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Dusty sunrise…

It seems the Saharan dust is still with us.  Not much more than a blush in the sky at sunrise and sunset.  Lately I’ve seen some really interesting pictures of the sun as it was rising in a dusty sky.  Against the color of the sky the sun looked like a yellow ball, really more like a moon than the sun, with wispy clouds trailing across the view.  I think I was hoping for either/or this morning, a lovely sunrise or a photo of that unusual looking sun.  I got neither.  To the naked eye I clearly saw the circle of the sun, and with wispy clouds, but that doesn’t seem to be what the camera saw.  Birds were flying through my shots and I hoped that they would create a better shot than they did.  Even the iPhone shots were disappointing.  I had the phone in my new phone case with a tether, but I find that the tether isn’t long enough to put the phone in my pocket, and I didn’t want it to hang, so I did the next best thing, I tucked it in my bra.  That worked well until I heard the phone, still in my bra, snapping pictures on its own while I snapped pictures with the camera.  You can’t make this stuff up…


I took a photo class online yesterday and I should have tried working with the exposure compensation.  I hope I get another chance at it.

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Saharan sunset…

A historic Saharan dust plume is headed our way.  ‘Our’ being Florida.  It’s big news, on the internet at least.  And with it will come fabulous sunrises and sunsets, so good news for the photographers out there.  That’s all we needed to hear, so last night we headed to Pine Island for the sunset, and I was disappointed.  As fabulous Florida sunsets go this one wasn’t going to win a prize.  As with everything these days, the predictions are all over the place.  Wednesday, Thursday. and Friday were supposed to be the best, or so I read.  This morning I saw a map that has the plume not reaching us until Sunday.  No wonder I pay no attention to the news these days.  And yet I’m sure I’ll be out there again…

06-24-20earlycloud06-24-20waiting06-24-20saharanman06-24-20saharanview 06-24-20saharanhouse06-24-20sahaboosted.jpg

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A wide-angle view…

The subject of today’s photography class was lenses, and it sent me scurrying out of the house with the 10-18 lens on my camera to see what I could see.  I had asked our fearless leader for a suggestion of what lens to buy after I told him that I wanted a wide-angle lens.  I was thinking about the iPhone, and I found it annoying that I could see such a difference in my iPhone shots as opposed to my my camera shots when shooting something like a sunset.  The iPhone shots were wider angle, and when the sky was especially gorgeous I was disappointed that the shots from the camera showed a more narrow view.  So on his recommendation I bought the aforementioned lens, and then I reported back to him that I didn’t like it.  His response was that I wasn’t taking the right pictures with it.  The net effect of taking a far off vista with that wide-angle lens was that things were way too tiny and off in the distance.  No, today I learned that I needed to take shots that included interest in the foreground, or that’s what I decided after class today, and that’s what I set out to do.

Finding spots to shoot will be easier when our travel bans are lifted.  Even parks with no gates had portable barricades and no trespassing signs barring the way.  So I did the best I could along the road leading to Green Key Beach.  I talked with this woman as she unloaded her inflatable paddle board out of her van and headed out for a day’s paddle.04-17-20paddleboarder

I also enjoyed talking with this boy and his grandmother.  He was excited for me to take a picture of the little minnow he caught, so I did.  Really, it’s in there.04-17-20guppy.jpg

I never saw who these shoes belonged to, but I’m glad they left a prop there for me.04-17-20shoes.jpg

Then I drove to a pretty park that I drive past when I’m looking for eagles.  And I went on to the eagle nest afterward but nobody was home.04-17-20gulftrace.jpg

The final stop was Tarpon Springs, which was sad to see so empty in what is probably the best weather of their season.  Boredom doesn’t seem like  such a problem in comparison.04-17-20HDRboat.jpg04-17-20HDRbouy2.jpg04-17-20HDRbouy.jpg

Before I came home I tried another iris shot.  What a nice day to be outside.  And I have to say that I saw people two-by-two for the most part.  Keeping the rules.04-17-20iris.jpg

And this guy has nothing to do with anything.  He was peeping in my front door this morning, I could see him through the slats in the mini-blinds, so he was my first photo of what turned out to be a very nice day.04-17-20peepingTom.jpg

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Old photos…

I missed the announcement that the photo shoot for the evening had been cancelled.  I figured it out while waiting for the ferry without another photographer in sight.  I went ahead and rode the ferry anyway, and also rode the sunset cruise out of Clearwater beach. The sliver of sky at the horizon provided enough sunset color to make me happy that day, and happy with my pictures, but they look different to me now, two years later.  Now I’m reviewing pictures from that day  and I find myself wondering about all the people who were there, all the dramas going on behind the windows that I photographed that day.  Were people enjoying a longed-for vacation?  Were there reunions of old friends happening anywhere out there?  Engagements?  Happy news?  Sad news?  I was enjoying my day that day even if it hadn’t turned out exactly as I’d expected.  But today I know that those hotels and condos are still there, but they may be empty, or nearly so.  There may be people enjoying the sunset from home even as I write this.  I hope so.  The hotels are man made, but the sunset is a gift.  It’s still there to be enjoyed.

I don’t know why I never went back and rode the ferry again.  My friend just visited me recently and I wish I’d thought to do this with her.  Right now I feel like I just can’t wait to go out and do things like this again.  I hope I remember to make the most of my  opportunities when that day comes.


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Two heads…

Two heads are better than one, or so they say.  But in this case they aren’t prettier.  It was a beautiful day today so while I was out I checked the rookery, just in case.  All was fairly quiet, and I answered some questions from a few people who were amazed to see this place.  Birds were flying in and out, mostly with twigs and branches to feather their nests, (I’m rolling my own eyes here).  But for the most part birds are on the nests with their partners standing by.  Period.  Not a lot of action.  But these two were snuggling up together, I thought it was kind of cute.  I might have been a little jealous…


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So far so good…

The wind was relentless all day today.  It was bad enough that I probably would have stayed home even if I wasn’t waiting for the cable guy to arrive.  While I talked to a friend on the phone I watched my neighbors’s trash cans blowing down the street, and I got to chase them down.  Twice.  And as I sat and talked with the very nice and helpful cable guy (Calvin from Spectrum) , out the window I had a view of my birdhouse swinging violently from side to side from only one wire.  I thought I’d go out and just take it down as soon as he was done, but then I spotted the Downey Woodpecker on the downspout looking longingly at the house as it spun crazily around.  So instead of taking it down I got up on the ladder and fixed it for him.  It took two tries but it’s still up now, even as the tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings are being updated every few minutes.   Such an odd day.  Not cold, and no storm of any kind so far, just that wind.  But so far so good… but if there were eggs in that house I’m afraid they’re scrambled by now.