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Low tide…

I wanted to go back to Green Key beach, or more correctly, the road to the beach, when low tide came around again. Low tide lets you walk out onto the wet sand to improve your view of the sunrise, which in reality is rising almost straight back down the road you drove in on. Low tide also leaves you lots of seaweed and debris that feels creepy underfoot as you walk out toward the water in the dark. And after you stand and take several pictures and then decide to cross the road and see if the view is better on the other side the wet sand holds your shoes, reluctant to let them go. Thankfully I’ve learned not to go shooting in flip flops anymore.

To my surprise, a little before sunrise someone came down the road and opened the gates that allow you to drive to the end of the road to the actual beach, so I jumped in the car thinking the view would be better from the beach. Perfect even. But no, there was foliage blocking the view totally, so I returned to the spot I’d just left. And the sunrise was prettier than I expected, shot from the opposite side of the road. Only a spoonbill appearance would have improved the day…

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The nick of time…

Note to self; be sure to check the tides before you head to Green Key for the sunrise. It was just dumb luck that the tide was low the last time I went there. Low tide lets you walk out far enough that the shrubbery isn’t blocking your view. But this morning all I worried about was how warm and muggy the morning was even at 6:30 AM, so I doused myself liberally with bug spray and headed out. And sure enough, there was color in the sky, but no view, which sent me scrambling to the nearby bridge where I like to take pictures also. Got there just in the nick of time.

I was really hoping to see the spoonbills at Green Key today also. It wasn’t to be. Next time there is low tide I’ll try again.

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I still love Bayport…

I went back to Bayport again already, and I had a fun time shooting. There was enough of a pretty sunrise to make me happy, plus a great blue heron dropped in on the fishing pier, probably looking for treats from the fishermen. When I was heading here frequently for the sunrise I came to expect a great blue to show up before I left. We may not have been able to go to the park for several years, but the great blue was probably there every day, enjoying himself without us. I love to see the boats leaving from the boat dock, creating photo ops for me. Yes, a fun day. But then I got home and looked at my photos and they all looked too dark, I almost didn’t even attempt to edit them. I’m glad I didn’t give up because when they were merged into HDR they looked a lot better.

There was another unexpected sight that made me smile that morning. One last boat that was heading out for the day with a dog onboard, and boy did he look as if he was going to have a great time. Lucky dog!

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A friendly sunrise…

I was looking at the maps in my phone the other morning, looking for yet another good spot to go to go for sunrise photos. Another close to home spot preferably. And I found a possibility, but unfortunately I missed the turn in the dark so I opted for Green Key Beach instead. Well, not the beach because the gates aren’t open early enough to get all the way to the beach, but I pulled over on the road to the beach. And that was a good thing. Not because the noseeums weren’t out because they were. And from that road you don’t have an especially good view to the east either. But it was low tide and there was a rocky foreground which always helps make a nice shot. And as I stood there with my camera on the tripod waiting to see if the color was going to develop I heard footsteps. It was dark enough that I couldn’t see anyone, but I heard her say hello. Lynn was her name, and we chatted as we watched. She comes there often and says that she sometimes sits and waits across the street and often lots of birds show up in the inlet there right around sunrise. Lots of different birds she said. Including, much to my surprise, spoonbills. And right on cue she noticed that the wading birds we were seeing down the way included a spoonbill or two. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have noticed them myself since they were in the shadows. But even though the pictures aren’t the best I can at least prove that yes, they were there. As it got lighter they flew off. This will be another frequent stop for me, I hope I see them again.

This black crowned heron was also in the mix, as was a pretty full moon.

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A good day…

Sunrise at the mountains? No, but I do love the clouds that could convince me that there’s a mountain range in the distance. And that’s as much color as there was this morning. These are the sunrises that remind me to stick close to home when it comes to sunrise and sunset photo ops. I’m glad I didn’t drive an hour this morning, or maybe it was a prettier sunrise further south. And when I do choose to drive then make a plan to meet friends there so it’ll be fun one way or another.

But that wasn’t my only trip out this morning. A visit to the Chrysler dealer for an oil change put me close enough to the eagle nest that I couldn’t resist looking for them again. And again the eagles were nowhere to be seen. But I was luckier when I headed to the fishing pier to see what I could see.

I believe that that’s a dragonfly on this little blue heron.

I was on the way to my car when I stopped to take the picture of the gull in the sun. But a fisherman came past and asked if I’d gotten a picture of the manatee that was hanging around the fishing pier. The answer to that was no, I had missed that completely. It was a gorgeous day, cool but windy, which made the water choppy and I had to wonder how anyone had noticed the manatee. She had a calf with her too, or so he said. I went back and barely caught her snout as she came up for air for just a second or two. But hey, I saw her, and managed to catch that snout in one of the 20 or so pictures that I took. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a good day.

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That morning light…

All the dark clouds were discouraging, but my destination was the little pond a few minutes from my house so I didn’t let that stop me. And pulling over into the tall weeds at the side of the road gave me pause also. I had a tick on me after being there one morning, but I had chalked that up to a hike the day before, and the houses with their lights on looked pretty, so I got out and took a photo (or five). You wouldn’t know it by the feature photo, but it was dark as I took that first picture, and I heard rustling, but since I figured that ticks don’t make noises while stalking you I wasn’t too worried. And I was surprised when I saw the picture. After that those ducks seemed to follow me as I repositioned myself three different times while I tried to figure out just exactly where the sun was going to come up. I had to park on the opposite side of the pond as it turned out, and the homeowners on that side had apparently mowed the grass at the edge of the pond. A nice surprise. And a pretty sunrise.