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The usual places…

I have to approach Aripeka from the opposite direction since I moved.  And if I hadn’t set the GPS I’d have missed the turn in the dark.  So I came upon this scene first.  Considering that it was quite overcast I was encouraged by the sight.10-9aripeka#1

But it become obvious after a bit that the sun was actually going to come up on the far right of this shot, so I moved down the road to Hammond Bridge.


There was such a nice sunrise developing that I nearly forgot to turn and check to see the reflected sunrise.  When I checked again a minute later the sky had lost it’s glow.  And this bridge is where I used to see One-Foot Fred, but I didn’t see any herons today.  That was the only disappointing thing about the morning.

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His SUV was pulled over at a scenic overlook on Skyline Drive.  The back hatch was open and he was sitting in one of the two chairs he had placed just outside, angled toward the view.  His old=fashioned boom box was playing lovely, soft music, and I thought he was reading, but it turned out he was writing in a journal.  I had also pulled over at the overlook and got out of my car with my camera in my hands.  “You look comfortable,” I said.  “It’s our 50th anniversary,” he said, and I looked  but I didn’t see another person.  “We liked to come here”, he said, and he gestured to the empty chair and said, “She’s right there.”

She had died 7 months before, it was a blessing, he said.  He said that he didn’t want to brag, but his wife was very talented.  She baked and sewed, and she taught him to do those things too.  He said that he has her sewing machine and he is finishing all her projects for her.  They never let the sun set on an argument, he was proud of that.  He said he would always apologize and she would always say that it was okay, and then she would always let it go.  And they had had 10 children, it took him a while to mention that.  He showed me their wedding picture. They were so young.  And I thought of all that still lay ahead of them that day.  He said that he was writing it all down, their whole story, from the day that they met.  He was teary-eyed as he said these things, but he said that he knew that I would understand, and I did.

Skyline Drive was on my agenda from the day I left Florida in the first place.  I wanted to see color, but this color wasn’t the colorful trip that I intended.  I was going to try to be there for the fall scenery and I came close.  And I had just complained about the twists and turns of the roads in PA, and there I was purposely choosing to travel on a 100+ mile road of nothing but twists, and turns, and mountains.  But I was glad I was there today.  It was the perfect day to be there, because it was the day I met Bob…

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Hanging around in New Hampshire…

It was fall scenery that I was looking for, not pirates.  Or butterflies.  I said I needed to see fall and/or a moose before I go, so when I saw a large animal off in the distance I got excited.  But my friend said no, not a moose, darn it. 13thfoliagenotamoosetwomonarchs2twomonarchs

I also didn’t expect to see a neighbor walking his oxen down the road.  I hope I get a little more warning if I see him again. oxenwalk

And we were so sure that the hummingbirds were gone already that we nearly took the hummingbird feeder down.  I’m glad we didn’t.


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Carter Hill Orchard…

Apples and fall, they go hand in hand don’t they?  So it seemed that a trip to the apple orchard was in order.  We found them ready for Halloween already, but that’s okay.  It added a photo op or two.  We also found folks with binoculars who’s mission was to count the raptors they could see.  We watched them looking to the sky with their binoculars, and we joined them on their raised platform.  It was a little disappointing not to see any birds, but the views were spectacular, a little more ‘fall’ out there.

Oh, did I mention the apple cider donuts?  Spotted those right away…


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Condo living…

What'sbelowI lived in a condo for 25 years.  Granted it was a townhouse condominium and not a high rise, so no upstairs/downstairs neighbors, but it was close quarters.  I lived in that one house longer than I lived in my hometown in Massachusetts, but if you ask me I’ll tell you that ‘home’ is Brockton, MA.  Even if being from Brockton conjures up a different image these days than it did when I left, ahem, 50 years ago.  This condo could use a facelift I think, but the neighbors seem friendly enough…condolifecondolife2

While I was paying attention to the ducks and egrets at Wild Duck Campground these little birdies were right there, but I never noticed them until I was driving out of the campground for the very  last time and had to jump out of the car for a few photos.  Just another example of photo ops all around you every day, no matter where you are…

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Looking for fall…

On my drive from the Portland area to central New Hampshire I looked for signs of fall in the scenery, and I did see hints of color, especially along the Maine coast.  A little color in the trees here and there, enough to make my heart go pitter-pat. I haven’t been here for fall in a lot of years, and after I wished for, but couldn’t manage, a fall adventure last year, it’s a must for this year.  So my attention has officially  turned from lighthouses to fall.  I really want to see a full-blown fall display before I head back to Florida.  To that end I went looking for more beginnings of fall yesterday, but with limited results.  Mother Nature has her own agenda and she will perform when she is ready.  And I have to remember that not every fall is as spectacular as other’s you’ve seen. But my fingers are crossed for this year, and then I’ll be ready to go home.


Wait, I haven’t seen a moose, I need to see one.  Well, yes I did see one, but it was at the Kittery Trading Post…kitterymoose