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Hello stranger…

Call me paranoid… but something is going on with Facebook and/or Messenger that has me creeped out . Maybe you get random friend requests, and if you do please tell me so I can stop being concerned, but I seem to get these random friend requests frequently, and it seems to always be from men. It has always seemed odd to me, but not necessarily alarming. Then I mentioned it to my uncle, who said that his daughter told him not to click on them at all, not even to delete them, because if you do then ‘they’ will send even more of them. Who will, Facebook? Is deleting them where I went wrong? If there is some sort of random-possible-friend-generator out there in Facebookland, I’m picturing the wheel from Wheel of Fortune here, shouldn’t the requests be pretty much evenly divided between men and women?
And Messenger seems to me to be one step further into being intrusive when I get a message from a total stranger that just says ‘hello’. I just got a mental image of my daughter reading this and rolling her eyes at how ridiculous I’m being. Again, always men, and always ‘hello’. If you communicate with them to ask who they are would it be some kind of gateway to your information being somewhere out there in cyberland where you wouldn’t want it to be? Is ‘hello’ some kind of code word? One of these random hellos did wind up, and don’t ask me how this happened, as a facebook friend. Yup. Did I somehow click on it when I was just getting pages off my phone? Was it one of those 4 AM half-asleep things? Maybe Ozzie plunked his chin down on the computer when he snuck up on me when I was in the recliner with the laptop in my lap?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, thinking I was being silly, but I got a friend request a few days ago that makes me think that things have really gone off the rails here. This friend request, from another random, no mutual friends, man, shows his profile picture with him naked! Only from the chest up, but what does that imply? Seriously? Is it me? My co-workers thought that this was hilarious, and I would too, if it was showing up on their Facebook page instead of mine.

I’ve never felt my age more than now, when I’m tempted to complain that today’s society its just too much for me.  Up until now I’ve been such fan of technology in general. I think my New Year’s resolution will be to delete any more of these requests the second I notice them, the heck with what my cousin says. Sorry Deb, love you!

1213randomrequests.jpgFaces have been obscured, I’m not sure why I thought I ought to do that.  And these requests have been deleted, after I took a photo of course…


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Keep on Truckin’…

I was out walking the dogs recently and came upon this truck (above). Something about the writing on the back caught my eye and I hurried the dogs along so I could read what it said, which was ‘LOADED WITH POLITICAL PROMISES’. I was really curious about what business this was with that particular message on the back, so stopped to take a picture, and then hurried more because they started driving away from me. They would have to turn right or left at the stop sign and I thought I might not be able to see the name of the business, and the whole thing would be a mystery forever. More about that in a minute…

One of the tricks I learned about iPhone photography was that you can take a picture using the iPhone earbuds that have a built-in off-on switch. I had just heard about this and had been attempting to do some stealth street photography in Tarpon Springs the day I spotted this next truck. On the way home I had the phone mounted to the windshield when I was stopped at a traffic light behind this guy. Everything about the messages this truck was sending with their signage cracked me up, so I clicked the earbuds that were still attached, and I got this picture. If I hadn’t been torturing myself over kitchen remodel ideas for years I might not have had the same reaction to the messages they are sending. But they are advertising that you may have paid through the nose for your Wolf, or Sub Zero appliance, but it’s gonna break! And when the inevitable happens you should call them because they are High End Service? Really, and they come out in their Mercedes truck? Would you call that number? That’s like saying please fix my fancy, expensive, high end appliance, and be sure to charge me BIG bucks while you are at it. Hilarious!highend

And lastly we have this truck, which I spotted on my way back to work at lunch time one day. Who wouldn’t want a plumber who smells good? It’s a no brainer. That’s all I have to say about that.smellgood

And back to the first picture, and the message ‘loaded with political promises’. The truck got to the corner and took a right, and emblazoned on the side, in big enough letters that even I could see it, was White’s Septic Services! Of course, what else would it be?