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Return to nature…

Have you ever wanted to return to nature? I mean that literally. Today my friends and I visited a cemetery called Heartwood Preserve. You might want to choose this place if you would like your body to return to nature after you die. No embalming, you may choose a simple pine casket, or not. According to the website photos people also just choose for the body to be wrapped in cloth and buried that way. This was a new concept to me and I haven’t decided what I think of it. The land itself is left in it’s natural state with a wildlife trail on the property. It was quite a peaceful place. Something to think about…

WordPress has totally reformatted how to put together a post. What was simple is way more complicated, and lots less fun. Just my opinion.

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Grand Targhee Resort…

My cousin and I had quite an adventure on Friday.  She said that she wanted me to see the Tetons from the ‘other’ side, which meant another trip over the Teton Pass, but I didn’t have to be the driver this time.  Going to Idaho was an easier trip over the pass, than the return trip, and she pointed out several things I missed on my first trip.07-24-20jacksonholesign07-24-20house07-24-20overthepass07-24-20totheresort07-24-20totheresort207-24-20totheresortrockHere we are at the top.  I’d love to convince you that we climbed our way up there, but no, we took the ski lift, and we were both glad we did.07-24-20meonmt107-24-20Mary on top of the worldWhat really astounded me was the fact that bikes were taken up the ski lift also.  Sometimes little bikes, implying that little kids were going to ride them down.  A  horrifying thought to me, I hope my grandchildren don’t get any ideas.07-24-20grandtargheeskilift07-24-20grandtargheeskilift2The view from the top was really great.  Well, almost from the top.  We could have gone higher, but honestly, it didn’t feel so much like walking a trail to me.  Nope, it felt more like a balancing act, so I was happy to stay where we were.07-24-20grandtargheesummit07-24-20house07-24-20grandtargheetownview07-24-20comingdown07-24-20bluebirdThis bluebird chose a precarious spot to eat his lunch.  He was hanging onto that stick for dear life in a very strong wind.  Maybe that wind had something to do with my feeling that it was a balancing act.  But we did it!  What a fun day!

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Camp life…

Not only are the COVID rules in place here, but so are the rules for camping in bear country also in place.  So no cooking or even eating in your camper, and all food/toiletries or anything else smelly must be stored in your car or in the bear boxes.  So it’s just easier to go out and buy coffee, but not until anything opens at 7 AM.  At home I’d go nuts waiting until 7 for coffee, but here it’s been so cold overnight that it takes me that long to talk myself into getting out of bed.  Sleeping in warm pajamas, with two sweatshirts over that, with both hoods on, fluffy socks, and all four throws over top has me toasty overnight.  But I have to blast the propane heater for a little while until I can talk myself into getting dressed and heading out for coffee.  Yesterday I got coffee and went to the marina again, drawn by the light on the mountainsides.  Then I walked the lake loop right here in the park,  I was armed with bear spray since people keep reporting seeing bears, but so far I haven’t seen them.  No moose either, but I got a head’s up on where to go to try to see them.  After such cold overnight temperatures you’d be surprised how nice the days are.  Here are some shots from the marina, both the morning shots plus a few from sunset the night before.  And along the camp trail…07-18-20marinacakyaks07-18-20morningreflections07-18-20morningreflections07-18-20morningreflectionsroots

'scene' along the way, adventure, birds, Camping, finding my way, flowers, fun, life goes on, making memories, natural wonders, nature, old dogs new tricks, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

Signal mountain summit…

Signal Mountain summit was a destination of mine on Wednesday.  This despite the warnings of a camper I spoke with the other day.  He implied that the drive up the mountain had been harrowing, and I had had my own harrowing drives lately and was hesitant to take on another one.  What convinced me to try it was his answer when I asked how the drive down the mountain was.  “Oh,” he said, “that was a piece of cake.”  That answer made me doubt him all together, so off I went, and it wasn’t a bad drive in either direction.  Though seeing bicyclers tackling it in either direction was mind blowing.  The view from the top was amazing, as seen with the iPhone in the feature photo.  The ever present wild flowers had the place full of butterflies, none of which was interested in posing for photos.  So there we were, we being myself and another photographer just enjoying the view, when we saw a bird circling below us.  It appeared to be a large bird and I did manage to get a couple of photos, but without wifi I can’t look up which bird it might be.  I hoped it was a golden eagle, the thought put into my mind by the golden coloration in the wings.  But I have no idea if the golden eagle’s head is dark like this bird’s was.  I hope I remember to look it up before I post this.  I made several other stops along the way also.  Taking it easy for a change…07-1s-20tetonview07-1s-20signalsummitview07-1s-20lakeview07-1s-20eagle07-1s-20eagle207-1s-20bee07-1s-20bee207-1s-20flowerfeature

I stopped at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart on the way but it’s only open for weddings this year.07-1s-20chapel

And a geo marker was a shiny token from the work it took to make this place a reality for all of us to enjoy.07-1s-20geomarker

'scene' along the way, adventure, Camping, finding my way, flowers, fun, Just do it, life goes on, making memories, natural wonders, nature, old dogs new tricks, perseverance, photography, travel

Jenny Lake…

In driving around the park I couldn’t help but notice that the South Jenny Lake turnout was a very popular place.  I drove in one time and there wasn’t a parking space to be had, which I should have realized since there were cars parked on the road outside of the turnout.

So this morning I looked at the map to see what was actually there at Jenny Lake, and found myself intrigued that there was Hidden Falls, and Inspiration Point.  It was still early enough that I assumed that I would be able to find a parking space, so I grabbed my equipment, including the bear spray loaned to me by my cousin, and off I went.  Since there have been so few of the normal tours and such available since I’ve been here I was surprised that the ferry across the lake to the trailheads was operating, and even though I called myself a sissy I paid for a round trip across the lake.  And let me tell you I was sure glad I did, because the climb was a challenge for me.07-16-20cabin07-16-20cabin207-16-20fromtheboat07-16-20steps07-16-20falls1

You could hear the falls roaring, and I saw some from a little bridge and assumed I was there, at Hidden Falls, but I was wrong.07-16-20hiddenfalls

This was Hidden Falls, and there was more climbing if I was going to see Inspiration Point.


The feature photo is a panoramic shot from five photos of the view from what I thought was Inspiration Point.  But no, I wasn’t there yet.  This was a nice big place to stop and rest and enjoy a very nice view, but it wasn’t THE view.  I decided, however, that I was as inspired as I was going to be, and I wasn’t the only one, so this was the end of the climb for us.  Below is the rest of the climb to get there.  And the next photo shows the folks at the very top.  See if you can see them in the more distant (1st) photo.07-16-20inspirationpoint07-16-20inspirationpoint2

They looked like mountain goats climbing that last, steep-looking, trail.  And some people just can’t get enough climbing, as you see below.  All I could think of was that I was glad that none of those young people belonged to me!07-16-20climbers

And a flower to end the day.  What a nice day…07-16-20yellowflower

'scene' along the way, adventure, Camping, courage, finding my way, Just do it, leap of faith, live and learn, making memories, natural wonders, old dogs new tricks, perseverance, photography, road trip, sunset

A bump in the road…

Two places I wanted to go to while I’m here in the Grand Teton National Park were Jackson and Idaho Falls.  I had been to Jackson 28 years ago when Charley and I came to Yellowstone.  Charley said that he had gotten ‘wilderness’ out of his system after that trip due to the lack of TV stations available at the motel we stayed at.  In all of Yellowstone also.  And I’ve found that the situation hasn’t changed all that much.

But yesterday I decided to go to Idaho Falls, and I let the GPS choose the route, and I believe that I may have used up a couple of my nine lives on the trip.  A narrow, windy road, which became a narrow, windy, rutted road, and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse it did.  A 2 1/2 hour drive turned into a 4 1/2 hour drive.  Part of which I had to do in reverse and uphill when I chose the wrong fork in the road.  It was mind boggling to drive through a forest of burned trees on such a tiny road.  For some reason I really felt the horror of what a fire like that must be like.  But then that landscape gave way to a forest of Christmas trees on both sides of the road.  And that eventually gave way to what I thought were Birch trees, but I was corrected by my cousin that they would have been Aspens.  As upset over the road as I was I couldn’t help but enjoy the scenery.07-13-20dandilion07-13-20aspens07-13-20oldhouse07-13-20lupine

Idaho Falls probably had more to see than just the Riverwalk with it’s statues, but that’s all I did.  A two mile walk around a lake where you see the falls along the Snake River, and a view of the Mormon Temple across the way.  It was a lovely walk, but I rushed it to get back to my little home on wheels.07-13-20riverwalkwolfes07-13-20riverwalkwolf07-13-20riverwalkram07-13-20riverwalkfalls207-13-20riverwalkfalls07-13-20riverwalkdoeandfawn07-13-20riverwalkbears07-13-20riverwalkantlers07-13-20riverwalktemple

Lucky for me I ended the day at my cousin’s house where I could enjoy a beer and her beautiful garden before I closed the book on another chapter of this adventure.07-13-20Jacksonpath07-13-20oldcar2feature

Oh, did I mention that when I was finally in the home stretch to get to my cousin’s house I found myself driving over Teton Pass?  It was probably magnificent view-wise, but I wouldn’t know because I was clutching the steering wheel and trying not to drive off a cliff the whole time.  Yup, two lives at least.07-13-20tetonsunset