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City girls in the country…

“Look,” said one city girl to the other. “Cows in a field of flowers! We have to go back for pictures!”prettycows

“They look so pretty, I love cows,” said the other city girl.bulls?

“Un, you don’t think they’re bulls do you?”, asked the first one, the light dawning a bit.ohoh

And now taking her photos from behind the car.oopsfencebull

Just two city girls out for a drive, seeing what they could see along the way.  They had gotten their photo of the ‘cow’ in the flowers, and so it was time to move on…bullinflowersmailboxes


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Hitting the jackpot…

The Jackpot being all the photos ops that could possibly be crammed into one 24 hour period.  Or maybe it’s the jackpot of having your lifelong friend be the one person who would be willing to pull the car off to the side of the road to capture, or try to capture, the scene that has caught your eye.  What a treasure it is to have someone in your life who has been your best friend since childhood.  Somehow our interests, and also our worries, have always been compatible.  We haven’t lived in the same state since we graduated from college together, but that hasn’t mattered a bit.  And we are now finding our way alone in life, but together.  Yes, I certainly hit that jackpot.

But this particular jackpot took place at the Quechee Balloon Festival on Sunday morning.  We actually went on Saturday, almost all of the photos we took were on Saturday, and it was a perfect day from the cardinal we saw as we started our day (a husband or two stopping by to cheer us on?), the glorious lunch we got at Simon Pearce (gazpacho soup and a fabulous quiche, two grown up ladies such as we may have pictured ourselves years ago when we were little girls together), and the lovely day with blue skies sandwiched between days of rain in the weather forecast.  Yes, all was going well, and then the clouds got heavier and the winds came up, and we started fearing the balloons wouldn’t go off at 6PM.  Which is about when I realized I didn’t have my phone.  I lose things often, but not usually my phone, which currently is my lifeline for  this adventure I’m on.  We gave up on looking, left info to reach us, and went back to the campground with a damper now weighing down the entire day.  Only they did call!  They had my phone!  We decided to wait until sunrise to go back to Quechee and got my phone, and also saw the balloons launch!  Every good story needs some drama, and this was no exception.  We made it back to the campground in time for the wonderful Father’s Day breakfast the owners put on for everyone.

Quechee has a covered bridge, we’ve taken pictures of it before, but it was the kids under the bridge that I hadn’t ever seen before.  Jumping off the cliffs (sort of) and into the water.  Do they really know that there are no rocks hidden under the water?  It was nerve wracking to watch, but of course we took pictures.  These aren’t as clear as I wish they have been but they do show the scene.06_15_19bridge06_15_19the whole scene06_15_19upriverview06_15_19quecheejumper106_15_19quecheejumper206_15_19quecheejumper3

But it was the balloons we came for, the third time I had come to a balloon launch and the sixth time for my friend, but we saw the balloons for the first time together.


Quite an eventful 24 hour visit.  Can’t wait for the next one…

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Bridging the gap…

I was looking for bear tracks the other day when I wandered down to the river and saw that the bridge was ‘lit up’, so I took an iPhone photo.  I often forget to check the iPhone even though I take pictures with it frequently.  I have to work a little harder to take pictures with the camera, and here I had the nicest picture right in my pocket the whole time.  Looking at this picture you have VT on the left side of the bridge and NH on the right side.   And at this moment in time I feel as if I’m standing on a bridge and I have my nostalgia for my ‘home’, my roots, for the people I used to know and the person I used to be on one side, and on the other, what exactly?  I have no clue, but I’m working on it…

And yes, there was a bear in the campground the other night.  Which explains why I now drive to the bathroom in the middle of the night…

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There I was, beating myself up for not being more settled into the camper since I’ve been here a week already.  Here being the Pastures in Orford, NH.  Then I realized that today is only my 4th full day here so maybe I’m not doing so badly after all.  Especially since I pushed the button on the coffee pot and ran out to drive myself to the bathrooms in the pouring rain and didn’t have electricity when I got back.  Note to self; don’t run the new ceramic heater and the coffee pot at the same time.  And then I threw the first switch of my life and I’m back in business. Not doing badly at all.

I’m happy with the place but I confess to having nothing to compare it too since I’m a first timer at everything about camping.  I’m actually tickled with the bath/shower room, which has been recently redone.  It’s chilly out and it’s not heated, there is a screen door only, so whatever temperature it is out is what temperature it is in.  Even that hasn’t been a problem.  And I am at the mercy of whatever is available as bathroom facilities go so this will be a big thing for me going forward.  And the fact that I don’t have a plan past the end of the month is a concern, but it’s not enough to keep me home looking for options either.  Not when I could be out looking at the scenery and taking pictures.  Except it’s pouring out and has been all night, so hooray for wifi. Here are the bathroom facilities, with a nearby playground and fenced pool beyond.  6_04_19amenities

Not too long ago I was on a trip to a covered bridge here in NH, and the GPS kept wanting me to take a right onto a tiny dirt road, which I (fortunately) was too chicken to actually do.  They were hunting trails from the 1800s and led nowhere, according to a local.  So as I drove here and was down to my last 20 miles or so I started to see similar looking dirt roads but with signs announcing campgrounds, and an arrow pointing down the road.  I began to panic and wondered what I’d do if I finally got here and that’s what the entrance looked like.  But I needn’t have worried.  This place was welcoming right from go.6_04_19pasturesentrance6_04_19redhouse6_04_19redhousegardenI love this little red house that is a rental that belongs to the campground owners also. My girlfriend has been on the look out for a nice little house and I think this one fits the bill, except it’s an hour from where she wants to be.  6_04_19canoes6_04_19redboat6_04_19bridge16_04_19bridge2There are a couple of docks on the grounds since we are right on the Connecticut river.  That’s Vermont on the far side.  If you cross the bridge you are in another state.  And back and forth multiple times a day.

My friend and I were finding pictures of pop up campers all redecorated, ‘glamped up’, so to speak.  I haven’t even gotten my awning up yet, and to be honest I’m glad about that because the wind has been kicking up every night, with and without rain.  I feel snug in this little space though, well snug with the new little electric heater.  We determined that the on board heater uses my propane so it was a good investment.  And I can use the propane while the coffee pot is on.  Charley would be proud.  I think camping suits me, even in the rain…

'scene' along the way, a second look, adventure, natural wonders, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

View from Rt. 10…

With blue skies and puffy white clouds the day was calling me to get out there and take some pictures.  So I set out for Ocean State to pick up a few more, yes more, things I decided I needed for this adventure.  And, if I remembered correctly, when I went there with my cousin the other day I was literally drooling over all the scenery along the way.  You seem to be on top of the world, looking out and down at other mountain tops, or maybe hilltops.  And this is why it’s a must to either be on your own doing this, or with another photographer, because I lost count of how many stops I made. Well, you’ll see.

I hadn’t even made it out of town when I stopped for a couple of shots this church.6_03_19Rt10church2

I hadn’t gotten to my destination when I spotted a sign that said covered bridge, so I had to turn around and check it out.  I had all day after all.  Traffic isn’t allowed over this covered bridge anymore.  I think the GPS gets annoyed with me when I spot something that causes me to turn the car around and go the ‘wrong’ way…


I’m getting a little fuzzy over exactly where I was or what order I took these pictures in, but it honestly doesn’t matter.  Every twist and turn of the road brings something you find as breathtaking as the last five stops you made.  No wonder they run together.6_03_19Rt10scenery6_03_19Rt10farm6_03_19Rt10bridge56_03_19Rt10choochoo6_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene36_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene4_16_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene

I couldn’t stop for the scene above so I took a left and pulled over and realized that I was back to another stop I’d made with my cousins.  He used to teach right in that area and the church I was looking at was too pretty not to take it’s picture.  And I was hearing church bells as I did.6_03_19Rt10Mike's school6_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene2

Tell me something, could you have resisted these cows?  Obviously I couldn’t.6_03_19Rt10cowsiesta16_03_19Rt10cowsiesta2

And a 1906 round red barn right across the street from a 1996 round red barn?6_03_19Rt10oldroundbarn6_03_19Rt10newroundbarnI can’t wait to get out again but it won’t be tonight.  There is a storm brewing out there.  It’s really cold when the wind whips, and then there are a few drops of rain.  I think I’m glad we haven’t gotten the awning out on the pop up yet.  But I did discover that it has little strip lights underneath it.  Soon…

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“Up your ISO”

This phrase has become a joke within my camera club, FCCP, Florida Center for Creative Photography.  It’s a favorite saying of our fearless leader, Jeff, and I took it to heart yesterday.  It was cold and overcast and I wanted to wrap up in a blanket and read, but every time I went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea I would see not one, but two, hummingbirds buzzing around the feeder.  So eventually I put the biggest lens onto the new camera, plus I used the extender, and I upped my ISO to 12800 and attempted to get pictures of them in flight.  The extender requires you to use manual focus though, and I probably would have done better without it.  I suppose that’s why we practice.  And the ISO could have gone higher even, so I’ll probably be out there later today.  It might even hit 70 today.  That would make this Floridian happy!05-29-2019flying205-29-2019flying305-29-2019flying34