos and written this post it’s been pouring down rain.  01-31-20sunrisepierreflect01-31-20sunrisepierpink.jpg01-31-20sunrisepierrocks.jpg01-31-20sunrisepierrocks3.jpg01-31-20sunrisepierrocks2.jpg

'scene' along the way, a second look, friends, fun, go with the flow, life goes on, memories, perseverance, photography, safety Harbor

All British car show…

Sometimes I can out-smart myself.  Like when I decided to join up with my photo group and attend the All British car show even though it’s not a particular interest of mine, although I did drive an MG Midget back a very long time ago.  Imagine yourself young and away from home for the first time in your life.  A newly wed who found herself pregnant right away, and driving to work on two-lane roads with 60 MPH speed limits.  When a semi tractor trailer passed you going the other way you’d have to hang onto the steering wheel or be blown off the road.  These roads were in Indiana, and lining the roads were corn fields with corn stalks much too high to see over, like being in a tunnel.  Fortunately this particular stage of life didn’t last all that long before we were off to San Diego, and under the circumstances I didn’t come away with fond memories of that MG.

But I outsmarted myself on Saturday by deciding that as long as I was going in that direction anyhow I’d go in time for the sunrise also.  Which put me there too early for the show, but I did get to enjoy the set up as the cars arrived and were getting into place.  But four hours after I arrived I still hadn’t seen any other members of the club and I had seen enough British cars.  Even a Midget or two…10-26carshowtriumph310-26carshowtriumph210-26carshowtriumph10-26carshowrolls10-26carshowred10-26carshowmural10-26carshowhoodornament10-26carshowgreen10-26carshowblue10-26carshowaustin

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Time and place…

I see photos of Safety Harbor sunrises nearly every morning.  There are photographer friends who live in the area and this is the scene that greets them every morning.  And they are universally lovely scenes, day after day.  So when a photo op in safety Harbor presented itself I thought it was a no brainer to leave early and catch the sunrise.  It was not the spectacular sunrise I’d hoped for, but it was nice to be out.  And soon I’ll have to leave an hour earlier for sunrises if I want to see them, we’ll fall back soon.  When I was young I thought that someday when I was old time would pass more slowly.  I’d be less busy.  And now I am old and less busy, at least my busyness is self inflicted, but I can still only do one thing at a time.  And as much as I wish I could be in two places at once I can’t manage that either.   My ex-husband once told me I’d never be satisfied.  I don’t know if it was an observation or a curse, but he may have been right…


a second look, birds, Florida wildlife, nature, nesting, perseverance, photography, safety Harbor

I guess you had to be there…

It’s the little ones you have to watch out for, isn’t that what they say?  Like this little bird in the tree just above Mama Owl.  He was hard to spot and harder to capture in a photo.  But that little guy was harassing Mama owl to the point of dive-bombing her and making contact.  There was a group of us below, way below, all amazed at his daring, and our cameras were clicking.  I for one had forgotten all about the fact that Mama should have been my subject.  And she was paying absolutely no attention to that little bird.  She just sat in the sun and napped.  We thought for a second that once Mama turned around and possibly wasn’t facing his nest the bird would give up his assault, but we were wrong.  The dramas of nature are going on every day,  imagine how many more dramas are unfolding all around us and we have no clue.4-19-19mamaandbirdie



That’s the bird making contact on her head!  That’s it, a blur with a little bit of feathers or beak.  You have no idea how many photos I had to scour to find even this bit of that little bird’s assault.  We photographers had fun watching this all happening.  If not for the mosquitos I’d have stayed until it got dark, but I had to call it a day soon after this.  Nature never disappoints.


Mama finally looked around and we got her face rather than her back.


Such a sweet face on this baby owl.4-19-19ettefeature

Then someone showed up with a dog and this one looked very interested, and a little bit fierce.4-19-19phillipeowlette1Dad was there but too sheltered in the trees for a good photo.  So no one was on the nest while I was there, but one of the gals said that the babies had cuddled together in the nest the night before.  Cuddling, that sounds like a good idea.

'scene' along the way, birds, Florida wildlife, nature, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography, safety Harbor

The Blue Angels…

The very first FCCP photo walk that I attended was to Safety Harbor, to pan for the birds as well as take in the sunset.  Turned out that there weren’t a lot of birds flying in that day, but the water was calm, pelicans were bobbing, and as we walked along the boardwalk there were birds to see tucked into the shrubbery.  I had fun, which you might have guessed since I rave about the group a lot.  So in my wanderings yesterday I found myself at Safety Harbor again, but the water was high and choppy, and the sun wasn’t going to set in the ‘right’ spot.  But there were lots of birds flying overhead, so that was a plus.  Even if I did manage to miss an osprey flying over with a fish in it’s talons.  Twice.  What really caught my eye were these ibis, flying in formation, or so it would seem.  Is this where the Blue Angels got the idea?  I used to ignore the ibis, even though they are pretty enough.  No, I didn’t pay them much attention because they were ever present on my little lake in the backyard.  They weren’t elusive enough I guess.   A person could take a lesson…4-19-19blueangels34-19-19blueangels2

And I did mention the osprey, right?  Is he sticking his tongue out at me because I didn’t get his picture with the fish?4-19-19osprey