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Leaving places behind…

When my daughter moved out of New York I remember thinking that I’d be sad not to drive there from MD in August and see the sugar maples beginning to turn color in anticipation of fall.  And I would miss the ride on 81 N through Hazleton, PA where I would see spectacular early morning color in the valley as I drove on the road above, skirting a mountain which meant that the scene just kept revealing itself as I drove.  That was amazing.

And now it’s my son’s house in NY that I won’t be visiting again after this, except for a quick high school graduation trip soon.  Then they’ll be moving back to FL, so it’s good news really.  But I was aware of this and came here wondering if the deer would visit, and if I would I see some pretty farmland to photograph.  So far so good…6_08_10NYbirdie1birdie2I saw a deer out back almost as soon as I got here on Friday night.  I was able to sneak out the sliding glass door onto the screened porch, and then out the screen door and onto the steep back steps for these shots.  The back yard is a steep slope, too steep to mow, so the birds, winter wrens according to Merlin’s best guess, were enjoying the weeds and singing up a storm out there.  The deer stood still, watching me, and then disappeared into the woods.  She was back again this morning and maybe I was sneakier because she went about her business.  As soon as I got a few shots I went back inside and left her to munch away on those white flowers.6_08_10NYdeer26_08_10NYdeer1

On the way to dinner last night I stopped for a quick iPhone shot of this farm.  I can’t wait to get out there today and see what else I see out there…afternoonfarm

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VT Rt 103 S…

The beauty of my solo travels is that I can leave when I want to and stop for photos if I choose to.  I don’t think that Charley would have had the patience for it, unless it was a coin shop along the way and I suggested that we stop.  My destination this morning was Chester, NY, but it was Chester, VT that stole the show on this beautiful day.  No, the GPS didn’t steer me wrong, it was a coincidence, a happy coincidence.

The grist mill was the first thing to catch my eye as I drove.  And a nice, generous shoulder gave me plenty of room to stop.  I didn’t realize that it was part of the Vermont Country Store which was just up ahead.  My friend and I had just talked about taking a drive there, and there I was by total accident.  My visit was too short, but I can’t accumulate stuff to bring with me even though I was mighty tempted.


Darn, a kissing bridge and not a candidate in sight…


I wonder if my friend has ventured a little further south on that road?  I doubt it or I think she would have mentioned Chester, VT as a place to visit also.  With it’s beautiful Victorian houses, charming restaurants and shops, museum, and gazebo on the square,  this will be worth another look.  And for this visit I’d love the company.6_07_19VTinfobooth6_07_19VTeateries6_07_19VTgazebo6_07_19VTcemetery6_07_19VTwhiteflower6_07_19chesterfrontporch

A charming gentleman told me about the 7 apartments in this building.  He said that his is the best one, LOL.  It cost $30,000 to repair the roof structure underneath the slate tiles, and no one can go out onto the upstairs porch because the railing is too low.  Regulations these days.  I wonder how many people fell off that porch since that house was built?


But this is the shop that gave me a chuckle.  Six Loose Ladies, a knitting shop.  And just as I drove out of town I saw Lover’s Lane Road, and I had to wonder if that’s where the Six Loose Ladies live…




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Go take a hike…

“Want to go hike to the waterfall?” my cousin asked me.  This was just as I was about to sit down in my new zero gravity recliner for the first time, and read my book a while.  ‘We’ had gotten my last couple of issues with the camper taken care of, I use the term ‘we’ loosely of course, and I decided that I was going to rest up.  But that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  There are two ways to hike there, the steep hike and the easy hike, so we did the easy one and I’m glad we did because I was feeling it,  and because we had to do it a second time because my glasses were missing once we got back to the car.  I have to say the hike was easier the second time.  When I’m hiking with the camera I think I don’t balance myself as naturally because I’m trying to protect the camera.  Maybe I’ll keep it in the backpack even if it is a PITA to get it out and put it away when you want to take a picture.  I want my self as well as my camera to survive to hike another day…6_06_19waterfall16_06_19waterfall26_06_19waterfall3

I’m told that my cousin and his nephew have been swimming in that pool at the bottom of the biggest waterfall.  More power to ’em.  That’s an offer I’ll pass on…

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Lake Morey…

I once got a brainstorm while visiting my in-laws in Colorado Springs.  I said to them, “I know what we can do today, we can go to the Grand Canyon!”.  This New Englander had yet to comprehend the vastness of the western states.  If it was in the next state then it’s a day trip, or so I thought.  Not so in Colorado, but at this exact moment I can buy chicken fingers in VT and bring them home to the campground in NH and they’ll still be hot when I get here.

I took advantage of the nice skies yesterday morning and took a drive around Lake Morey.  It’s my intended destination for the sunset the next time it’s not overcast, which I hope is soon.  I also thought that there might be a possibility for some night sky drama while I’m here, like the Milky Way, but again, it needs to be dark, no extra city lights, but also clear.  That would be fun to try.  I’ve signed on for a class to learn to shoot that sort of thing, I hope I get a chance at it.6_04_19lakemorey16_04_19lakemorey26_04_19lakemorey36_04_19lakemorey46_04_19lakemorey56_04_19lakemorey66_04_19lakemorey7I circled the lake counter-clockwise and I found plenty of spots to pull the car over for pictures.  Then I realized that those weren’t pull offs for photographer’s convenience, they were parking spaces for the houses that were down the steep slopes around the lake.  I came upon a driveway down to one of those houses and found it too steep to walk down easily, and with the curve I can’t imagine driving down it.  And there were stairs leading up to houses on the other side of the street also.  Possibly not so convenient for parking, but those views were spectacular.

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View from Rt. 10…

With blue skies and puffy white clouds the day was calling me to get out there and take some pictures.  So I set out for Ocean State to pick up a few more, yes more, things I decided I needed for this adventure.  And, if I remembered correctly, when I went there with my cousin the other day I was literally drooling over all the scenery along the way.  You seem to be on top of the world, looking out and down at other mountain tops, or maybe hilltops.  And this is why it’s a must to either be on your own doing this, or with another photographer, because I lost count of how many stops I made. Well, you’ll see.

I hadn’t even made it out of town when I stopped for a couple of shots this church.6_03_19Rt10church2

I hadn’t gotten to my destination when I spotted a sign that said covered bridge, so I had to turn around and check it out.  I had all day after all.  Traffic isn’t allowed over this covered bridge anymore.  I think the GPS gets annoyed with me when I spot something that causes me to turn the car around and go the ‘wrong’ way…


I’m getting a little fuzzy over exactly where I was or what order I took these pictures in, but it honestly doesn’t matter.  Every twist and turn of the road brings something you find as breathtaking as the last five stops you made.  No wonder they run together.6_03_19Rt10scenery6_03_19Rt10farm6_03_19Rt10bridge56_03_19Rt10choochoo6_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene36_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene4_16_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene

I couldn’t stop for the scene above so I took a left and pulled over and realized that I was back to another stop I’d made with my cousins.  He used to teach right in that area and the church I was looking at was too pretty not to take it’s picture.  And I was hearing church bells as I did.6_03_19Rt10Mike's school6_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene2

Tell me something, could you have resisted these cows?  Obviously I couldn’t.6_03_19Rt10cowsiesta16_03_19Rt10cowsiesta2

And a 1906 round red barn right across the street from a 1996 round red barn?6_03_19Rt10oldroundbarn6_03_19Rt10newroundbarnI can’t wait to get out again but it won’t be tonight.  There is a storm brewing out there.  It’s really cold when the wind whips, and then there are a few drops of rain.  I think I’m glad we haven’t gotten the awning out on the pop up yet.  But I did discover that it has little strip lights underneath it.  Soon…