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On the loose…

In our travels yesterday we came upon a lovely red covered bridge.  We stopped for photos, as we are prone to do.  As we took pictures it took me a minute to realize that there was a waterfall of sorts.  Man made, but falling water is always pretty. 7-12taftsville

What was surprising was that after we hiked Quechee Gorge, and found ourselves too late for lunch and too early for dinner everywhere, we headed to Simon Pearce to look at the beautiful glass creations, but also in search of food.  What we found was another covered bridge, we were thrilled to drive over it.  Then we parked to see the shop and discovered a lovely scene of still water.  Very peaceful.  I noticed the house and said it would be a nice picture, and then didn’t take one.  Lucky for me Kathy did take a photo, and she shares well with others.  She did a great job on this one.7-12bridge7-12bridge27-12bridge37-12Kathy'shouse

We went to Woodstock, VT also.  Just drove through but stopped at the Woodstock Inn to take a picture and pretend we were fancy enough to stay there.  Just two old friends on the loose…7-12woodstockinn


'scene' along the way, fun, photography, road trip, travel

Sugarloaf Art & Craft Village…

Nestled in a quaint setting along King’s Highway in Chester, NY you will find this village where artists have shops, producing and selling their wares.  You will find wood carvings, metaphysical supplies, paper arts, fine art, stained glass, soaps, herbs, candles, and more, all in walking distance and presented in charming little shops.  The doorways beckon you in…7-6carosel7-6curiosityshop7-6holistic7-6soaps7-6stainedglass7-6candle27-6candle

I loved the sign to the right of this door, “mermaids enter here”, that was too cute.  And on the way to the village I spotted this garden shop and doubled back for a photo.  A pleasant way to spend a lovely day in the Hudson Valley…7-6gardenshop

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Where am I?

I see that there are some new people who have found this blog in the last couple of weeks, and I thought I ought to explain that the ‘nature coast’ in the title of the blog refers to the several counties along the Gulf coast of Florida just above Tampa Bay.  And, obviously, that’s not where I am at the moment.  This blog came about a year ago due to a coincidence of a class I took and a new camera I had just purchased, not really out of a need to share any profound thoughts or with an agenda of any kind.  I had settled into a comfortable routine in my widowhood, and felt almost smug as I spent my evenings alone at home doing whatever I wanted to do.  And I went on like that for quite a while, until I started needing people again.  My people, my ‘home’, New England, where I grew up and never failed to feel like I belonged when I visited.  People, old friends, family, grandchildren, I needed them all.  So I have thrown caution to the wind and left my little part-time job, and my snug little Florida house, and even the new friends I was just beginning to make, to take a road trip.  And I will stay until my heart, which had felt so empty, has filled back up.  Or until they all get sick of me…7-5church7-5farm7-5shack7-5shack27-5shack37-5townhall

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Old Cape Cod…

Do you know the song?  When Charley and I would go to Cape Cod I used to burst into song every time we came into sight of the Cape Cod Canal.  If you are really old you know the song, or if you had a husband with a collection of music that included everything back to the ‘40s, and nothing past the 70s, you’d also be in luck.  In my travels on the Cape I came across Patty Page Dr., so there’s a hint for you.  

If you’re fond of sand dunes, and salty air,

Quaint little villages here and there,

You’re sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod…

If you like the taste of a lobster stew

Served by a window with an ocean view,

You’re sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.

Winding roads that seem to beckon you,

Miles of green beneath a sky of blue,

Church bells chiming on a Sunday morn,

Remind you of the town where you were born.

If you spend an evening you’ll want to stay,

Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay,

You’re sure to fall in love with Old Cape Cod.

I thought that I ought to write a post with photos to illustrate the lyrics, but even ‘miles of green beneath a sky of blue’ proved to be a bit too much to ask for until I was on the road heading off the Cape, which is when these pictures were taken.  

The road trip continues…


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Also seen on the Cape…

I had visions ahead of this visit of taking lovely photos of lighthouses against a backdrop of sunrise or sunset colors, the sky was spectacularly uncooperative for the first few days I was here, so this view of the Chatham Light is the best I could do, so far.


Who needs a dramatic sky when you have this?


I thought the courthouse was an imposing structure sitting up on a hill, flanked by the two statues.  Again, a more dramatic sky would have been nice.


I love everything about this charming little house, which is most likely totally out of my price range, and then when you think about the taxes that particular bubble pops pretty quickly.  But I like to tease myself.


This little structure would be more affordable, but alas, there is no vacancy.