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Tuesday Morning…

No, not the store. Which I haven’t seen in a while come to think of it. I used to always go in, but now I can’t remember where I lived when I did that. Not that it matters because this Tuesday morning was all about the sky. Not that it was filled with color, but this color-deprived photographer was happy to see any at all. I loved the reflected color in the water as a backdrop for the reeds at the side of the pond this morning.

The color wasn’t there at first, but then all of a sudden there it was. And the birds started flying through.
I sat and waited to see what would happen.
It was so pretty, but then the sky gradually got lighter and I decided to go back and pour another cup of coffee.

The color is back…

I should say the color was back, showing a pink glow through the nice transom over the front door. So I grabbed my phone and headed out the door, and there it was. Beautiful color after a few gray and gloomy days. It has me wondering if the sky will be as pretty for the sunrise also…

Most of the color is concentrated at the horizon line, but sometimes it lights up the whole sky!
Plus a nice crescent moon to boot.
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Admitting defeat…

The wildlife at the Hillsborough River State Park chased me away from the photo walk I had been looking forward to attending today. The wildlife in this particular case were some very aggressive mosquitos. I tried to suck it up and be at least as tough as the two Mikes that did finally show up were, but eventually I cried uncle, apologized, and high tailed it back to the car. When I add hashtags to my posts I always include ‘perseverance’ and ‘photography.’ But the photo walk I attended today defeated me, at least as far as perseverance goes. I did get a couple of photos though, so it wasn’t a total bust. And the rapids, such as they are, were flowing better than usual so I’m happy that I got that far into the woods at least. I took a Benedryl as soon as I got home, but tried to resist taking another one or I’d have slept the rest of the day away.

I love this sign.
If I hadn’t been so busy swatting mosquitos I would like to think that I would have climbed (carefully) down to the bank of the river and have had a much nicer view of the rapids.

I’ve learned my lesson. I will keep bug spray in my car, as well as in the basket of the trike, which is where it was today. Maybe even in my camera bag if I’m sure it won’t leak. Then I will do better at that perseverance thing. I’m afraid I may have promised myself that in the past, but this was the worst mosquito attack I’ve ever experienced. Or I’m getting wimpy in my old age.

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Back to the track…

Horse racing is back on the schedule for our photo group now that the weather is cooler. Saturday was our first photo walk to Tampa Bay Downs since last April. The weather was cloudy and cool, but eventually the sky cleared and the temperature began to rise. It’s always fun to shoot photos with friends, and make new friends also.

I was pleased to get the iconic shot, all four hooves off the ground. This horse won the first race, and as the tiny female jockey passed by us she said that this day was a one and done for her for the day. Or maybe it ought to be a won and done.
I was quite busy up in the grandstand, looking for a spot to shoot the finish line. Somehow I settled on this spot and failed to realize that I didn’t have the finish line in the shot after all.
Coming around the final turn and we see that this can be dirty work unless you are in the lead.
Another shot with all four feet off the ground. But there is a ‘rest of the story’ for this horse. Before the race started this horse somehow tossed his jockey, who proceeded to chase the horse. (I wish I had gotten that picture.)
The horse led everyone on a merry chase all over the field, then he decided he was done. He was scratched from the race after that.
“He went that a way.”
This is my favorite jockey of the day!

It’s so nice to see more and more photo shoots on the calendar with the nicer weather and the return to normalcy after covid. I used to go out for photos by myself, which meant that I never felt as trapped at home as most people did. But I’m enjoying being with friends, I’ll admit it.

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Gray and gloomy…

I should be ashamed to be lamenting over every day that isn’t sunny. In the summer I tell myself that I’ll accomplish lots of stuff when the weather breaks. Then when it’s in the 60s I think it’s too cold to do anything. Yes, I’m spoiled, I’ll admit it. We will have to put out some bird feeders for the various fence sitters I’ve been seeing out back. This one posed in front of the dark shadow of the neighbor’s lanai, making the day look that much gloomier. He stayed put when I opened the door to our lanai so I didn’t have to shoot through the screening. Nice of him.

This is a Northern Mockingbird. If he had been facing the other way and I was looking directly at that long tail I wouldn’t have had to look him up.
They have an amazing repertoire of songs they sing. They are very common in this area, and everywhere actually.

Happy Thanksgiving to friends and family near and far.

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Walking in the park…

I had two goals today. First I hoped to see the eagles, but I missed them. It was chilly, did that get them up and out early, or were they still cuddled up in the nest? I thought I’d be able to shed the sweatshirt as the morning wore on, but not only did I keep it on, I kept it zipped up as I enjoyed a walk at John Chestnut Park.

I thought I was seeing puffs of feathers in the breeze, but the culprit was this tree, and others like it.
As usual, squirrels were the most abundant form of wildlife that I saw. This little guy was stalking me.
He double-checked to see if I maybe had a treat for him after all.
It was quiet on the boardwalk.
I wondered what creatures were looking back at me from the woods.
Busy little birds, too quick for me.
These little birds were what I hoped to shoot today, but this isn’t the shot I hoped to get.
I wonder if anyone is home?
I had hoped for a deer sighting. I got four shots as this one crossed the street, and they all looked just like this one.
Standing on one bridge looking through the foliage at another bridge, and it’s reflection.
A mini Bernie-doodle! This is proof that he sat still for a second or two…
In case you need to rest a while.
Peaceful scenery.
A final deer sighting, just as I was reaching the exit to the park.

In the heat of summer I long for cooler weather, sure that I’d spend as much time as possible outside if only it would get cooler. But it was 62 degrees in the house when I woke up this morning, time for fuzzy socks and cozy blankets. So I got out a little later than ‘usual’, but what a nice morning it was.