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Two heads…

Two heads are better than one, or so they say.  But in this case they aren’t prettier.  It was a beautiful day today so while I was out I checked the rookery, just in case.  All was fairly quiet, and I answered some questions from a few people who were amazed to see this place.  Birds were flying in and out, mostly with twigs and branches to feather their nests, (I’m rolling my own eyes here).  But for the most part birds are on the nests with their partners standing by.  Period.  Not a lot of action.  But these two were snuggling up together, I thought it was kind of cute.  I might have been a little jealous…


'scene' along the way, a second look, Florida landmarks, Hudson Beach, moments, nature, perseverance, photography, sky, sunset

The next best thing…

The next best choice from the point of view of not having to travel for the sunset, is Hudson Beach.  Probably 3 miles up Rt. 19.  And it has the advantage of a couple of different angles to bring elements into your photos.  And If I wanted to I could sit at Sam’s Beach Bar and take my pictures while I have a beer.  What more could I want?02-10-20HBsunset502-10-20HBsunset402-10-20HBsunset302-10-20HBsunset202-10-20HBsunset1

'scene' along the way, moments, moon, natural wonders, perseverance, photography, sky, sunrise


I saw a post on Facebook that sent me out the door with barely a sip of coffee this morning.  It was about a ‘snow moon’, and when I got home I looked for it again and it has disappeared.  I popped out the door and saw that big moon in a clear sky and couldn’t get to Aripeka fast enough.  I never did take pictures of the sunrise since it was barely there, but oh, that moon!02-09-20moonclose02-09-20moonview102-09-20moonview302-09-20moonclose202-09-20moonbirds02-09-20moonglowbaitshop

'scene' along the way, a second look, home, moments, moon, nature, perseverance, photography, sky, sunset

Homegrown sunset…

It feels a little like cheating, to go out for the sunset in my own neighborhood, instead of driving to more scenic spots for the sunset I mean.  But the reflections were pretty so I was glad I came out, even if it was 20 degrees colder than the night before and I didn’t think the colors would get much prettier than the feature photo. 02-07-20homesunsetreflections

I retreated to the car to get warm, and that’s when I noticed the color in the sky to the east.  And the flocks of birds that were racing across the sky, heading south.02-07-20homesunsetbirds.jpg

And the clouds must have parted because now I was seeing the moon.02-07-20homesunsetmoon.jpg02-07-20homesunsetreflect2.jpg

I know better than to give up on the sunset too soon, but for some reason I left shortly after I took the above picture, and in the time it took to drive a few blocks to my house this happened.02-07-20homesunsetstreet.jpg02-07-20homesunsetstreet2.jpg

The sky to the east was still spectacular.02-07-20homesunsetstreet3.jpg

I guess I feel like I should have something ‘better’ in my photos than a simple mobile home park.  Maybe that’s why it feels like cheating if I don’t drive 45 minutes to find just the right spot.  But Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate, fancy or humble she puts on the same show for us all.

'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, egrets, Florida wildlife, fun, nature, nesting, perseverance, photography

The rookery…

The eagles were my third stop the other day, and when they seemed to be staying on the far side of the nest I didn’t stick with them very long.  It was cold and windy, and I had another stop in mind before I went home.  The baby eagle in in the upper left corner of the second shot.  My only view of him that day.


I wanted to stop to see what was happening at the rookery right in my neighborhood before I went home that day.  Last time I was there the weeds were so overgrown that you didn’t have a view, and there didn’t appear to be much to look at even if the weeds weren’t in the way.  Not so this time though, as you see in the feature photo.  Do the birds just wake up one morning and all decide to begin the nest building process?  I confess to playing favorites, I just love the beautiful egrets with their delicate feathers and the long graceful necks. This one arrived with a stick to work on the nest.02-03-20egret.jpg

I returned today hoping for more action.  When they are mostly sitting on eggs not a lot is going on.  Soon the fun will begin. 02-04-20fluff.jpg02-04-20fluff2.jpg02-04-20eggs.jpg02-04-20eggs2.jpg

See the eggs?  She looked like just a pile of feathers laying there, but then she got up and turned her eggs before she settled back on the nest.  The incubation period is 23 to 26 days, so my end of the month visitor is in for a treat!

And the Woodstorks far outnumber the egrets, these two were quite cosy.  they are fun to watch, and their babies are so comical looking.  Cuter than the egret chicks who are quite awkward looking.  Nature has a sense of humor.02-04-20duet2.jpg02-04-20duet.jpg


'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, finding my way, Florida wildlife, making memories, nature, perseverance, photography, sky

Little birds…

The little birds in this case were found at John Chestnut Park the other day.  I had been to Anderson Park across the lake for the sunrise, and thought that a stop across the lake was probably a good idea also.  I had seen lots of little birds there in the past, but I saw seeds that someone had left on the railings and that’s what had the birds coming out of the foliage and into the light for photos.  I was a little disappointed because there were no seeds, and no little birds at first.  Then suddenly they were flitting everywhere.  The little bird above is a Yellow-rumped warbler.  I know this because my Merlin app told me.  And here we have a Blue-gray Gnat Catcher.02-03-20gnatcatcherThe little Palm warbler was hard to catch in a photo.02-03-20littlebird.jpgAnd I thought the Yellow-throated warbler was kind of flashy.02-03-20yellowthroat.jpg

It was a pretty morning, nice to see after a few days of rainy weather.  02-03-20view3.jpg02-03-20view.jpg

As I drove to the park I remembered the deer I’d seen the last time, and hoped I’d see one again.  I didn’t expect to see an entire herd of deer as I drove into the park.  They weren’t shy, well, the females and young ones weren’t shy.  The handsome one with antlers glowing in the light was gone in a flash.  I’ll look for him next time…02-03-20onedeer.jpg