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Mixed feelings…

Mixed feelings is what I had when we saw our first animal at the zoo and stopped to take pictures.  It was the clouded leopard, which we see in the feature photo.  Of course he is beautiful, and on my first trip to the zoo with the photo group I was so happy to get pictures that looked right through the glass or the bars of the cages and only saw the animals themselves.  The excitement to find that you could do that was the take-away for me on that first visit.  But this time when I saw this leopard he was in exactly the same position laying on that log.  The pictures I took on Tuesday are nearly identical to the ones I took a couple of years ago.  I thought of all I had done in those years, and it broke my heart that such a magnificent creature was still in the same place.  I understand the good that zoos do, but for a little while my heart broke for this one creature.  He is safe and cared for, but I wanted to see his eyes.  I wondered what he was thinking…05-29-20leopardeyes05-26-20cloudedleopard205-29-20leopard2

And the next creature we came to continued this theme, because I took this same picture of him several years ago also.  It’s not an alligator, and when I took it’s picture I made a mental note of what it’s actually called, and promptly forgot.  Twice.05-29-20notanalligator

Soon we came to this bear, and again, I took nearly this same photo before.  Actually I think he didn’t look up at me last time.05-26-20bear

And the Malayan Tiger pacing in and out of it’s den was distressing.05-29-20malayantiger

But any mixed feelings I was having left me when we got to the orangutans.  Maybe it’s their interaction with each other that made the difference, but it cheered me up to see them.  We can’t know for sure what he was thinking, but is that a smile?05-29-20orangwithleaves

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An un-Tuesday…

Yesterday was an out-of-focus kind of day.  One of those days when you think you should just stay home and pull the covers over your head before you hurt yourself, or someone else.  The one on-top-of-things accomplishment of yesterday was that I remembered that the next day I was to take my once-a-week pill, the pill you are supposed to take a half hour before you eat anything, and the pill that after you take it you aren’t supposed to lay down.  A familiar issue for a lot of women my age, but new to me.  Each time it rolls around it seems like weeks since I took the last one.  And yes, I do have one of those weekly pill sorters, several of them in fact, but its been weeks since I loaded any of them.  So I made plans yesterday for how I would remind myself to take my pill in the morning, but by the time I went to bed last night I had forgotten to put the little box with the pills in it on top of the coffee maker.  But all of this came to mind this morning as I made coffee, and I was quite pleased with myself for remembering that it’s Tuesday, pill day, and I was right on schedule.  My phone disagreed however.  My phone informs me that its actually Wednesday.  So I’m not quite as on-top-of-things as I thought, but on the other hand, does it really matter?

05-13-20dragonfly05-13-20zebra05-13-20aripeka05-13-20bee2Old photos, also slightly out of focus…

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Here we go again…

This trip down Memory Lane has been fun, a second chance to see photos from the past.  When I see them I remember them, and I remember where they were taken, but I’m pretty sure I would never have thought of them and then looked for them.  Had I gotten serious about my organization in Lightroom earlier I’d be able to look up photos by keywords when I want to see them, but I always have been someone who has to learn the hard way.

I have discovered pictures of some of the post sitters from my back yard.  The post has measurements to keep track of water levels in the lake.  The lake was dry for several years after we bought the house, but eventually the water levels came up and the wildlife returned.  I frequently was lured into the backyard by one bird or another sitting on that post out there.  I would have liked to have found examples of all the birds that used to land on that post.  The hawk was a frequent visitor, just keeping an eye on things.  And a little blue heron seemed to be out there daily too.  Eventually I realized that it wasn’t always a little blue heron, sometimes it was a tricolor heron.05-04-20tricolorfencesitter.jpg05-04-20gregretpost205-04-20gregretpost05-02=20stumpsitter

I thought that I’d be able to re-edit the photos with some of the tips I’ve been learning lately, but the past edits are destructive and I can’t take the picture back to it’s original version.  And that is the single biggest reason to use Lightroom, and that makes it worth while even if it has been driving me nuts lately.  So these photos make me cringe a little, but I am reminded of the German baker I used to work with who always said, “It is what it is.”

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Delete, delete, delete…

You know what?  Yesterday I said that my technology issues weren’t because of anything I did or didn’t do.  I said that because I had been attending an online photo class with my group and our leader said that some of us are using computers that just don’t have enough power to work well in Lightroom.  It wan’t the first time he talked about us beginners and our approach to photography, and I always feel like he’s been looking over my shoulder because he has a knack for bringing up something that’s had me tearing my hair out.

But in this case at least the issue was me being a bonehead.  I bought my desktop computer because of the storage issues I was having with my laptop. I needed to preserve my laptop so that I would have it to use while I traveled.  And I did buy an external hard drove for the computer, but it was a challenge to figure out how to get the photos to be stored on the external drive.  So in the meantime I proceeded to go out and take pictures and let them live on my brand new computer hard drive, and I didn’t give it a second thought because 1T of storage would never get used up.  Right?  Wrong.

All of which explains why I’m sitting here going through the thousands of pictures that are taking up space on my hard drive, and deleting them.  One by one.  And coming across a few I liked here and there, but hundreds of them are just junk that I won’t ever miss and didn’t know they were there in the first place.  Hundreds of pictures of dolphin fins, taken just in case you could catch a fabulous picture of one leaping out of the water.  Which, of course, never happened.  Delete, delete, delete…

These are from the Dunedin marina, and the feature photo is a hawk who happened to pose for me in my former backyard on a day with perfect light.  04-29-20dunedinmarina2.jpg04-29-20dunedinmarina.jpg

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Home again…

If you grew up in my hometown with me then you recognize this place.  Fifty years ago I desperately wanted to get away from home, and when I met a nice guy who was in the Navy and would would ‘take me away,’ it was too much to resist.  But in the back of my mind I thought that I would somehow live there again some day, but I never did.  I had no idea how much I had blown up my life by leaving.  The friends and relatives that might have been part of my daily life weren’t there.  As I lived those days and years I didn’t think anything was missing, I was happy, it’s only now that I am looking back at it and wondering.  Because now that I am alone, and for almost the first time in my adult life, I see what I missed.  And I found I really needed to reconnect to those places and people from my past.  I needed to go back to square one, so to speak, in order to figure out where to go from here.

They say you can never go home again.  And in truth when I was out driving in my hometown with my old friend he would ask me if I recognized where I was, and I hardly ever did.  Places change.  But when it comes to DW Field’s Park it hasn’t changed a bit.  And that’s comforting to me.  And people?  They change too.  But some of them treasure their own memories of the past, and lucky for me I was part of their memories also.  This is the place I call up in my memory at the mention of the word home.  And I, for one, really can go home again.


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Fresh eyes…

Going through old photos in the computer is a little more complicated than just finding a box of old photos and looking through it.  If you come upon one that you like, as I did with the feature photo, but you get interrupted, then you decide you want to find more photos from that same day, it’s a bit frustrating.  And, according to the head of our photo group, one of the reasons for using Lightroom is because your original photos are preserved and you can get to them easily.  But I must have missed that class.  Or, more likely, it was over my head at the time.  When all this social distancing is behind us I plan on getting all this figured out, with help from a friend.

When I did eventually find the rest of the photos from that evening in Tarpon Springs I found I had a lot of pictures, but they were all of the same view.  I still do that.  If I’m there with the camera then I keep taking pictures, because that next one I take might just be the best one of all.  In reality they are all pretty much identical.

But I am consistent.  I would take these pictures I found from the botanical garden again today if they presented themselves.  I did just take pictures of the buds on this cactus recently, but I like this old picture better.04-19-cactusfloer04-19-20lizardsign

I also find that I make assumptions.  On this trip to Linda Pederson Park I saw manatees, lots of them.  Not only from the observation tower, but you could also see them as you stood along the edge of the inlet.  On later visits it was disappointing to discover that that’s not always the case at all. 04-19-20manatees2.jpg

It’s the reflections in the water that keeps you from seeing the manatees as they swim past you just a few yards away as you stand on the bank.  When I took these pictures two years ago I must have passed over them because I couldn’t see the manatees clearly.  Now I see the reflections in the water itself and in revisiting them these were my favorite shots from that day. 04-19-20manatees.jpg04-19-20manatees3.jpg

Funny how that works isn’t it?  What we failed to appreciate in the past becomes the thing that pleases us most when we look back with fresh eyes…