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Pithlachascotee sunrise…

That is the name of the river that we see from this bridge. I named this post for the river just to see if I could spell it correctly without looking. I couldn’t, I gave it two Ts. Close but no cigar. Trying to spell the name of the river was the most excitement of the day so far. Even though the water was nice and still and ripe for some great reflections, but that didn’t happen. So I amused myself by trying to capture the swirling flock of birds as they landed on the wire, but they were just a blur of gray in the sky. Picking and choosing what day to head out early hasn’t been working out so well lately. Guess I need to rise and shine every day. A resolution? Probably not, but it sounds good.

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Fun in the sun…

Wasn’t it lucky that I stopped at Coquina Beach on my way back to the condo and spotted this row of umbrellas sitting out on the beach? There were a few people walking about, but no one was sitting, which was fine by me. And we walked the beach closer to home too.

And doesn’t this look like fun?
Fishing buddies…
I wonder what they were discussing?
I think this was Coquina Beach again.
No trespassing doesn’t apply to our feathered friends.
The sky was getting colorful and we were getting hungry, so we set out to find some dinner and hopefully watch the sunset.
Turns out I was wrong about this being my first trip to Longboat Key. We came down and met friends for lunch in the Beach House restaurant several years in a row. We would visit for a while and then drive back home. So we had dinner here, at the Beach House restaurant, and enjoyed the sunset and a great dinner.
I love to see the light rays come through, even in the grayest sky.

This was a message left on a piece of driftwood on the beach. I hope there will be lots to smile about in 2021.

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First day hike…

I’m not entirely sure if this was my first ‘first day’ hike, but it was a wake up call. It doesn’t get much flatter than a hike in Florida, but this one surprised me by being harder than I would have dreamed. All the inactivity of the last months, coupled with the baking (and eating), has taken a toll on me and I will have to change things in this new year. If there is one thing I can do for myself I think it would be drink more water, which seems like a easy enough goal.

A pine warbler was the only living thing, besides people, that I took a picture of, but I found myself surprised at just how colorful the scenery was. Maybe the pretty sky helped by creating contrast, but it was a nice walk.

Our hike leader pointing out the wound from the turpentine industry. There was an equally large one on the other side of the tree also, but still it grows.

Will there be a second day hike? That remains to be seen…

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Wall Springs Park…

Today I decided that a walk at Wall Springs Park would be a bit more scenic than just a walk around my neighborhood, and it just might include an opportunity to take some photos. It was a sunny but windy day, but hardly something to complain about when so many of my friends and family are snowbound.

I made a stop at the eagle nest both on the way and also on the way home, with no luck. But at the park I heard an osprey calling, and after some looking around I spotted him in a tree.

The butterfly garden at Wall Springs was my last discovery, and then it was on to Anclote Gulf park on the way home.

I get mad at myself when I let a beautiful day go by without getting outside to enjoy it, and aren’t I lucky that there are so many pretty places to go?

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In the spirit…

Last Saturday night my friend and I spent a few hours driving around her neighborhood, guided by GPS and following the stops set out in a ‘menu’ of sorts. Each destination was a house that was participating in a friendly competition over who would have the best Christmas display.. What a fun way to spend an evening and see if we could dredge up some holiday spirit while we were at it. I’ve totally lost track of which houses belonged to the runners-up, but I to definitely remember which house I thought would win, and it did. But I’m saving it for last.

And the winner is…

Music was playing at many of the stops, and I heard that one stop was serving hot chocolate. But I loved the winning house because Dad was manning a snow machine that was mounted on this sleigh and kids were invited out of the cars to check it out. He kept up a friendly banter, and his young teenaged sons were also working the crowd and giving out Christmas cards. I loved that it was such a family event.

And while I was working on these pictures I ran out to check the mail and found a Christmas card from my granddaughter who lives in Munich, Germany. It’s written in German but translated for me by her. Yes, family is what it’s all about and we shared many Christmas experiences together in the past, and hopefully there will be more to come in the future also. Merry Christmas Kara, and to all of you too!

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Just another day…

The feature photo is the last picture I took on Tuesday morning. By the time I took it I was freezing. Forty-two degrees might be a warm spell to some, but to me these days it’s pretty darned cold. I had stubbornly stuck with it, even though I suspected that this sunrise wasn’t going to be much to look at. This is the first shot I took as soon as I got to the bridge, when I thought I’d cut it too close and would only have 10 or so minutes to get some photos. It actually took a half hour for the sun to show it’s face.

But nothing much happened as I stood and watched, and moved from one end of the bridge to the other because I couldn’t tell exactly where the sun would, eventually, put in an appearance.

And that’s it, that’s the whole story. Not every sunrise arrives with fireworks in the sky, and with gorgeous reflections in the water. Nope, sometimes the sun just comes up like it’s just another day, no big deal. I forgot that I have a heated steering wheel for my poor frozen hands until I was almost home. My mind was on the oatmeal I was going to make…