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Finding my way…

I was sitting in the dark and quiet, minding my own business, when a photo of the Super Moon came across my Facebook page.  It triggered a memory of the very first time I went to Hammond’s Creek Bridge for a sunrise, and the moon was also present in my sunrise shot that day.  I thought it really made the shot.  That thought sent me leaping out of the recliner to hurry and get dressed and get to the bridge in case the Super Moon would be in the sunrise shot again.  I only had a half hour until sunrise…

As I drove I could see the moon directly in front of me, when the fog thinned enough to see it at all, and already I knew it wasn’t going to be in the sunrise photo, but I kept going.  As has happened quite a few times already, the reflection of the sunrise was as pretty as the actual sunrise, so all was not lost.  It was worth the hurried trip out of the house.  The moon is in this shot, but you have to look for it.


I’ve been a little melancholy that I do everything by myself these days, and on the way home I imagined myself trying to get Charley to leap up and head out the door to go with me.  It would never have happened.  Charley used to do his full grooming routine, including ‘skunk piss’, before he would leave the house, including to head to the Y and work out on the machines.  I argued with him about that, because on the way home he would stop at my store when I was working, to shop or to just say hello, and he was always absolutely drenched in sweat, looking like a dirt ball.  Thankfully that was good skunk piss because he still aways smelled good.  Heaven forbid that he show up at the Y not looking his best, maybe it was because of the ‘exercise divas’, as his trainer friends called them.  But no, I shouldn’t lament that I have to head out the door alone to take pictures, because most likely if I didn’t head out when the thought struck I probably wouldn’t head out at all.

Besides, because of that I never know where I’ll be in the next five minutes, it’s a bit of an adventure.  As long as I keep finding my way home again it’ll be okay…





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You can’t win ’em all…

I should be grateful that in the six months since the fateful class which resulted in this blog, that usually my photo shoots have resulted in something useable to write about.  Clearly I need to have something up my sleeve for the times when that doesn’t happen.  The above photo is what I found on each of my two days off, a fogged in sunrise.  The sun showed up eventually on both days, but not in time for a sunrise photo.


On Wednesday I gave up right away, disappointed in both the sunrise and also that the one footed Great Blue Heron didn’t show up either.  Maybe I gave up too early because he did show up yesterday, and allowed me to take multiple photos from a few angles without getting overly annoyed with me.

But I had been sitting in my car, facing the sunrise that didn’t happen, and was surprised to see that right across the bridge a fisherman had reeled in a net full of fish, so I asked if I could take pictures.  He was happy to oblige, and explained that he was after mullet, and he had a net full of them.  Plus one jack, which he was planning on throwing back since he wasn’t going to eat it.  Mullet are vegetarians I’m told, and therefore won’t be caught with a rod and reel.  But they sometimes churn up the water so that it looks like it’s boiling, and I suppose that how you get a net full.  I’m learning all sorts of interesting tidbits of information these days, but I’ll stick with photography, it’s less messy!

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A good morning…

1125featureOzzie got me up at 1 AM. and also at 2:45 AM, which is when I gave up on sleep and started the coffee.  But the good thing about that was when I finally thought about going out for the sunrise there was time to go to Bayport.  I haven’t been there for what seems like quite a while, so I was excited as I drove up the road.  But as soon as I turned onto Rt. 50 towards Bayport the fog rolled in.  Pea soup fog.  I thought about turning around but I’m glad I didn’t because I drove out of the fog before I got to the park.  It was nice and clear, with the glow of sunrise already beginning.  This little memorial was something new, I couldn’t help but wonder what the story was.

1125memorial My favorite sunrise photos include the reflection of the palm trees in the inlet, but there were boats leaving one by one, so as soon as the water calmed back down another boat would come through.  Good thing I like a challenge.



And I also always like the pastel reflections of the sunrise.


1125sunset1All in all a very good morning…


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Jenkin’s Creek Sunrise…

That’s not where I was going when I left the house.  Jenkin’s Creek that is.  I had been sitting with my coffee and suddenly realized I ought to go out for the sunrise, but thought I only had time to make it to Hammond’s Creek Bridge.  But enroute Siri informed me that the sunrise wasn’t until 6:53, so I made the turn for Jenkin’s Creek, and thought I was going to be early.  That I was following a school bus didn’t dawn on me until the flashing red lights came on, and I stopped behind it and watched a pair of disembodied white tennis shoes walk across the street to get on the bus.  It was a surreal moment, I couldn’t see the kid at all, just the shoes.  We repeated this five more times before I was able to turn into the parking lot, so I wasn’t early anymore.  Turned out to be a good choice though, thanks to another Great Blue Heron.

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Sunday sunrise…

Do you see the eagle in the feature photo?  I saw that there was a bird in the top of the trees across from Bayport, so of course I took a picture.  And I can enlarge it enough that I can see the white head of an eagle, but not clearly.  It’s amazing how quickly a 300mm lens seems to be not enough.  Sigh.

But the sunrise tried, it really did.  After two gloomy days the clouds didn’t seem as overwhelming, so I headed out in hopes of a pretty sunrise display, but it really didn’t get more colorful than this.


I turned to check the reflected light from the sunrise and was surprised to realize that the Great Blue heron, my usual sunrise partner, had arrived.  He was quiet, unlike the grackles who arrived in one fell swoop, squawking all the while.



The heron walked along the sidewalk to the spot where I normally take my sunrise photos, and then flew across the water and posed nicely for me.


When I got home I found a Sandhill crane lounging on the lawn across the street, and he was soon joined by two more.  I’m seeing them more often lately, after a few months of not seeing many at all.  I hope that means they’ll be nesting on the lake again this year.  Something to look forward to…


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Bayport sunrise…

It was a promising sunrise as the sky began to glow orange at the horizon line.  I love to go to Bayport for the sunrise simply because I love the reflection of the palm trees in the inlet, but it means I take the same photo each time I go there.  But the light is always different, and once in a while you get a real fire in the sky sort of effect.  But it’s always pretty.  And, as usual, just as I concluded that I ought to go, that this was all the color I was going to see, the heron came to start his day.  Plus a friendly fisherman to chat with.  Nice start to the day.