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Don’t bug me…

A different sunrise view was what I wanted, and I decided that a nice, close spot might be the road that leads out to Green Key Beach.  That’s where I headed this morning, not expecting to find gates closing the road much further from the beach than I might have thought.  The feature photo is the first one I took while standing beside the car.  There are only a few spots where there is a break in the shrubbery where the fishermen stop to fish and where you have a bit of a view.  And where you will find the no-see-ums lying in wait to descend upon you before you can get yourself and your equipment out of the car.  I doused myself with bug spray as soon as I took that first picture, and then attempted to find a better spot to give me more of a view to the east, but there weren’t any.  And then I headed for home.


I was almost back to the main road when I saw a break in the shrubbery coming up, a last chance at a head-on view of the sunrise.  Only this was what I found when I got there.  05-24-20greenkeysunrise3

I guess I’ll have to keep looking for that perfect sunrise spot, or stick to sunsets.  And buy more bug spray…

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It was the moon that got me out bright and early on Sunday morning.  Not a full moon, or a blue moon, or a blood moon, just an ordinary crescent moon.  It was shining so clearly in the dark sky at 4 AM, and I thought of all the times I got up to let the dogs out and spotted a nice moon in a clear sky and got out my tripod and camera to try to take pictures, but they hardly ever turned out.  So I resisted the urge.  But it was still shining out there at 6 AM, and the sky was still just as clear, so off I went.  I’m glad I got a picture of the moon because a pretty sunrise to go with it might have been nice, but that didn’t happen.  It just got light out with no fan fare whatsoever.

And I must be feeling like a rebel because I’m breaking the rules by posting this picture this morning.  Our camera club leader, Jeff, says that he ‘isn’t good enough’ to take a picture that doesn’t need to be cropped.  I wonder if he has any idea how seriously I take his comments, taking them to heart like they are written in stone, when he may have just tossed off a comment with hardly any thought.  At any rate I force myself to crop my photos and yes, I can see that it does make it a better photo.  Not this photo though.  I can’t crop it without losing the moon, and the moon was the entire reason I was standing on the bridge at 6:15 AM waiting for something more to happen.  Or I might crop it and post the cropped version and erase half of what I wrote here.  Or I could go back to bed…05-17-20sunrisemoon05-17-20sunrisemooncropped

I’m not such a rebel after all…

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Apparently I have reached my limit.  Or my computer has.  While I have over 250 gigabytes of storage left on this computer, and that’s ridiculously more than the entire hard drive of computers I’ve owned not all that long ago, it’s not enough for my computer to sum up the energy to edit photos in Lightroom.  I get the endlessly twirling pinwheel as it tries to perform the function I chose while developing a photo, and then the computer just shuts down.  I don’t think it’s going to be an easy fix, and it’s not something I did or failed to do.  No, it’s that the complexity of the editing software is more than my computer can handle.  So I may be among the missing as I figure out if there is any fix other than buying a more powerful computer.  And the really sad news is that my laptop is in the exact same shape.  Built in obsolescence.  I feel like that applies to me too…


Seeing One-foot Fred was the high point of this day, and then reality set it…

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iPhone sunrise…

I like it better when you go out for photos and there are a couple of vantage points from which you might shoot a nice picture.  And this bridge does seem to provide a couple of angles most of the time, but not the other day when I was there bright and early.  There only seemed to be one direction to shoot to capture the color in the sky and water.  I had missed a pretty sunrise two days in a row just before this lovely morning.  Somehow lately it seems easier to just decide to forget it and stay home.  I can pat myself on the back for being a responsible citizen, but really it’s sheer laziness.  And, let’s face it, my social distancing is still intact on this bridge, at least, no, especially for the sunrise.  All except for a biker or two who will zip past me from behind with no warning at all.  I hope I never step back from the railing at just the wrong moment one day.

I knew that I’d like the iPhone photos of this sunrise, but when I’m there and holding the phone in my hands I worry about dropping it into the water.  I bought a rubber lanyard for it so that I could hang it around my neck when I go kayaking, which is almost never.  But it would also be good to use when I’m out taking photos.  But the problem is the heavy duty Otter box case I bought for it after my several iPhone disasters in the last couple of years.  I can’t get the lanyard over the case.  It would work perfectly if I took the phone out of the case, but that presents it’s own set of dilemmas.  Seems like it’s always something.


I made a stop at Walmart just as they opened after this sunrise.  And on the way home I happened to be behind this truck at the light, and I kept trying to figure out something that those words on the back window might really be saying besides Low Life, but I’m pretty sure that’s what that says.  That’s part of one of Charley’s more colorful phrases he was known to use regularly in normal daily conversation.  What mystifies me is why a person would want to announce that to the world.  Guess I’ll never know.04-23-20iPhonesunrise3.jpg

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The doldrums…

I had to check the meaning of the word doldrums, just in case.  It’s a period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression, according to Siri.  That pretty much describes me for the past couple of days.  For no particular reason beyond what we all are dealing with these last weeks.  And also for no particular reason I woke up this morning and surprised myself by getting out early for the sunrise.  It felt good.04-22-20bridgesunrise1

Then I stood in my driveway and spied on the bluebirds who have been zooming into and out of the bird house lately.  They haven’t been perching, and I haven’t seen them together, so are there eggs in the nest or are they feeding babies?  If they are then I can’t imagine when they were sitting on eggs since they both seemed to be out and about daily.  Or I lost track of time.  But I looked up the incubation period and it’s 12 to 14 days, and mom sits on the eggs and dad delivers dinner to her while incubating.  So that’s what I think is going on here.  And the surprise to read was that they commonly brood twice in a season.

I didn’t watch them for long because I was afraid that Dad was skittish about coming to feed Mom in the house because I was watching from the shelter of my open car door in the driveway.  In reality it was probably the maintenance crew with the mowers and edgers that were giving him second thoughts.04-22-20bluebirdantenna.jpg04-22-20bluebirdlightpost.jpg04-22-20bluebirddelivery.jpg04-22-20mamabluebird.jpg

In between bluebird visits I took the feature photo of the Northern Mockingbird who entertains me as I walk the park in the early evening.  They have an amazing variety of calls, which I’ve tried and failed to record on my phone.  You probably have them in your neighborhood since they are everywhere.

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As good as it gets…

I took my first sip of coffee this morning and walked to the blinds on the bluebird side of the house and opened them.  I was almost startled at the gorgeous sunrise that was going on out there.  Most of the time when I’ve gone out for the sunrise it’s because I got up early enough that I was bored and wanting to do something before the sun had even come up.  Then I choose a spot to go based on how much time I have.  Today I walked out to my driveway in my pajama and fuzzy hot pink socks to get this picture.  Then I went back inside for another sip of coffee.  I’m glad to have this picture because it might be as good as it gets today, time will tell.

Over the last few days I’ve gotten these pictures also.  The bluebirds are out there from time to time, but so far no intense activity that would make me think there are chicks, or even eggs, in the nest.


The sandhill cranes have been around also.  This one took me by surprise on my walk the other day.  He was n’t sounding off, which is unusual, and it seemed he was alone, so maybe they have a nest nearby.  The entire coastline here is one bird sanctuary or wild life preserve after another so it’s entirely possible.04-11-20homecrane

Then there was the sky the other day.  I took a lot of pictures of it because I thought I could see hints of sunrise color in the clouds.  Somehow the photos didn’t actually translate.  We have had such pretty weather, too pretty to be stuck in the house, but stuck we are.  At least for now…04-11-20homesky.jpg