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Concord, NH

The golden dome on the New Hampshire state house is visible as you pass Concord from the highway, looking like the perfect photo op.  I’d never stopped in Concord before, but last night Kathy had a favorite shop she wanted to visit so off we went.  But, sadly, I’ve decided that sunset isn’t the best time to be in Concord and wanting to see that dome in all it’s glory.  Nope, the sunset was behind the State House.  Sunrise would be perfect since the dome would be lit from the front and, I’m making an assumption here, there wouldn’t be parked cars to try to avoid in your shots.  But despite the challenges we still had fun roaming to see what we could find to photograph.  First the State House building…05-23-19concord805-23-19concord405-23-19concord2Then the library with the beautiful sky behind it…05-23-19concordAnd the iPhone only referred to this as the civic district, with it’s memorial garden…05-23-19concord7This Catholic Church has been converted to condos.  We saw the spires and had to walk to seek out what they belonged to.05-23-19concord10I really didn’t have to go to Concord to find lilacs in their full glory, but these were wonderful and I buried my face in them for a minute, or two…05-23-19concord9And Kathy found a friend…05-23-19concord6


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Prom season…

I wish I’d gone to the two proms I just went to in the opposite order, because I learned a few things this last Saturday.  My friend’s granddaughter had arranged to have photos taken as a group with some of her friends, and that sounded like fun.  My friend had informed me that I was invited to take photos at this event also.  But at the last minute we discovered that one of the families had hired a professional photographer to do the shoot, and it was mentioned that he’d have equipment, meaning lights and such.  This news had me wondering if we’d be welcome to take our own photos, and I was immediately intimidated, but off we went to a nearby mansion where the photos would be taken on the grounds.

I needn’t have worried.  The photographer showed up in his shorts, with just his hand held camera, and immediately began to banter with the kids and loosen them up.  It was determined that they were a group of friends with only one couple among them, and he began marching them around the grounds of this old mansion and posing them with lots of humor.  I found his choices of backgrounds to be interesting, and there were lots of shots where he had them all posed but looking to the side at him, so I couldn’t get his same angle and I’m looking forward to seeing his shots.  Of course we were all taking photos at the same time, and he’d tell the kids to just look at him, and after his shots he’d tell them to stay put to give us all a chance at it.  It was such fun.

And this tiny little NH town goes the extra mile for these kids. They were all assembled   at a back parking lot at the venue where they were all having dinner and the prom itself, and they were announced by name, and then each couple or group of friends, would come walking down the driveway approach to cheers from what appeared to be the entire town.  What a fun tradition.  But while we were all waiting for the main event what did we hear but an ice cream truck!  Soon I saw little kids with ice cream and I was thinking that it was terrible to have that distraction when the event we were all waiting for would begin in just a few minutes.  But as the truck came into view I realized that these were prom goers manning the truck, and tossing ice cream into the crowd!  What an entrance!  A little slice of small town living in NH…

05-19-Kin'sprom05-19-Kin'sprom205-19-Kin'sprom305-19-Kin'sprom405-19-Kin'sprom505-19-Kin'sprom605-19-Kin'sprom705-19-Kin'sprom805-19-Kin'sprom905-19-Kin'sprom1005-19-Kin'sprom1105-19-Kin'sprom1205-19-Kin'sprom1305-19-Kin'sprom1405-19-Kin'sprom1505-19-Kin'sprom16And here you have the soon to be crowned Prince and Princess of the prom!

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Mobile living…

Since I redid the curtains in my ‘Florida room,’ as it’s known here, there is a sliver of window showing above the sheers I have hung up high on the windows.  I love how it looks from the inside, and if I happen to look up and notice the sky in the late afternoon I might see that there is a very pretty sunset going on out there and I’m missing it.  So even though there isn’t a great setting to compose a picture I won’t be able to stand it and I’ll have to go out with the camera anyhow.  I took these pictures a few days ago when the pretty sky out there got me out the door, twice.  The same thing has been known to happen out the front windows in the morning too.  Sometimes I might be sitting here on the computer and thinking there is a torrential rain storm going on, but it’s just the wind rustling the palm fronds.  It sounds just like rain.  When a woodpecker decides to peck on the house it’s pretty darned funny too.  But life is simpler now, and I’m kind of proud of myself for not missing the luxuries, like my dishwasher and garbage disposal.  Of course I haven’t attempted anything fancy cooking-wise, so far at least.  Going to the laundromat isn’t bad either.  And my sleep and wake hours have become more normal.  Early on in living here I was up so early that it was still pitch dark outside when I was ready to take a shower.  It was little horrifying to turn, my hair full of shampoo, and open my eyes, and realize that I was showering in front of a window when it was dark out and the light was blazing inside.  Yikes!  I was thankful I’m not a couple of inches taller.  So living here has probably made me even more ready than ever to take on this ‘mobile’ living thing and really put it into action.  As in heading north and picking up the RV/camper and hitting the road.  I think I’ll be ready.  I’m excited.  I’m the proverbial Little Engine.  I think I can, I think I can…


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Seeing the view across the water at John’s Pass is certainly beautiful.  And the quaint charm of the buildings housing the restaurants and shops will catch your eye, particularly when lit up in the evening.  But the best part of walking the boardwalk just might be the smells coming from those restaurants.  If you weren’t hungry when you got there just give it a little while.  But then you have to decided which one to choose.  Good luck with that!4-24-19johnspassHDR44-24-19johnspassHDR14-24-19johnspassHDR54-24-19reflectionHDR4=25=19lighthouseHDR24=25=19lighthouseHDR34-24-19johnspassHDR64-24-19johnspassHDR34-24-19johnspassHDR24=25=19bubbagumpHDR2

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John’s Pass…

This photo from the FCCP photo walk last night just might be one of the least colorful one’s that I took, but I found the story behind it to be pretty unique.  We were enjoying being on the boardwalk and the bird’s eye view of the fishing boats that were at anchor, and the fishermen cleaning their fish.  They were being supervised by pelicans, snowy egrets, black crowned night hawks, blue herons, and white egrets, all waiting for scraps from their work.  Not having been there before it was hard to decide where to look first, the cute little shops, the scenery in general, or walk to the beach where the sunset would be happening soon.  One of the other photographers mentioned that when he comes to John’s Pass he always goes down an alley to a little building that has a sign about tarot reading.  I thought he was pointing out a place to eat, but he was talking about the birds, on the roof, on the wires, and on the neighboring buildings.  When we found this place later on the number of birds had dwindled and the owner of the business was hosing down the sidewalk out front.  She said that the birds come to her because of the rescue.  She told us that about 12 years ago a blue heron showed up with a fishing line attached to him, and she liberated him.  Soon another bird came to be rescued, and another, as if they were telling each other where to go when they got caught in the fishing gear.  And so it’s been going for all these years.  Just one little slice of what we saw last night.  After getting home late and having so many photos to go through this is the best I can do for now.  We had hardly gotten out of the car when we arrived and my friend was already declaring that she wanted to come back.  I think that’s a great idea!4-24-19johnspass34-24-19fromtheboardwalknightheron4-24-19john'spasssnowyegret

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Wall Springs Park…

I think that going to Wall Springs Park qualifies as a Photo groupie destination.  I’d heard of it through the club, and I knew I had told myself that I ought to go there one of these days.  But over the weekend I saw the turn off for the park while I was on my normal route to Clearwater.  Closer to home than I dreamed.  So it was only a matter of time until I headed there to see what I could see.  It was a lovely park, with a board walk path and multiple spots to stop for pictures.  As I stopped to take my first pictures of a Great Blue Heron I heard a little voice saying, “Mommy, I see a sting ray.”  And I laughed, thinking of course there wasn’t a sting ray, only there was. 4-23-19wallspringsgreatblue4-23-19wallspringsstingrayI found a Northern Parula having a tasty lunch…4-23-19wallspringsnorthernparulaAnd I took a few shots of some cute squirrels just because they are so cute, until they decide to raise a family in your attic…4-23-19wallspringsquirrel4-23-19wallspringsquirrel2

And flowers, bees, and my favorite, dragonflies!4-23-19wallsprings14-23-19wallspringsbee4-23-19wallspringsdragonfly

Such a pretty place to spend a morning…4-23-19wallspringspano4-23-19wallspringsreflection