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Just thinking…

I’ve been reading a story in serial form, a new chapter waiting for me online every morning.  It’s written by another blogger with a lot more experience (and followers) than me.  Which isn’t hard since I’m here in the dark and quiet, in the recliner, with my laptop, and I’m just thinking out loud.  Well, accompanied by the sound of the typing, and the clock ticking.  That other people may find it and read it is nice, but it’s not the point exactly.

In the serial the main character has come upon an old typewriter and he has discovered that whatever he types on it the night before is the reality that he wakes up to in the morning.  What an interesting premise that is.  I sit and write at night, what if I could just write my way into whatever fantasy I’ve been thinking about?  It boggles the mind a bit, but me being me what comes to mind are my musings about life in an RV.  Not unlike this author’s premise, in my fantasy my little trailer is magically parked in a spot with a fabulous view.  Something with either a sunrise or sunset right outside the door.  And I explore to my heart’s content, taking pictures.  Period.   I’ve been enjoying this particular daydream for years, without ever trying to imagine how the trailer has gotten to that lovely spot.  It’s the imaginary destinations that I crave, not the gritty day-to-day work of getting from point A to point B.  Soon I’ll be forced to figure all of that out, daunting as that may be.  If only it could be as easy as “If I write it it will come.”

But there are places to go and people to meet.  They are really out there, they aren’t just in my head.  Like this place, Bass River, which caught my eye as I drove across the bridge.  Who could resist that little green tugboat off in the distance?  Certainly not me.02-14-19bassriver02-14-19bassriver202-14-19bassriver302-14-19bassriver4

The blogger that I’ve been enjoying can be found at beetleypete.com.


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Howard Park…

This post has been sitting as a draft for months and months.  Written long before I ever thought about making the changes in my life that are now a done deal.  I left it there so that one day when I didn’t have a post to write I could use it.  So today’s the day evidently.  Now I’m nostalgic for the photo ops in Florida, not unlike how I was feeling about needing to get back to the people and places I loved in my long ago youth.  I think of my ex-husband telling me that I’d never be satisfied.  I think he was talking about my never-ending list of home improvement projects, but no matter what he meant at that moment I suspect that it was truer than I ever thought…

Long ago my friend had mentioned to me that their favorite place to go when she used to visit this area was Fred Howard Park, in Tarpon Springs.  Thinking of that I brought two of my grandchildren there quite a long time ago now, but I didn’t look at a map and had no idea that there was a causeway and a beach there.  That fact came to me recently when I saw a wonderful photo posted by a new photography friend, and it featured a lifeguard chair with sunset colors. It was wonderful.  And in my photography group it’s been said that studying others’s photos and trying to emulate them is a learning tool, so off I went.  I found the chair, and had to wait while beach goers were rousted off of it by the ranger who was there, and even then it was a challenge to compose a shot because the sun was setting to the right of the chair, darn it.  I did post some shots from that shoot, but I have found more, some on the iPhone.  I need to go back again, it’s a pretty park.6-7howardparkchairHDR6-7howardparkpalms

And from the sponge docks on the way home…6-7teaexchange

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… is the sincerest form of flattery, or so I’ve heard.  As soon as I got to the canal I could see that the sun wasn’t going to cooperate with the photo I had hoped to get.  I’d hoped to recreate a photo I’d seen that had the railroad bridge framed perfectly behind the Bourne Bridge, but with spectacular sunset color in the sky.  Almost as soon as I got out with the camera and started walking to what I thought would be a good spot a walker started chatting with me and showing me some of the pictures he’s taken while walking in that area.  Mark, I think he said his name was, and from Brockton, which we agreed had changed a lot since we both grew up there.

The sun was relentless early on, for pictures I mean.  Then gray, muddy clouds took over the sky as the sunset color would have been developing.  But at least there was the moon, and the almost naked trees.  And if you turned to see the Bourne Bridge from the west side, said Mark, the bridge would turn pink as the color developed, but that didn’t happen, though the glow on the bridge was nice.  There was only one other photographer out there with a tripod, and seemingly going for the same photo I wanted to get.  He suddenly scrambled down and stood on the rocks to shoot, and spoiled my shot, I thought at first.  Now I think he made the shot.  I wonder if he posts on Sandwich News, Sandwich being a place and not, well, food.  That’s where I saw the photo that inspired this stop along the way.  This being out in someplace new and taking photos is addictive.  There is an RV show in Boston this weekend, and a snow storm rolling in…


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King Ida…

I suppose it’s not politically correct to lump people into a group and then talk about my impression of the people who fit into that group.  Like how cat-like and aloof I found the people to be at the one and only cat show I ever attended.  Conversely, my dog show experience seemed to be the opposite.  The people were friendly, like, well, puppies.  But what’s on my mind today is a desire to rave about what nice people photographers seem to be.  What a great activity to re-find at this time of my life when I had figured out that spending all my time alone was probably not going to work out well for me in the long run.  I wanted to get out and do something, and jumped at the chance to go to a photography class I happened to see on Facebook one morning.  I couldn’t have known where that spur of the moment decision would lead me.  The photographers I have met have proven themselves to be willing to share technical information about the camera itself, and locations for shooting.  Not just willing to help, happy to help.

The other morning at the Cape Cod Canal was a good example.  I was standing there with my camera and tripod when several other photographers showed up.  “Have you seen the King?”, was the question.  I think I probably just stood there with a blank look on my face, so he said, “The King Ida.”  I was still lost.  He pointed out that all the ducks I was seeing had just arrived in the last week or two.  The white ones are Ida’s, he said.  The males, he explained, have a blue ‘cap’ over their eye, and he searched the photos in his camera until he found a photo of one.  He had only seen one, but he had heard that there were two with this group.  After our conversation he, and a few other photographers who had shown up, headed down the path to see if there was a King with the group that day.  There wasn’t.  But I smiled through the rest of the time I spent shooting these photos.  A little encounter like this one is enough to totally make your day, even when the King doesn’t show up…12-29canal

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I left my heart…

My home was my world when I was a kid, even knowing that there were places out there out of view, I think I thought those places would look exactly like my world.  I assume that kids see the world a little differently these days, even without traveling the world comes to us so vividly on TV and the computer.  I never appreciated what was around me until it wasn’t around me anymore.  I love the meandering stone walls that seem to be everywhere here.  I’m told that the rocks were unearthed as farmers tilled their land, and so they were used to define their fields.  They look quite random, like they just grew there on their own.  And then there are the cranberry bogs, a familiar sight in my coastal New England travels.  Massachusetts grows half the cranberry crop of the country, I know this since I googled it this morning, and they only grow in four other states.  I didn’t realize how much I liked seeing them until I was away and then came back and saw them again.  I didn’t stop for pictures the other day when the sun seemed to have this bog glowing, which is when it caught my eye.  After a day of rain it was sunny yesterday so I finally figured out a place to park the car and stopped for a few minutes.  Spotting scenes I’d like to take pictures of isn’t the problem, finding a place to pull the car over is the real issue.  If I’m now a snowbird I can truthfully say that my two worlds look nothing alike.  Florida has the sun and palm trees, and I love it.  But New England has the charm, and my heart…12-29bogs12-29bogs212-29bogs3

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Heritage Village…

On Saturday three of us club members from Hernando County made the trek to Clearwater to have our camera sensors cleaned.  A wonderful perk of club membership.  Florida Center for Creative Photography, or FCCP, for those who may wonder.  Haveing made a bit of a trip we asked where we might go to take some pictures while we were out, and we settled on Heritage Village.

On a sunny day the colors were vibrant, and it clashed with the notion of seeing those days of old in sepia tones.  In truth I looked to see if I could tint the pictures that way, but I grew impatient, so you are seeing what we saw.

The general store came first…12-3generalstore12-3shopping

Then the train station…12-3crossing12-3allaboard312-3allaboard2

And, of course a garage.  It even smelled like a garage…12-3outtolunch212-3outtolunch12-3heritagegarage

How about a barber shop, complete with a photo bomb by Natty Boh…12-3nattyboh12-3barbershop212-3barbershop

And a one room schoolhouse…12-3schoolhouse212-3schoolhouse

I’m not squeamish, but the doctor’s office blew me away a little.  Instruments displayed under glass, and numbered so that you could find out what they were used for.  I’m sorry, but they looked brutal.  I wonder what the survival rate for surgical patients was back then.  I did take a photo of the first dental X-ray machine, and the birthing chair which was surprisingly short, and complete with a sink for the baby to be delivered into. Again, brutal.  Next time I’ll concentrate on the instruments more.12-3openwide12-3birthingchair.jpg

And some scenes of everyday life in the village…12-3kitchen12-3heritagespinning12-3office12-3redwheels12-3bedtime

Seems appropriate for the outhouse to be the grand finale of the visit!  It was a fun day!12-3outhouse