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Veteran’s Park beach…

I spotted Veteran’s Park beach the other day, but my goal that day was to find a west facing spot for the sunset so I continued on to Kalmus beach.  And was treated to a really colorful sunset.  But Veteran’s Park beach had been on my mind ever since, and yesterday I finally got there just in time to see a ferry leaving, all lit up in the pitch black dark.  I hadn’t gotten the cameras out yet, but I was excited about what I’d see.  And then I waited.  The light got pretty, no red color, but that blue hour light is nice all on it’s own.  Then another car pulled into the parking area and the driver never got out, but he rolled down his window and said that he comes there every day to take pictures of the sunrise.  I asked where the sunrise was that day and he said not to worry, it will show up.  But it didn’t.  He gave up on it before I did.  But there is always tomorrow.  Except tomorrow is today and I think I’m going to pour another cup of coffee and sit here in the dark and quiet a little longer…1-14-19veterans11-14-19veterans31-14-19veterans5

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Another January day…

Did I say how gray and gloomy January is?  Well, it is, until it isn’t.  The sun was out and the sky was blue yesterday, and I found myself at the Cape Cod Canal searching for the vantage point for a picture I saw online the other day.  It was a sunset sky, with the Bourne Bridge in the foreground, and the uprights of the bridge framing a view of the old railroad bridge beyond it.  It was beautiful, but I believe I turned out to be on the wrong side of the canal for that shot.  I was using Google maps and had chosen a parking spot, but they had that access blocked, so I continued to the next place to park.  Then I had to climb down a steep trail, in the wrong shoes for a hike, and I was in woods that quickly made it seem that I was in the middle of no where.  I will have to ask my hiking friend about the wisdom of hiking alone.1-11-19canal21-11-19canal3

There was another set of steps to get down to the canal access road, which I had to myself.  Well, except for the sea gulls.  And I couldn’t see either bridge once I got down there.  But I was looking for the Bourne Bridge, and I knew it was somewhere to my right, so I started walking.1-11-19canal1And walking some more until I finally saw the bridge.  And still I walked.  And the closer I got the more I realized that the railroad bridge was probably a lot further away than the photo I’d seen had made it seem, and I began to worry about the fact that I had lost track of how many of the sets of steps I had passed (I had been counting but had lost track), and how would I know which set of steps would lead me to that climb through the woods to find the car?1-11-19canal4So I turned around to go back.  Hardly a hike by some people’s standards, but I think it turned out to be about 6 miles all together.  I will try again on another sunny January day.  I have flip-flops in the car in case of a pedicure emergency, so I will also leave a pair for hiking in the car so any and all photo emergencies will be covered.  And once I remembered that I could ask Siri where the car was I wasn’t as worried about finding my way through the woods. IMG_6692.png

Turns out I wasn’t alone after all…

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50 shades of Grey…

No, not the book, I’m talking about the beach.  Grey’s beach, which was appropriately named, at least it was today. The sky, the water, and even the stones lining the boat launch area were gray.  50 shades for sure.  And the wind whipping made me very glad to have the tripod.  I walked out onto that very long pier, thinking that as long as I was there I ought to see what everything looked like from that vantage point, but I decided to turn around.  Which got me back to that new van that I love, which is also gray, just as it started to pour down rain.  And that’s when I discovered that yes, I had locked the van, but I had failed to close the side door.  It probably doesn’t sound like a great morning but there are no guarantees when you head out, so I’m not complaining.  12-21secondtry12-21shades112-21shades212-21gray612-21gray7


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Dowses Beach…

My trip along the water the other day brought me to a familiar place.  Over the summer I took my sister’s grandson here for a day of fishing.  In the summer you have to pay to park, but the ranger let me slide on the parking fee when I promised to take a few pictures and leave.  There was no one to give me permission today, and not much going on but a seagull on the railing.  It was so peaceful being out and about on my own today.  And I’m loving the light here.


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Life is beachy….

Don’t ask me where I was exactly.  I was headed for a wildlife preserve that I saw on a map, but no one informed the GPS about the details, so it just dumped me. It said to turn left, but that turn looked more like a walking path.  Or perhaps I should have taken the message that you had to park at the road and walk into the preserve at face value.  Except I was at an intersection with no place to park.  It was time for plan B, so I headed in the general direction of the water and this is what I found.  Not at sunset, this was probably about 1 PM, but the thick clouds had some color from the sun.  First of many days of exploring on the Cape.