Subtle sunrise…

I have sunrise/sunset envy. Other photographers in my group live closer to the beaches here in Florida, and can take photos of the sunrise and sunset practically from their backyards. I’ve wished to be closer to those great locations, and thought of the locations close to me as second rate, comparatively speaking. But I’ve come to appreciate my own area a little more since traveling around my friend’s neighborhood which has no available bodies of water to incorporate into your photos. There are lots of pretty neighborhoods with ponds, etc, but there is no ability to position myself for photos or no where to safely pull the car over because the roads are busy here. So I’ve kept my eye open for places that might allow for a view to the east or west, and today’s post is from the spot we noticed the other day. Luckily r I had dropped a pin so I could find it again in the dark this morning.

So. An open view to the east, check. But not much of interest in the foreground. And was this just a not so colorful sunrise, or is the lack of water and reflections making it seem more so?
And, much to my surprise, across the street I noticed a rookery. Egrets apparently settled in for the night. I walked across the street, all four (very quiet) lanes plus a median, and took this shot with my camera also. But this is the shot I took with my iPhone, which is a wider view with more pink clouds.
Zooming in gives the impression of more color, but really there wasn’t much color this morning.
And as the sun rose the egrets left, looking slightly pink in the light. I only counted 6 still in the trees when I drove away.

As sunrises go this wasn’t the best, not by a long shot. So for a while I guess I will continue with my sunrise/sunset envy. I have a long history of thinking ‘if only ______”, fill in the blank, then everything will be perfect. All these years later you’d think I’d have already figured out that things are pretty darned perfect already…


Got Lobstah…

Blame my cousin Kevin. He was the one who discovered this wonderful food truck, but his penchant for putting up a photo when it was too late for me to race to the location and get a lobster roll for myself has cause me no shortage of angst. Just last week he posted yet another picture of himself and his granddaughter with their cache of goodies from this place. Too late for me yet again. But this time I looked up the website and found their schedule for stops for the week and tonight I finally sampled the wares, and found them to be delicious. So thank you to Kevin. Two more New Englanders are happy tonight.

Clam chowder was good.
But the lobster roll was Devine!
And on the way home, this.
We haven’t spotted a rainbow in a long while, despite our frequent showers followed by sunshine.

Having given up on my laptop I resorted to a new iPad to replace it. Working with your photos on the iPad is supposed to be a breeze, but it will take me a while to catch on. This is a start at least.


Out of hiding…

I’ve spent too much time hiding from the sun and heat since we have been back in Florida. Yesterday we had lunch at Miss Vicki’s on the River, and then sat for a while at Anclote River Park. As soon as we were in the shade the breeze took over and it was so nice to sit there with only a few birds keeping us company.

An egret doing what wading birds do.
A great blue high on a light post.
A snowy egret/
The boaters come and go, but always have supervisors on the posts.


St. Edith Stein…

Maybe I’m just behind the times, but when we drove past this church I asked to double back so I could take a picture of St. Edwards church. I don’t know if my high school friends are more in the know that we were, but the night before we had learned that this church was now called St. Edith Stein. What a seemingly odd name for a Catholic church, but with the help of Google I learned her story. She was raised in a devout Jewish family but across the street from a Catholic church. She became an atheist as a teenager, and as she went on to college she became a professor, a philosopher, and achieved great notoriety as a thinker. Eventually she turned to the Catholic church and became a nun, but was sent to Auschwitz where she died at age 51, and she was canonized in 1998. A more modern example of sainthood than St. Edward who was a beloved and devout king who died in 1163. Part of me wants to object to the name change, just because I want to find things here to be just like they were when I left. Of course the name of this church is far from the only thing that has changed in the 50 something years since I lived here. Still, it’s good to be here…


Bobcats and more…

I thought that the view of the bobcat in his den was all we would see of him at Homosassa Springs yesterday, but he fooled me. The day was hot and if not for the plentiful shade at the park it wouldn’t have been as nice of a day. So who could blame him for retreating to his den before we could get a shot? But then someone else showed up.

I shot this through a fence, but with the magic of modern camera technology the fence disappeared, with no help from me.
Not only did the bobcat emerge from the den to greet the new arrival, he suddenly went on the hunt and caught himself a tidbit for lunch.

Other photographers have been lucky enough to spot bobcats when they hike at Circle B, but I haven’t been that lucky. And it was fun to see the rest of the animals there too.

Again the black crowned night herons were in attendance at this park also. Free to come and go as they please they stick around, especially at feeding time. And they land in the perfect spot for a portrait.
This is the only place I’ve ever seen a Crested Cara Cara, so of course I took many pictures of this one.
This key deer was on high alert. A ranger had invaded his territory, but he was putting out dinner so all was well.
Lu, the resident hippo was lazing around his pool, staying cool. He is a holdover from the days before this was a state park and there were exotic animals here. The locals objected to Lu being sent away and so he was granted asylum, of sorts. He is now 60 years old and dependent on caretakers for his quality of life. A fitting end for an old movie star from the 60s, who has many TV and movie credits to his name, including Daktari.
The only manatees we saw were in the treatment pool. This one was snagging a piece of greenery for lunch. I didn’t know they had whiskers.
This pretty little fox stopped and posed for me.
As much as I’d prefer to find Spoonies in the wild, this one will do. Roseate Spoonbills, not the most common bird to see here in my area of FL.
Yuma the Puma had the right idea as the sun got hotter.

The boat ride to the park from the parking lot wasn’t running at his moment. Which is a shame because I always enjoy that since it sort of sets the stage for your enjoyment of the park. But the tram was running to take you into the woods to this little gem of a place to spend an afternoon.


Problems, problems, problems…

Did I do something to offend WordPress? If I did then I’m sorry. But I can’t seem to get a start page to write a post on my desktop computer. Last week the same thing happened to my laptop. That leaves me my iPad, on which I’m typing this now, and my iphone still works also. My photos, however, remain in one computer or another, and trying to create a post is way more stressful than it needs to be. I’m hoping the PTB on WordPress see this and offer to help. I’ve googled the problem and found suggestions to fix it, but they were written in 2011 and didn’t work. It doesn’t take much to remind you how inept you really are when it comes to this stuff.