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Get thee to the rookery…

I’ve been driving right past the rookery lately, so I made it a point to stop the other day.  As soon as I got out of the car I could tell that things were winding down there, the decibel level was decidedly lessened.  The babies have grown so much that it’s now impossible to tell the babies from the adults.  I have thought of these wood storks as the ‘three amigos’, but as you can see there were only two of them still standing at attention.  The sky was full of birds though, birds seeming to be flying for the fun of it, so maybe the third one was spreading his wings.


The egrets are still the stars of the rookery.  They look so elegant no matter what they are doing.06-16-20rookeryegret06-16-20rookeryegret206-16-20rookeryegret3

I stopped by last December just to see if anything was happening at the rookery, but there wasn’t a bird in sight.   So I had wondered when they would be leaving, and where they are going once they do leave.  It seems that I might be out of here before they are…


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To spend a day out shooting pictures and ‘only’ come home with 668 is not particularly a lot.  But it’s a lot to go through and it leaves you with pictures that are left over, that didn’t quite fit the story you were telling, or you simply missed them.  Or maybe they just wanted to stand alone.

All day long we had a running debate over whether or not the bird we were looking at was a tri-color heron or not.  But once we did see one we didn’t have to debate anymore.05-21-2005-21-20tricolor

Green herons seem more rare of a sighting, or maybe they just hide better, but I was happy to see this one.   And this pale colored one was a mystery to me, but Merlin says it’s a black crowned night heron.05-21-20greenheron05-21-20greenheron205-21-20blackcrwned

Soft shelled turtles aren’t particularly cute, but we were amazed to see this one camouflaged in the algae.  And the orange shell of these turtles stood out too.05-21-20sftshellalgae05-21-20orangeshell

An osprey flying over with its catch in its talons is always a goal to see.  But if he stops to eat in a tree it’s the next best thing.05-21-20osprey-fish05-21-20osprey-fish2

I missed the excitement when this hawk stole this snake from an ibis.  I did get to see him make short work of it.05-21-20hawk-snake

A butterfly is always a pretty picture, and this green dragonfly was my favorite dragonfly picture of the day, but I somehow failed to export it so I missed it on my dragonfly post.  But it’s too pretty not to post.05-21-20butterfly05-21-20greenongreen

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I had a fun visit to the rookery today.  Or I should say Wednesday.  My friend and I got along much better than the two egrets in the feature photo appear to be doing.  A little sibling angst I think.    And we kept our social distancing in mind while we were there, again, unlike those egrets.  I was happy to get a little better look at the cattle egret babies.  Not exactly cute, but I’m sure their mother thinks they are.  05-06-20cattlegretchicks05-06-20mouthychick05-06-20mouthychick305-06-20mouthychick2

I don’t know if Larry and Moe were hiding in the shrubbery, but Curly was there.05-06-20curly.jpg

It was nice to be out taking pictures with a friend.  And I was glad to hear that the pool is supposed to open on Monday, but with restrictions of course.  I know that there are differing opinions about these things.  It will remain to be seen if we can get along better than the egrets above as we ease ourselves back to ‘normal’.




'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, egrets, fun, nature, nesting, perseverance, photography

Cattle Egrets…

There always have been cattle egrets at the rookery, but only one at a time and I hadn’t seen any nests there before.  But on Sunday there were three separate nesting pairs, so while comparatively speaking there weren’t a lot of them, there were many more than I was used to seeing.  Like the anhingas, they seem to stay in the lower branches of the trees where there isn’t a lot of foliage, which of course helped me to see them.  And I had fun watching them

I’d never seen them so, well, fluffy before.04-13-20cattleegret1.jpg

This pair had me fooled.  I watched and waited while one of them was standing over the other, but what I thought was a baby egrets sleeping turned out to be Mom taking a siesta.04-13-20cattleegretnest.jpg

But I will be watching their nests for babies because, well, this happened,04-13-20cattleegretwhoopie.jpg

And he looked pretty proud of himself afterwards too.04-13-20cattleegretproud.jpg

While one pair got romantic another pair was pretty industrious.  I watched as they attempted to snag the perfect stick to feather their nest.  I confess that for a moment I thought they had a snake, then as they tugged and tugged it appeared to be stretching and I was afraid it was a piece of trash that somehow got caught in the shrubbery.  I took quite a few pictures of them as they worked on that stick, but something must have caught my attention because I don’t know for sure if they were successful.04-13-20cattleegretteamwork.jpg04-13-20cattleegretteamwork3.jpg04-13-20cattleegretteamwork2.jpg

So while some of the nestlings have grown pretty big in the last few weeks, I see that there will be more to come before this season winds down.  I always enjoyed coming to the rookery, even when I didn’t live so close to it.  But what a blessing it is for me to be able to be outside and lost in my thoughts for a while, all while still keeping to the rules.

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Venice egrets…

Egrets are such beautiful birds.  They seem to be graceful and elegant all the time.  Well, except for when they are feeding their young, then it seems like they take their life in their hands.  Err, beaks.03-20-20daytripegretfeeds03-20-20daytripegrettwig.jpg03-20-20daytripegretandblues.jpg03-22-20veniceegrets303-22-20veniceegrets403-22-20veniceegretsgrab.jpg03-22-20veniceegrets.jpgWhile I can take pictures of egrets just a couple of minutes from home, it’s impossible to resist taking pictures of them no matter where you find them.

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The intruder…

She pulled into her carport, her mind on thoughts of putting her groceries away and what she might make for dinner later on.  The carport was narrow enough that she had to fold her mirrors in, and even then there was barely enough room to pull in and still have room to open the door on the driver’s side to get out.  It was especially tight that afternoon, and she squeezed herself out of the car and turned to walk out, and that’s wen she saw him.  The intruder.  She hadn’t seen him when she pulled in, he had made not a sound. She was completely taken by surprise, and he stood there blocking her way to leave and get to the safety of her house. She stopped short and they stared at each other, until she finally said, “Hello.”IMG_226203-10-20intruder103-10-20intruder2

He was young, inexperienced, she knew that by looking at him.  She was sure he had panhandling on his mind.  But he was barking up the wrong tree, so to speak, because she knew that he needed to learn to fend for himself if he was going to grow and thrive into adulthood.  They live in a very rich environmental area for him take care of himself, she was sure of that.  So she moved toward her door and he backed off, but only a little.  And when he finally decided to move on she was glad.  Even though he was moving down the street to another house where I’ve heard they do feed him. 03-10-20intruder3

The lasting thought from this encounter was to wonder how in the world she had not seen him as she pulled into her driveway.   Was she daydreaming, not looking?  She vowed to be more observant in the future…