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Sunset Hill…

Have I only been here a week today?  It seems longer.  But on the other hand I haven’t been ‘out for pictures’ yet.  It’s the fact that we had the 4th, and the influx of people to make getting around an issue.  That I am one of those people doesn’t keep me from resenting my fellow invaders who are making life more complicated here on the Cape.  And camping itself is a distraction.  I’m not sure I should be congratulating myself over how much I am enjoying living in this little pop up, or ‘pup’ as they are called on the online group I found on Facebook.  Not when I can head into my sister’s house to do laundry or cook a meal.  It’s the best of all worlds at this moment.  I will just enjoy it.  But I did manage a trip to Sunset Hill last night.  I know I’ve been there before but it wasn’t sunset and I had vowed to go back.  I’m glad I did.sunsethill1sunsethill2sunsethill4sunsethill

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Thinking it over…

IMG_1545I have a lot of time to think these days.  Here in the camper with the sounds of the birds outside, even at 4 AM.  And something, pine cones maybe, falling on the roof with a surprising thunk.  And my coffee, brewed outside on the little shelf which has a convenient plug right next to it.  Features of this pop up that I’m just now noticing.

I’m thinking about how homesick I got last year.  How much I longed to be back home.  I wanted to see the familiar places where I had expected to live my life back then.  And I wanted to ‘find myself’ again.  I thought back to the little kid that I think I was, confident and sure of herself, and wondered how I lost her when I let myself fear that I wasn’t good enough as I was.  A familiar theme for all of us I suspect, as we grow older and judge ourselves through the prism of those junior high and high school insecurities.  Everyone else had all the answers, I thought.  Little did I know then that I wasn’t alone.

I thought though, that the homesickness was a longing for the lost places of my youth.  But what I have discovered, now that I’ve turned my life upside-down and become a snowbird, traveling the roads that I longed to travel, is an amazing appreciation for the people I left behind.  Just because I decided that at this moment in time I was yearning for something doesn’t mean that it was the perfect timing for me to turn up on everyone’s doorstep.  And yet here I am, and I’ve been embraced at every turn.  They were as busy living their lives as I was living mine I guess, so maybe they didn’t miss me, but we are all older now and reconnecting to the past seems to be a welcome thing to do.  And maybe I did have a touch of the spunk I thought I’d lost.  After all, I did take off for parts unknown way back then.  I haven’t considered that it took a certain amount of spunk to do that.  Or naivety.  And, all things considered, I really wouldn’t change anything about my life.  It’s just this amazing feeling of coming full circle that I truly love.  I’m so blessed in all ways to be enjoying this adventure.  I wonder where it’s heading…fourthparkway.jpg

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When the cat’s away…

Here’s the version of Grannie’s gone wild when Kathy’s home, it involves the quilting version of cutting out paper dolls.  We’ve hit two quilt shops, and I’ve lost track of the number of fabric shops we’ve explored on this visit…granniesgonewildfBut I was left to my own devices yesterday, and the result is what you see in the feature photo.  There may have been a trip to Hobby Lobby early, but the rest of the day was spent on that wonderful porch.  I keep hearing mention of the extreme heat, but it was perfect porch-sitting weather here.  And there was hardly a moment to play with my fabric, what with watching all the varieties of birds at the feeder, until the blue jay came along and shooed them away.  I continued my binge watching of Dead Like Me on Prime video on the iPad, and then there were photos to edit on the laptop.  There may have been a beer involved, but not until after 5 PM, if Kathy was home it would have been wine.   We were shopping one day when I first came here, and as we drove through the booming metropolis of Franklin, NH I happened to see a shop called Granite State Hedgehogs.  Yes, you read that right.  I had to do a double take.  So when I drove past today I stopped in, and yes they are cute, but not so cuddly.  I had suggested getting one as a pet and dressing it up and taking pictures, which had Kathy doubting my sanity.  But when something is that cute you want to cuddle it, and I tried, but they are just plain prickly.  So I opted for this little plush Hedgie, he fills the bill nicely.


I almost wished I hadn’t noticed the very dramatic life-and-death struggle that went on all afternoon between a little tiny spider and his much bigger prey.  It was reminiscent of David and Goliath and I wasn’t sure who would prevail, but the more that bigger bug struggled to escape that web, the more entangled he became.  I could relate after trying to untangle a friend’s dog the other day.  It was a valiant effort though, and impossible not to watch.

spider1It’s not unheard of for a moose or a bear to visit this yard, but that didn’t happen.  I had my camera ready for anything just in case.  But I’m not complaining.  It was a lovely, quiet, porch-sitting kind of day, for me at least.  Not so much for that poor bug.


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The boondocks…

You’ve heard of the boondocks haven’t you?  The middle of no where?  I know another name for it but I’m too polite to say it.  Of course I already knew that my friend Kathy lived in a tiny little town here in New Hampshire, but I didn’t know that that’s where the black flies live.  And ticks, can’t forget them.  After these last several visits I’m sure I’ve never been here in black fly season before.  Which, by the way, she assured me arrived at Mother’s Day and was over by Father’s Day.  But evidently no one informed said black flies.  I know this because I went out back to see if I could take pictures of the hummingbirds who were doing acrobatics out her back door.  I couldn’t resist.  So I walked out to the flower beds and took a picture of the gazing ball, and then settled myself into a pretty blue Aiderondack chair to be still and let the hummingbirds return for pictures.  I sat and waited for only a few minutes before I realized that my ankles were covered in black flies.  Covered!  I came in and sprayed myself with my bug spray which contains DEET, and was able to survive for the few minutes it took for a couple of pictures.July1hummer1July1hummer2July1hummer3

When it comes to black flies Kathy must be a lot tougher than I am.  Or maybe they just love me.  Kathy says I’m fresh Florida meat.  But when it comes to the summer heat I’ve got Kathy beat by a mile.  She has been complaining about the heat today, and I’m wondering what heat?  I thought it was a perfect day.  We talked, and shopped, and talked, and shopped, and came home, and talked some more.  One of the things we shopped for was an adapter so that I could plug my camper into her barn and open it up so that it can dry since I had to close it in the rain.  We found one, plus a heavy duty extension cord, and as long as it doesn’t rain again I’ll be able to close it up and hit the road tomorrow.  I’m going to brave the 4th of July traffic issues, as well as driving over the Sagamore bridge with the pop up in tow (gasp), and visit beautiful Cape Cod for a while.  And no, I’m not planning on bringing any of the black flies with me…

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Second chances…

I hit the road again yesterday.  Being in New England has allowed me to decide to attend the big graduation party for my friend’s graduates yesterday, and just get in the car and go.  Since 1969, the year we both got married and I moved away, spending time with my closest friend has required much preparation.  Vacation time, airline tickets, juggling husbands and children, and so for many years the closeness remained in tact, in spirit anyhow, but it wasn’t possible to actually be together.  Time has been our friend as we have gotten older, except for the wrinkles and gray hair.  But we have managed to visit more and more often as time has gone on, daily on facebook, and also in person.  And these years going forward are probably the time we’ll need each other the most.  I’m so glad to be here.  I think this snowbird thing is going to work out just fine…


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Camping in the rain…k

It’s days like today I feel like a genius.  I’m snug in my camper, listening to the rain.  No, not the adorable little blue camper above, but it’s also not the trailer that I originally bought.  I loved it for the layout, but was too much for my Chrysler Pacifica to tow.  In theory it was an okay combination, but other campers chimed in with their opinions, and they were overwhelmingly convinced that the combination wasn’t safe.  The suggestion by the dealership was to switch to a 14 foot trailer, but it eliminated the one thing that convinced me to buy a camper in the first place, and that was the couch.  Someplace comfortable to sit, or to lay back and read, someplace other than the dinette, or on a bed, to spend a rainy day.  When I finally showed up in NH, at the dealership I’d bought from, on display in their showroom were pop-ups, and one of them had the couch I was looking for!  Pretty much the same one that I liked from the first trailer.  That it didn’t have a bathroom wasn’t too much of a worry to me because I hadn’t planned on using the one in the trailer anyhow. Or camping outside of a nice campground with facilites.  I neglected to think about walking to the bathroom in the rain, which I will have to do soon.  And then there is the bear that visits now and then to tip over the dumpster, and whom I would prefer not to run into on a late night trip to the bathroom.  So maybe I’m only a semi-genius.  

But so far I love living in the camper.  I know that for most people camping is about living outdoors mostly.  But I haven’t done this all my life and I’m set in my ways.  I’m on a quest to reconnect with people and places I left behind years ago.  But I also need my cocoon, my privacy, at least some of the time.  This may not be the ultimate on-my-own camping experience since I have family here as residents as well as visitors, but they are a big part of the past that I’m looking to reconnect with, so it’s been great.  I think I’m back to genius status!  

Here are some random pictures I’m finding on the SD cards or in the phone, amusing myself on a rainy day…