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On the lookout…

This osprey was sitting on this post when I got to Hudson Beach the other night, and as I drove away I looked for him and he was still there.  He was a distraction because I wasn’t exactly early and I had several spots I wanted to stand for sunset photos.  I hadn’t counted on him as a distraction.  I’ve been too lazy to use the tripod lately, but in low light the shutter speed is long enough that you’ll get camera shake without a tripod.  I was probably a good thing that I already had the camera on the tripod when I spotted him.

Then yesterday I had a pop up on Facebook, and ad for a new Photoshop program that makes eliminating background distractions look like a piece of cake.  I saw the ad first and then opened the pictures of this guy and here I had  photos that needed that program.  Or that feature, but I know you can do that same thing with the software I already have, and learning to take better advantage of the programs is something I keep meaning to do in my spare time?  Why does it feel like I don’t have any spare time when all my time is ‘spare’?9-30Hudsonbeachosprey29-30Hudsonbeachsunset49-30Hudsonbeachsunset5And a couple of shots from the phone.  I sometimes forget to check the iPhone to see what those photos look like, and forgetting to even pull the phone out and take a few shots while I’m out.  But I have the newest phone now, the iPhone 11 pro max, and it takes an extra wide angle shot, so there is the novelty factor.  I think I like it.

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Riverfront sunrise…

Sunrise is an hour later here in Florida, so getting out there for the big event is less of a challenge.  It was a good way to start the day, but it went downhill after that.  I washed the camper and was given my official parking spot for it here at the park.  But I had a heck of a time getting it hitched up to go park it.  I mean a HECK of a time.  I’d still be out there attempting to hitch it up if my uncle hadn’t come back from golfing and helped me.  It had to do with the driveway being on a slant, but still I should be able to do it myself.  Anyhow, parking spot #1, we finally got it parked and unhitched.   That’s when one of the landscape crew showed up and asked if that camper was going to be there full time.  I told him full time but off and on.  Then he said that he was surprised that they gave me a spot that turns into a swamp when we get a lot of rain.  You are a woman, he said, they probably shouldn’t put you where the snakes are.  No, they shouldn’t.  I plan on telling them what I think of parking spot #1 tomorrow.  I can hardly wait to hitch it up again to move it…10-2riversunrise10-2riversunrise210-2riversunrise310-2riversunrisebirdsAll these birds flew in and landed at the same time, it was quite a sight…

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I’ve never taken a trip as long as the trip I’ve just returned from, so I’m not an expert at knowing if it’s always a let down to finally get home.  But it was. Maybe it was the fact that I felt like I limped home, what with the broken trailer jack and all.  And feeling dirty and smelly and dying to take a nice hot shower, and finding no hot water, that wasn’t fun.  The water wasn’t stone cold, but it sure wasn’t what I had in mind.  Then I went to my son’s house to pick up the mail that I had had forwarded to his house while I was gone, imagining bringing home a whole box of mail to sort through, and he had exactly FOUR pieces of mail for me.  In five months!  The post office had been returning all my mail as undeliverable.  There was no replacement credit card waiting for me (I never did find the one I cancelled but didn’t think I’d really lost it, just misplaced it).  There was no dividend check from Publix, just a letter wanting me to make my ‘new’ address official.  My primary care doctor had become a specialist while I was gone, so he couldn’t be my primary anymore, which was disappointing since I liked him a lot.  And I now needed to find a new doctor asap since I had just taken my last blood pressure pill.  Maybe that’s what made me so frustrated with all of this, no more BP meds.  I might have thought that the lesson I’d learn from all this would be to never go away again.  But no, my immediate reaction was to want to just run away… but then there is the issue of the broken trailer jack.

I woke up yesterday and started tackling the problems.  First I called my go-to plumber, Billy the Sunshine Plumber.  The first time I needed a plumber here in FL I called them because their name cracked me up.  They are absolutely great, which is why I called them the second time I needed a plumber, and now this is the third time and my uncle is now a believer.  Not only did they solve my problem, but they installed the kitchen faucet I’d bought before I left and then forgot about.  But better than that, they suggested I call UHaul for my trailer jack problem.  UHaul couldn’t help me but they told me to call Rentz LLC, and I bopped over there and they fixed it on the spot, the best $55 I ever spent.

I’m feeling better now, maybe it’s the nice hot shower.  Or the fact that I got a new doctor, and my credit card will be delivered soon, and Publix knows where I live.  Just another example of needing help and finding it, and finding out just how nice people can be.

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Winding down…

Summer is officially over.  Forgotten toys in the sand on the shore.  Birds in the air, flying south?  My photographer friends in Florida are celebrating the return of the migratory birds who will spend their winter in the sun.  I suppose snowbirds are migratory also.  I will be flying the coop this weekend, leaving NH behind, for now.  But not forever since I’ll leave a little piece of my heart behind with my oldest, dearest, friend.  Next stop is PA, and family…headingsouthfeatureheadingsouth9-16fallscene9-16fallscene2

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A smelly sunset…

On my first night here I was making a mad dash out to try to get some photos of what was promising to be a very pretty sunset.  Just thought I’d head to the marsh.  But when I mentioned where I was going a fellow camper said that she knew just the place to go, and I tried to find it, but I never did.  So when I thought of that yesterday I decided to see if I could find something called the fisherman’s coop in the daylight.  And guess what, it came up in the GPS.  Only a couple of miles away.  So I found it that morning, and again for the sunset.  But fishermen is the operative word here, because it smelled pretty fishy.  But it looked pretty too…beachscenewharfbirdwharfbird2wharfsunset5wharfsunset4wharfsunset2wharfsunset1wharfsunset3

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It was my last day at the campground in Boothbay and I was determined to see as many more lighthouses as I could manage by car.  I had missed the lighthouse cruise the week before and the next was one scheduled for the day after I left.  So I set my sights on Southport.  Have you ever looked at the coast of Maine on a map?  Another camper told me that he had just seen a map on the wall of a friend’s house, and that he had grown up in New England, but he also had never realized that the coastline of Maine is made up of lots of little islands, and/or peninsulas.  I thanked him because I thought I was the only one who had been in the dark on the subject.

You enter Southport by crossing a bridge, which I did, and then parked to go back to the bridge for pictures.  I rushed when I saw that the ‘drawbridge’ had actually swung open to let a little boat pass through.  And three sailboats were lined up to go through in the opposite direction.  The keeper said that during the summer the bridge operates on a schedule. on the hour and the half hour.  He was very friendly and said that any place I saw a town pier or beach I could go and park for pictures, and off I went.


I spent a lot of time debating what to do when I found Hendricks Head lighthouse.  The view from the beach was a bit obscured, and the only option for a possible better view was to climb a rocky mound on the beach.  It didn’t look too intimidating from a distance, but up close it was slippery and with no good foot or hand holds.  While I debated I told my entire life history to a woman on the beach, Ginny, and met her husband Dave, such nice people.  She said that it was an easy climb, but then she wasn’t climbing it either.  So it wasn’t so much that I chickened-out, but I said to myself that I’m having too much fun, and I have too far to go yet, to risk a trip-ending injury and/or wrecking the camera.  I feel like I’ve been in touch with my five-year-old self recently, but now and then the adult in me needs to step in and lay down the law.SouthportHendricksHeadSouthportHendricksHead2Southportsailboat

I moved on to a dock and got out the big lens and tripod, but it seems like every photo I used was from the 18-400 new lens.  And I’ve wracked my brain looking at the maps to figure out which lighthouses I did see.   I think it’s Burnt Island Light closer in, and Cuckold’s Light Station way out in the distance.  No mention in the book on how that one got it’s name.SouthportsceneSouthporttrapsSouthportscenelighthouseSouthportscenelighthouse2SouthportBurntIslandFinally, one from the big lens, guess I’ll keep it!  I apologize if I’ve gotten the lighthouses wrong.  My mind is boggled, it stopped raining, and all I want to do is head out someplace.  Never know where until I get there!