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Clouds on the horizon…

The clouds were gorgeous just as the sun came up this morning.  But attempting to get the palm trees to be in silhouette against the prettiest clouds proved to be harder than it looked.  Plus I was distracted by the knowledge that being out front with my camera was possibly going to cause repercussions with a problem neighbor.  I guess the wonderful neighbors in my old neighborhood had not prepared me for the possibilities in a new neighborhood.  It remains to be seen if the ideal of blissful life in an over-55 community is a pipe dream or a reality.


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Crepuscular rays…

Going out for the sunset wasn’t on my to do list for today.  But when I glanced out back and saw the sky I couldn’t resist, and I made it out there at the last possible second.  I thought I’d missed the best of it, but it continued to develop into a nice one.  One that Dave, the photographer I’ve run into a few times, would have liked because of it’s crepuscular rays.     I did get to some of the things on my to-do list for today so that’s good, and the things I didn’t get to will still be waiting for me tomorrow.  Along with another sunset…04-07-19homesunset204-07-19homesunset404-07-19homesunset5

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Recognition where it’s due…

Let’s face it, I was never going to have worked at Publix long enough to be invited to one of their awards ceremonies.  Not when I took a part-time job as a second career, and not really understanding what a great company it was going to be to work for.  But the friends I made there have outlasted my years at Publix, and my friend Dee asked me to come with her as she was honored for her 25 years with the company.  The fireman’s daughter in me doesn’t mind admitting that I have never been to a resort as lovely as this one.  The view from the balcony of our room was spectacular right from go.  Hence the panoramic photo above,  I didn’t bring my camera so it was the trusty iPhone 7+ to the rescue.  I took a few pictures right away, and I could also see that the sunset was going to happen right out there, I’d have a front row seat.  Except the banquet might not end in time for me to see it.  Except it did, barely, and I snapped one picture as I raced to find my way back to the room for more photos.  I made it in time for a few photos, and I even made it back to the banquet in time for dessert.  Perfect!  Well, the only thing that would have made it more perfect was if we had thought to bring bathing suits so we could ride the lazy river rafting pool that was drifting along out there.  Now that would have been the icing on the cake!  Sorry, bakery worker pun there…04-06-19Omnifirst04-06-19Omnifirst04-06-19Omnifirst204-06-19Omni104-06-19Omnisunset04-06-19Omnisunset2

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A hop, skip, and a jump away….

From the eagle’s nest I mean, is Anclote River Park.  I’ve taken pictures here before, which is why I knew that there is an osprey nest there, and since the rookery seems to be getting into full swing I thought maybe the ospreys were too.  And yes, they were.  One was guarding the nest when I got there, and the other one arrived shortly afterwards.  There was feeding activity going on, that was obvious, but the nest seems to be tipped away from the parking lot viewing area, and the babies never popped their heads up.  But I will have to keep an eye out.

03-21-19riverpark103-21-19riverpark403-21-19riverpark2And you can always count on seeing a pelican. 03-21-19riverpark7

Or two, or even more.03-21-19riverpark8

Hmm, I wonder where they nest?03-21-19riverpark303-21-19riverpark6

03-21-19riverpark503-21-19riverpark9There weren’t a lot of people at the park, but then the blue skies and puffy clouds that had gotten me out the door had mostly grayed over.  Still, a great way to spend a winter day, Florida style.  I appreciate it now more than ever before…

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The Ides of March…

After a nice dinner with a friend on Wednesday I realized that I had some choices of places to stop for the sunset on the way home.  But if I headed straight to the pond at home I would be exactly on time, and I’d also be at home.  I opted for home, even though there is only one view available, but it is the sunset that is the star of the show after all. And I don’t know that it’s ever taken me a day and a half to look at my pictures, but my heart hadn’t been in it and I didn’t expect much from them.  I was right, but not completely. 03-15-19sunset1

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Shivering in Florida…

The weather wasn’t cooperating for the owl photo shoot a friend and I had planned for yesterday morning.  We did get to see the owls, but we are going back tomorrow.  And the sunset looked dubious, but it was the last Tuesday night for the sunset from the rooftop of the Clearwater library so we went in spite of the ominous skies.  And from the first moment we were there we were so glad we went.  In spite of the fact that the wind was relentless, making you very glad you had your tripod.  And with temperatures in the 50s we were freezing.  Not Cape Cod freezing, but cold, very cold.  But those rays of sun streaming through the clouds were an amazing sight.  Worth the chill.  This was the last of the shoots from the rooftop for this season because the sunset will be too late once we change the clocks this weekend.  Glad I made it.03-05-19library2