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Cloudy skies…

The clouds were dramatic when I looked outside, wondering if I ought to try to go out for the sunset.  I hurried though, because as dramatic as they were high in the sky, they were heavier and darker lower on the horizon.  It turned out that the sunset had it all.

Dramatic skies…02-16-20GreenKeysky02-16-20GreenKeysky202-16-20GreenKeysky3

Plus topless sunbathers…02-16-20GreenKeybarbie

I practically stepped on Barbie before I saw her.  Then when I checked my photos she was in quite a few of them.  But it was getting late, her little girl had to come and rescue her,  it was time to go home.

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Travels with Betty…

I tagged along with my friend Betty yesterday, on a trip out to enjoy one of her interests.  We left early so that we could stop at this little park which I’d never been to before.  We were in Citrus county, the heart of the nature coast I think.  Yes, the day was overcast, but rain wasn’t expected until long past sunset, so off we went.  Betty loves her details, not so much the landscapes I tend to like to photograph.  Knowing that influenced the day.12-22frencfry12-22thepark12-22thegang12-22msgrackleSquirrels eating French fries are photo worthy, to me at least.  And the park itself was pretty.  There were plenty of male grackles, calling and preening, and just basically showing off their flashy blue-black selves.  The lovely red female grackle did not seem impressed in the least.12-22betty'sheron12-22heron1Along the inlet we had a great view of a pair of Yellow-crowned Night Herons, neither of which were bothered by the boat traffic as people returned to their homes.  They are usually much harder to spot, and photograph, than this pair were.12-22lonelyfishermanA lone fisherman was on the pier, but it was getting late in the day and we were about to move on.  We both had noticed a fishing line hanging from the roof of this pier, and it’s always a shame to see such things as dangling line because it poses a risk to the birds of the area.  Betty was the first to take a picture though, and when she looked at what she had in her camera we were both amazed.  The fishing line was blowing in the breeze which made it appear more like a ribbon than just a string.  So of course we both took a lot of pictures of that fishing line.  I wonder if the fisherman noticed us, and if he did he probably thought we were nuts.  I was sure I wasn’t getting that same effect, I couldn’t see it in the camera itself, but I took pictures anyhow.  And I got a nice surprise when I looked at the pictures in the computer.  It doesn’t take much to make a couple of photographers happy.12-22ribbon212-22ribbon312-22ribbon4

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Courthouse Christmas…

“The crowds,” my friends said.  “The parking,” they lamented.  And yet I headed out anyhow.  To Brooksville, the county seat of Hernando county.  I grabbed a parking spot in the courthouse lot, not realizing the uphill climb I would have to be where I needed to be.  But once there the lights were lovely.  And a performance was in the works, that was obvious.  Not a school group as I first thought, this was a performance put on by a group called Stir Up the Gift.  I took pictures as they set up, but what I was waiting for was the carriage rides.  I imagined the lovely pictures I might get, but the reality was a bit of a disappointment.  Perhaps it’s that the only other time I’ve done this was when I saw the Budweiser Clydesdales delivering beer one evening in Palm Harbor.  Now that would be a hard act for anyone to follow.  And once I had gotten plenty of photos my thoughts turned to the long, dark, walk to the parking lot where I’d left the car, and so I left.  A nice evening for myself, and home in time for Jeopardy.12-20courthousetree212-20courthousetree12-20carriagesunset12-20realtor12-20performers12-20performersclose12-20performersclose212-203singers12-20carriagearrives12-20horses12-20rollofhonor

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Gentleman callers…

I saw him across the street, loitering on my uncle’s front patio.  In my half-awake daze I said to myself, “Wow, that statue looks real.”  And then he ruffled his feathers.  So I went over with my camera, I knew from previous encounters that he wasn’t camera shy.  And I had recently wondered how come I hadn’t seen him lately, I wished a photo op would just deliver itself to me for a change.  After taking my pictures I headed back to my house thinking I’d let him get on with whatever Woodstock things he had to do, but he followed me home.  And he was still out there when I went out with soup to bring over to have for dinner with my aunt.  He looked pretty excited to see me carrying a big pot.  The neighbors were laughing as he followed me.  I love being able to take pictures so easily, but it makes me sad that this guy spent so much of his day hoping for a handout instead of fending for himself.12-15gentlemancaller12-15gentlemancaller212-15gentlemancaller3

And this is my Grand-dragon Krunch.  Somehow these two seem to have something in common in the looks department.  I have babysat her eggs in the past, and had them hatch on my watch.  Now that was an event, and those tiny little creatures were comical little things.  But I admire Krunch and her partner Kona from afar these days.  That suits me just fine.


She was directly under the glow of her yellow warming light and if there is a way to clear up the color I’m not inspired enough to try to figure it out.

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Close encounters…

I love this time of year.  Not only are the temperatures pretty much perfect here in Florida, but you can wind up your day by watching a lovely sunset and still be home by 6 PM, which is what I did on Sunday.  I spent time watching football and enjoying the company at my son’s house, and then headed to Sunset Beach for sunset photos before heading home.  It’s aptly named, though I suppose most beaches here on the west coast of Florida would give you a nice view of the sunset.  And you can tell that the snowbirds are back in the area, since there were quite a few people also out enjoying the view.  One visitor on the beach, however, was attracting most of the attention.  Mine included.

You can see him in the feature photo, a lone pelican among the seagulls on the beach.  And people, including me, were approaching him for photos which he didn’t appear to find disturbing at all.  This didn’t seem like the usual behavior you see in pelicans, so I was happy to see him looking strong and healthy when he did decide to fly away.  12-15pelecan212-15pelecan12-15pelican312-15pelican412-15sunsetbeachpelican

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Sunset people…

When a sunset vista consists of water and sky only, then you know you are going to need a little something extra in the foreground of your photos to make a more interesting composition.  I decided that people in silhouette would be a great option at Sunset Beach, so that’s what I was concentrating on when I struck up a conversation with a couple who were sitting on a bench enjoying the evening.  Turns out they are also from Massachusetts and have been fixing up a nearby house, and they go out each night for the sunset.  The husband asked if I had a phone.  He said that he was watching me taking pictures and liked the way the light fell on me and thought it would make a good picture.    So the feature photo is his photo of me, taken with my phone.  I love these chance encounters.  Am I too trusting?  I was asking myself that as I handed him my new expensive phone and walked away.  But these were very nice people, and this encounter was an extra added bonus to an already nice day.12-15sunsetgoldenhour12-15momandgirl12-15people12-15silhouette212-15sunsetbeach212-15sunsetbeachsilhouette