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Colter Bay sunset…

My friend had told me that people go to the ‘beach’ for the sunset here in Colter Bay.  The beach being gravel rather than sand, and probably chillier than I’d like.  It didn’t stop the kids from having fun though.  And families had kayaks out, and as the night progressed there were campfires being lit along the beach.  I’m glad I didn’t miss it all together…07-31-20ColterBaysunset2


Making the rounds…

I was making the rounds, yet again.  Feeling great about being out and about after spending a day hunkered down in the camper while it poured outside.  Plus some thunder and lightening.  And while it wasn’t toasty warm in there, it was dry, and that was a plus.  I don’t know how people do tents.  I’m not sure that my pop up is all that different from a tent really, but I can stand up and move around, and I’m off the ground.

I took a photo of a bird outside my door, obviously on a sunny day.  07-23-20campbird.jpg07-23-20campbird2

As you see from the feature photo I returned to the Moose-Wilson road again, and this time I was in luck, although no babies were there


The views upriver and downriver were beautiful also.07-29-20upriverview.jpg07-29-20downriverview

On the way home I saw antelope for the first time.  Well, actually the one time I returned to the campground after dark I caught a glimpse of a rump just to the side of the road, traveling in my same direction.  It has made me reluctant to be out after dark because I never saw it until I was right on top of it.  For a Florida gal who usually dodges bunnies that was a jolt.07-29-20antelope.jpg

I stopped at Oxbow bend on the way back also, and found a pelican…07-29-20oxbowbend07-29-20pelican.jpg

And now that my visit is winding down I spotted the Milky Way right overhead last night.  I tried for pictures but clouds were taking over and I missed my opportunity.  Here’s hoping I get another shot at it…

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Mammoth Hot Springs…

That live and learn thing?  Apparently it doesn’t apply to me.  I had been told by Karen that it was going to be an especially busy weekend, what with a Mormon holiday and their tradition of heading to the Tetons to celebrate.  Then there was my cousin who told me that I really ought to think about running ideas for things to do past her before I plunge ahead.  She has learned a few things in 30 years of living here, she said.  Even my uncle’s admonition of being in long lines of traffic moving at 4 mph as you travel through Yellowstone didn’t come to mind.

Which is how I found myself heading into Yellowstone, not realizing that it was Saturday at first, aiming for Mammoth Hot Springs and hoping to cut to the east to the Lamar Valley and see some wildlife.  I hadn’t actually been the driver before, I was the passenger who was enjoying the view when Charley and I took our trip here in 1992.  And Karen had driven when she and I recently visited.  The drive is a bit harder than I realized, not so much time to sight-see.  And I knew my goal was a long way north so I didn’t stop at the places I’d recently been to.  With road construction it took a long time, and I was tired when I got there.  And I was already dreading the drive back and thinking I’d turn right around.

Except the landscape was so pretty, and the town was charming.  And busy, the road was packed with cars, all looking for parking spaces.  There were long lines at the general store and the restaurant.  Plus the side walks were full of families, all heading in one direction or another.  And elk.  Elk on the lawns, grazing.  Elk across the street grazing, and crossing the street periodically.  And one young ranger trying to get the people to keep their distances from the elk.  They were pushing their baby carriages right past the elk on the lawn, probably 10 feet away.  I felt for that ranger, he had his work cut out for him as the elk moved their position and it was people who had to be herded, rather than elk.07-26-20hotspringsview207-26-20hotspringsscene07-26-20hotspringsgrazing07-26-20hotspringselkwander07-26-20hotspringsdistancing

There were hold-ups on the way back too.  A lone buffalo in the road that I had to pass just feet away from the car.  I didn’t get that picture.  Another lone buffalo was positioned perfectly for me to get out and get a picture and not be too close.  Karen told me that the males were keeping separate from the herd these days.  Soon it will be ‘rutt’ season and that is something to see she said.  I’m sure it is.  Nature, just carrying on…07-26-20hotspringsbuffalo207-26-20hotspringsbuffalo

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The Silver Dollar Bar and Grill…

My cousin and I tried to have dinner at the Silver Dollar Bar several days before I took these pictures, but there was a line.  That social distancing thing.  This time I had stopped in Jackson to find a bookstore, and after I shopped I realized that the bar was around the corner and I decided to try again.  My friends had visited this bar on vacation last year and enjoyed it.  And the description reminded me of someplace I went with Charley in 1992.  Is there only one bar out west with silver dollars embedded in the bar top?  Probably not, but I knew that he would have loved this one, so I decided to stop and have a beer.  It was lunch with Charley again, it’s been a while.  And this bar is located in the Wort Hotel, which is a gorgeous stop also.07-24-20worthotel107-24-20worthotel207-24-20silverdollarbaronionrings.jpg

If you stop there be sure to get the onion rings, they were the best ever!


Just a sight to see as you walk around Jackson…

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This and that…

As you may have guessed, my cousin is a great tour guide.  If she ever visits me in Florida I won’t have nearly the number of places to take her for adventures.  I don’t get to sit with my computer online and plugged in like I did at home, so later I will notice pictures I meant to include in a post but didn’t.  Or I will think of something I meant to say about a photo after I already posted it.  Like this one from the ski resort.


That’s a little bit of snow nestled in a crevice there in the center.  a couple of Texas kids climbed down to some snow a lot closer to the trail than that one, and took great delight in throwing snowballs at their parents.  Of course they were excited, and therefore scaring me half to death, but their parents said that all they wanted to do on this trip was to see snow.  I also missed some other details from the resort.07-24-20flowers at the resort.jpg07-24-20hikedetailswithMary07-24-20totheresortrock.jpg

And there was a hike with Mary the day before also.07-24-20hikewithMary.jpg


This is musk thistle, and it’s invasive.  Mary wondered if they’d given up on getting rid of it because we’ve seen it everywhere we’ve been.07-24-20muskthistle

And if you ever find yourself heading from Jackson to the Grand Targhee ski resort you will pass through the town of Victor, ID, where it would behoove you to stop at the soda shop for a ‘world famous’ huckleberry milk shake.  Of course I got one, and yes it was good. 07-24-20victorspecial.jpg07-24-20victorspecial2

See the guy in the background drinking his own huckleberry milk shake?  He recommended it and then asked if I liked it and of course I told him I did.  He said that he comes over the Teton Pass just to get his favorite milk shake!  Now that’s a fan!


The feature photo is from the morning drive on the day of this hike with Mary.  It had stormed the night before and we didn’t expect much from the day.  But as I drove to Jackson the sky was beginning to show some promise.  It was hard to believe that those huge mountains were totally hidden when I started driving, and then they began to peek through.  And another glorious day ensued…

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Grand Targhee Resort…

My cousin and I had quite an adventure on Friday.  She said that she wanted me to see the Tetons from the ‘other’ side, which meant another trip over the Teton Pass, but I didn’t have to be the driver this time.  Going to Idaho was an easier trip over the pass, than the return trip, and she pointed out several things I missed on my first trip.07-24-20jacksonholesign07-24-20house07-24-20overthepass07-24-20totheresort07-24-20totheresort207-24-20totheresortrockHere we are at the top.  I’d love to convince you that we climbed our way up there, but no, we took the ski lift, and we were both glad we did.07-24-20meonmt107-24-20Mary on top of the worldWhat really astounded me was the fact that bikes were taken up the ski lift also.  Sometimes little bikes, implying that little kids were going to ride them down.  A  horrifying thought to me, I hope my grandchildren don’t get any ideas.07-24-20grandtargheeskilift07-24-20grandtargheeskilift2The view from the top was really great.  Well, almost from the top.  We could have gone higher, but honestly, it didn’t feel so much like walking a trail to me.  Nope, it felt more like a balancing act, so I was happy to stay where we were.07-24-20grandtargheesummit07-24-20house07-24-20grandtargheetownview07-24-20comingdown07-24-20bluebirdThis bluebird chose a precarious spot to eat his lunch.  He was hanging onto that stick for dear life in a very strong wind.  Maybe that wind had something to do with my feeling that it was a balancing act.  But we did it!  What a fun day!