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Back to the beaches…

Florida’s beaches have been reopened, and that makes me happy because a quick trip to Green Key Beach for the sunset was easy enough to do.  But I have this nagging feeling of guilt for being ready to get back to normal.  Several of my closest friends are very concerned about a rush to normalcy, and with very good reason.  Boredom on my part doesn’t seem like much of a counterpoint to their worries.  But I went to the beach anyhow, and the closest I came to anyone was this night heron.  I don’t know who was more surprised, him or me.05-15-20nightheron

These birds are usually hard to see in the shrubbery, not standing beside you all of a sudden after you went back to the car for bug spray.  I had walked to the farthest end of the beach where it meets shrubbery to get this shot and then retreated for bug spray. 05-15-20sunset2Between high tide and the landscaping that has been done to this beach in the last year positioning yourself for a nice angle on the sunset was a challenge.  The no-see-ums didn’t seem to be phased by my bug spray, and people were clustered closer together to watch the sunset at the other end of the beach, so I headed for home as soon as the sun disappeared.  Somehow the days pass…05-15-20sunset305-15-20sunset

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Opening up…

 The good news is that Pine Island is open again, with restrictions of course. My friend and I decided that we would head there for the sunset on Thursday night when we hoped it wouldn’t be too crowded. My first impression as I drove through the gates and saw all the cars was startling, but the parking lot may have looked crowded, but the beach was not. My second revelation came when I turned on my camera to take a picture of the scenery with a lone fisherman who happened to be positioned just right. That’s when I got the dreaded notification that I had no card in the camera. I’d never done that before, but I guess it had to happen eventually. Of course I had my trusty iPhone with me, and I knew that this would be my opportunity to put our recent class in Lightroom Mobile to the test. It was supposed to be great, according to our fearless leader Jeff. And he did make it look easy, but I had to force myself to stick with it and not just give in to the easier, more familiar version of that not-so-intuitive-application on the computer. Who knew that when I bought the iPad and Apple Pencil nearly three years ago I’d finally be putting them to use.IMG_2867rampIMG_2860IMG_2859runnerIMG_2807distancingIMG_2804bettyIMG_2799sunsetPineisland2IMG_2833pineisland3 

Alas I must confess.  Editing the pictures was tough but I managed it.  But when it came to putting them into this post I eventually resorted to using my laptop.  I have so much more to learn.

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Check it out…

It’s not like I have nothing to do.  It’s more like I have too much to do.  So I bounce between my computer, my sewing machine, the camera, the TV, and round and round.  My camera club has been having almost daily photography classes, which have been great.  It would be a tease to not be able to get out to take new photos if not for the 34,000 photos sitting in my Lightroom library that I can bring up and edit according to whatever new tidbits I have picked up in the latest class.

These photos are from the first time I went to the photo walk at the Clearwater library with the group two years ago.  One of my first trips with the group.  At first I went to every photo walk that I could manage, as if it was going to be the one and only time that opportunity would ever exist.  And most of those photo ops involved a 100-mile round trip for me, so it was a relief to realize that the photo walks repeat every few weeks.  After that I paced myself a little better.  I’ve long appreciated how much joining this group brought to my life once I began to recover from losing my husband.  But it has never been as beneficial as it’s been during this suspension of life as we knew it.  The Florida Center for Creative Photography is the name of the group.  It’s a wonderful group of people and a terrific resource for learning more about photography.  If you also like photography you might like to check it out.04-16-20HDRlibrary204-16-20HDRlibrary.jpg


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The rules…

I have always spent a lot of time arguing with myself over what I should or should not do.  Rules have always dominated my life, and most of those rules I made up myself.  Going through my old photos brought me to this one, taken at Bayport a couple of years ago.  The first thought that came to mind was that this part of the park isn’t gated off, I could still go there for pictures.  A happy thought, until I remember the rule, stay home.  Would it really matter if I headed out, just me and my camera?  Even if I go out and don’t see another person have I somehow contributed to this current state of emergency we find ourselves in?  I shake my head over speeders and people who run red lights for obvious reasons, but is it up to me to decide if these new rules apply to me?  And how much inactivity will it take at my age to create a situation where my body won’t cooperate with what in my mind I think I can do?  It will be sunrise soon enough, and light enough for me to take a walk, so that’s what I think I will do.  I will go out and get my 10,000 steps in while I still can.  It’s a rule…

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Old photos…

I missed the announcement that the photo shoot for the evening had been cancelled.  I figured it out while waiting for the ferry without another photographer in sight.  I went ahead and rode the ferry anyway, and also rode the sunset cruise out of Clearwater beach. The sliver of sky at the horizon provided enough sunset color to make me happy that day, and happy with my pictures, but they look different to me now, two years later.  Now I’m reviewing pictures from that day  and I find myself wondering about all the people who were there, all the dramas going on behind the windows that I photographed that day.  Were people enjoying a longed-for vacation?  Were there reunions of old friends happening anywhere out there?  Engagements?  Happy news?  Sad news?  I was enjoying my day that day even if it hadn’t turned out exactly as I’d expected.  But today I know that those hotels and condos are still there, but they may be empty, or nearly so.  There may be people enjoying the sunset from home even as I write this.  I hope so.  The hotels are man made, but the sunset is a gift.  It’s still there to be enjoyed.

I don’t know why I never went back and rode the ferry again.  My friend just visited me recently and I wish I’d thought to do this with her.  Right now I feel like I just can’t wait to go out and do things like this again.  I hope I remember to make the most of my  opportunities when that day comes.


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The end of the day…

I have to admit that we had quite the day of shooting last week, with the Venice rookery and Myakka River state park. But we weren’t done.  Our last stop was the causeway bridge in St. Pete, which my friend hadn’t been to before, and I wanted to improve on the pictures I had taken the last time.  But it had been a long day, and we were very tired as we waited for the sun to set and then for the lights on the bridge to come on.  I had the lens that I regretted that I didn’t have the last time, and the tripod, so my shots should have been good.  But again I managed to miss the shots I most wanted to get, this time they were blurry.  The iPhone didn’t miss the shot however, so once again it saved me.  Gotta love the iPhone!