Just drifting…

I’ve always loved what I call the dark and quiet. Very early in the morning, sitting in my comfy chair with my coffee, my little dragonfly lamp on for enough light to not trip over the dog. But dark in the room. Time to think. I wonder if people ever get a chance to think about things these days, what with the pace of life and being bombarded by information coming at us all the time. Unless, like me, you turn it off, and tune it out, and sit in the dark and let your mind wander where it will. But if I sit for long enough, computer in my lap, things just might take a turn.

Like the morning I wandered over to the CarMax site searching for convertibles. Just drifting, or so I thought. But there it was, the cutest darned Fiat convertible ever. I looked at the pictures and by the time my husband got up I told him, “I think this is my car.” And it was, I drove it home later that day.

I have to admit that it wasn’t quite that spur of the moment. My 1999 Jeep Wrangler only had 68,000 miles on it, but I was tired of filling the tank constantly, and manually putting the top up or down was a dirty job, plus I’d been thinking that it might be time for a more, ahem, mature car. But driving off the parking lot in my new car I looked back at my Jeep sitting there, being left behind after 14 years of faithful service, and I couldn’t have felt worse. Like abandoning a child.  It was a good car.  I just hope it has had lots of fun adventures with a young(er) person at the wheel. I’ll bet it’s still rollin’ along.



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Flowers and water drops…

Evidently catching water droplets in your flower photos is a ‘thing’.  It was mentioned in the iPhone photography classes I took, and also at a recent Creative Nature Photography class.  I love the photos we got, but it wasn’t until I decided to write this post that I realized that I don’t know what the flowers are, except pretty.


Maybe it’s just my love of dogs but I think this last one looks like a dog.  We spritzed the flowers with water to get these pictures, but I’ve also gone out after the rain to see what I could see in my own yard.  In which case I can also add that this is hibiscus…hibiscusdropAnd lastly a crepe myrtle drop.  If you are lucky you can sometimes capture a reflection in the drop, or so I’m told.  That remains to be seen…crepemyrtledrop

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I hear breathing…

I managed to make my own overlay photo, all by myself, sort of.  At our class today we got our very patient teacher, Alice, to go over the steps from the last class.  This is light years beyond anything I ever thought I could do in photography so I’m quite pleased with myself.  Photoshop is amazing, and we’ve only touched the surface I’m sure.

But in choosing a subject for the photo dogs were the obvious choice.  Because for one thing I have a lot of photos of them, but more importantly because I have come to realize that they just might be what’s keeping me content living alone at this stage of life.  They are helping at the very least.

The dogs weren’t here with me when my husband died.  They were with my son, who helpfully took them home with him to give me one less thing to stress about when my husband was sick.  And he kept them to give me time to adjust.  I wandered the rooms, and tried to tell myself how nice it was that they were perfectly clean, no mussed up bed from Ozzie jumping up on it.  No dogs barking out the back door at nothing, or nothing I could see anyhow.  It was quiet, and I love the quiet.  That’s what I told myself.  Turns out it was too quiet.  The house was dead.

Not that I realized it at that point.  It was when I brought the dogs back home that I heard it.  The breathing.  They breathed and it seemed as if the house came back to life and breathed with them.  And they breathed life back into me too.  They aren’t just dogs, they really are family.

I especially like when I walk into the room and they start thumping their tails.  I think of it as applause…

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Photography classes…

I’m so lucky I have photography classes available to me.  I’m being dragged ahead, not exactly kicking and screaming since I’m a willing participant, but my old brain isn’t taking readily to what we have been learning.  But, on the other hand, I am making progress, and I really want to take better pictures, and learn to use more of what photoshop offers.  So to that end I’m going to post the photo of my project from the Vintage Nature postcard class that I took on Sunday.  And then I’m going to make another one.  I decided to do one called DOGS, because my dogs are frequent subjects of mine so I have lots of photos of them.  I’ve already made several starts, the first of which was called I LOVE DOGS, which I shortened for exactly the reason you’d think I shortened it.  I’d better get to it…vintagepostcardsue


Kudos to Alice Herden and her photography workshops.  And her patience with her students!


And, in case you wondered, the featured photo is my dogs when we brought Ozzie home to live with us 7 years ago.  Doesn’t Zoe just look thrilled?  Here they are now…nowdogs.jpg

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Letting go…

Watching a Sandhill crane pair raise their chicks right outside my kitchen window was an unexpected treat.  That this happened when I had a brand new camera with a nice zoom lens gave me a closer look, and I was hooked.  I’ve blogged their story as it unfolded, sorting through the hundreds of photos I took for the ones that illustrated the twists and turns as they happened.  But those beautiful birds are very photogenic and there were so many photos I couldn’t use in those posts, so even as I let go of my sandhill crane obsession I would like to share some of these now.6174618896_IMG_7951



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I was wrong…

Not that that’s anything new.  But this particular time I was wrong about Crepe Myrtles.  I said that they are a worthy substitute for lilacs, especially when you haven’t seen, or smelled, an actual lilac in a very long time.  I said they have the look, but don’t bother to sniff.  But my dog walk takes me past this white Crepe Myrtle, and since it’s now in glorious bloom, and perfectly at nose level, getting a whiff of the flowers is pretty much inevitable.  And they smell lovely!  Not like lilacs of course, but lovely.  They are beautiful every year, but for some reason they have really caught my attention this year.  In white, and my favorite purple.  Actually a shade of lilac, how fitting.  And so many shades of pink.  My world is very colorful at the moment…


Close up the flowers are nothing like lilacs of course, it’s when I step back and look at the big picture that I see it.  The mail-person doesn’t have the option of stepping back from this one however.  There are mailboxes buried in there.  Every year this crepe myrtle is trimmed back to stumps.  And every year it comes back.  There is another blog post here, about resilience, or perseverance, looking deeper to find the buried treasure, or maybe looking deeper and finding out that the treasure you were seeking isn’t there.

Or you might find this…fullsizeoutput_214b

But for now I’m seeking lilacs, so the big picture suits me just fine…