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The Usual Suspects…

No, I didn’t see any painted buntings yesterday. I was at Circle B Bar Reserve later than usual and I think it may have been nap time for a lot of the usual suspects. It was a very nice day to be out however, so I enjoyed my day. Tomorrow I’ll probably see another photographer’s photo of a painted bunting taken on Friday, but that’s okay. One of these days it will be my turn.

Yes, there were quite a few anhingas, but not as many as usual.
I walked right past a bunny, so another photographer stopped me and pointed it out.
In my quest for a painted bunting I did spot a cardinal.
Ever lurking along the shore, and lots more of them out on the water in the distance.
It really is startling to be looking out at the scenery and find that someone is looking at you from 10 feet off shore.
Dragonflies are in the air, but never seem to land. So when this one landed on the path I took a picture, just because.
I wanted to see his face, so he landed on some vegetation and smiled.
A glossy ibis, sunning itself.
Wild pigs have not been common to see, and this one seems to have some babies tucked away somewhere.
This one finally lifted his head, taking a break from his snuffling.
I only saw one osprey, way off in the distance, but as usual enjoying his sushi for lunch.
I was looking around for birds and was startled when I turned to pay attention where I was walking and this raccoon was almost too close to get a shot. Much to the amusement of a couple on the path up ahead.
It seems to be a rule, when you get a chance to get a nice close up of a creature there is always a stray frond of grass waving through your shot. I tried to take it out in photo shop, but obviously I didn’t succeed.
This egret had the right of way.
This snowy egret’s eye color matches her golden slippers.
This handsome turtle seemed to be posing for me.
A tricolor heron again, but they are a favorite of mine and not seen every time I go out.
This is an example of the scenery as you look out on the lake along Alligator Alley.
According to signage this is a professional photography staging area. I hadn’t seen it before.
This is my last shot, and not the sharpest of all the shots I took but one of the few that showed any of this owl’s face at all.

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James Grey Preserve…

It was a pretty dismal looking day, but that didn’t stop us from sticking to our plan to explore a new, and nearby, place to walk in the woods. Turns out the light is great for photography on a day like today, it’s just not all sunny and bright.

Heading down the path, hoping to find my way back.
I love reflections.
There were views around every bend.
If it had rained we could have stayed dry.
Some forms of wildlife leave tracks behind themselves, other forms of wildlife leave other things behind.
Yes, I brought the lens ball and hoped I’d find fungus for a photo op.
Or just aim at the sky.
Pretty little flowers…
And for the finale, a donkey butt shot. I’m so forcing myself not to make a much more rude comment…
'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, boats, eagles, Florida wildlife, fun, live and learn, nature, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography, technology, weather

Ups and downs…

That’s what the day had, ups and downs. I said that thinking of the photos I took today, but now that I think of it the first example of ups and downs was the off-again-on-again messages I’ve been getting from my car about my tire pressure. I started my day by putting air in my tires because one said it only had 27 pounds of pressure. Then the day warmed up, and by the time I came home that same tire was way over 40 pounds and I imagined it exploding, so I let some air out. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I think I liked it better when my car and I weren’t on speaking terms.

So out I went to take photos on a sunny morning…

Low tide but no wading birds, just wading people.
It was quiet at Anclote River Park.
Two osprey at Key Vista Nature Park. Parks line the water in this area and I stopped at them all.
Sailboats seem peaceful to me.
You knew I had it with me.
Can’t resist the pelicans.
The view along the trail at Key Vista.
A little different view.

But I had started the day watching the eagles, and forcing myself to use my biggest lens and even the extender so that I could get really close shots. I have to manually focus when I use that combination, and that’s a challenge because I don’t trust my vision, and rightly so since I deleted over half the photos I took. But I was delighted that the fledgling was hopping around and flapping his wings, and then I saw Mama flying towards the nest and started shooting. It wasn’t until I got them in the computer that I saw that I did get her, and that she had had a fish with her. I was so pleased. And then I noticed the photography no-no called chromatic aberration. Purple fringing when something very dark is next to something light, caused by your lens, but supposedly fixable. Not by me though, I worked on these photos all afternoon and couldn’t make a difference. If you are seeing them on your phone you may not see it, I wish I could un-see it. Sigh. But it was a good day, good to be outside, good to see the sun.

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Fueled by Duncan Donuts dark roast coffee I was out the door for the sunrise when I saw an interesting sky on this day of predicted rain. And it was raining an hour after I got home, so it was a good call. Amazing what a good cup of coffee can do for ya. I had tossed the decaf I had and bought the Dunkie’s on BoGO at Publix yesterday. I think I’m done with decaf…

That string of lights at the restaurant on the river’s edge is new. It’s not usually lit up like that.
I loved how the clouds looked in the lens ball, even upside-down.
The iPhone really focuses well in the glass.
No, this isn’t natural color in this photo. I think I set a filter in the phone when I took it, not afterward in post processing. Sometimes you can outsmart yourself.

Those gray clouds just kept rolling through the scene, turning the pink sky a muddy gray. I do a lot of complaining about the weather for someone lucky enough to not be freezing to death while shoveling snow. It looks like we’ll have sun tomorrow so I’ll have to make sure to get out and enjoy it.

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Back to The B…

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a poem read to me on Valentine’s Day before, especially while standing in a jungle, or so it appeared to my friend on FaceTime. That was the highpoint of the day, because the skies didn’t clear up, in fact it was raining when I pulled into the parking lot at Circle B Bar Reserve. I was on my way about 5 minutes after the thought crossed my mind to go this morning. Our weather doesn’t look great for the next few days and I was still hankering for that really terrific painted bunting photo. I needn’t have bothered though, seems the buntings haven’t been seen in a day or two so they may have moved on. And while it didn’t rain while I was there the sky stayed overcast. But I got myself out the door for a little while, and then it rained all the way home. And the days pass…

That tree full of vultures would make a nice Halloween scene.
Love the live oaks and Spanish moss.
A gray catbird perched for a photo.
Or two.
Or three.
Mrs. Cardinal visited off in the distance.
And so did the Mr.
I’m told that this is this owl’s favorite perch, and even after he was pointed out to me it look me quite a while to spot him. He was looking out towards the water and never turned around, but I hadn’t seen owls on my last few visits so I’m happy.
a second look, adventure, eagles, Florida wildlife, friends, fun, nature, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography, weather


Mom and Dad taught him well. It looks to me as if he is acquiring that magestic look that all eagles seem to have. After all, they are apex predators, which means they have no natural predators hunting them, and it looks like they know they are at the top of the food chain. I can’t believe that this is the first time I’ve seen this year’s babies, which hatched on or about Christmas Day. If I waited much longer they may have flown the coop. It seems the second chick in the nest popped up right after I left. Some things can’t be rushed. But then it was quite foggy when I first arrived, but stopping and talking with friends kept me there long enough for the day to clear up and be gorgeous. I guess my timing wasn’t bad after all…

Don’t tred on me…