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Live and learn…

The feature photo is from Monday morning, pale but nice sunrise after a storm the night before. Which looked like this just after it ended, and in time for the sky to light up.

I think I was lucky enough to catch the finale of the show, because it got grayer soon after I took this shot.
This is the audience apparently waiting for the sunrise right along with me.
And this was Monday night as we left the restaurant and headed for home. An early night because our company was leaving on Tuesday, a very early flight.

Note to self: Just because you are in a parking lot when you decide you have to take a shot of the sunset, and you step up onto a curb and then onto the sandy grass, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t fire ants ready and waiting to bite your toe and make you too itchy to fall asleep…

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Easter sunset…

When the day begins to wind down you will find me in a comfy chair with my feet up, probably watching Jeopardy. And that’s usually the end of my day when I’m home, but if I’m at my friend’s house I will be looking at the TV, but with a view of the window over the front door. Sometimes that view includes some wispy clouds that begin to glow pink, and that will roust me out of the chair and out the front door. Rushing down the street a little way brings me to the feature photo view.

The closest option for view is this one, steps out the front door looking down the street across the way.
And I pass this view between the two.
And this kitty has usually just settled onto my lap for a snooze when a glance out the window sends me out the door. She was a feral cat, fed by the neighbors who moved away. She was parked on the lawn beside an empty food bowl when my friend took up the feeding routine. Then she started napping on his lanai, entering through a ripped screen. That led to short trips into the house, and the rest is history. Sweet kitty.

This time of year is a challenge. Do I go out to see if the sky is on fire, or to I stay put to see who wins Jeopardy? Sometimes it’s not an easy choice.

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Sunset drive…

Our Tuesday camera club meeting always takes place at 6 PM on Tuesday night. The lovely park that we pass by on our way to the meeting is always pretty, but it’s the sunset that changes. Not too long ago the sky was on fire as we approached the park and I worried that I’d miss the sunset completely. This week’s meeting at 6 PM had us early for the sunset, but not too early for the sky to be amazing. So I held my phone out the car window and kept the burst button down. If you are a photographer, whether a pro or just for fun, you are used to going through a LOT of pictures to find the few that you like a lot. In this case there was an unusual amount of photos taken, but as long as I find a couple to use I’m happy. Life is good.

A possible proposal?
Love the clouds.
I was inside for the sunset itself, I’ll bet it was gorgeous.
I would imagine that someone enjoyed the sunset on one of these benches.
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Eagles again, and sunset color…

Having failed to see the eaglets on our last trip we decided to stop and see them when we were in the area again. We were told that one of the adults had just brought a big rat back for lunch, so not much was happening, but we waited a while. One adult stayed in the shadows, but the other found a spot in the sun in a tree a little way from the nest. And one of the eaglets decided to stretch his wings, so we left there happy with out stop.

This parent was further away from the nest, but the other one was in the shadows near the nest.
One of the eaglets obliged us by popping his head up and flapping his wings.
This is a pathetic picture but what you can see is his crown of feathers developing in a row on his head. And a rather impressive wing. I was still expecting him to be yellow and downey. Silly me.

Then we headed to Dunedin again to see the sunset before we headed to meet with the photo group. Another nice day.

The color was nice. My friends have been describing the recent sunsets as ‘sherbet’ color.
Flocks of birds flew through the scene.
A sailboat sailed into the scene at the last possible moment of color.
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Lido Beach…

This is my second year in a row of meeting an old friend in Longboat Key. Such a beautiful spit of land along the Gulf of Mexico, and the view to the other side is Sarasota Bay. The day was predicted to be cloudy all day, but the sun came in and out, and I had moments of wishing that the sun would disappear behind a cloud for a minute as we sat on the beach. Followed by welcoming the sun back as the breeze chilled us. It is a lovely place to spend a winter day in Florida.

We nearly had the beach to ourselves.
Not everyone was as bundled up as we were.
As we headed to Anna Maria Island for some more shopping, and ice cream for supper as it turned out, the sky kept taking our attention. Would the clouds take over the sunset completely?
The wind was picking up…
This might be my favorite picture of the day. Statues in a yard I passed as I walked down to the beach. I took the ‘private property’ sign out of the photo. Such an adorable vignette, I trespassed, but only a little.
My friend wanted me to see this spot because if you use your imagination, and/or put on your cheaters, you can see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just to the right of the building out on the pier. Honest, its there!
We walked out onto the pier for a better view of the bridge and found this intrepid fellow who was unperturbed by all the people on the pier. Or by me as I took his picture. Some young men saw me and told their friend that I took a picture of ‘his’ bird. “Your bird,” we asked, and discovered that he has been feeding this snowy egret since the colder water has driven the smaller fish too deep for him to catch them. We were assured that once it warms up this little guy will go back to fending for himself. Hope so.
My friend pulled over several times so that I could dash out of the car and get a picture on the way home.
The sunset wasn’t to be denied on this day…
Oh that sky!
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In search of photo ops…

I used to head out earlier in the day for my photos than I seem to do now. Sunrise, and then whatever other stop I wanted to make. The beauty of that was that when I came home I had something to do. Namely, work on my pictures and turn them into a blog post. If I had multiple pictures from more than one stop then so much the better, I had fodder for multiple blog posts. Having those pictures in the camera felt like having money in the bank. Silly I know, but that’s how I think.

Yesterday started out a lot later than I’m used to. First stop was the eagles, but not much was happening there so we moved on to the owls at Philippe Park.

I’ve seen pictures of the two eaglets on this nest, but nothing much was doing in the afternoon. Siesta time maybe?
People were exclaiming that Mama owl had turned her head. They could see her ‘horn’, they said. I tried and tried but for the life of me I couldn’t see Mama, but I took pictures of where I thought they were telling me to look. And later on I discovered that I had been looking at her all along.
Before Jr. ever popped his head up I had gotten Mama after all.
And there he was! So cute. And there is another one also. We are heading back to try again today, with lenses with longer zooms. This is ridiculously cropped, but I still like the picture. I took lots of pictures once he popped his head up, but this is the only one that you can really see his Mama.

And then it was time to head to Clearwater to meet with our photo group and have dinner. But the timing conveniently allowed for a stop in Dunedin for the sunset. It was a more successful day of shooting than I thought it was while I was pressing the shutter button all afternoon.

I like this angle because of the rocks.
I wish a sailboat had been out there, but it was too cold and windy for that to happen.
The clouds were amazing, even if they were a bit dark.
I love when the sunset lights up the buildings on the shore.