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More stops along the way…

Yesterday I stopped for photos at the Veteran’s Cemetery that I’ve been passing in my travels here in New Hampshire.  The row upon row of headstones are so moving, so many lives cut short, so many sacrifices made.  But when I noticed an elderly woman struggling up the curb with her walker, on her way to honor her husband, or father, or son, I felt ashamed to be thinking in terms of the nice pictures I hoped to take, so I cut that visit short…05-24-19NHVetscemeteryThen I decided to stop at Daniel Webster’s birthplace, having passed the turn-off several times without stopping.  He is a favorite son of New Hampshire, for good reason.05-24-19DanielWebster05-24-19DanielWebsterhouse205-24-19DanielWebsterhouse105-24-19DanielWebsterhouse305-24-19DanielWebsterbeeThere was no sign announcing a turn-off for the last place I stopped yesterday.  I had glimpsed this little structure soon after I arrived here but had no idea where it was that I’d seen it.  I was mad at myself for not stopping that day, so of course I had to stop when I spotted it this time.  I feel as if I’m intruding when I stop for pictures sometimes.  But when you put a sweet little structure like this one out by the side of the road I have to assume that you intended for it to be noticed and appreciated.  And I did both!05-24-19glasshouses305-24-19glasshouses05-24-19glasshouses2


Snowbird diaries, chapter one

New Hampshire! Finally! The story begins, or so I thought. But it seems I’ve been dropping breadcrumbs on my pilgrimage to get here. So that I could find my way back home eventually perhaps? My ‘nice’ black shoes and my sweatshirt jacket that I wanted to bring with me apparently never made it out of my house, I hope. As opposed to having lost them along the way. The jacket I intended to borrow from my daughter is still at her house. And before I even missed it I was informed that I had left my laptop at my friend’s house yesterday. Really? Of all things. As I drove the last leg of the trip to my destination for these next couple of weeks I was anticipating sitting with the laptop in it’s newly updated state, and looking at the photos I had been taking along the way. So it will be a few days until I can go back to retrieve it, along with my favorite pillow that I’ve now realized hasn’t made it here either. But my iPad is here with me, thank goodness. But there will be a learning curve. Sigh. And so it begins.

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Technology vs people…

Part of the joys of belonging to the photo club that I’ve found here in Florida, and I’ll repeat myself here, it’s the FCCP, Florida Center for Creative Photography, are the classes available to attend in person or online, and the opportunity to learn to use your camera more effectively.  And to do this within a group of people with a common interest, which  leads to pleasant lunches after a shoot, plus friendships to bring even more contentment to your life.  The bigger group through which I found this group is called Meet UP, and through them you might find groups in your own area, for photography or whatever other interest warms your heart.  Connections with people are more important to your/my happiness and mental health than I ever realized.  I needed to spend time at home by myself, and I did, happily at home for a long time, honestly.  But it didn’t sustain me forever, and the people I’ve met here, at work and through photography, plus the people I’ve re-connected with back where I grew up, have made all the difference.

All of which brings me to these pictures.  This is me trying to apply the lessons I learned last Saturday, in a class where we learned to take panoramic photographs.  If you can take the photos correctly the computer can then stitch them into a panorama.  So I had a brainstorm last night and raced out to an overpass in Tarpon Springs to take said panoramas.  Only the view from the overpass wasn’t quite as lovely as I remembered it to be.  And  zooming out to take as many photos as possible resulted in a very wide photo, a good thing I thought, but very small images off in the distance.  Not quite what I was going for.  So it’ll take time to figure out which view suits this sort of image.  But, as I’ve learned in the classes I’ve taken, when you edit in Lightroom the edits are non-destructive, allowing the images to be re-edited, and re-combined, and you might find that your initial disappointment in the photos was just your quick judgement, and it may turn out that they make you happy after all.4-16-19HDRpano2Turns out the largest panoramic image I got won’t load here.  But that’s okay, this one is what I was going for anyhow.   And a few more that I liked…4-16-19HDscene34-16-19HDRsunset4-16-19HDRscene14-16-19HDRcaptjacks4-16-19HDRboat4-16-19HDboat2

Still learning, and that makes me happy…



Third time’s a charm…

Two previous trips to Philippe Park to see the owls hadn’t been successful.  Not only were we freezing, but the owls were hunkered down keeping warm also.  But yesterday was a perfect Florida winter day, so off I went.  As usual, it was the other photographers who had to point out the nest, and Mama in the tree keeping watch.  But was it any wonder I couldn’t spot her when she was so well camouflaged? 03-13-19mamabackThus you have the dilemma, which side of the trees do you want to shoot from?  This side was the best view of the babies when I was there last year, but the other side had a contingent of photographers waiting for Mama to fly down to the nest.  When the babies were stirring, that’s when they expected her to fly, and that was the shot they were waiting for.  So I marched myself and my camera over to that side to see what I could see.  And I wasn’t disappointed.03-13-19baby103-13-19baby203-13-19babyx2And there was Mama too, always watching.  She was preening, the babies were stirring, the photographers were sure she was ready.  I realized that I could zoom out and you could see the nest and Mama, but the perspective is skewed.  We were standing on a hill, so the fact that the nest was up high, and that Mama was behind, in another tree and much higher than the nest is, doesn’t show.  But this was the view.03-13-19mamagettingready03-13-19momandnestI headed to the other side again, tired of waiting for her to fly, and convinced that the babies would be putting on a show over there.  I missed the fly shot by just a minute, and there was a lot of activity that looked like feeding, but down low in the nest.  Another photographer asked if I’d gotten the shot where Mama picked up a rat and moved it from one side to the other, but no, no I did not.  I was trying to hold out for shots of all three of them, but that one baby wasn’t cooperating.  Darn it.  But I’m not really complaining, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.03-13-19owls three

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It’s cold!

This isn’t my photo.  I guess I’ll be able to see who actually reads the blog when people start asking where I am.  This is a stock photo I’ve been scrolling for this morning.  It seemed like a good idea because I’m freezing!  Literally freezing.  Bundled up in sweater, socks, fleece lined slippers, and I can’t think about anything except how cold I am.  And yes, I do see the irony of going on and on about wanting to go north to see family and friends, and the first cold snap in Florida has me hunkered down and hiding out, waiting for the sun.  It will warm up here in a day or two, but not so where I’m heading.  I visited last year in April and half froze to death.  And the year before that I visited my son’s house as May turned into June and sat in the house wrapped in blankets waiting to leave.  And yet even knowing that I have been looking forward to taking snowy landscape pictures without ever once picturing how cold I’ll be while I attempt to take them.  And those last trips north seem to mean that I’ll be too cold until June, or there-abouts.  I’m pretty sure that this year will be the exception for me.  This snowbird will get her seasons straightened out and make sure I’m in Florida for the winter months.  After all, here we will be seeing the annual migration of birds to the area, and for months we’ll be able to go out to the state parks and wildlife preserves to see nature in all her glory.  That’ll be next year.

I was scrolling for a winter snowsuit picture to wind up with and one of them reminded me of how the kids used to do a running, head-first, somersault onto their jackets, and come up on their feet with they jackets on.  Don’t know that I’ll master that technique but I wonder if this comes in my size?