Cloudy skies…

After singing ‘Happy Birthday to you’ to my grandson (age 20, and he’s the oldest of the little kids, as I’ve thought of them), I found myself 3 miles from Sunset Beach when it was time to head for home. The sky didn’t look promising but I drove over anyhow, and then nearly gave up when I found that I had to park way down the road and walk up to the beach.

There was at least one other Raven’s fan on the beach.
I feared that the sunset would be extinguished by the clouds any second so I took this before I even arrived at the beach.
The parking lot may have been crowded but the people were relaxing and socially distanced.
Of course I looked to see what had captured his attention, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out.
There was color despite the clouds.
The sunset tried.

I confess that I haven’t ever found an ice cream man at any other sunset stop I’ve made. That photo alone made me happy that I’d stopped for a little while. Then it was time to head home.



I had never expected to go to Birmingham, I didn’t know anyone there, I hadn’t given it any thought really. But that changed when Southwest Airllines sent an email last August, announcing rates ‘as low as $39’, and I decided to investigate, and it turned out that from Tampa Birmingham was the only destination for that price. Birmingham had once come up as a destination for the photo group I belong to, a trip that didn’t come to be, but knowing that made me sure that there were photo opportunities there. I scrolled through to see when exactly that rate came into effect, and it wasn’t until November, and when I shared this discovery with my friend Betty she was onboard. We made our reservations in August, and twice Southwest changed our itinerary, I suspect that the airlines are still reeling from Covid-19 as we all are, but we arrived on the 13th and decided to try to get out and see something of the area even though it was 3:00 PM or so. Ruffner Mountain seemed to be our best choice, with a short-ish hike to an overlook. But it was steep, and full of obstacles as well as fallen leaves, and when we finally checked on what time was sunset in Birmingham, thank goodness for Siri, it turned out to be about 4:45 PM. So we abandoned our destination and hiked back, because, as Betty said, it gets dark quickly in the woods. Tomorrow would be another day.

I haven’t totally conquered my computer issues, there is still an upgrade to 32 GB to do. But it was nice to finally get to work on my pictures and the new computer seemed to do well with them. I usually lose interest in sharing photos if I can’t work with them right away, but looking at the pictures got me excited about the trip again. Seems there is no place you can’t go as long as you have the internet to make a plan and your phone for the GPS.


Checking in…

I’m just checking in to say that I’m having computer issues and can’t enjoy working with photos at the moment. Between the computer issues and the fact that I have a little weekend trip planned I’ll be out of the loop for a few days I’m sure. And that was planned before ETA decided to head right at all of us on the nature coast. So all is well at the moment, and when I decide what to do about my computer issues I will be back…

I’m glad I bought that Christmas puzzle so there is something to do besides watch the weather channel…


Indian Shores Beach…

When I finally got my car parked and was ready to walk to the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary the other day I noticed a beach access path nearby and couldn’t resist taking a peek. It was windy but warm, and I had heard that the water temperatures are still in the 80s, so there were people enjoying the water, even on Halloween. Or walking, or sunbathing, I wished I had planned ahead a little better, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the beach. What a pretty day.

There was also beach access from the bird sanctuary, plus an observation tower to walk up and see the beach from another angle. A little added bonus for the day.



The trip to Weekiwachee Preserve the other day was timed perfectly for me to stop in Aripeka for the sunrise on the way. I didn’t see One-Foot Fred though, but the sunrise was pretty, and the fishermen who were there were playing some country music on the radio. There usually isn’t a serenade.

A while back a friend posted a similar sunrise picture to this one, and said that a friend shooting with her had yelled, “F22 Maryann”. So thanks Dave and Maryann, I liked this shot, but I need to remember to dial my F stop back after I’m done. LOL.