Sunset Beach sunrise…

Yes, that’s right.  Sunset Beach Park faces west, but it’s enough of a peninsula that I thought there would be a decent view to the east for the sunrise.  But I didn’t expect the park to feel so small and dark, and secluded.  Spooky, or maybe it’s just the season for spooky.  There was another car there, but I couldn’t see anyone.  I couldn’t see anything really, I waited a few minutes to get out of the car with my camera.  As I was setting up I heard it, the swish of a fisherman casting out his line.  I felt better knowing who was around, and the sky got lighter.  It won’t feel so spooky next time…10-29sunsetbeachsunrise310-29sunsetbeachsunrise210-29sunsetbeachsunrise10-29sunsetbeachsunriseiPhone3

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