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Largo Central Park…

We wandered to a park that was new to us last weekend, Largo Central Park. It proved to be a very nice place to walk along the Boardwalk and trail, and I was happy to see a variety of birds present. I hadn’t been seeing them lately so I’m hoping that maybe they are returning to the area. And butterflies, and even fall leaves. Yes, in Florida!

But I think the most fun to see were the river otters. We first saw them across the water on the bank, but then they got into the water and swam to the other side which gave us a much better chance of getting photographs. They looked as if they were having fun, maybe even more fun than we were having just watching them. For some reason I remembered the book “Wind in the Willows”, which we read in the 4th grade as our introduction to reading books without pictures. Most of my memories of childhood seem fuzzy, but I remember that so clearly. Maybe I’ll see if I can find that book at the library…

This is only a first phase of this park, according to the signage there is lots more to come. Nice spot for a walk on a beautiful day…

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Happy Thanksgiving…

This year I’m especially thankful for family and friends to help us all survive this most unusual year. I’m also grateful to be on my way to solving the computer issues that have laid me low the last couple of weeks. I’m on a better, and definitely BIGGER, computer, but believe it or not I’m still needing more computer power to be fully up and running. That would be a crisis if not for the fact that this computer can be upgraded, 32 GB of memory are on the way as I type. Supposedly I can install it myself, but that remains to be seen. I have to thank my photography friends for the advice and technical help that’s gotten me this far.

After a weekend of taking pictures the ones that appealed to me today were the ones with people in them. People out enjoying the beautiful weather, people being together. It wasn’t too crowded, just enough to remind me what ‘normal’ feels like. And that was a good thing. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Suppose that you and a friend went to a photography class, and you were hungry afterward. So you went to Dunedin to eat swordfish and take pictures using some of what you learned that day. Like looking for lines, repeating shapes and patterns, color as shapes, sight lines, interactions between people. My head was spinning…

Did I say Dunedin? Or was it Dogedin?

What would have been great would have been if a dog stopped to look at the dog mural. You could take your time and choose a background and then just wait for people to walk by, but that would require more patience than we had, but we did get lucky a couple of times.

The fountain in the feature photo was something I had never noticed in all the times I’ve been to Dunedin before. I hadn’t ever noticed this monument to veterans from all of the 50 United States before either. Each state has a block made of native materials. How did I not see it before? Betty hadn’t noticed it either, and you might think she is inspecting it closely, but really she is taking pictures of the ants that were swarming in one grout joint.

Interactions and sight lines were on my mind for these.

Repeating patterns and shapes, and contrasting colors.

And this was the view from the outdoor deck where we had lunch. Another day of fun, while we recover from election craziness and prepare for a storm that is slowly but surely bearing down on us.

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New friends…

I made a new friend today. She is the sister of another friend that I occasionally meet up with for a photography session. This time they met me at the bridge near me in hopes of a good sunrise session. So photography was the excuse to get together at, ahem, 6 AM, but it was nice to know it would be a social trip too. And breakfast at a place new to me, and boy was it ever good. I don’t know if I’m happy to know it’s there or not, after all, feeding myself has not been an issue during this time of social distancing. The sunrise could have been more spectacular, but the company was just fine.

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Weekiwachee Preserve…

At the end of the day my phone app showed the least distance walked today of any of us. Just under 5 miles. We walked the trails and then weren’t sure whether to turn around and retrace our steps or continue the loop around the lake, not knowing exactly how far that walk would be. Our phones showed a series of small lakes, and it was tempting to try a ‘short cut’, and to continue the loop looked like it was going to be a very long way. If I had known it was only going to be five miles I wouldn’t have worried. Shade on the trail would have been nice also, but there was a breeze and yes, Florida has cooled off somewhat.

The big surprise of the day was when two young bucks chased each other across the road and proceeded to battle with each other for a minute, and then they dashed back into the woods. What an unexpected treat that was to see.

Zoomed and cropped to the max, but at least we can see them.
Bees aren’t so common to see lately.
Butterflies were scarce also.
I was reminded of the Tetons when I saw this cloud.
Egrets are so common to see, but their elegance is hard to resist.
On you walk, with no idea where the trail will lead you.
We stuck to the main trail, mostly to avoid ticks.
It seems likely that there were gators around, somewhere.
What a handsome boy he is.
Not all reflections are in the water!

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Advanced composition…

That was the name of the class that my friend and I attended today, It was a wonderful class and we stopped on the way home to take pictures. I’d like to say that I tried to apply some of what I learned in the class to the photos I was taking, because you are supposed to visualize the photo you want ahead of time and then make it happen. Beginners ‘spray and pray’, which means you take a zillion pictures and hope you get a good one. I confess, I’m guilty of that. But we had fun today, and practice makes perfect, or so I’m told. I tried to whip them into shape through cropping, at least to some extent.

A long, interesting stem with tiny flowers on the end.
Bugs, because they were there.
Halloween colors on the bugs.
We got caught in the rain, but that didn’t stop us.
Gnomes on the brain again. I thought that looked like a gnome door at the playground.
Magnificent live oak at Hammock Park.
On to Anclote Gulf Park where this cute fishy was caught, but then released. Betty’s detective work came up with the name Scrawled Cowfish.
This great blue heron is looking out of the frame so it’s not a good picture, but I liked the rocks.
An ever-present osprey on the hunt.
Great blue again, but with some repeating pattern…
A tricolor heron in the weeds…
Welcome to Hammock Park. Gotta love the boots.
A water feature, of sorts.
This great blue appears to have a wound to his wing, here’s hoping he can fly.
You have to drive in through a marina to find Miss Vicki’s where we had lunch. Seems that Yamaha has a lock on those outboard motors.
I missed this picture the other day. This little blue heron has a frog he was about to eat. Life just isn’t a Disney movie, as much as I might wish it was.

We got rained on while we were taking pictures at Hammock Park, but we were luckier while we had lunch outdoors by the water. What a nice day…