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Favorite places…

Bayport was a favorite sunrise location for me for quite a long time, but several years ago they closed the pier, and then closed the entire park while they replaced the pier. A sunken ship was the cause of the delay, but yesterday then reopened the park, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony. I would probably still be in the dark about this if not for my former neighbor who posted about the reopening yesterday, which meant that today I was going to make sure to be there for the sunrise.

I wasn’t the only one there. Many very happy fishermen were also there, greeting each other and teasing me about taking pictures of their great, but imaginary, catches. And the sunrise didn’t disappoint. I could have lived without the guy with a drone who was buzzing the area as the sun rose though.

And again the weather was wonderful enough that even after the sunrise I was reluctant to leave, but once the sun was up I thought my day was done. That was until I noticed the grackle on the mirror of one of the parked cars, and then the birds took over the shoot.

The grackles are noisy, but for some reason I enjoy their antics. And of course the seagulls were plentiful too. I saw a Great Blue Heron land and intended to see if I could get a photo of him, or two, but I was busy with the sunrise at first. He was no where to be seen when I did look for him.

I guess the great blue heron that I missed is why I decided to take an alternate route home and see if I could see One-Foot Fred. I wondered what he did once the sunrise was over and his benefactor got on with his day. And when I got to the Hammond’s Creek Bridge there he was, standing right in the curb area where I would have pulled over to park. He paid no attention to me as I pulled over beyond him and got out and took a few pictures. I felt a little sorry for him standing there all alone, not a fisherman in sight. But as I pulled away I saw a fisherman arriving, carrying his tackle box and fishing pole. That made me happy.

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A day on the water…

Off we went to Hog Island to launch the kayaks on an absolutely perfect day. A little relief from the miserable heat we have ‘enjoyed’ all summer, and a blue sky with lovely clouds instead of thunderstorms. Even the water itself cooperated. A glassy surface with wonderful reflections. Sunburned knees were a small price to pay for such a perfect day…

This last one reminded me of the snow capped mountains in the Tetons. But it has already snowed there, so I guess I need to appreciate all that we have to enjoy here at home.

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When you get up early…

Getting up at 4 AM is how I used to get out for the sunrise. I was bored by the time the sun came up so it was something to do. Today was one of those 4 AM mornings, and the weather cooperated, so I headed out for the first time in a few days. I think I’ve given up on fighting the weather and always heading out for photos, at least for the time being. Between the heat and the rain it’s so much easier to stay home. Or maybe it’s my age.

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Things are not what they seem…

For instance, that’s not the remnants of a horrible accident that are dripping down the windshield of my car. That’s soap suds, evidence of the big excitement of my day, which was a trip to the car wash. It felt good to get that long overdue chore over with. I like that car wash with its free vacuum stations to get the inside clean also. And as I ran the vacuum over the floors I happened to look across the street at the very cute mini-golf course, and from that angle I saw it as a photo op. A visual trip to the Congo River, complete with a plane crash. I’ve noticed it many times as I have driven up and down that road, but I’ve never played golf there. And if I’m honest it wasn’t quite as hot today, not like it has been. I’ve been using the weather as an excuse to myself for being stuck in the house day after day. Those morning and afternoon thunderstorms coupled with the beastly hot days are all the excuse I need to take refuge in my recliner. Soon we will be into the best of Florida’s weather. I can’t wait.

Good thing I was taking my photos from the sidewalk or I might also have stumbled into the quicksand like this poor fellow…

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A beautiful morning…

When you finally wake up to a morning without the threat of immanent thunderstorms you quickly figure out somewhere to go to get out and enjoy it. For me it was John Chestnut Park, a place that I always feel like I can count on for wildlife, even if it’s just little birds and squirrels. It’s a pretty park, I love the stone and wood structures, even if they are just picnic pavilions or rest rooms.

But on this day the wildest wildlife happened to be the people out playing on the water. I guess I wasn’t the only one wanting to get out and enjoy the weather.

That water skier was some serious eye candy, but this little guy was pretty darned cute too.

I also found a butterfly section that I hadn’t seen before. No butterflies though, only a couple of very big bees landing on little purple flowers and then waving in the breeze making getting a photo next to impossible. But I had to try.

Eventually I moved on to Anclote River park, where I found a lawn blooming with morning glories. That’s the feature photo, if I ever manage to figure out how to add a feature photo to this post. And an Osprey on the hunt.

My last stop was just up the road at Anclote Gulf park where I had a nice chat with another photographer. It was very low tide, and we were both surprised to see white shapes in the shallow water, lots of them. At first I thought manatees, and then it dawned on me that they were stingrays. I hadn’t seen them there before, or at all really. Plus a little blue heron and a limpkin, shaking his booty.

As I’m writing this post I’m hearing thunder. I’m glad I got out when I did!

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Dusty sunrise…

It seems the Saharan dust is still with us.  Not much more than a blush in the sky at sunrise and sunset.  Lately I’ve seen some really interesting pictures of the sun as it was rising in a dusty sky.  Against the color of the sky the sun looked like a yellow ball, really more like a moon than the sun, with wispy clouds trailing across the view.  I think I was hoping for either/or this morning, a lovely sunrise or a photo of that unusual looking sun.  I got neither.  To the naked eye I clearly saw the circle of the sun, and with wispy clouds, but that doesn’t seem to be what the camera saw.  Birds were flying through my shots and I hoped that they would create a better shot than they did.  Even the iPhone shots were disappointing.  I had the phone in my new phone case with a tether, but I find that the tether isn’t long enough to put the phone in my pocket, and I didn’t want it to hang, so I did the next best thing, I tucked it in my bra.  That worked well until I heard the phone, still in my bra, snapping pictures on its own while I snapped pictures with the camera.  You can’t make this stuff up…


I took a photo class online yesterday and I should have tried working with the exposure compensation.  I hope I get another chance at it.