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Yard sales…

I’ve never understood yard sales.  What makes a person want to sort through someone else’s junk that they want get rid of so they can pay money to bring it home?  I’ve never stopped at one, but it looks as if having yard sales and attending yard sales is a ‘thing’ in this area.  It makes walking the dog in the morning a bit of a crap shoot as cars suddenly swerve to pull over when they see a yard sale and they aren’t looking for pedestrians.  I’ve also had to wait while the shoppers shop, because they haven’t pulled over far enough and they are blocking the street.

Now I’m holding yard sales with no experience and no idea what I’m doing.  And I was quite pleased with my first one.  I had hordes of people all day long, but I found out later that there was a big estate sale in the area so I must have benefited from that. Today  I was going complain that I gave a yard sale and nobody came, but as I’ve been writing people have been showing up, and it’s been fun talking with them.  And when one woman paid me with a two dollar bill, another shopper who watched that transaction bought the $2 from me for $2.25!  It’s turning out to be a profitable day!

11-30casualty.jpgBut alas, there was carnage…

Did you notice the Ozzie photobomb in the feature photo?

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South of the Border…

No, not down Mexico way.  If you’ve ever driven through NC/SC on Route 95 you’ve seen the billboards starring Pedro, LOTS of them.  Less now than the endless signs back in the day however.  Charley’s family used to vacation in either Canada or Florida when he was a kid, and when they headed to Florida they stayed at South of the Border, so he wanted to stop there when we drove to Florida in 1988.  Because of that trip I knew that you park in a covered carport that is right outside the door to your room, a perfect feature for when you are traveling alone.  And then there was Ozzie, and I also knew that they accept dogs, no weight limits thank goodness.  So, tacky as it may be I had to stop there, it was a no brainer.  That left me an 8 hour drive the next day, not to mention that I knew it would be lit up perfectly and I could get some photos.  The bed must have been comfortable since I sat on it with the computer to relax for a minute and woke up 3 hours later, having missed the sunset all together.  But the lights were still on at least, so Oz and I went out for a photo walk…



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The best laid plans…

I was supposed to wake up in a tent this morning, having spent my first night ever camping.  But this happened…6-6skydramaThere was thunder and lightning, and then the sun would come out, but only for a few minutes, and then the drama in the sky would continue.  My friend, a more experienced camper, said she has camped in the rain before and it wasn’t fun.  And then she lost electricity at home we decided that we weren’t going camping after all.  So we missed a photo shoot we had planned to go to, which was the reason for the trip in the first place.  And the sky at home last night was fine, the rain had stopped.  Which means nothing about what the conditions were 100 miles away, but I suspect that the shoot happened and wonderful photos are populating the internet even as I type.  Which is why I haven’t checked the group photo site so far this morning.  But I will, eventually…

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Talking photography…

There are days, like my big Friday photo safari, where you find yourself taking photos all day long.  Then there are days, like today, when you wind up doing a lot more talking about taking photos, and editing photos, than you do taking new photos.  But if you are lucky, like me, you were out for the sunset at Fred Howard Park on Wednesday night.  Followed by a quick trip to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs for a few night photos.  But it was odd to not be surrounded by lots of tourists on the street, and lots of the shops weren’t lit up as late as I was there, so I headed for home and waited to work on the photos until today.  After all the rain we have had lately it was so nice to be outside in the sunshine, and then a pretty sunset to boot. This weather cycle is going to be with us a bit longer, and there is more thunder and lightning out there even as I type.  I’m thinking an Ark might be in order…5-23Rustybellies5-23beachHDR


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I went to a garden party…

“I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends,
A chance to share old memories and play our songs again.
When I got to the garden party they all knew my name,
No one recognized me I didn’t look the same.”

“But it’s all right now,
I learned my lesson well.
You see you can’t please everyone,
So you got to please yourself.”

Maybe Ricky Nelson knew what he wanted out of life, how to please himself, but I’m not as lucky.  I have no idea what I want the rest of my life to look like so I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope it comes to me one of these days.

I took these pictures at the little local botanical garden this morning.  I was in search of butterflies but the sprinklers were on in the butterfly garden and I guess that kept them away.  But these structures caught my eye, and ‘garden party’ started playing in my head, and then I started thinking, about life and it’s twists and turns.  Maybe ‘blowing in the wind’ would have been a more appropriate song for my current state of mind…5-10HDRshed25-10HDRshed-35-17castle5-17iris5-17tilebench5-17tilerug5-17whiteflowers5-17budda5-17peekabooWhat’s the phrase these days, ‘fake it ’til you make it’…