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Palmer Lake…

My cousin and I took an afternoon hike to Palmer Lake on Friday.  So warmer temperatures than our earlier hikes, and while the uphill portions were nothing compared to the day before, I found myself struggling to get my breath.  And wondering how I managed the day before at all.  My Steps app is a disappointment to me.  I feel like I ought to get extra credit for all the uphill hiking I’ve done.  My first impression of FL was that I didn’t like it because it was too flat, but I’ll have a new appreciation for the nice flat walks from now on.  Here are some shots from that Palmer Lake hike.  The colorful columbine, the common merganser, the western bluebird, and the scenery.  Its always about the scenery, and the buffalo on the way.07-18-20morningreflectionsbluebird07-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo07-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo207-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo307-18-20morningreflectionsbuilding07-18-20morningreflectionslightcolumbine07-18-20morningreflectionspurplecolumbine07-18-20morningreflectionsthelake07-18-20morningreflectionswaterfall

'scene' along the way, adventure, birds, Camping, finding my way, flowers, fun, life goes on, making memories, natural wonders, nature, old dogs new tricks, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

Signal mountain summit…

Signal Mountain summit was a destination of mine on Wednesday.  This despite the warnings of a camper I spoke with the other day.  He implied that the drive up the mountain had been harrowing, and I had had my own harrowing drives lately and was hesitant to take on another one.  What convinced me to try it was his answer when I asked how the drive down the mountain was.  “Oh,” he said, “that was a piece of cake.”  That answer made me doubt him all together, so off I went, and it wasn’t a bad drive in either direction.  Though seeing bicyclers tackling it in either direction was mind blowing.  The view from the top was amazing, as seen with the iPhone in the feature photo.  The ever present wild flowers had the place full of butterflies, none of which was interested in posing for photos.  So there we were, we being myself and another photographer just enjoying the view, when we saw a bird circling below us.  It appeared to be a large bird and I did manage to get a couple of photos, but without wifi I can’t look up which bird it might be.  I hoped it was a golden eagle, the thought put into my mind by the golden coloration in the wings.  But I have no idea if the golden eagle’s head is dark like this bird’s was.  I hope I remember to look it up before I post this.  I made several other stops along the way also.  Taking it easy for a change…07-1s-20tetonview07-1s-20signalsummitview07-1s-20lakeview07-1s-20eagle07-1s-20eagle207-1s-20bee07-1s-20bee207-1s-20flowerfeature

I stopped at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart on the way but it’s only open for weddings this year.07-1s-20chapel

And a geo marker was a shiny token from the work it took to make this place a reality for all of us to enjoy.07-1s-20geomarker

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Heron Pond trail…

The feature photo isn’t from the hike I did with my cousin Mary yesterday, but all the rest are.  That row of houses on the hill has intrigued me ever since I first spotted it, but I didn’t think there was a good place to pull over to get the shot.  I found a spot yesterday, whether it was a good spot is debatable, but I only stopped for a minute.

The heron pond trail is right here where I’m camping in Colter Bay.  It’s only one of the trails to explore here and I hope to do more.  I thought I did pretty well as far as the altitude and not feeling so out of breath as I had been feeling.  Guess I ought to stay!07-14-20view07-14-20view207-14-20kayaker07-14-20yellowflower07-14-20stateflower07-14-20tanager07-14-20butterfly07-14-20heronpond07-14-20heronpondbevers07-14-20hiking07-14-20hikingnuthatcch207-14-20hikingnuthatcchA good picture of the fields of amazing wild flowers continues to escape me, but I sure do enjoy looking at them.

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Charley didn’t exactly rename all the pets in the family, but he adulterated their names into a semblance of what they once were.  We all adopted his terminology also, and that includes my eventual nick-name of ‘Neemie’.  My daughter once told me that her friends asked her why she called her mother Neemie, and she said that she answered that it was a long story.  A long and silly story, actually, and it’s not my point here at all.  No, I found myself looking for “buffalumps” again yesterday.  Another of Charley’s verbal adulterations, and I decided that this time he was more accurate than he probably intended when he called them that.  Once you are lucky enough to find them, and get your big lens out and want to observe them, you discover that they don’t do much but lay around.  Once I noticed all the little birds on the ground around one that was standing and grazing I couldn’t help but make the rest of the pictures all about the birds.

We were a little closer to them than we probably should have been, but they were close to the road so if you pulled over that’s just where you were.  Eventually one looked over right at me, and I decided that maybe I ought to move on…07-14-20buffalobirdagain07-14-20buffalobirds07-14-20buffalobirds207-14-20buffalobirds307-14-20buffalopair07-14-20threebirds07-14-20buffaloheyyou

'scene' along the way, adventure, birds, Camping, flowers, fun, making memories, natural wonders, nature, perseverance, photography, road trip

Teton morning…

I slept like a baby my first night in Grand Teton National Park. I was toasty warm under three blankets, including my first night under my ‘quarantine quilt’. My favorite way to sleep is when you are nice and warm but breathing cold air, and it was chilly. I went out early and drove a little way north of the campground to the turn-offs along Jackson Lake. Of course the views are spectacular, but I found myself drawn to the details too. The wildflowers that line the roadway just about everywhere. The little bird at the marina, and the pelican who caught his breakfast and I totally didn’t realize it until I saw the pictures in the computer.

I investigated the laundry/shower facility and discovered that they have wifi and you can plug in your computer to to charge it. That was a happy discovery for me, so I did my laundry, took a shower, and caught up with Facebook. I find as I walk I’m out of breath immediately, and tiredness set in, so I’m writing this while sitting outside at the camper, using up the battery that remains. The breeze is lovely, and the sun on my back feels like a massage. I have to give myself permission to relax, so I’m going to sit in the sun in the zero-gravity recliner and read my book a while.07-07-07lake207-07-07Jacksonlake107-07-07flowers07-07-07flowers207-07-07pinkflowers07-07-07pelican

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Dusty sunrise…

It seems the Saharan dust is still with us.  Not much more than a blush in the sky at sunrise and sunset.  Lately I’ve seen some really interesting pictures of the sun as it was rising in a dusty sky.  Against the color of the sky the sun looked like a yellow ball, really more like a moon than the sun, with wispy clouds trailing across the view.  I think I was hoping for either/or this morning, a lovely sunrise or a photo of that unusual looking sun.  I got neither.  To the naked eye I clearly saw the circle of the sun, and with wispy clouds, but that doesn’t seem to be what the camera saw.  Birds were flying through my shots and I hoped that they would create a better shot than they did.  Even the iPhone shots were disappointing.  I had the phone in my new phone case with a tether, but I find that the tether isn’t long enough to put the phone in my pocket, and I didn’t want it to hang, so I did the next best thing, I tucked it in my bra.  That worked well until I heard the phone, still in my bra, snapping pictures on its own while I snapped pictures with the camera.  You can’t make this stuff up…


I took a photo class online yesterday and I should have tried working with the exposure compensation.  I hope I get another chance at it.