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An orangutan kind of day…

I knew it all along, as soon as I saw the FCCP photo walk to the Lowry Park Zoo I knew that I would go, and that my day would be all about the orangutans.  I hoped there would there be babies, and that wish was granted.  I fell for them when I lived in San Diego and saw them at the San Diego Zoo many times.  And even Frankie fell for them this time, so much so that we brought one home.


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Eagle watch…

Yesterday I decided to stop by the eagle nest for yet another check to see if they were ‘home’ and in the mood to get their picture taken.  I haven’t stopped too many times lately, but I’ve been disappointed often enough that I didn’t really expect to see one of them, let alone two.  And before I even got out of my car a friend pulled up, also on the eagle watch.  We are thinking that it’s about time for the eggs to hatch, and the real eagle watch will begin when that happens.  She said that she had already been by once that day and didn’t see anyone, so neither of us were expecting to see them, but there he was, or is it a she?  The larger one is the female, or so I’m told, but you have to see them side by side to judge.  He or she was on a branch above the nest, keeping watch.  Sitting calmly enough, but looking from side to side and seeming to be on guard.  And as we watched suddenly there was the second one, just arriving at the nest it seemed, and then sounding off as if she didn’t like what she found there.  What we didn’t see was any activity that suggested that they are feeding hatchlings, but that should be soon.  We’ll be keeping watch ourselves, hoping for the day we’ll see the babies popping their heads up for us to get a picture.  And neither of us had our best camera/lens combination with us.  I won’t make the mistake again.  This is the best I could do yesterday.12-27nestview12-27keepingwatch12-27keepingwatch212-27homeagain12-27homeagain2

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Sunset people…

When a sunset vista consists of water and sky only, then you know you are going to need a little something extra in the foreground of your photos to make a more interesting composition.  I decided that people in silhouette would be a great option at Sunset Beach, so that’s what I was concentrating on when I struck up a conversation with a couple who were sitting on a bench enjoying the evening.  Turns out they are also from Massachusetts and have been fixing up a nearby house, and they go out each night for the sunset.  The husband asked if I had a phone.  He said that he was watching me taking pictures and liked the way the light fell on me and thought it would make a good picture.    So the feature photo is his photo of me, taken with my phone.  I love these chance encounters.  Am I too trusting?  I was asking myself that as I handed him my new expensive phone and walked away.  But these were very nice people, and this encounter was an extra added bonus to an already nice day.12-15sunsetgoldenhour12-15momandgirl12-15people12-15silhouette212-15sunsetbeach212-15sunsetbeachsilhouette


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It was almost a full moon.  Seen on a morning with an almost pretty sunrise.  It looked more promising as I left the house than it did when I got to the bridge.  I could have quit after this shot since this was as pretty as it got.12-15shot#1

I suspected that things had taken a turn for the worst as far as the sunrise went, so I tried another approach.  My friend Betty sees the details in things that I never manage to see, so I asked myself what would Betty shoot?  And came up with these.12-15netting12-15redlight12-15redlight212-15snowman

Almost a nice clear shot of that snowman, but now that I see that he’s an inflatable I’m sure he was moving.  Darn it. And the birds on the wire.  They arrive en masse, a flock swooping one way and almost landing, but changing their collective mind and trying that swoop and turn again.  I see them every time I’m on this bridge for the sunrise, but the camera is set wrong to try to catch them in action.  Not that I didn’t try of course, taking shots between the cars zipping by in both directions.12-15birdsonawire

And then along came this guy who stirred up the water and spoiled any possible reflections for long enough that I decided to call it a day.  I was tired anyhow, I’m almost over my cold…12-15disturbingthepeace


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Airport sunset…

An airport isn’t the worst place to find yourself with time on your hands.  Especially when there is an observatory available, and you decide to wander to get your steps in and also see what the sunset brings.12-04airportsunset5

The observatory had angled windows which quickly became my obsession.  Until I looked up and saw that a plane was flying across the sun, but I didn’t have time to get that photo.  So I alternated between looking for the sunset reflections and waiting for planes to take off toward the sunset.  And there was a little bit of Christmas too! 12-04airportsunset412-04airportsunset312-04airportsunset212-04airportsunsettree

'scene' along the way, a second look, Florida landmarks, fun, perseverance, photography, sky, sunset, technology

Tuesday night at the library…

Not just any library, I’m talking about the main branch of the Clearwater library.  And not any old Tuesday night either, it’s very other Tuesday night after we’ve gone back to Eastern Standard Time.  That’s when they allow patrons, with and without cameras, to access the roof and watch the sunset.  Access is granted about a half hour before sunset, and once the sunset is over the roof is closed again for another two weeks.  My photo group plans a trip every chance we get, and we collectively cross our fingers that the weather will cooperate.  Tuesday night was a good one for this activity.  I’ve also been there when I nearly froze to death and didn’t take a single picture.  But that was the exception, this is Florida after all…11-27roofview211-27roofview11-27anothrview11-27cherryontop11-27librarysunset3I double-checked and we have a photo walk to the library every other Tuesday night, but the rooftop is available every Tuesday night in Eastern Standard Time.  In looking that up I discovered that there is a gym there, and that you can check out power tools.  Now I find that surprising!  It’s worth a visit, don’t you think?