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Heritage Village…

On Saturday three of us club members from Hernando County made the trek to Clearwater to have our camera sensors cleaned.  A wonderful perk of club membership.  Florida Center for Creative Photography, or FCCP, for those who may wonder.  Haveing made a bit of a trip we asked where we might go to take some pictures while we were out, and we settled on Heritage Village.

On a sunny day the colors were vibrant, and it clashed with the notion of seeing those days of old in sepia tones.  In truth I looked to see if I could tint the pictures that way, but I grew impatient, so you are seeing what we saw.

The general store came first…12-3generalstore12-3shopping

Then the train station…12-3crossing12-3allaboard312-3allaboard2

And, of course a garage.  It even smelled like a garage…12-3outtolunch212-3outtolunch12-3heritagegarage

How about a barber shop, complete with a photo bomb by Natty Boh…12-3nattyboh12-3barbershop212-3barbershop

And a one room schoolhouse…12-3schoolhouse212-3schoolhouse

I’m not squeamish, but the doctor’s office blew me away a little.  Instruments displayed under glass, and numbered so that you could find out what they were used for.  I’m sorry, but they looked brutal.  I wonder what the survival rate for surgical patients was back then.  I did take a photo of the first dental X-ray machine, and the birthing chair which was surprisingly short, and complete with a sink for the baby to be delivered into. Again, brutal.  Next time I’ll concentrate on the instruments more.12-3openwide12-3birthingchair.jpg

And some scenes of everyday life in the village…12-3kitchen12-3heritagespinning12-3office12-3redwheels12-3bedtime

Seems appropriate for the outhouse to be the grand finale of the visit!  It was a fun day!12-3outhouse

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One day later…

It doesn’t seem logical, at least not to me.  One day after the sunrise that wasn’t impressive, but the reflected sky was lovely, we had the opposite situation.  From the second I got to Aripeka the sunrise was awash in color.  And if that was so colorful then I might have expected some spectacular reflections also, but that wasn’t the case until the last minutes I was there.  Each day we are treated to something different, and each afternoon we seem to have a thunderstorm or two, which has been keeping me home for the rest of the day.  Not a treat exactly, but with the rain comes the nice green grass… that grows way too fast.8-1reflectHDR8-1dramaticsunriseHDR8-1dramaticreflectHDR

I’m still struggling with the HDR photography.  These three photos are HDR photos created in Lightroom, but the featured image is my HDR photo taken into EasyHDR and letting the program do it’s thing.  One ‘expert’ likes the HDR images to still look natural, but I also like the over the top images I that see online.  My mind is boggled…

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Over the Tappan Zee…

The last time I visited New York I was looking for someplace to go to spend the day with my grandchildren and my google search showed me the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  I thought that sounded like a great idea but the kids weren’t enthused at all so we didn’t go.  Today, however, I headed up and down a lot of hills, and managed some hairpin turns, and eventually drove over the Tappan Zee bridge, but I got there.  It was originally the Tarrytown Cemetery, founded in 1849, but it was posthumously renamed at Washington Irving’s request.  His grave overlooks the adjacent 3 acre graveyard from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, adjacent to the Old Dutch Church.  Nearby is a bridge which was built in a rustic style to suggest the bridge upon which Ichabod Crane failed to escape the Headless Horseman.  It’s a beautifully set and well maintained resting place, I think I need to reread the story…6-18Irving6-18officeHDR6-18olddutch6-18redtreeHDR6-18stepsHDR6-18ivyHDR6-18woodenshoes6-18stream6-18bridgeAs I was driving away intending to head home I saw a road sign pointing to a waterfront area, and who could resist that?  The Tarrytown riverwalk I think it was.  And a little ice cream shop alongside the parking lot, and the signs on the window announced ‘coffee’ and also ‘ice cream’, which to me became Coffee Ice Cream, so I went in.  Alas there was no coffee ice cream, but the young man behind the counter suggested their specialty, vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso.  What a good idea.  And the view from the waterfront was the Tappan Zee from the feature photo, but in the other direction was this from the iPhone…Single photo enhanced with easyHDR 3.12.0: 6-18iphonelighthouse.jpg6-18lighthousecloseAnd this is why I carry the 150-600mm lens.  Just sayin’

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Back to Bayport…

My powers of observation have never been great, I know that.  Details escape me.  So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when I noticed this little shop on the way back from Bayport last night.  How many times had I passed it going back and forth to Pine Island or Bayport?  Hundreds?  But I never ‘saw’ it.  But with the new interest in night photography comes a little different perspective when it comes to a building sitting alone, with lights and shadows, and interesting details in the facade.  This shop is called The Country Store, and it looks charming, I’d like to stop in next time I’m passing by.  Sooner rather than later…


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How much is that doggie…

… in the window?  It was the Boston Terrier in the window that made me want to take a picture of this store window.  I was on the first night photo walk that I attended last March in Tarpon Springs, and I took a lot of photos that night that I never tried to use before.  It seems like I’ve bogged down a little, I need time to catch up mentally.  My constant quest to get out and take more pictures leaves me not a lot of time to think about the lessons I’ve been learning.  And I know how ridiculous that sounds since I’ve had much more time off than time at work.  So I decided to go back and look at some of the thousands of photos I’ve taken in the last year to see what photos I skipped over.  6-4caribongoHDR6-4fountainHDR6-4aquawindowHDR6-4streetlightThe big take away from this exercise is the ‘transform’ tool in Lightroom.  This last picture was hopelessly on an angle, and trying to fix it by straightening it in the crop tool wasn’t working.  Since the main street of Tarpon Springs is a hill, and I hadn’t tried to level the photo when I took it, I assumed it was hopeless.  Then I remembered to try ‘transform’, and hit ‘auto’.  Amazing.  I know that you should be trying to take the perfect photo as you take it, using the best settings and composition to tell the story of the photo.  But I’m glad to have the editing tools I’m learning about also.  Technology is a wonderful thing.

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The ‘atmospheric’ style…

When the Tampa Theatre was built in 1926, the movie studios controlled the production, distribution, and venues where their movies were played.  John Eberson was the most sought after movie house designer of the times, and he pioneered the ‘atmospheric’ style, of which it was said that the Tampa Theatre was his favorite design.  Movie goers were to be transported, for several hours at least, to exotic courtyards, under moonlight skies complete with stars.  The theater survived the  Great Depression and WW2, but by the 70s it took a monumental effort to rescue this theater from becoming a parking lot.  Today the Tampa Theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places, and hosts more than 600 events each year.  Tours are held several times a month and the one I attended today was quite informative and entertaining.  And I learned that a silent film is scheduled to be shown on June 2nd, complete with a live orchestra.  There aren’t many people with the skills to play the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ, and we were treated to a few tunes played for us today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even with the new camera the size of the spaces in the theater were a challenge to photograph.  Even in the theater itself it’s hard to get far enough away to see it all in your viewer with the balconies overhead.  The starry, starry sky effect is quite lovely, and the photos don’t do it justice.  This was a fun way to spend a rainy day.  Thanks to the photographer friend who suggested this as a photo op.  I looked it up this morning and found I had just enough time to get myself there for the tour.  Must have been meant to be!

P. S. Love the new camera!