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Folly Beach…

The next stop on my Charleston mini-tour took me to Folly Beach. After investigating the area and discovering that you must walk a path to get a view of the Morris Island lighthouse I got myself some lunch, which included having a beer, which tasted SO good after all the wind and blowing sand I’d experienced so far that day. After that I found a place to park for beach access, but the kiteboarders and their colorful kites proved too much to resist, so my first stop was the beach.

I attempted to walk onto the beach but the blowing sand was relentless and I wanted to protect the camera as well as myself. So I shot from the top of the beach access platform.
The dogs didn’t appear to mind the wind and sand, they just wanted her to throw that ball.
He is such a tiny figure in the shot if I include his kite. I wasn’t so sure that that rough surf looked like fun.
If you try hard you can see him in this shot. At one point a gust of wind blew him way up in the air, but it brought a wall of sand with it and I got a picture of a sandstorm and nothing else.
And then came the walkway. The restaurant server told me about the artwork on the path. I think you could spend a day just reading the notes and messages, but I still hadn’t seen the lighthouse.
Finally, the Morris Island light.
Driftwood on the beach proved to be the perfect foreground for some photos. I wonder if it was there just naturally.
A natural frame.
I could zoom with the lens if not with my feet.

I wonder how many more lovely things there are to see in Charleston? Guess I’ll have to go back and see…

a second look, Charleston views, exploring new places, finding my way, following the rules, fun, Just do it, making memories, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel, weather

A waterfront park and a lighthouse…

Lucky for me Charleston’s lovely waterfront park was just at the end of the block where I had found parking when I first arrived. It was very pretty out, though quite windy, but people didn’t seem to mind. I walked along the park to the pier, and I would eventually find myself traveling over the Ravenel Bridge, twice, before my tour ended that day. As I walked I took pictures of the view.

Holding the camera steady against the ‘breeze’ was a challenge.
I would have loved to sit and swing a while, but the meter was running. Parking meter.
And here you see the Pineapple Fountain, you can probably figure out how it got it’s name.
Not sure what this building houses…
The distant view as I was walking away.
Then I was back to walking on Rainbow Row..
Such a cute Froggie, I would have loved to have sat down on the bench with him and had a drink, but alas, it wasn’t 5 o’clock yet, or even noon.
These ladies at the custom House caught my eye. But I was back to the car and I decided to ask the GPS where I could find a lighthouse.
The GPS deposited me here, in a residential neighborhood with no signage, but it said I had arrived. I was on private property when took this picture through the shrubs.
And then I saw this little walkway and decided to see if it gave me a better view.
It did.
A close up.
And the beach was lovely, but the wind was picking up the sand and it wasn’t pleasant enough to stick around. Besides, I had another lighthouse to find, and I was starving, and I decided that a beer would really hit the spot!

To be continued…

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Rainbow Row…

With expanded family now in Charleston, SC I will probably be dropping in from time to time. Which is what I did the last couple of days, and I took a day for photo ops, of course. I knew I’d love the architecture, and the over-all feel of the city, and I did. This was a first of what I hope will be many trips to this area, there is so much more to see. And friends who live nearby to (hopefully) visit. Planning ahead isn’t my strong suit, but I’ll be working on it.

Finding a place to park was a challenge, and if I had wanted to I could have rented one of these bikes to tour the city. I remembered now old I am and decided against it though.
Cobblestones look so charming, is what I always thought. Walking on them is another story all together though.
My very first view of Rainbow Row included this horse and carriage. I was hooked on the city already.
I tried another angle for photos in order to avoid the dumpsters that are present in the feature photo, but then I noticed the trash cans.
I had parked a block away from the waterfront park, so I walked there while I had time on my meter.
The Ravenel Bridge is a landmark that connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. My guess is that there is a more scenic view of the bridge from some other vantage point.

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The beginning and the end…

I spent a day concentrating on my various twinges and trying to decide if my second Moderna shot was giving me side effects. I decided that I was fine, but I was home all day while I made up my mind. Packing actually. I’ll be riding up to a cousin’s house in Charleston tomorrow and family will be more on the agenda than photos. Of course I had the TV on as I packed, and my current binge watch of Criminal Minds came through with a charming quote today, from Mark Twain. I had to look it up;

“When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not, but my faculties are decaying now, and soon I shall be so I cannot remember anything but the things that never happened.

How charming is that? But sad because it’s true. And as a person who has lots of experience with her mother, and then her daughter, correcting her memories I think I can relate. The same episode ended with another quote that had me grabbing my phone to look it up;

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” Kierkegaard said that.

The day began when I ran out front and took the feature photo at 6:30 AM. And this last I took at 6:45 PM. We will turn the clocks ahead tonight. Sunrises will be easier to get to, and sunsets will have me out later than I care to be.

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A walk in the Tetons…

We Floridians are not the hardiest of souls. A blustery 50-degree day will keep us in, declaring it too cold and windy to be outside. In fairness to us we don’t experience this type of weather often, and certainly not for days at a stretch, and we simply don’t have the wardrobe for it. So I took a walk through the Tetons today. In my computer of course, having located the pictures I took over the summer. Thankfully they aren’t lost for good, just not organized well. I have no idea if I will ever get to enjoy the Tetons in person again, but isn’t that why we take pictures? So that we can return for an hour or two, and remember…

this is The Sleeping Indian, do you see him?

There is no rhyme or reason to these pictures, just images I was happy to see again. Now to tuck them away safely so I can find them the next time I decide to go down Memory Lane.

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Sloss Furnaces…

I’ve had a little harder time deciding what I wanted to write about this last stop on our Birmingham trip. I had come to Birmingham on a whim after all, and knew nothing of it’s history., so it came as a surprise to me to realize that such an industrial city existed in the south. And with my usual rosy glasses outlook I thought about all the jobs and opportunity it mist have been for anyone willing to work. I took these photos at the Vulcan museum. They came from a display with pictures of groups of workers with these four highlighted. It tells the story pretty well.

The sheer size of the Sloss Furnaces was amazing. You could wander the grounds with machinery towering over you, and you could walk into tunnels under the ground. It was impossible to try to imagine what that place was like on any given day when it was running full steam, the noise of the machinery, the smell of the molten steel, and the heat. Did the machinery cause the very ground to vibrate? Hard and dirty jobs, day after day, and still they worked…