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The only living things that are appreciating Tropical Storm Alberto right now are the weeds that live in everyone’s yard.  They are growing like, well, weeds.  Last time this happened I had to hire landscapers to tame the jungle that had grown up when I wasn’t paying attention.  In the grand scheme of things complaining about the rain is rather pathetic.  It’ll stop sometime.

I took the opportunity to take some night photos the other night because the rain had stopped for a little while, and I really wanted to get out of the house.  I thought I’d ride through Brooksville and see if I could spot some nicely lit up buildings, but I hadn’t gotten very far up the road at all when Chulas lights caught my eye.  And in Brooksville I was surprised to see how pretty the courthouse looked all lit up.  It wasn’t the sort of photo I was going for, but that happens a lot of the time.  It would have been easier to stay home, but sometimes you just need to get out, if only for a little while.5-27chulas35-27chulas25-27courthouse35-27courthouse5-27courthouse2

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Hudson Beach at night…

Lately I see gorgeous HDR photos posted by friends online, photos that make me want to take some of my own, although it’s not easy.  But there is only one way to figure out these HDR night photos and that’s to get out there and try.  So after being cooped up with rainy weather for days I saw an opening in the clouds and just had to get out there.  Hudson Beach was my best bet since I didn’t think my window of opportunity was going to last, possibly not long enough to even get there, so I opted for the closest possible place to shoot.  5-20sunsetHDR4


There is an ice cream parlor on the road that ends at Hudson Beach, and that’s the photo I set out after.  When it didn’t work out  I still had ice cream on the brain. so I made one last stop at the little ice cream shop near my house, the one where I used to get Kahlua Fudge ice cream cones.  And if anyone had come outside and asked me what I was doing I probably would have gotten another one last night.  It would have been the ultimate sacrifice for my art, but they didn’t, and neither did I.


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Busy bunny…

Lest you think there are only birds in the backyard, here is another resident, but one I don’t see all that often.  Maybe that’s because of the Plumbago out back.  They were a bit overgrown, with a lot of naked lower branches, which is why I took the hedge trimmers to them the other day.  I suspected that I had bunny burrows under them, so I didn’t take them all the way to the ground the way I noticed a neighbor had done with his.  I did cut off the few flowers that were present though, apologies to the butterflies I’ve just begun to notice out there.

When I do see a bunny out and about I usually suppose that it’s just munching on greenery.  I was a little surprised to see this bunny busily gathering mouthfuls of foliage.  Not seeming to be chowing down, but to hide the opening of her burrow maybe?  If only she had stayed a little more still so I’d have had a few more clear shots.  My blurry shots outnumbered the good ones by a lot.  I suspect that the operator of the camera was really the culprit…


The dings in this bunny’s ear make me remember that it’s not a Disney movie out there every day, but a struggle to live another day.  Obviously this bunny won at least one battle for survival.5-17bunnyplanterThis little guy was at the botanical garden, where I didn’t find bees or butterflies, or even a snake.  It was a bunny kind of day.

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Half-mast sunrise…

4-21halfmastsunriseI had a plan for Saturday morning.  I figured that there was time to go to Bayport for the sunrise, and then head back home and find the Sandhill crane family as they left the pond behind me and headed out on their day’s adventures.  And it was going well, I thought, as I saw the color beginning to develop in the sky.  I don’t always notice the flag when I’m at Bayport, I have already tried, and failed, to get the flag to be flowing in the breeze with the colors of the sunrise behind it.  I guess I need to be taller.  But this day it struck me that the flag was at half-mast, and I realized it was in honor of Barbara Bush.  A well-earned sign of respect I thought.

The colors continued to develop, but the overall gray hue at the horizon continued also.  The 600mm lens saw this…4-21sunriseatbayport4-21sunriseatbayport34-21sunriseatbayport2As it got lighter I turned away from the sunrise and looked to the west, looking for otters playing, or the Great Blue Heron who frequently appears just as the sun rises.  I found neither, but I did find a magnificent cloud that looked like a very colorful tornado.  I knew that it was possible to take a vertical panoramic photo with the iPhone, but I hadn’t found a suitable subject before.  IMG_3016 2.jpgIf I hadn’t stopped for coffee and a muffin I might have caught the crane family heading out, but not this day.  Still, a good start to the day…

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Frog legs anyone?

It’s always amazing what you notice when you sit out back for a while with your camera.   Yesterday I noticed this very handsome fella out there, and Merlin said it was a juvenile Pied-billed Grebe.  There were at least three of them actually, small, a duck that dives totally underwater to  hunt for food.4-16pied-billedgrebeThat photo is from yesterday, and this next photo is from today…4-17pied-billedgrebeI’m sure he felt as if he’d won the lottery with that bullfrog, and just as in life, his fellow juvenile Pied-billed Grebes were bearing down on him for a piece of the action.  He was able to get away, not so for the frog.  Grebe-1, frog-0.

The Sandhill cranes kept the babies at the lake today, although they did seem to explore the yard of the house across the street.  I expect them to be gone all day tomorrow, and to return later on in the afternoon.  I’m sure I won’t be able to resist watching, and for once I’d be happy to be wrong.4-17momandchickHaving read about the hunting skills of the Tri-color Heron I was surprised that this one was allowed to be in the same general area as the new family.  I did see one of the adult crane lunging down into the grass pursuing something.  A friend had said to watch out for snakes getting the babies, and that’s exactly what came to mind when I saw him chasing something.  Then when it was time to head to the nest Dad (I think) flew over and cleared all the interlopers off the island, and he returned to the side and all four made their way home for the night.  4-17Tri-colorheron

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Out and about…

There we have it, proof that there are two eggs out there on the nest.  The other day we were under a tornado warning, with heavy rain and wind, and I worried about the Mama Sandhill crane out there on the nest, in the storm, and possibly being pelted by hail.  When it stopped for a minute and I saw sunshine I went out, thinking I’d get the dogs walked.  The break in the weather was momentary however, but long enough for me to notice that her mate was out there too, laying right there with her on the nest.  It warmed my heart.  Having someone to share the good times is wonderful, but having someone there to share the hard times is a blessing.


The Tri-Colored heron was also out there yesterday, and a Red-shouldered Hawk too.  I got lots of good photos of the hawk, I thought, until I went to upload them and realized that I didn’t have the SD card in the camera.  Rookie mistake.

Saw this in the parking lot at work and had to chuckle.  Got to love an old fart with a sense of humor.3-18randomfeature.jpgMaybe he is related to this guy.3-29marine

I thought of this first!  I proposed this to Charley in the last five or so years that we had our dental office.  Extractions were a particular talent of his, and dental supplies had become outrageously expensive, so I thought it a low overhead service that was needed in our office area.  I thought it was brilliant.  Evidently someone else did too.  Looks like a franchise too, sigh…3-18justpullit.jpgI’ll bet this guy is a charmer…backoff

And then there is Siri.  Upon leaving Busch Gardens I was looking for parking lot D, but the only signs I saw were for parking lots, A,B,C,E, and F.  So I said, “Hey Siri, where did I leave my car.”  I started walking before I thought to take a screen shot.3-28sirisays

I’m sure your phones also give you a message when you get to where you are going, suggesting the route to take and how long the trip home will take.  Well, for a while there every time I got into the car she told me how far it was to the nearest car wash.  I wish I had taken a screen shot of it because I was almost getting annoyed with her.  And I still haven’t taken the hint and washed the car.  But just the other day I asked her something, I don’t remember what it was that I had asked her, but once I got my answer I said ‘thank you’.  And she replied…3-29aimtoplease