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In the breeze…

Because even though the ‘breeze’ is whipping the rain against the house in sheets, and even though I was listening to it in the dark this morning, it just doesn’t sound like a tropical storm in this area. I hope it’s no worse in the areas that haven’t yet recovered from Hurricane Ian.

I’m told that there was a small opening in the corner of the fence when they moved into this house. And they had dogs, so they planted the bougainvillea in the feature photo to help keep the dogs in. And now it’s the bougainvillea that is threatening to eat Wesley Chapel. I used to prune the small one I had in Spring Hill and my arms would take a beating from the nasty thorns this plant is known for. I had my cat at the vet once and he looked at my scratched up arms and asked, with a horrified look on his face, if the cat had done that. It is a pretty sight, but it would be prettier if it attracted bees and butterflies. And right now it’s waving those deadly fronds like crazy.

I was leaving Sam’s Club the other day and noticed this Rain Tree as I waited to make my turn. I once drove around Spring Hill looking for these trees, always so shapely, for a blog post. My fall foliage, Florida style.
And a rose from the garden of the local library where I went to pick up a few books since I wouldn’t be out in the rain taking pictures for another day or so. Nice library with an unexpected Florida friendly garden.

I have books, actual physical books, to read while I listen to the wind and rain today. I say that I prefer a real book, I’d rather turn the pages, which I’ve been known to try to do when I’m reading on my iPad. But my vision hasn’t been tested since my cataract surgery, and my cheaters don’t seem to be doing the trick as well as I’d like. I’ll probably pull the lamp a little closer also. The joys of aging…

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Crystal Beach Sunset…

I saw a lot of dark clouds gathering as I drove to Crystal Beach on Thursday night. Enough that I thought of texting my friends to ask if we ought to forget the plan for the night. But texting and driving isn’t a good idea, and as it turned out being out for the sunset was a very good idea. And I say this despite the profusion of fire ant mounds, and my ever present flip flops as footwear.

I was the first to arrive and I was amused by some little white birds that were busy hunting along the shore. I looked them up and, as I suspected, they are immature little blue herons. The green legs and two toned beak give them away.
This is a mature little blue heron. What I really liked was the look of the water that was picking up some sunset color as he waded.
There were two white ones plus the little blue and they hunted together the whole time we were there, but I suspect I know who was in charge.
It was when we decided to walk down for a bit to see what other views of the sunset we could find that I saw all the sandy white patches in the grass, a tell tale sign of fire ants. I let that dictate where I stood to shoot. We all liked this view, and I took so many shots like this before the sky really lit up that I missed getting this shot when the sunset was at it’s peak.
Birds flying over at sunset isn’t anything new, but these were pelicans and that really was new.
This was what we were waiting for, the sun to drop below the clouds and light up the clouds.
Still I wandered for different shots.
This is an iPhone shot.
Another from the phone as I wandered the shore.

The feature photo is the sunset in all its glory. But our fun wasn’t over. We then went to our friends Eddie and Linda’s house and sat outside in the gorgeous garden that they have created. We drank, and ate smoked mullet dip, and talked photography among many other subjects. Such a nice way to spend an evening.

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A low key sunset…

Sometimes you head out for the sunset just because you have the opportunity, even though the sky doesn’t look all that promising. And sometimes you like one view of the sky from Hudson Beach, but your friend wants to watch from the opposite end of the area. You may have been less than gracious, wanting to see the same view you always see. And then you might look at your pictures and think that it wasn’t such a bad outing after all.

A little blue heron visited for a few minutes.
Then he flew off, but circled back for a photo, or two.
The moon is always a tempting shot.
I thought these clouds might be interesting as the sun set.
Most boats were coming in, but a few headed out.
A promising sunset on the way, I thought.
I zoomed in because I liked the way the sun looked as it set behind the vegetation. What I didn’t realize until I saw the shots in the computer is that there are birds in the vegetation.
Lots and lots of birds.
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Two sunsets…

The other night I looked out the front door and wondered if the dark clouds were going to spoil the sunset. That’s the feature photo. But looking at the pictures I wonder why I wondered since both the feature photo and this next one were pretty.

A much prettier sunset than I expected.
This little guy scolded me as I stood out front checking out the sky,
Tonight I checked the sunset app I have in my phone. It said there was a 94% chance of a good sunset. Go figure.
Sandhill Cranes are seen along some of our busy roadways these days. I’m always tempted to pull over for a photo, but it wouldn’t be wise in that traffic. This pair were spotted in a parking lot however, so I took a few shots. But that background leaves a lot to be desired.
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Plant City Balloon Fest…

I found myself to be a little disappointed as we first arrived at the Plant City Balloon Fest last night. It was smaller than I expected, less vendors and food trucks, but the nice sized crowd seemed happy. A live band was playing and people were looking for just the right spot, and setting up their chairs to get ready for a show. There was only one balloon fully inflated at that point, and I should have realized that there would be more to come. There were at least 8 or 9 balloons in all, and watching them being inflated was pretty entertaining. Entertaining and more than a little scary, seeing the flames so close to the fabric of the balloons themselves.

Flames, and fabric, and passengers, all pretty much huddled together.
For $25 you could have a tethered ride above the crowd.
I spotted Tweety being inflated and got a kick out of that one. But Sylvester was a surprise because he was facing the wrong way for a bit, and then he turned around. Of course if you have one you surely will have the other also. What surprised me was a couple of kids in front of us who paid no attention to them, they probably never saw the Tweety and Sylvester cartoons. But at least two senior citizens got a kick out of them.
I really wanted to use this shot as my feature photo, but that would have given it all away right from go.
There was a laser show at 8 PM, and they scheduled another one for 10 PM but we left after the first one. The lights were amazing, I will admit, but the photos aren’t great, only a hint of what it was like.
There was about a half an hour, maybe more, of amazing color.

The best thing about this event was that it was only a half hour from home. An easy drive, which isn’t always the case. When I see this event again I’ll happily go.

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Afternoon delight…

Lettuce Lake Park made for an enjoyable afternoon stroll, even if there was no lettuce, and no lake, to be found. In the moment I missed the prop value of the ‘I survived Lettuce Lake Park’ sign. But there was a paved trail to ride, and the woods were beyond gorgeous. Shady and cool, but that’s not as big of an issue now that October is here. And there is a boardwalk to explore next time.

Taking a picture is usually my first thought, but I saw these people coming up behind us with four dogs that could only be Bernie-doodles, and I got excited. I asked the breed and they were ‘mini ‘Bernie-doodles. Mom, dad, and two puppies. So darn cute!
Usually I want some wildlife or action in my photos, but I honestly loved the woods here, and scenes like this kept catching my eye..
If I remember correctly this is a scrub oak.
Does something live in there I wonder?
Beauty berries were the only ‘color’ we saw, and no butterflies or birds paying any attention to them.
Trying a black and white version.
Then I spotted some wild life.
With those long legs she could have chosen to hop away pretty fast.
But she didn’t. I told a Dad and his boys to look for her up ahead, and they seemed happy to tell me that they’d seen her as they zoomed past us on their second lap around the path on their bikes.
We continued on the path, nearly back to where we started.

There is lots more to this park, and when we come here again I’d like to do it earlier in the day.My friend isn’t as ‘up and at ’em’ as I am in the morning. But the sunset is getting earlier, and soon these afternoon adventures can include the sunset. That also works for me. Along with this cooler weather.