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Just thinking…

I’ve been reading a story in serial form, a new chapter waiting for me online every morning.  It’s written by another blogger with a lot more experience (and followers) than me.  Which isn’t hard since I’m here in the dark and quiet, in the recliner, with my laptop, and I’m just thinking out loud.  Well, accompanied by the sound of the typing, and the clock ticking.  That other people may find it and read it is nice, but it’s not the point exactly.

In the serial the main character has come upon an old typewriter and he has discovered that whatever he types on it the night before is the reality that he wakes up to in the morning.  What an interesting premise that is.  I sit and write at night, what if I could just write my way into whatever fantasy I’ve been thinking about?  It boggles the mind a bit, but me being me what comes to mind are my musings about life in an RV.  Not unlike this author’s premise, in my fantasy my little trailer is magically parked in a spot with a fabulous view.  Something with either a sunrise or sunset right outside the door.  And I explore to my heart’s content, taking pictures.  Period.   I’ve been enjoying this particular daydream for years, without ever trying to imagine how the trailer has gotten to that lovely spot.  It’s the imaginary destinations that I crave, not the gritty day-to-day work of getting from point A to point B.  Soon I’ll be forced to figure all of that out, daunting as that may be.  If only it could be as easy as “If I write it it will come.”

But there are places to go and people to meet.  They are really out there, they aren’t just in my head.  Like this place, Bass River, which caught my eye as I drove across the bridge.  Who could resist that little green tugboat off in the distance?  Certainly not me.02-14-19bassriver02-14-19bassriver202-14-19bassriver302-14-19bassriver4

The blogger that I’ve been enjoying can be found at beetleypete.com.


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Sea Street Beach…

I somehow got it into my head that sunrise was at 6:50 yesterday, so I wasn’t rushing as I drove to Sea Street Beach.  It was obvious that the sky was full of color as I drove, but I still wasn’t thinking.  It was the first morning without Ozzie, it wasn’t a normal morning at all.  And I had been up at 3 AM, even that is a little earlier than my normal early rising.  And I had had the thought that I wouldn’t have to rush for the sunrise, but I lost some time writing and thinking of Ozzie.  So for whatever reason when I arrived this is what I found02-14-19valentine202-14-19valentine402-14-19valentine302-14-19valentine sun02-14-19valentinefeature02-14-19valentinesignI think that the shape standing on the closest rocks might be trash cans.  I told myself I’d lop them out of the photo in editing.  But when I saw the photos I saw them as a heart shape, and it was Valentines Day after all, so I left it as is.  Funny how Mother Nature can perform for you even when you aren’t exactly on top of things.  But later on I got my first ever phone call from Cupid, and the day got a little brighter after that.

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Facing facts…

When I was still in Florida and anticipating all the fun things I’d take pictures of when I headed north, snowy landscapes were tops on the list.  Snowier and more majestic in my mind than this is, but this is the most snow I’ve seen in years so I can’t really complain.

And when I was still in Florida I was worried about Ozzie.  He had been having elderly dog issues for a while, and when I heard that he was the last of his litter still alive I knew that his days were numbered.  But what you know in your head doesn’t always mean that your heart is ready to face facts.  He was the perfect dog to help me with all the changes in my life in the last few years.  Loveably there, but undemanding.  I really wasn’t alone, there was someone to take care of, two someones really with Zoe, but we lost her in April.  In a sense they reeled me in.  I could enjoy imagining myself having all sorts of adventures, going places, doing things, and I’d tell myself that it would be so wonderful, but I need to be home for the dogs.  And before that it was the husband, the kids, the business, and I think I patted myself on the back for taking care of them, for putting them first.  But the time had come to face facts.  Ozzie’s ability to get around got the best of him the other day, and I’m sad to say that he is no longer with me.  I hope I can find my way without him…02-12-19snowy2


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My navigator was using a Massachusetts topographical map to plot a route through the countryside.  Not to hike, thankfully, since it was incredibly cold, but to drive.  It was sunny, and the sky was lovely and blue.  That a photo op might present itself was always a possibility.  My friend worked construction, and from time to time he’d point out an area where he’d worked on a lot of houses, and it seemed that those newer houses in that area had the suburban neighborhood look that I’ve commonly seen, and lived in actually, all over the country.  Those aren’t what appeals to me or what I picture when I think of New England.  I like the random neighborhoods where the houses look very different from each other, random like the stone walls that look as if they weren’t built but that they just appeared along side the road.  He remarked more than once about how built up the countryside has become.  Progress I suppose, people do have to live somewhere.  But I’m happier to drive through the old neighborhoods that look exactly as they did when I grew up here.  And to stop, as we did, for me to take advantage of scenery that I couldn’t resist.  Maybe it’s just this time of life.  I once read that no one thinks harder than a 2-year-old does, because they are constantly confronted with new things that they have to fit into their understanding of their world.  Maybe being retired and having time to think about all the places and experiences of a lifetime is pretty much the same thing.  Just trying to make it all make sense… 02-01-19wayside102-01-19wayside202-01-19wayside3

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01-28-19ptownfeatureIf you are on Cape Cod and you keep driving west you will get to P-town eventually.  I somehow got it in my head that Cape Cod is so small that you can get anywhere in 10 minutes.  Silly me for thinking that.  But I got there, P-town, with it’s charming shops, all appearing to be closed for the winter, and restaurants, also closed, and glimpses of the water between the houses with no where to park the car.  The streets are narrow, I would not suggest pulling an RV through the town.  That thought is the stuff of nightmares for me, that I might stumble into an impossibly small space with the RV and not be able to get out.  What? Me worry?

When I found a parking lot it was adjacent to the wharf.  Serendipity.  And the little lighthouse across the way was so cute, but I had no idea which one it was.01-28-19ptownharbor101-28-19ptownharbor201-28-19ptownharbor301-28-19ptownharbor41-28-19p-townrocks1-28-19p-townboats21-28-19p-townboatsIMG_6833.jpg

It’s no longer nameless, it’s the Long Point Light Station!  The photo was taken with my 600 mm lens and looked pretty sad, but I decided it was worth putting through Waterlogue and that image makes me happy!

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That camping bug…

It seems the camping bug has hit a lot more people than I would have thought.  That it’s been a daydream of mine for a very long time made me an odd ball, or so I thought.  But ever since I bought my little camper, actually not so little, and fessed up on Facebook, I’ve heard from a lot of people on the subject.  I was surprised to discover that lots of them had campers of their own.  There was much enthusiasm. I’ve had offers of advice, of being co-campers, and of places to go.  And yesterday there was a box on the stoop with this assortment of camper accessories for me, from my daughter who thinks a mother/daughter trip is in order.  How cute is that?  And just when it dawned on me that I have a new little house to decorate.  I love a project…

It seems to me that I’m homesick for wherever I’m not.  Florida is beautiful, and with the camper I’ll be exploring more of those warm winter locations, provided I get my snowbird seasons figured out.  But with so many places to see, people to meet, and sunsets to enjoy, the road is calling me…01-25-19theopenroad01-25-19vistas01-25-19racepointsunset