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Making do

I rousted myself out early for the sunrise on my first morning in the Fort DeSoto campgrounds.  From time to time my photo group holds photo walks to see the sunrise between the main uprights of the Sunshine Skyway bridge, when the sunrise will line up properly.  That first morning wasn’t one of those mornings, but it was very worth while to be out there, killing time until the camp store opened so I could get some coffee.  I had solved my electrical problem by plugging my extension cord into the camp supplied power and using it to charge my computer.  My camera battery would be next, and if my phone was charged after driving around that day then the heater would be a very welcome use of that extension cord overnight.  And the next morning?  Coffee!1-20-20skywayatfirst

The sky was blue and clear, and the lights on the bridge were so pretty when I arrived at East Beach.  As it got lighter the lights weren’t visible, and the colors became muddy.  But a lovely sunrise none the less…1-20-20sunshineskywaycloser1-20-20sunshineskywayitrises1-20-20sunshineskywayitrises2

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Be it ever so humble…

This birdhouse of my uncle’s has seen better days, but it has hosted families of bluebirds for at least a few years now.  And two years ago I came over to his house and stationed myself out front with my tripod and camera and captured the action as they were feeding their young.  But last year the blue birds were chased off, evicted sort of, by another, larger bird, and they didn’t raise a brood in this house, so my uncle moved the house across the street to what is now my house.

Lately there has been a lot of activity at the birdhouse, and the other day I finally tried to see what bird was paying attention to the house, hoping for bluebirds of course. But I could’t see what they were so I took a few pictures, but I still couldn’t say for sure what they were since was getting dark out, and it was even darker under the carport.  But I heard some activity early yesterday and I saw a bird actually leave the house and fly to the palm tree close by.  It turned out to be a Red-bellied Woodpecker.  This may explain why the entrance hole is not the precise hole that it once was.  This bird has done some home improvements, made it her own.  I can relate.  Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home. 1-7-20meettheneighbor1-7-20birdhouseAh, but I wrote this a couple of days ago and there are new developments.  Seems I wasn’t too far off the mark hoping that it was bluebirds that were interested in the birdhouse.1-8-20Bluebird11-8-20bluebird21-8-20bluebirdfeatureAnd the other possibility is that there is an odd couple in the neighborhood.  Stay tuned…1-8-20oddcouple

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Birds and more birds…

On Sunday I took 650 pictures at Circle B Bar Reserve, and had quite a lot of fun with my friends while we were hiking and discovering the wildlife along the trails.  We three were pretty much together the whole time, yet our phones recorded different amounts of steps for us.  Our taller friend’s phone recorded a lot fewer steps for her, but us two shorter gals numbers were quite similar.  It was the miles that were different.  At 6.5 I had the least, and I believe our taller friend’s phone was approaching 9 miles.  Whatever it was it was a long enough day for my feet to be objecting by the end.  With the recent rain I had opted to wear short rubber bootlets, which allowed me to feel every rock embedded in the trail, and I was regretting that choice by the end of the day.  As fun as it was we were quite ready to call it a day and go find some lunch. 1-6-20woodstorkflyover1-6-20tricolor1-6-20owlface1-6-20osprey1-6-20littlebirdfeature1-6-20Ibisdrip1-6-20GBHinthebreeze1-6-20eagles1-6-20butterfly1-6-20blackbird1-6-20Greategret.jpg

The eagles and the owl were what had the photographers gathered like paparrazi.  Even my bigger lens, which I had chosen not to carry, wouldn’t have gotten the sort of shots that I can get when I visit my usual eagle nest.  And my first ever owl photos were taken at Circle B and they were really nice shots.  This owl was up too high, in the shadows, and obscured by Spanish moss.  And facing backwards.  Nevertheless we three were so excited when we saw our shots in our computers and we saw that we had gotten the owl’s face.  Sort of…1-4-20FrankieatCircleB

The nature center at Circle B has plenty to educate and entertain people of all ages, as well as the occasional flamingo.

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Happy New Year…

I wasn’t thinking about it being New Year’s Eve this morning.  I was thinking of my trip to John Chestnut park a few days ago, when the photographer I talked to said that across Lake Tarpon was Anderson park.  He seemed to dismiss Anderson park, not much there he said, but even at that moment I said to myself that I ought to try the sunrise from there.  And when I saw what a nice day appeared to be brewing I was up and out the door with time to spare.  It was a nice last day of the year, and 2019 was a good year for me, though not for some who are near and dear to me.  I hope this new year brings good things for all of us.  Happy New Year everyone!


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Santa paddle…

They called it a Santa paddle, and paddle we did.  Hours of paddling on Silver Lake.  I spent most of that time fascinated at the thought that the scenery was so natural.  I wondered if people paddling this place years ago looked at an identical scene.  If you notice the trees you’ll see the high water line, and the few houses that we did see on the shores suffered flooding when the water rose.  It was hard to imagine the water so high.

The feature photo shows the most alligator-ish sight that I saw.  And for that I was thankful.  It was too cold for the gators, I was told, it was meant to reassure me.  But where would they go?  In my mind every log floating just beneath the water was suspect, but I did forget about that after a while.  Maybe it was the overcast day that caused such gorgeous reflections in the water.  It was a lovely paddle.

12-24kayak112-24kayak212-24kayak312-24reflect112-24reflect212-24houseI wish all a very Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year will be kind to one and all.

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Courthouse Christmas…

“The crowds,” my friends said.  “The parking,” they lamented.  And yet I headed out anyhow.  To Brooksville, the county seat of Hernando county.  I grabbed a parking spot in the courthouse lot, not realizing the uphill climb I would have to be where I needed to be.  But once there the lights were lovely.  And a performance was in the works, that was obvious.  Not a school group as I first thought, this was a performance put on by a group called Stir Up the Gift.  I took pictures as they set up, but what I was waiting for was the carriage rides.  I imagined the lovely pictures I might get, but the reality was a bit of a disappointment.  Perhaps it’s that the only other time I’ve done this was when I saw the Budweiser Clydesdales delivering beer one evening in Palm Harbor.  Now that would be a hard act for anyone to follow.  And once I had gotten plenty of photos my thoughts turned to the long, dark, walk to the parking lot where I’d left the car, and so I left.  A nice evening for myself, and home in time for Jeopardy.12-20courthousetree212-20courthousetree12-20carriagesunset12-20realtor12-20performers12-20performersclose12-20performersclose212-203singers12-20carriagearrives12-20horses12-20rollofhonor