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Another January day…

Did I say how gray and gloomy January is?  Well, it is, until it isn’t.  The sun was out and the sky was blue yesterday, and I found myself at the Cape Cod Canal searching for the vantage point for a picture I saw online the other day.  It was a sunset sky, with the Bourne Bridge in the foreground, and the uprights of the bridge framing a view of the old railroad bridge beyond it.  It was beautiful, but I believe I turned out to be on the wrong side of the canal for that shot.  I was using Google maps and had chosen a parking spot, but they had that access blocked, so I continued to the next place to park.  Then I had to climb down a steep trail, in the wrong shoes for a hike, and I was in woods that quickly made it seem that I was in the middle of no where.  I will have to ask my hiking friend about the wisdom of hiking alone.1-11-19canal21-11-19canal3

There was another set of steps to get down to the canal access road, which I had to myself.  Well, except for the sea gulls.  And I couldn’t see either bridge once I got down there.  But I was looking for the Bourne Bridge, and I knew it was somewhere to my right, so I started walking.1-11-19canal1And walking some more until I finally saw the bridge.  And still I walked.  And the closer I got the more I realized that the railroad bridge was probably a lot further away than the photo I’d seen had made it seem, and I began to worry about the fact that I had lost track of how many of the sets of steps I had passed (I had been counting but had lost track), and how would I know which set of steps would lead me to that climb through the woods to find the car?1-11-19canal4So I turned around to go back.  Hardly a hike by some people’s standards, but I think it turned out to be about 6 miles all together.  I will try again on another sunny January day.  I have flip-flops in the car in case of a pedicure emergency, so I will also leave a pair for hiking in the car so any and all photo emergencies will be covered.  And once I remembered that I could ask Siri where the car was I wasn’t as worried about finding my way through the woods. IMG_6692.png

Turns out I wasn’t alone after all…

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Kalmus Beach…

Kalmus beach was where I was headed for the sunset last night.  On the map it appeared to be facing west, and it was in range of the restaurant where I was meeting an old friend last night.  Re-meeting since it had been about 50 years since we’d seen each other.  Both the sunset and the meeting didn’t disappoint.  I walk around with a constant buzz in my chest these days.  I like to think that my heart is literally warmed to be here after pining for home for a very long time.  I could lament about the time I missed with these special people, in this place that I have always treasured as home, but I’m here now.  And it’s the only place I want to be.  In my younger years there were too many distractions, too many demands on my attention.  This time of life is when you can savor just what you have, and how lucky you really are.1-9-19kalmussunset91-9-19kalmussunset11-9-19kalmussunset31-9-19kalmussunset41-9-19kalmussunset51-9-19kalmussunset61-9-19kalmussunset71-9-19kalmussunset8

This last photo was taken after the tripod and camera had taken a nose dive into the wet sand.  Face first, which was unfortunate for the camera with a lovely tulip shaped lens cover that stays in place and just folds and unfolds to allow the lens to zoom and retract.  Sand was caked into all the nooks and crannies.  I worked to get the sand out quickly since the camera would go to sleep on it’s own in a minute, and the lens cap would attempt to close.  I took the picture in an effort to keep the cover open and buy some time.  But it couldn’t close and I went to visit with my friend.  When I got the camera out later it was closed.  I will investigate further today, but first I need more coffee.

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Chilling out…

I talked myself out of going out for the sunrise this morning because it was 27 degrees out.  I told myself it would be so much warmer if I went out for the sunset.  And it was warmer, 28 degrees is what the car told me.  And a LOT of wind.  This is Rock Harbor Beach in Orleans, MA.  It wasn’t until I was heading home that I spotted the wharf, which made for a few more nice pictures, even without bobbing boats.  It’s winter on Cape Cod.  I will look forward to revisiting these spots in the summer, in flip flops.


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Armstrong-Kelly Park…

Armstrong-Kelly Park isn’t the easiest place to find.  The GPS couldn’t find it even when I entered it’s actual street address into it.  I gave up on it the first time I tried to go there, but my sister directed me to it yesterday.  We hoped for a nice picture of the holly tree that is planted there in honor of my brother-in-law, but we’ll come back in the spring to try that again.

My brother-in-law wasn’t a big man.  He was small, actually.  He was about my height and I out-weighed him all the years I knew him.  He.was quiet. Worked all day and came home, had a beer and watched TV.  There was no inkling of what a big man he actually was until he died.  That’s when the crew from Bartlett Tree Experts took over the planning of his funeral, and the stories they told of his expertise at his job astounded all of us I think.  They said that there was probably not a street on Cape Cod that hadn’t benefitted from his hard work.  The story I remember best was about a homeowner who wanted a gigantic boulder moved from one side of his lawn to another.  A Bartlett truck was on the scene, and the crew of workers were standing there trying to decide how they were going to accomplish this task when Neil pulled up.  He got his winches and pulleys out of his truck and got to work.  He had the boulder moved in no time flat, loaded up his tools and left the rest of the crew standing there scratching their heads.  No, he wasn’t a big man, but he had a big impact on his little piece of the world.

This holly tree was planted to honor Neil for his 50 years of hard work for Barlett.  He trained a lot of arborists in his day also, so his influence is still sending ripples out into nature.  Such a quiet little man, who left a legacy behind him.



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New Year’s Eve…

New Year’s Eve.  I’ve mostly ignored it, the hoopla and poopla I mean.  Never traveled or celebrated, or even considered it a holiday really.  I congratulated myself on being sensible, and not being out on the road and chancing the elements, or the other drivers.  And I never gave a lot of thought as to what the new year actually might have in store.  Never once considered the kinds of changes that 2014 had in store for me, even for those few years afterwards.  But this year is different.  For better or worse I’ve set a path for myself that may be unpredictable, but I know I can handle the bumps in the road.  And I’m looking forward to lots of happy times.  Now that the holidays are behind us I’m planning to light up my new year with the faces of friends that I haven’t seen in a long while.  And some that I have seen but will always need to see again.  It’s gonna be a very good year…12-29wareham.jpg