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My first photography instruction was on photographing birds.  Alice, the teacher, said that if you just stake out a spot and stay still the birds will eventually not mind you being there and go about their business.  Sure enough, that’s what happened that day.  And it happened in Kathy’s yard yesterday when I staked out her hummingbird feeder to see if I could get a good picture.  Those little birds are fast, and at first they would zoom away as soon as I clicked the shutter.  Maybe they got extra hungry, but eventually they stuck around long enough for me to at least try to capture them.  It wasn’t easy.  I’d try to blame the camera for not being able to shoot more exposures per second, or the tripod for not being sturdy enough, or even the birds for their frantic ways, but I have to admit that it was me.  But the beauty of this open-ended trip is that there is always tomorrow…7-12hummer17-12hummer27-12hummer37-12hummer47-12hummer5

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Hyannis Harbor…

One night at a photography class I chatted with the student next me and I asked him what his main interest in photography subjects was.  I expected him to say birds.  And it seems like a lot of the members are into portrait photography also.  But what he said came as a surprise, he said he likes to photograph rust.  Well, he would have been in luck today at the Hyannis Harbor.  I knew that the ferry boats came in and out there, but even so I didn’t expect it to be as much of a working harbor as it appears to be.  Fishing boats and ferries in abundance, sometimes all at once.  And lots of rust.  If you look across the water you see the Hyannis Marina, where I imagine you would find lots of fancy yachts, and not a bit of rust…6-27tomslaughter6-27tomslaughter26-27netting6-27MissKara6-27rainbow6-27masts6-27pirates6-27seagullprize

This seagull seemed to have snagged himself a prize from the ship where they were cleaning fish.  But he just couldn’t seem to carry it off.  I think I see the problem…

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Heading east…

Sometimes you find yourself happily on your way and just have to stop to take a picture, like when I spotted this barn on my way this morning.  I passed up several more dilapidated barns that came up almost right away, but pulling the car over to stop was a challenge with no shoulder along the twisty, windy road, and I was anxious to keep  going.


Part of what I was anxious to do on the way was to stop at the restaurant my son had recommended.  I thought it would be easier to spot than it turned out to be, especially since I knew it was right on Route 84 as you were entering Massachusetts.   I was looking for it and didn’t see it, but I stopped and texted my son for directions and had to double back.  Traveler Food and Books.  It’s a charming restaurant, with it’s book lined walls, and not only will your lunch be delicious but when you leave you get to pick three books to take with you.  The tee shirt wasn’t free however.  I bought one in charcoal gray.

If you go in you might also be lucky and be seated next to the window with the bird feeders outside.  I was tickled to see chipmunks sharing the feeders with the birds since we don’t have them in Florida, they are so cute.  Watching all the activity at the feeders could have amused me a lot longer, and if I had been allowed to go out back to where they were I’d have taken a lot more pictures.  But there were books to pick out and tee shirts to buy, and the road was calling me.







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Don’t take it personally…

Or at least I try not to take it personally, but this is my most common view of the crane family lately.6-9timestwo4As soon as I realize they are out back and head out with the camera they leave.  Last year I felt almost smug about the way that that crane family didn’t seem to mind me watching them at all.  And that includes the dogs, they didn’t seem to pay any attention to Ozzie and Zoe last year either.  And, like the chickens who visit the yard periodically, the dogs weren’t noticing the cranes either.  But the two colts this year seem to stick close to Mom and Dad, except when I go out with the camera and the colts lead the charge away from the yard.  And one of the adults hangs back to monitor things while they make their get away.  Last year when I was leaving work for the day I’d get teased that I was going home to stalk the cranes.  And that was exactly what I did, so it’s amazing to me how little attention I’ve paid to them this year.  And that they haven’t seemed to require my supervision.  They are doing perfectly well without me.


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New technology…

I gave in and ordered a new camera the other day.  A new to me, used camera.  Ordered because this particular camera is especially good at taking low light photos, and I know this because people much more talented than I am have been raving about it.  If I read one thing, however, it’s that you can’t expect to buy the most expensive camera and think it’s going to make you a better photographer.  But maybe a cheap camera can help.  If only I had read the manual last night because I couldn’t set the camera up in time to take full advantage of it’s functions this morning.  But it is tiny, looking a bit funny sitting atop the tripod, and I’m happy with the photos I got.  I so hope it doesn’t rain tonight so I can go back out and try again.

5-25heronsunset15-25heronsunsetHDR25-252footheronThe heron’s picture was taken with my big lens however.  I had enjoyed seeing him in the water in my sunrise photos, but when he flew over and landed on a post we suspected he might be One-Foot Fred.  We being the neighbor who’s house has appeared in a few of my photos.  He came out to say hello and said that he sees me out there all the time.  So much for so called anonymity.  There is good news though.  Even though this heron isn’t our one-footed friend the neighbor says Fred is around all the time.  Just when I’m not there.  And the neighbor also says that I’m welcome to hang out there anytime, the only possible problem could be that his wife will chase off anyone who pees in their yard.  I promised I would try to resist the urge…

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Update from Philippe Park…


I am revisiting the owl photos from Phillippe Park which were posted in February because there is news to report.  When I heard that there was an owlet at the park I headed there asap, and because of how wonderfully birders share their information I was able to find the tree.  The nest was surrounded by photographers most every day, present, but respectful of the nest.  They dubbed this owlet Charlotte, they alternate male and female names every year.  So this might have been new to me but it’s an annual event.  I only went there to photograph the owlet twice, and shortly after the second visit the photographers reported that Charlotte had fallen out of the tree and scratched her eye.  She was taken to Sarasota for rehab, and several unsuccessful attempts to return her to the nest ensued, and there was much debate among birders as to whether she should have been taken from the nest at all.  But there is good news to report.  She was recently returned to the nest area in Philippe park and is reported to have a parent with her in the trees.  All of my info is second hand, or actually third hand, but I choose to be happy and hope that that owl has a long life ahead of her in that beautiful park.

Looking for photos of the owlet has reminded me that I have never set Lightroom in my computer to fully take advantage of the abilities of the program to organize your photos.  You can tag your photos, and then a search for ‘owls’ would have brought up all my owl photos.  You can rate your photos as they are imported into your computer, or you might choose to color code them, and Jeff, fearless leader of the group, talks about how quickly he can find a photo he might be looking for among his thousands of photos.  But I’m a beginner, and he also talks about the silly things that beginners think they need to do.  Like delete unusable photos one by one, when it’s also possible to tag the photos you will eventually delete and then purge them in one fell swoop.  It drives me crazy when he talks about beginners and the silly things that they do, mostly because it’s as if he has been reading my mind.  A little, or possibly a lot of organization is needed, I see that now.  Alas, I don’t have new photos to share, but these are the ones I used previously.2-15winglet2-15owletvignette12-15owlet42-15owlet32-15owlet22-15owlet13-7owls83-7owls73-7owls63-7owls23-7owls33-7owls4