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I was wrong…

Not that that’s anything new.  But this particular time I was wrong about Crepe Myrtles.  I said that they are a worthy substitute for lilacs, especially when you haven’t seen, or smelled, an actual lilac in a very long time.  I said they have the look, but don’t bother to sniff.  But my dog walk takes me past this white Crepe Myrtle, and since it’s now in glorious bloom, and perfectly at nose level, getting a whiff of the flowers is pretty much inevitable.  And they smell lovely!  Not like lilacs of course, but lovely.  They are beautiful every year, but for some reason they have really caught my attention this year.  In white, and my favorite purple.  Actually a shade of lilac, how fitting.  And so many shades of pink.  My world is very colorful at the moment…


Close up the flowers are nothing like lilacs of course, it’s when I step back and look at the big picture that I see it.  The mail-person doesn’t have the option of stepping back from this one however.  There are mailboxes buried in there.  Every year this crepe myrtle is trimmed back to stumps.  And every year it comes back.  There is another blog post here, about resilience, or perseverance, looking deeper to find the buried treasure, or maybe looking deeper and finding out that the treasure you were seeking isn’t there.

Or you might find this…fullsizeoutput_214b

But for now I’m seeking lilacs, so the big picture suits me just fine…


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