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Rooftop sunset…

If you find yourself in Clearwater on a Tuesday evening from November to March, you might choose to watch the sunset from the rooftop of the main branch of the Clearwater library.  I thought that perhaps the photo group had arranged a special photo opportunity, but no, anyone can enjoy the view.  But only on a Tuesday, after daylight savings time ends.

I confess to being disappointed initially.  You could see that the sun would actually set behind some buildings, and there wasn’t much opportunity to move around enough to give a different perspective on the sunset.  That view also includes Clearwater beach, but not a beach view I had imagined.  So that view was pretty much it.  Except for a view of the Scientology headquarters just a few blocks away.  It was pretty all lit up and I took a picture before anyone told me what the building actually was.  But the sunset itself salvaged the night by getting prettier and prettier.  We were supposed to be off the roof by 6 PM, and the sky was absolutely on fire right about then, but we dutifully left the rooftop and headed out for a nice dinner and photo chat nearby.  I had been longing to find some new sunset viewing spots, and this fit the bill nicely, with new friends to boot!

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A good morning…

1125featureOzzie got me up at 1 AM. and also at 2:45 AM, which is when I gave up on sleep and started the coffee.  But the good thing about that was when I finally thought about going out for the sunrise there was time to go to Bayport.  I haven’t been there for what seems like quite a while, so I was excited as I drove up the road.  But as soon as I turned onto Rt. 50 towards Bayport the fog rolled in.  Pea soup fog.  I thought about turning around but I’m glad I didn’t because I drove out of the fog before I got to the park.  It was nice and clear, with the glow of sunrise already beginning.  This little memorial was something new, I couldn’t help but wonder what the story was.

1125memorial My favorite sunrise photos include the reflection of the palm trees in the inlet, but there were boats leaving one by one, so as soon as the water calmed back down another boat would come through.  Good thing I like a challenge.



And I also always like the pastel reflections of the sunrise.


1125sunset1All in all a very good morning…


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I couldn’t see them so I can’t show them to you, but they are the biggest take-away from last night’s sunset trip to Jenkin’s Creek.  I had doused myself with bug spray just in case, so what they attacked was my face and scalp.  Imagine trying to hold the camera steady while your scalp is stinging and things are crawling on your face.  Figures that there were photo ops a-plenty so I’ll probably go again sometime, when the memory fades a bit.

I expected a wood stork and wasn’t disappointed, but he made himself scarce pretty quickly.1118woodstorkThere were kayakers and boaters to watch.  I thought this guy came in a little fast and might crash into the bridge or get tangled in the fishing lines, neither of which happened.

1118baoterI would prefer to think I’d have noticed the eagle on my own, but thankfully it was pointed out to me by a fisherman.

1118eagleLong ago I took pictures from the observation tower in Linda Pederson Park across the street, and I got mad because you have power lines across your sunset pictures.  The tower is closed now, hurricane damage I assume.

1118observation towerThe egret stole the show though.  I think he liked posing, he sure stuck around and did his part.1118egret21118egret31118egret41118egretcloseAnd the sunset.  Always the sunset…1118sunsetcheck1118sunset2

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Beach girls…

When I made the Beach boys post I also made one of beach girls, but something was missing.  This morning I remembered this old photo of myself, my daughter, and my grandmother at Duxbury Beach, MA.  There are very few photos of my grandmother so each is a treasure, and this is more playful than many I’ve seen.  Duxbury beach itself is a favorite of mine also.  I took Charley there once and he was singularly unimpressed, what with the rocks that had been deposited by a recent storm.  No, not the vast expanse of white sandy beach that he was used to, but still and always a favorite place of my childhood.  I once told him that I wanted my ashes sprinkled on Duxbury beach, and it still seems like a good idea.  Life was uncomplicated back then…

I snuck a couple of my granddaughters in there too.  And then there is this last picture, taken at Hudson Beach when I was there for the sunset.  I was practicing ‘street photography’ with my iPhone when I caught this image.  It just so happened to be election night, and once I got home and found out how the election was going I had to connect this photo with what Hilary must have been feeling at that same moment.


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It’s a bird…

It’s a plane.  No, it’s a helicopter.  Not a common site at Pine Island, but there was one out there all night on Monday night.  Hovering, it’s a little creepy the way it just sits there in the sky without moving.  But when it just dropped straight down like a yo yo it was even more creepy.  I had to get up to see if it crashed, but it was hovering at a lower altitude.  Then it went back up just as abruptly.  I heard a voice comment that it must be a military helicopter, I’ll take their word for it.  1016helicopterI’ve been going to Pine Island almost every night, I can’t seem to help myself.  The night before I had taken a pretty good picture of a bird, and I downloaded Merlin to help me identify it.  I belong to several photography groups, one on birds and one on wildlife, and I hate to ask them to identify a bird that is ridiculously common.  So I put my picture through Merlin and it told me it was a female boat tailed grackle, the same bird that I had taken a picture of when I was looking for eagles at the landfill.  In such a different setting it never crossed my mind that it might be the same bird. 1016femalegrackleSo I got to wondering about the male grackles, and that got me to notice the water spigots that are adjacent to the picnic tables.  One was dripping and I saw a bird take a drink.  I spent most of my time concentrating on the faucet after that.

While I was concentrating on the faucet I looked to check on the sunset and had this perspective, I thought it looked like a Florida Nativity Scene.1016flnativityIt was a pretty good evening, all things considered.1016sunset

Florida landmarks, Florida wildlife, nature, photography, Pine Island, sunset

Hijacked sunset…

You never know what a trip out for the sunset will reveal.  Tuesday night I was delighted to see a little boy racing all over Pine island in order to send the seagulls into the air.  My dog Zoe would have loved to have been part of that.  I was delighted because I knew that it was going to give me lots of photos to share.  But when another, much more experienced photographer than I am arrived, his take on it was that he thought it would be great if the seagulls started chasing the boy.  He says there are laws against disturbing  birds in their natural environment.  I didn’t know that.


The terns are my favorites.  They chose a spot to stand that had them getting splashed as the waves crashed over the seawall, but they stood their ground.


I did get an education on seagulls.  The laughing seagull, the ‘usual’ one I think, and the skimmer, with the orange bill.  They feed by skimming along the water with their lower bill in the water until they catch something.  1010seagullsBut I can’t forget the sunset. After all, that was supposed to be the main event.