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Good housekeeping…

Friends were taking a day trip today, but I decided that I wanted to stick closer to home. And I did, but I stuck even closer than I thought I would. Usually I drive a little way to see the eagles, and I had that in mind, but then I remembered the eagle nest that’s practically in my back yard. Trouble is that I hardly ever see eagles there when I check, I suspected it had been abandoned. But today one of them was keeping watch over the nest. I couldn’t see any other activity, but I’ll be checking it out from now on.

As I watched the eagle I couldn’t help but notice all the various birds flying overhead, and that reminded me that it had been a long time since I had checked out the nearby rookery. So I went home and got my ladder, because shooting over the fence would be impossible with out it, and sure enough, there was lots of housekeeping going on there.

I don’t recall seeing a snowy egret here before. Maybe we’ll get to see a new family this year. Possibly not the most exciting news for everyone, but that possibility is enough to make me happy. And that goes for the feature photo, a tricolor heron, too. I was always so happy to see them on the pond in my back yard, they were a favorite of mine. But I honestly didn’t realize what I was looking at when I was trying to get a photo, I thought it was a little blue heron, which is the same mistake I used to make out on the lake. Again, I would love to see him or her raise a family in this little rookery also. So much excitement this time of year, and so close to home.

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Back to The B…

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a poem read to me on Valentine’s Day before, especially while standing in a jungle, or so it appeared to my friend on FaceTime. That was the highpoint of the day, because the skies didn’t clear up, in fact it was raining when I pulled into the parking lot at Circle B Bar Reserve. I was on my way about 5 minutes after the thought crossed my mind to go this morning. Our weather doesn’t look great for the next few days and I was still hankering for that really terrific painted bunting photo. I needn’t have bothered though, seems the buntings haven’t been seen in a day or two so they may have moved on. And while it didn’t rain while I was there the sky stayed overcast. But I got myself out the door for a little while, and then it rained all the way home. And the days pass…

That tree full of vultures would make a nice Halloween scene.
Love the live oaks and Spanish moss.
A gray catbird perched for a photo.
Or two.
Or three.
Mrs. Cardinal visited off in the distance.
And so did the Mr.
I’m told that this is this owl’s favorite perch, and even after he was pointed out to me it look me quite a while to spot him. He was looking out towards the water and never turned around, but I hadn’t seen owls on my last few visits so I’m happy.
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If only…

If only the goal had been to see great blue herons, then our trip to Circle B Bar Reserve would have been a roaring success. Or actually if we’d wanted to see anything except painted buntings. They are migrating through right now, judging by the gorgeous pictures posted online, and that was our reason for heading there yesterday. And yes, we saw them, but only at the end of our day of hiking, in the heat. while lugging all our equipment. Someone with binoculars pointed them out, off in the distance, and requiring you to shoot into the sun. We took his word for it and started shooting, but it wasn’t until I got home and did a huge amount of work on these pictures that I could see that yes, they were painted buntings. Not at all the pictures I’d hoped to get, and I’m posting them even though they are awful, but they may be the only painted buntings I ever see. I’m hoping to go back and try again before they move on.

The feature photo is a female painted bunting, with is my feature photo. She was in a better spot and the first bird I saw while I was waiting to meet with my friends. She was very bright green when she flitted into the sun. The first time I saw a picture of a male painted bunting I thought it looked like a little kid had dumped out his box of crayons and colored in a bird with a little of every one. It didn’t look real to me. Yes, I need to go back and try again.

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Sunny skies…

This weather wimp saw blue skies and sunshine and just had to get out in the weather today. It was still a bit windy, but it felt so good to be outside

Of course I brought the lens ball.
Live oaks are just beautiful.
A walk in the woods.
Squirrels were the only wildlife I saw today.
The squirrels were very interested in the lens ball.
I don’t know what he had planned but I had to rescue the lens ball before he sent it flying.
We had a panoramic photography class the other day so you know I had to take a couple of those too!

This visit to John Chestnut park was just what the doctor ordered. Just exactly the weather that we brag about in Florida.

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Coffee anyone?

A good cup of coffee will start my day off right most days. I get up early just to sit and enjoy my coffee and check the computer to see the great pictures that have been posted from my photography groups online. But when I travel I will probably be out for the sunrise on a promising morning, and that will have me scouting for a nice place for a cup of coffee while it’s still fairly dim outside. When I’m away from home I hope for something different, something fun. I think I hit the jackpot on my recent trip to Anna Maria island. As you see in the feature photo, Ginny’s and Jane E’s would catch your eye as you drive past, and there were people milling about and cars parked nearby, which is always a good sign. I had time to kill, and the words ‘coffee’ and ‘bakery’ had me making a U-turn to check it out.

But as I walked through the door I was stopped in my tracks as my eyes adjusted to the colors and the chaos which had me forgetting about coffee for a few minutes.

This artwork is all done by Midge Pippel Art. Isn’t it great? You can find her on fineartamerica..com

Yes, I did eventually find the coffee, bottomless and very good, as well as lots to tempt me. And I returned again the next day and found the coffee to be just as good even if the sunrise hadn’t been as good the second day in a row. What a gem this whole area turned out to be, and only 2 hours from home…

'scene' along the way, a second look, backyard visitors, birds, blessings, fun, nature, on closer examination, perseverance, photography, technology


Robins, big deal, right? But not in Florida. Not when you have just started taking pictures daily and consequently you do notice when a flock of robins land. And you realize that you don’t see them all the time. And they proceed to splash around in the lake in your (now former) backyard. But I did see them land in this park that I now call home the other day. And I hear them. They are on the ground, in the trees, and in the air. So everywhere basically. And I’ll take pictures because they will move on before too long. I don’t see how you can pay attention to nature and not know deep down that there really is a God…