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After the storm…

I had heard that the sunset can be especially nice after a storm has rolled through, which is what happened yesterday. It was nearly 6:30 when I glanced up and noticed that the clouds had broken up, which left a half hour until sunset. I hadn’t been to Hudson Beach for a while, and at 3 miles from my house I can be there in 10 minutes, I should probably go there more often. The sky was already streaked with reds, but the houses across the inlet looked so perfect in the light that the feature photo is the first picture I took when I got there. That lovely light doesn’t last long. It was a beautiful night.

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Staying home…

Staying home alone means you can do whatever you want to do, all day long, day after day. Even if you find yourself caught up in a show on Apple TV and basically watch all day long it’s okay, because living alone means there is no one there to object, or tell you that you need to do something, anything, else. I may live alone, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t hear a voice telling me to go do something else, but it’s the voice in my head, and it can be relentless. Do I listen to it? No, not usually, unless it tells me to go bake something, but then after I’ve baked something it tells me not to eat it, so that’s no fun. Living alone has its perks, especially when that voice in my head tells me I’m okay, good even. But it’s not so free with the compliments, it’s much better at ‘constructive’ criticism.

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Simple skies…

Talking with a friend the other day reminded me of how much my husband and I enjoyed looking at the skies here in Florida. I remember driving to the house from the airport and we would point out the beautiful clouds to each other. And the palm trees were a marvel also. We spent three years traveling from Maryland to our home in Florida, just visiting, but anticipating the day when we would make it our permanent home. That was fifteen years ago now, and I’m still marveling at the skies and the palm trees.

And so Florida eventually became our permanent home, except the word permanent doesn’t hold as much meaning for me as it did 15 years ago. I’m pretty sure that I would have been horrified if I’d have had an inkling of where 15 years would bring me. I would never have believed that I’d feel so at peace as I do. Just looking at the sky and seeing what each day brings…

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Florida sunset…

I said I was trying to get back to normal, but I forgot that ‘normal’ includes fighting with the desktop computer, which doesn’t get along with Lightroom anymore.  Just because you asked it to make a 16 photo HDR panoramic photo it objects by shutting itself down a time or two.  Even a normal HDR photo will cause a hiccup.  But I did go out for photos for the first time in a week so that’s something at least.  It’s a start…08-12-20HudsnBeach208-12-20HudsnBeachreflection

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Colter Bay sunset…

My friend had told me that people go to the ‘beach’ for the sunset here in Colter Bay.  The beach being gravel rather than sand, and probably chillier than I’d like.  It didn’t stop the kids from having fun though.  And families had kayaks out, and as the night progressed there were campfires being lit along the beach.  I’m glad I didn’t miss it all together…07-31-20ColterBaysunset2

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Slide Lake

Sunday my cousin and I walked the trail at Slide Lake, a favorite place of hers.  To get there we tackled roads nearly as rough as the one I had been on the week before, the road my cousin said that everyone who lives here knows better than to travel on.  She wanted to find “The Wedding Tree”, a spot where many locals choose to get married, including friends of hers, but she hadn’t ever been there. 07-19-20mooseweddingtreeWe also stopped to take pictures of the red hills and old wagons, plus the horses and cows who were observing us as we checked out the scenery.  One stop to see a couple of ravens who had caught our eye resulted in a quick glimpse of a moose and calf as they were heading Into the woods.  I resolved to go back to see what I could see another time.07-19-20mooseravens07-19-20mooseredhills207-19-20mooseredhills07-19-20mooseredhills307-19-20mooserockface07-19-20moosescene207-19-20moosescene07-19-20moosewagon207-19-20moosecalf07-19-20moosehorses07-19-20moosewagonBut I’m forgetting to mention the Gros Ventre Slide, scene of an event that changed the scene in this area.  And named the lake in the process.07-19-20mooseslidesign07-19-20mooseslidescene

And a tease of sunset on the way home.07-19-20moosesunset