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Hanging around in New Hampshire…

It was fall scenery that I was looking for, not pirates.  Or butterflies.  I said I needed to see fall and/or a moose before I go, so when I saw a large animal off in the distance I got excited.  But my friend said no, not a moose, darn it. 13thfoliagenotamoosetwomonarchs2twomonarchs

I also didn’t expect to see a neighbor walking his oxen down the road.  I hope I get a little more warning if I see him again. oxenwalk

And we were so sure that the hummingbirds were gone already that we nearly took the hummingbird feeder down.  I’m glad we didn’t.


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The second time around…

Visits with my cousin have been few and far between during out adult lives, so when a chance to get together in Portland presented itself I suggested we meet at the Portland Head Light.  She hadn’t been there before, and I knew our GPS devices would get us both to the same place for a visit with a view.  I was a little disappointed that my second chance to take pictures there was also a cloudy day.  But it was much earlier in the day and the sky was brighter.  Plus I had totally missed the cliff walk there, so I was able to take pictures from a different angle than the last time.  It was a last minute, unexpected visit, which are often the best ones.  Also unexpected was this  first picture.  The short guy ordering a lobster roll at the window?  Well, he looks exactly like my husband Charley, whom I lost almost exactly 5 years ago.  He might even look more like Charley than Charley did.  Unexpected is an understatement.  But it did warm my heart to see him there…Charleysighting


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I’ll admit it, I was disappointed.  I had decided to go to Green Key beach for the sunset at the last possible minute.  At 4 miles down the road it was my only hope for a setting with multiple possible shots, talking about composition here.  I’m not so willing to go miles and miles lately, maybe it’s the anticipation of my first snowbird excursion which is coming up soon. When I arrived I walked to my left from the parking lot which is when I saw that the tide was up and the long shots of the sunset colors in the wet sand weren’t going to happen.  So I took this shot…4=27-19greenkeysunsetAnd then walked to the other side of the beach for the main event, but people kept photobombing the actual sunset shot…4=27-19greenkeysunset24=27-19greenkeysunset3But, as usual, I was chatting with another photographer, so it was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, but I wasn’t concentrating as much on the pictures I was taking as I was with our conversation.  So when I got home and looked at my photos in the computer I was pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes you don’t know what you have when it’s right there in front of you…

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Intended and unintended images…

I feel as if I’ve emerged from my cocoon of ‘settling in’ just in time to have my first snowbird season looming.  Suddenly I’m rushing to catch up on some online classes with my photo club, the FCCP,  and the one I watched yesterday morning led to an a-ha moment.  My new camera and lens are wonderful, and I could get along using them exclusively with no problem.  Less to carry also.  But one of the first things I did with my new camera was attach it to my ‘big’ lens, the 150-600, and headed to the rookery to practice, and didn’t get a single really good image.  How disappointing.  But the class I watched yesterday made me realize that my problem with blurry pictures may have been my shutter speed, and I was out the door in a flash, this time in search of the eagles.  I parked and began to walk over to see if I saw them at the nest when I saw this;4-17-19heronlaunch24-17-19heronlaunch I haven’t seen Great Blue Herons in the tree tops in a very long time.  There was an eagle nearby also, but he flew away too quickly for me to get his photo.  So I moved on and found this;4-17-19pelicanI had seen lots of pelicans in this spot before, almost looking like a rookery that day, but not yesterday.  I decided to swing past the eagle nest on my way home again, and that proved to be the photo op I was looking for;4-17-19princess24-17-19princess14-17-19princess4-17-19mom&dad24-17-19mom&dadMom and Dad were in the tree just above the nest.  The Princess, as she is known, was in a tree not far away and even closer to the road.  She is looking regal isn’t she?  But what I hadn’t counted on was a dead armadillo in the road very close to where I had parked.  By the time I returned to the car there were vultures on both sides of the road and in the trees, and I had to get past them to get to the car.  They are creepy.  But then once I was at the car I couldn’t help myself, and so we have these last photos of the day.4-17-19vultures24-17-19vulturesBeauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

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Crepuscular rays…

Going out for the sunset wasn’t on my to do list for today.  But when I glanced out back and saw the sky I couldn’t resist, and I made it out there at the last possible second.  I thought I’d missed the best of it, but it continued to develop into a nice one.  One that Dave, the photographer I’ve run into a few times, would have liked because of it’s crepuscular rays.     I did get to some of the things on my to-do list for today so that’s good, and the things I didn’t get to will still be waiting for me tomorrow.  Along with another sunset…04-07-19homesunset204-07-19homesunset404-07-19homesunset5

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Birds do it…

I’ve been watching all my TV on the internet since I’ve been back in FL, and it’s been educational to say the least.  What has struck me is that no matter how innocuous the title of the show you decide to watch is, like “Love”, it seems to me to have nothing to do with ‘love’ at all.  It must be my age, or it’s the man-woman thing.  Charley had a serious lament in his last years.  As he put it, he was waiting for the day that the supermodels would pull up out front and say, “You, Fat Boy, into the limo!”  He tried to make a joke out of it, but after I heard it enough times I realized that he was serious.  He really did feel like he missed out on something.  And he never responded to any of my retorts.  Like, “Sam Elliot hasn’t pulled up out front looking for me either”, or “have you looked in the mirror lately”, or “so this is something that has happened to everyone you know and you’re the only one it hasn’t happened to?”  I gave up after a while and told him that if the supermodels ever show up out there then just go for it. Youth and beauty are fleeting things, but having a connection to someone, someone to talk with at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

I took friends to the rookery yesterday and of all the shots I took these are the ones that stood out.  First of all I was paying attention to the wood storks especially, because their babies are so darned funny looking.  Last year all you saw were wood stork chicks, but so far I haven’t gotten a good shot of one this year.  But even if I hadn’t been paying attention to wood storks in particular these would have caught my eye because they were the only action going on out there, and their nest was in the perfect light.  These birds have to be a great example of ‘there is someone for everyone’,  Or maybe they just watch too much Netflix…03-22-19birdbrains03-22-19birdbrains203-22-19birdbrains303-22-19birdbrains503-22-19birdbrains6

And life goes on…03-22-19birdbrains4