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Back to normal…

Four long days of driving gave me lots of time to think about what I’d do when I got home, but so far it seems I’ve done almost nothing at all.  Four long days of being home and not being able to decide what to do have followed.  Maybe it’s the heat, or maybe I’m just really tired.  I remembered how I thought I would enjoy being online without having to compete for a chance to plug in the computer, but I’ve hardly done that either.  But I finally decided to look at the pictures I took on my last day in the Tetons.  As usual I had headed out in the car early that day, and this time I stopped to see the bison on the west, the mountain, side of the road.  That gives a different perspective on the scene, doesn’t it?  And imagine my surprise when I looked at the very first picture that I took and realized that I’d caught a mom and baby.08-02-20momandbaby08-02-20buffaloflowerI chatted with another photographer as we enjoyed the scene.  He had lived in the area for 40 years he said, and he takes every chance he gets to enjoy the scenery in the good weather, because the winters are brutal.  Which reminded me of what my friend said about visiting the campground in the winter, or attempting to visit their campsite.  Thigh deep snow defeated their attempt.  And my cousin had stressed that she sits out on her deck and enjoys her flowers every minute that she can because the summer is so short in Jackson.  It really was perfect summer weather with chilly nights and then hot in the sun.  I found that if I sat in dappled shade to read a book I needed a sweatshirt.  Yes, to me that was perfect weather, and a wonderful trip that I was lucky to be able to enjoy.  Especially this year, when things aren’t quite normal.  I’m not sure I feel quite normal either, but I’m working on it…








'scene' along the way, adventure, Camping, finding my way, Just do it, making memories, natural wonders, nature, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

Moose Junction…

I guess they call it Moose Junction for a reason.  I had been given a heads-up on where to stop on the Moose-Wilson road to see a Mama and her twin moose-lettes, so that’s where I headed on Monday morning, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Whenever you see people out of their cars with their cameras in hand you know you ought to stop also.  And there was Mama wandering in the river, and the babies stepped out of the shrubbery right on cue.  Mama continued to feed by sticking her snout into the water and blowing bubbles, loudly, as she did.  The babies settled down in the shrubbery, but kept a close eye on Mama.  I watched for a while, taking lots of pictures of course, and then I decided that I was nuts if I didn’t go switch to my biggest lens.  Of course while I was doing that the babies swam to Mama, and when I got back the three of them were wandering into the woods.  What a treat or was to get to spend time watching them.  And a very pretty setting also.

07-20-20familymamaredo07-20-20familysmell the rosesredo07-20-20familybubblesredo07-20-20familycheckonkidsredo07-20-20familyonetwinredo07-20-20familyviewredo07-20-20familytwinsagainredo07-20-20familybenchredo

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Get thee to the rookery…

I’ve been driving right past the rookery lately, so I made it a point to stop the other day.  As soon as I got out of the car I could tell that things were winding down there, the decibel level was decidedly lessened.  The babies have grown so much that it’s now impossible to tell the babies from the adults.  I have thought of these wood storks as the ‘three amigos’, but as you can see there were only two of them still standing at attention.  The sky was full of birds though, birds seeming to be flying for the fun of it, so maybe the third one was spreading his wings.


The egrets are still the stars of the rookery.  They look so elegant no matter what they are doing.06-16-20rookeryegret06-16-20rookeryegret206-16-20rookeryegret3

I stopped by last December just to see if anything was happening at the rookery, but there wasn’t a bird in sight.   So I had wondered when they would be leaving, and where they are going once they do leave.  It seems that I might be out of here before they are…


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More monkey business…

I thought these monkeys were adorable when I was watching them scamper around their enclosure in person.  Their faces were so cute, but it wasn’t until I looked at my pictures that I realized that they were wearing hearts on their noses.  I honestly don’t think that I had ever noticed them before.06-03=20heartnose06-03=20heartnose206-03=20heartnose3

I had noticed these black and white monkeys before, who wouldn’t with such dramatic markings? 06-03=20blackandwhite06-03=20blackandwhite2

And then we came to this orange monkey, which again I don’t think I had noticed before.  I think the color distracted me from noticing that extremely long tail. 06-03=20orange

Maybe they cluster the most entertaining of the animals at the zoo together, or maybe it’s a coincidence, but the penguins were next as we walked.  Their area was so cool and inviting looking.  We got there as a keeper opened a door and walked out calling “Come on penguins,” and a line of penguins marched out of the building and joined some that were already out.  They were quite entertaining, the one playing with the rubber ducky really caught my eye.06-03=20penquns06-03=20rubberducky

I’m usually on my own when I’m out somewhere hoping to take some pictures.  And that has it’s advantages since I hardly ever plan these excursions in advance.  But it is also nice to be out with friends, seeing things through their eyes as well as my own.  I’m pretty sure that’s why I felt like I was seeing some of these animals for the first time.  A day out with friends is so much more of a treat these days than ever before.  I feel guilty for wanting to get back to normal, I don’t want to rush things and then regret it.  But a day out with friends is good for the soul.

a second look, following the rules, friends, fun, life goes on, making memories, memories, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography

Monkey business…

When I was a kid swinging on the monkey bars at the playground I’m sure that I thought I looked just like these ‘swingers’ at the zoo the other day.  Their acrobatics were amazing, they were constantly in motion.  I still remember what it feels like to swing like that, but my swinging days are in the distant past.


05-28-20monleyview05-29-20thinking05-28-20swinger305-28-20swinger4And then they sat and posed, and seemed to be thinking.  Maybe about Herman?  I was attracted to the color in the feature photo and then realized it was a memorial to Herman, “A Gentle Soul and a Friend to Many”.

'scene' along the way, a second look, friends, live and learn, memories, nature, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography

Mixed feelings…

Mixed feelings is what I had when we saw our first animal at the zoo and stopped to take pictures.  It was the clouded leopard, which we see in the feature photo.  Of course he is beautiful, and on my first trip to the zoo with the photo group I was so happy to get pictures that looked right through the glass or the bars of the cages and only saw the animals themselves.  The excitement to find that you could do that was the take-away for me on that first visit.  But this time when I saw this leopard he was in exactly the same position laying on that log.  The pictures I took on Tuesday are nearly identical to the ones I took a couple of years ago.  I thought of all I had done in those years, and it broke my heart that such a magnificent creature was still in the same place.  I understand the good that zoos do, but for a little while my heart broke for this one creature.  He is safe and cared for, but I wanted to see his eyes.  I wondered what he was thinking…05-29-20leopardeyes05-26-20cloudedleopard205-29-20leopard2

And the next creature we came to continued this theme, because I took this same picture of him several years ago also.  It’s not an alligator, and when I took it’s picture I made a mental note of what it’s actually called, and promptly forgot.  Twice.05-29-20notanalligator

Soon we came to this bear, and again, I took nearly this same photo before.  Actually I think he didn’t look up at me last time.05-26-20bear

And the Malayan Tiger pacing in and out of it’s den was distressing.05-29-20malayantiger

But any mixed feelings I was having left me when we got to the orangutans.  Maybe it’s their interaction with each other that made the difference, but it cheered me up to see them.  We can’t know for sure what he was thinking, but is that a smile?05-29-20orangwithleaves