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Setting the stage…

My vague desire to go somewhere to take pictures on Friday was defeated by the off and on rain and thunder we had all day long. Lucky for me I wasn’t the chef on duty for dinner, so when something caught my eye out the front door I was outside and up and down the street trying to figure out the best view. It almost didn’t matter because the sky was colorful in every direction.

Looking south here.
This is my usual sunrise view towards the east.
Three or four flocks of birds flew through the sky. I don’t usually try to photograph them from my phone, but I’m a sucker for a V formation.
But of course the most color was towards the west.
And this was the grand finale.

Some rainy days just wipe out the chances of a pretty sky. Others just set the stage.

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Taylor Lake Park…

I hardly know where to start. Somehow we came across the name of a park in the area, one that we hadn’t heard of before. The John S. Taylor Park in Largo, FL. It’s not a huge park, the walk was an easy 1.6 miles around. We stopped to see and photograph birds quite a few times. I’ve seen comments about migratory birds being in the area at this time of year, or maybe it’s just such a pretty park that the birds like to call it home.

Bluejays used to visit my backyard in Spring Hill, but it was a nice surprise to see them yesterday. This one seemed to want to say something.
I think I like this photo of a bluejay the best.
But my new camera has the ability to track birds in flight, so I was happy to capture this photo. I have a lot more to learn about the settings in this camera though.
Anhingas were sunning themselves, as they are most everywhere you go in Florida.
Getting the camera to focus in for a macro shot was a slight problem.
Eventually it cooperated nicely.
I had just said that we hadn’t seen any bees that day, meaning big fat bumble bees. But when I stopped to look at the little flowers in the bushes along the shore I found tiny little bees on tiny little flowers.
The tiny little butterflies in the grasses were plentiful also.
A fisherman pointed out this little gator to us.
I would like to think that we would have noticed this big gator sunning itself even if the fisherman hadn’t pointed him out.

There are lots more photos to go through, but they will have to wait for another day. It’s time to go out and enjoy another gorgeous day in sunny Florida.

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Adventures after dark…

Even in the daylight I watch my step in this neighborhood. There are lots of mature trees casting deep shadows, and wrecking havoc with the sidewalks with sections of concrete just dying to trip you up. But walking up the street last night I ran into a few of the neighbors…

He was talking to me, but I hurried on past.
A welcoming committee perhaps?
Keep on walking.
These neighbors seemed friendlier.
Fluttering bats and twirling ghosts, I headed back home.

Little kids might be too intimidated to approach these houses for Trick or Treating. And I thought of this neighborhood as typical suburban, but I hadn’t checked it out after dark.

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Did you see that little creature peeking out of the water at the pond in the back of my over-55 mobile park, the one in the feature photo? I had heard that there USED to be an alligator in the pond, and it would bask on the bank in the sun sometimes. But it was gone, or so I was told. Gone to where was never explained. I’ve been coming down for the sunset for three years now, and usually you are greeted by a rather large turtle that will come over and check you out as you stand on the little deck which is provided for the residents to enjoy. My guess is that some residents feed him, because why else would he care that you are there? And, yes, the turtle was present and accounted for on this night. But it was the other little set of eyes that I saw that had me wondering.

Obviously not a great shot, just didn’t want you to think I’m making the whole thing up.
This is the shot that I go back for time and time again. Gotta love the little palm trees and their reflections.
It never hurts to have a bird fly through your sunset shot.
That it turned out to be this osprey fly over was a bonus.

I’ve been known to stand on the bank in hopes that the dragonflies would be flitting around the rushes at the edge of the water, so I suppose I will have to check out my surroundings a bit more thoroughly from now on. Once I start shooting Godzilla could come up behind me and I probably wouldn’t notice. Of course I count on my gated community to keep all the monsters out, but then the alligator managed to get in didn’t he? My guess is he isn’t over 55…

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Live and learn…

I am totally and completely floored. I went out for sunrise photos this morning to beat the rain that will be here shortly. I normally use just my phone on this walk around the block, but I grabbed the new camera too. But then I yelled at myself, but not out loud in the dim light, that the camera was still in HDR mode and I didn’t bring a tripod. Early morning HDRs are a norm for me, I’ve taken a million of them and I know that if I don’t bother to use the tripod I won’t get a usable shot. Never, ever. So I took my shot with the camera, and with that instant, split-second shutter release, I figured the camera had reset itself by being shut off. So I checked, and there were the three shots! Don’t ask me how it got a long exposure in that split second because I have no idea. But it was seeing the shots in the computer that blew me away. Every. Single. One. Sharp as can be. Level. No sign of camera shake. All along I resisted buying new gear because ‘it’s not the gear, it’s the person behind the lens.’ But it sure can help. Oh, and the nice color I had seen when I headed out the door, the color that I was disappointed not to see when I got to the park, turned out to be the reflected sunrise. I always try to remember to look behind me. Canon r7, 18-150 kit lens.

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New toys…

I went out with my new camera/lens combo this morning. The Canon R7 with the 18-150 lens that it’s packaged with at the moment. People who are wanting just the camera body are still waiting after ordering them a long time ago. I had identified this camera as my ‘next’ camera, even as I insisted that I was happy with my camera set up that had me ready to head out the door and shoot whatever came my way. But the new one is mirrorless, and that where the technology seems to be going. And I bought an adaptor so that I can use my other Canon lenses with the new camera, but I went out in search of dragonflies with the old lens on the new camera yesterday and I wasn’t so happy with the shots I took. It’s all good though, gotta shake things up once in a while.

I have to say that the sky was just gorgeous this morning, and if I hadn’t left my iPhone home charging (it was in the red) I would have taken all my pictures with that for it’s extra wide angle, the heck with the new camera. But I’m not unhappy with what I got…

The colors deepened.
The Ibis flew in.
Yesterday’s experiment.