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Big birds…

That’s what tonight’s photo shoot was supposed to be about.  Big birds like this…04-11-19bigbirdshoot2

We were on a beach near the airport, and the planes were supposed to be coming towards us to land.  An entirely different perspective.  And we were shooting at sunset so some color in the sky behind them would have been nice.  There were plenty of planes, but they were taking off with the wind, and we couldn’t see where the planes coming in were landing.  But it was okay since birds of a different sort kind of stole the show.04-11-19bigbirdshoot104-11-19bigbirdfeature2Wait, is that an osprey?  Oh, let me zoom…04-11-19bigbirdosprey1And the prettiest shore bird, a willet I think.  I saw another one of the photographers concentrating on him, and later on he said that he thought he caught  this guy with a tiny little crab in his mouth.  I hope his patience paid off for him.04-11-19bigbirdwillet

I took 675 photos, and I have to say I love the new camera and lens.  We were panning, so all my photos were taken hand held, and zoomed to the fullest, so I assumed that I was getting blurry shots, but hoped for a few that I liked.  Well, my shots weren’t blurry at all.  Oh, and the new lens goes from close up to pretty great zoom, like this.04-11-19bigbirdflower

I have so many more photos to go through, but tomorrow morning is another shoot so I need to go to bed.  I have to get up early…

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My first place…

The first thing Charley and I bought together was a ridiculously expensive stained glass window.  It was in an antique shop in Old Ellicott City, MD, and the blue pieces of glass were/are original to the window. Maybe the rest of the pieces were missing or broken.  But at any we loved it, and it signaled that we were going forward together. That was close to 40 years ago now, and it’s moved with us since then, so it has hung in various spots over the years.  But mostly it was in the upstairs window of the den of the house we lived in for over 30 years.  Many more years in that one house than I lived in my hometown, which was a stunning realization when it hit me.  Yet I left that house behind without looking back, but I’ve never been able to leave my hometown behind.  I’ve lived a lot of places in my life, but none of them have been ‘home’ to me, despite my penchant for fixing them up.  I had considered selling it, the stained glass window I mean, but I knew that I’d never get the crazy price we paid for it.  And during the time it hung in that upstairs window, the one with a window seat below it, our cat, Hobo, used to reach up and dig his claws into the window frame for a nice stretch.  And so they remain there, his claw marks forever part of our history.  So I fix up my place and make it all cozy for myself.  This is the equivalent of my first apartment, the first place I’ve ever made for myself alone.  In a place I never expected to be.  You don’t usually furnish your first place with a lifetime’s worth of treasures.  Treasures that hold memories, and bring them to life when you look at them.  My ‘first’ place may be my last place, and it may just be home…

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Getting to the finish line…

After enduring the cold up north recently, and finding myself back in Florida, you might think I have been out soaking up the sun.  Or swimming, I wanted to get back to swimming.  But I have reached a point whereby I couldn’t function with all the clutter in this place.  I said something to my uncle about how I was making headway in getting this place cleaned up, and he responded, “Really?” I guess it doesn’t show when you have been going through endless boxes of photos and finding the keepers.  So I haven’t been out with the camera, and my social life has taken place on Facebook for two days.  But last night I headed out to the races just as the sunset was winding down.

It probably isn’t what you imagined, this particular evening of horse racing.  But my cousins had been telling me how much fun it is for a while now.  Here they are at the starting gate…03-03-2019startinggate

And they are off!  #5 has taken an early lead…03-03-2019inthelead

Someone near and dear to my heart was announcing the race.  Ten races in all, plus a hot dog.  Yes, a fun evening…03-03-2019announcer

And here we are, another day dawning in Florida.  I’m not sure that I can stand another day of ‘organizing’.  Gee, maybe the bluebirds are out…03-03-2019sunrise

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Lewis Bay…

Perhaps I should have been paying more attention to the Severe Weather Alert notices that kept taking over the navigation screen in the car.  The ones that I kept dismissing so that I could keep following the route.  As I drive I don’t look at the scenery anymore, just the road and the navigation screen.  That’s not a complaint though, I’ve had a lot more fun in this last year or so by following the GPS directions to photo ops, and to epic adventures.

The plan for today was to meet a cousin for breakfast this morning.  But when I flung the curtains open I discovered that I’d have to clean the snow off the car before I could go.  Wait, that meant I had to shovel my way out of there too!  I remember coming home for a visit once and encountering snow, and being horrified to see my 55 year old father heading out with the shovel.  He was too OLD to shovel, I said to myself, so I took over for him, and felt as if he’d barely escaped certain death.  Funny how your perspective changes as you age, at least chronologically, but mentally you are just the same person as ever.  My father was fond of saying that he was 18 years old, trapped in a 55 year old body.  I thought it was cute when he said it, it was only later that I ‘got’ it.  But I do wonder if I’d have done all the things that I have done in the last year when I was younger.  I would have told myself that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do because I had other obligations that came first.  It’s only lately that I’ve developed this ‘what the hell’ attitude and head out the door.  02-18-19winter3

But I got there, to breakfast I mean.  And since we were chatting I hadn’t read the menu at all. But the waitress was standing there, and I’d seen something about a Cape Cod Benedict, so I ordered it.  The waitress came back and told me that something that was supposed to be on that dish wasn’t available, so I’d have to have double lobster instead.  If I didn’t mind she said.  I said no, that would be fine.02-18-19CapeCodBenedict

As we were leaving my cousin suggested I head to Lewis Bay for photos, so I did that too.  Then I had a little trouble getting the car off the parking lot, but it’s like riding a bike, I remembered what to do.  But that was enough to send me home to pack.  I’ll be leaving the Cape tomorrow.  Many thanks to my sister and her dog Shadow, who let me and Ozzie invade their peace and quiet.  It’s been very nice, but it’s time to head for home and get settled into my new place.  And to warm up…02-18-19winter202-18-19winter402-18-19winter5

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It comes naturally…

I’m talking about the color in these photos.  The temps in the 50s, be still my heart, and the beautiful blue skies were what got me out for photos yesterday.  I didn’t realize that the water would be even more blue, and that it would look almost unnatural, it was that intense.  When I left the house I had a plan, but first I asked Siri to direct me to the nearest gas station before my day took a wrong turn altogether.  I was annoyed that she had me backtracking, I’m pretty sure that the gas station I intended to go to was only a smidge further than where she took me.  And the gas would have been a lot cheaper where I had intended to go, but I digress.  Her route took me to 6A, and I passed a sign directing me left for the Sandwich Marina, and there went my plan for the day.  Photography is fun in a group, but really, for me it’s  mostly a solitary pursuit, and that makes me happy when I fail to stick to a plan.  No messing up someone else’s plan.  For the most part I kind of like the no witnesses thing…02-04-19boats02-04-19coastguard02-04-19noboats02-04-19sagamore02-04-19sagamorecloseIt took a while for me to realize that there weren’t going to be a lot of boats around in the winter, so boats bobbing in the harbor wasn’t going to happen.  But there were a few at the Sandwich Marina.  And a Coast Guard boat sounded a horn before zooming out into the canal to do something important I’m sure.  But I just couldn’t get over the intensity of the blue color of the water.  And just one day later everything was a gray as it could be with the clouds and the fog.  I should be happy, it’s always new and different photo ops to get you out there day after day.

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I’ve gone to the dogs…

Seriously, Ozzie has taken over my life.  He has always liked going out frequently, and I am required to accompany him outside.  Oh, I can sit in the Adirondack chair with my coffee and he’s happy, it’s not that I have to pay attention to him.  I just need to be there.  Which was okay in the Adirondack chair in FL, but out on the deck on Cape Cod when it’s 7 degrees outside isn’t quite the same.  He likes to sniff the air and make sure that all is well.  It’s his breed, English mastiff, bred not for fighting or attacking anyone, their job was to hold off intruders.  So if you approach the house he’ll look ferocious, and bark, and charge toward you until you stop.  That’s all he wants, just stand there so his human can take over. Or go away.  I have no idea what would happen if you didn’t stop, no one has ever done that before.  But on these cold clear mornings I see the moon and stars through the trees and think it would make a nice picture.  Nicer than this one though.  But my camera was there so I tried it, why not?  It was a crescent moon, and if it wasn’t so cold I’d have gotten out the tripod to make up for the long exposure in the dark.  I’ll try harder next time.  And Ozzie, well, he’s resting up until the next time he feels the need to do a security check…img_6852