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Savoring the sunset…

I had left the house that morning, Wednesday to be exact, and as much of a plan as I had in mind was to go to Home Depot.  But from there I decided to go check on the eagles, and then Anclote River Park, and then the rookery. There were two tempting photo ops with the photography group scheduled for that night, both of which involved shooting the moon-rise, but they were an hour or an hour and a half away, and I was tired.  But it was on my mind to get out there so I headed back to Green Key park, and I was so excited over the pictures I thought I might have gotten that I didn’t even allow myself to look at them until now.  I was afraid they hadn’t turned out the way I hoped they would, plus I didn’t want to rush them.  But this morning I finally decided that the time had come to see them, probably because I’d seen some incredible moon-rise shots from the group and I was hoping I wouldn’t feel like kicking myself for missing that opportunity. And no, I don’t, but why didn’t I think to stay out for the moon-rise also?  Okay, kicking myself a little, but that cloud cover was pretty intense.03-22-greenkeysunset2Saw this as I was walking to the beach from the car.  I so hoped they’d still be there when I got set up!03-22-greenkeysunset103-22-greenkeysunset303-22-greenkeysunset403-22-greenkeysunset503-22-greenkeysunset603-22-greenkeysunset703-22-greenkeysunsetfeature03-22-greenkeysunsetfeature2

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A hop, skip, and a jump away….

From the eagle’s nest I mean, is Anclote River Park.  I’ve taken pictures here before, which is why I knew that there is an osprey nest there, and since the rookery seems to be getting into full swing I thought maybe the ospreys were too.  And yes, they were.  One was guarding the nest when I got there, and the other one arrived shortly afterwards.  There was feeding activity going on, that was obvious, but the nest seems to be tipped away from the parking lot viewing area, and the babies never popped their heads up.  But I will have to keep an eye out.

03-21-19riverpark103-21-19riverpark403-21-19riverpark2And you can always count on seeing a pelican. 03-21-19riverpark7

Or two, or even more.03-21-19riverpark8

Hmm, I wonder where they nest?03-21-19riverpark303-21-19riverpark6

03-21-19riverpark503-21-19riverpark9There weren’t a lot of people at the park, but then the blue skies and puffy clouds that had gotten me out the door had mostly grayed over.  Still, a great way to spend a winter day, Florida style.  I appreciate it now more than ever before…

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So yesterday I looked forward to the sunset all day, but it never broke through the clouds.  And today the clouds broke, not with sunshine, but with rain.  And the laundry that didn’t get done last night did get done today.  But when I thought to check the sunset, in the drizzle, this is what I found.  Another dreary day, but this time with a cherry on top…03-19-2019SMsunset503-19-2019SMsunset403-19-2019SMsunset303-19-2019SMsunset

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Shivering in Florida…

The weather wasn’t cooperating for the owl photo shoot a friend and I had planned for yesterday morning.  We did get to see the owls, but we are going back tomorrow.  And the sunset looked dubious, but it was the last Tuesday night for the sunset from the rooftop of the Clearwater library so we went in spite of the ominous skies.  And from the first moment we were there we were so glad we went.  In spite of the fact that the wind was relentless, making you very glad you had your tripod.  And with temperatures in the 50s we were freezing.  Not Cape Cod freezing, but cold, very cold.  But those rays of sun streaming through the clouds were an amazing sight.  Worth the chill.  This was the last of the shoots from the rooftop for this season because the sunset will be too late once we change the clocks this weekend.  Glad I made it.03-05-19library2


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Sure things…

Sure things aren’t always that sure.  I liked my photos from the rookery the other day, so I headed back there, since I was passing by any how.  And I outsmarted myself by using the extender, to get even better shots I thought.  I have to manually focus with the extender on, and I’m going to choose to think that it’s my vision that’s the problem.  I can’t seem to see clearly with or without my glasses, so if/when they are really in focus it’s probably just dumb luck.  So this trip wasn’t so successful, but I’ll be out and about today and tomorrow, provided the rain ever stops.  Practice, practice, practice…


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Home Sweet Home…

For someone who spent most of her life preoccupying herself with thoughts of the dream house she may or may not have one day, I have to wonder how it is that I’m so pleased to call this little place home.  While I’ve been freezing up here, and yes, I’m up north again, I found myself wanting to get back there to my little place and fix it up.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent ‘fixing up’ my house over the years.  It doesn’t matter which house because I wallpapered and painted, sewed window treatments, and took down wallpaper and redecorated, all of them.  It was my stress relief when there were worries with the business, or the angst of surviving my teenagers.  (Turns out that I needn’t have worried, but there were no guarantees.). And over those years houses became mansions.  Not my house, but the new houses I’d see being built were palaces that I couldn’t imagine living in.  Or calling home.  When the kids came home from school to one of those houses was there a mom in there greeting them with fresh baked cookies?  They were anything but cosy.  So I guess the answer seems like it should be no, I never got my dream home.  But if that’s what you think then you’d be wrong, because that dream house in my mind kept evolving with time, and for this exact moment, at this exact time of my life, this really is my dream house.  Not too big, not to small, it’s just right.  Call me Goldilocks…02-23-19senatemanor102-23-19senatemanor2Not my view unfortunately, but just down the street.  And I thought a sunrise picture yesterday would be just the thing to finish this posting, but the sun wasn’t cooperating.  Neither were the bluebirds that are nesting in the little birdhouses across the street, but I’m leaving today, heading their way…02-23-19senatemanor3