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Sunrise by the slice…

While the sunrise itself seemed to struggle this morning, it was the reflected color in the opposite sky that caught my eye as I arrived at Bayport.  The layers of clouds glowed golden for a while, and then became lovely pastel blues and pinks.  I wasn’t alone there this morning, sharing the scene with the occupants of two other cars.  Then one of them set off their car alarm and couldn’t seem to turn it off, but it was time to leave anyhow, and soon enough came the rain.



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Home on the Nature Coast…

Maybe it’s all the driving I’ve done lately, but since I’ve been back in Florida I’m having trouble catching up mentally with where I am physically.  While I was in New England I said I was ‘home’, and I was home, back to where the kid in me feels restored to the surface.  Now I’m home in Florida, but is it home?  Not sure anymore.  What struck me as I drove up to the house for the first time in six weeks was that everyone’s lawns were so green!  A sure sign that we had a lot of rain while I was gone.  It rained all day my first day back also, so I went out back when I saw some birds milling around once the rain had let up.  The ducklings!  I was glad to see them, five surviving.  And I caught up with my neighbors who said that there is only one Crane colt now, no one knows what happened to the other one. 7-28colt.jpg

With the clouds breaking up the sky looked promising, so I drove to Aripeka, the shortest possible sunset drive, and liked the light on the houses at my first stop, but the sunset itself didn’t look like it would be the best view.7-28aripeka3

So I went to the little spot I’d noticed before, right on a bend of the road that feels a little scary as people take the curve a little too fast.  There isn’t much opportunity to vary your shot, but I love this view.  And the colors built, and then extinguished themselves like a candle flickering out.  I’m back…7-28aripekasunset27-28aripeka47-28aripekasunset1

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Hyannis Harbor…

One night at a photography class I chatted with the student next me and I asked him what his main interest in photography subjects was.  I expected him to say birds.  And it seems like a lot of the members are into portrait photography also.  But what he said came as a surprise, he said he likes to photograph rust.  Well, he would have been in luck today at the Hyannis Harbor.  I knew that the ferry boats came in and out there, but even so I didn’t expect it to be as much of a working harbor as it appears to be.  Fishing boats and ferries in abundance, sometimes all at once.  And lots of rust.  If you look across the water you see the Hyannis Marina, where I imagine you would find lots of fancy yachts, and not a bit of rust…6-27tomslaughter6-27tomslaughter26-27netting6-27MissKara6-27rainbow6-27masts6-27pirates6-27seagullprize

This seagull seemed to have snagged himself a prize from the ship where they were cleaning fish.  But he just couldn’t seem to carry it off.  I think I see the problem…

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Also seen on the Cape…

I had visions ahead of this visit of taking lovely photos of lighthouses against a backdrop of sunrise or sunset colors, the sky was spectacularly uncooperative for the first few days I was here, so this view of the Chatham Light is the best I could do, so far.


Who needs a dramatic sky when you have this?


I thought the courthouse was an imposing structure sitting up on a hill, flanked by the two statues.  Again, a more dramatic sky would have been nice.


I love everything about this charming little house, which is most likely totally out of my price range, and then when you think about the taxes that particular bubble pops pretty quickly.  But I like to tease myself.


This little structure would be more affordable, but alas, there is no vacancy.


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I was supposed to be driving my great-nephew to Dowser’s Beach so that he could spend the day fishing, but it turned into a very nice photo op for me.  With the somber skies I knew I’d better take advantage so made sure to bring my camera with me.  The sky was quite dramatic, and the ospreys were very busy.  And the car windows will be down for the rest of the day since that fisherman and his gear left a certain aroma behind.  Nice visit with a kid I hardly get to see though, so it’s okay…6-25boat26-25pier6-25rocks6-25rowboats6-25sailboat6-25sailboat26-25shrub