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Catching up…

…with the cranes.  I have been seeing the crane family, now a family of three, around the neighborhood since I’ve been home.  And they come back to the lake at night some of the time, but not always.  But as I come and go I see them on lawns all around the area.  They are more easily visible than last year’s family was.  This morning I had to stop for iPhone photos because while it’s not unusual to see them, it is unusual to see them dancing!


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South of the Border…

No, not down Mexico way.  If you’ve ever driven through NC/SC on Route 95 you’ve seen the billboards starring Pedro, LOTS of them.  Less now than the endless signs back in the day however.  Charley’s family used to vacation in either Canada or Florida when he was a kid, and when they headed to Florida they stayed at South of the Border, so he wanted to stop there when we drove to Florida in 1988.  Because of that trip I knew that you park in a covered carport that is right outside the door to your room, a perfect feature for when you are traveling alone.  And then there was Ozzie, and I also knew that they accept dogs, no weight limits thank goodness.  So, tacky as it may be I had to stop there, it was a no brainer.  That left me an 8 hour drive the next day, not to mention that I knew it would be lit up perfectly and I could get some photos.  The bed must have been comfortable since I sat on it with the computer to relax for a minute and woke up 3 hours later, having missed the sunset all together.  But the lights were still on at least, so Oz and I went out for a photo walk…



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Peaceful places…

I’m not sure why but my GPS took me on a route I’d never been on when I left Cape Cod last Wednesday.  I was happy it did because I noticed a pretty little harbor and stopped for photos.  The boats were all at anchor, it struck me as a sleepy little place.  Only later did I notice that I was in the town of Weymouth, MA.  Weymouth, where a policeman was killed recently during a routine traffic stop, along with an innocent woman killed in her home in the same incident.  Sleepy and peaceful for days, and weeks, and years, but not immune to the craziness that we see on the news all the time.  Even in the aftermath it’s hard to imagine that such horrific things can and do happen in such lovely places.


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On the loose…

In our travels yesterday we came upon a lovely red covered bridge.  We stopped for photos, as we are prone to do.  As we took pictures it took me a minute to realize that there was a waterfall of sorts.  Man made, but falling water is always pretty. 7-12taftsville

What was surprising was that after we hiked Quechee Gorge, and found ourselves too late for lunch and too early for dinner everywhere, we headed to Simon Pearce to look at the beautiful glass creations, but also in search of food.  What we found was another covered bridge, we were thrilled to drive over it.  Then we parked to see the shop and discovered a lovely scene of still water.  Very peaceful.  I noticed the house and said it would be a nice picture, and then didn’t take one.  Lucky for me Kathy did take a photo, and she shares well with others.  She did a great job on this one.7-12bridge7-12bridge27-12bridge37-12Kathy'shouse

We went to Woodstock, VT also.  Just drove through but stopped at the Woodstock Inn to take a picture and pretend we were fancy enough to stay there.  Just two old friends on the loose…7-12woodstockinn


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Sugarloaf Art & Craft Village…

Nestled in a quaint setting along King’s Highway in Chester, NY you will find this village where artists have shops, producing and selling their wares.  You will find wood carvings, metaphysical supplies, paper arts, fine art, stained glass, soaps, herbs, candles, and more, all in walking distance and presented in charming little shops.  The doorways beckon you in…7-6carosel7-6curiosityshop7-6holistic7-6soaps7-6stainedglass7-6candle27-6candle

I loved the sign to the right of this door, “mermaids enter here”, that was too cute.  And on the way to the village I spotted this garden shop and doubled back for a photo.  A pleasant way to spend a lovely day in the Hudson Valley…7-6gardenshop