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The usual places…

I have to approach Aripeka from the opposite direction since I moved.  And if I hadn’t set the GPS I’d have missed the turn in the dark.  So I came upon this scene first.  Considering that it was quite overcast I was encouraged by the sight.10-9aripeka#1

But it become obvious after a bit that the sun was actually going to come up on the far right of this shot, so I moved down the road to Hammond Bridge.


There was such a nice sunrise developing that I nearly forgot to turn and check to see the reflected sunrise.  When I checked again a minute later the sky had lost it’s glow.  And this bridge is where I used to see One-Foot Fred, but I didn’t see any herons today.  That was the only disappointing thing about the morning.

'scene' along the way, a second look, Bayport, birds, nature, Nature's beautiful creatures, perseverance, photography, sunrise

Rainy days…

It’s been raining the last two days.  Not all the time, but enough to keep me home.  Plus there were still issues that needed to be taken care, left-overs from being away for five months.  So I haven’t been out for pictures in two days.  That’s pretty much unheard of.  But, I thought, surely I must have photos that I’ve downloaded into one or the other computer, photos I overlooked for one reason or another.  So the feature photo is an iPhone photo from the Bayport sunrise just the other day.  It’s pretty much a rerun of the ones I’ve posted already.  But it’s the heron I saw that day that caught my attention.  It’s sad to say that while we are happy to see all the birds here, we photographers I mean, the fact that these birds are willing to hang around near people is often what will lead to their demise.  Do you see his leg?  He has fishing line attached there, and often it’s so very much worse looking than this looks.  Maybe someone tried to untangle him and this was the best they could do?  Perhaps.  Often times you’ll see that the overhead wires that line the street where the bridges lend themselves to fishermen fishing there, will be covered in fishing line.  And there was one-foot Fred, the Great Blue Heron who I saw many times, who the fishermen told me lost that foot to fishing line.  It’s upsetting to see.  It seems as if fishermen, who are out in nature as often as possible, would be more respectful of all the creatures out there.  And I have looked and looked at this photo and I have no idea why it appears that you can see through this guy.  I. hope it’s some optical illusion of some kind…10-8woundedheron

'scene' along the way, a second look, Bayport, birds, Florida wildlife, nature, perseverance, photography, sunrise

Back to Bayport…

I have no idea how long it’s been since the last time I went to Bayport for the sunrise.  Or sunset for that matter.  It was always my favorite place to go, and a place to go when I ran out of ideas for places to go.  And Sunday was a beautiful morning for it.  The fishing pier still hasn’t been repaired, and it felt a lot more rickety than I remember.  There is an underwater shipwreck nearby which is holding up the funds for the repairs. A fisherman told me that and I was dubious, but I Googled it and sure enough that’s the problem.   I didn’t think the heron was going to show up, but as you can see he did.  Seems like things went along just fine without me while I was gone.  10-6bayporsunrise410-6bayportHDR110-6bayportHDR310-6bayportHDRboat10-6bayportHDRclose10-6bayportHDRreverse10-6bayporheron10-6bayporheronegretOn the way home I stopped at Jenkin’s Creek in hopes of seeing an eagle, but I struck out. What I did see was a sign saying that ALL parked cars were subject to a $5 parking fee.  That was new.  I stopped to take pictures of this egret, and I didn’t pay.  I’m such a renegade in my old age.

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Brooker Creek Preserve…

Today was a day like many other days.  It was day one of my new resolve to eat better and get more exercise.  I’ve been there before, but I’m always sure that this time it will stick.  So I decided to walk this morning and walked out the door to very pretty skies.10-5morningsky110-5morningpalm

The next stop for the day was Brooker Creek Preserve.  I’d never been before and I expected to walk the bird trail and take lots of bird pictures, but that’s not what happened.10-5fromthebridgeThe view from the bridge was lovely, but there were no birds to be seen and I was disappointed to start with.  But I quickly discovered that this is exactly the place to go to for a nature adventure with kids.  I was especially impressed with the area set up for the kids to have some hands-on interactions with nature.  They could pet the pelts of some of the animals they have probably seen in the area.10-5pelts

And get to match the scat (that’s poop in layman’s terms) to the animal that created it.10-5scat

Or hold a caterpillar, which will become a monarch butterfly.10-5caterpillars

Or make a caterpillar craft…10-5caterpillars2

And a slideshow was playing up on the wall and one of the images caught my attention.  I’ve seen these lichen many times here in Florida but didn’t appreciate what I was seeing.  I liked them because there is sometimes a ‘face’ in the pattern on the bark.10-5lichen

And in the butterfly tent the kids were given q-tips that they could dip in fruit juice to attract the butterflies.  This little cutie’s name is Charlotte and she totally made my day!10-5cutie

Half the fun of being out with the camera is that you never know what the day will bring, but it’s always fun.

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Riverfront sunrise…

Sunrise is an hour later here in Florida, so getting out there for the big event is less of a challenge.  It was a good way to start the day, but it went downhill after that.  I washed the camper and was given my official parking spot for it here at the park.  But I had a heck of a time getting it hitched up to go park it.  I mean a HECK of a time.  I’d still be out there attempting to hitch it up if my uncle hadn’t come back from golfing and helped me.  It had to do with the driveway being on a slant, but still I should be able to do it myself.  Anyhow, parking spot #1, we finally got it parked and unhitched.   That’s when one of the landscape crew showed up and asked if that camper was going to be there full time.  I told him full time but off and on.  Then he said that he was surprised that they gave me a spot that turns into a swamp when we get a lot of rain.  You are a woman, he said, they probably shouldn’t put you where the snakes are.  No, they shouldn’t.  I plan on telling them what I think of parking spot #1 tomorrow.  I can hardly wait to hitch it up again to move it…10-2riversunrise10-2riversunrise210-2riversunrise310-2riversunrisebirdsAll these birds flew in and landed at the same time, it was quite a sight…

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Sunrise in York

What’s remarkable about this sunrise isn’t it’s color.  But it may become more dramatic soon, and if it does I’ll take more pictures.  No, what’s amazing about this photo is that I’m sitting on the deck at my daughter’s house, in my pajamas, and I’m not freezing.  It’s actually quite nice out here.  If only the traffic noises weren’t drowning out the nature serenade that I can hear, but I have to listen for it.

My plan for yesterday worked out fairly well.  I had driven to Coventry, RI to stop for the night on Saturday.  That put me past any morning traffic in Providence, and it was supposed to be an easy Sunday drive after that.  And as I merged into minimal traffic on Rt. 95 I relaxed a bit and thought it would be clear sailing.  I try not to exceed 60 mph when I’m towing the camper, so I stick to the right lane and mind my own business.  Which is slightly harder to do when a delivery truck with a giant, pink, hippopotamus painted on it’s side passes you.  That made me smile.  The signage had something to do with party supplies, and I had to laugh as it pulled over into the lane ahead of me and I was now looking at a giant, pink, hippopotamus butt painted on the back doors of the truck.  And that’s when we drove into a wall of fog that dominated the drive for the next two hours.  I found myself grateful for that pink hippo butt that loomed ahead of me in the fog, grateful to have something leading the way.  It’s a shame I didn’t get a picture.  I also didn’t get a picture of the scene as we crossed a bridge and I noticed a bit of fall color reflected in the still water.  And later on I missed two separate opportunities for photos of Amish buggies sharing the road with the traffic.  But the opportunity to spend time enjoying a glass of wine (or three) with my daughter is the rarest of all opportunities, and I took full advantage of that opportunity.


Just a couple of images sitting on my desktop waiting for me to notice them.