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Don’t take it personally…

Or at least I try not to take it personally, but this is my most common view of the crane family lately.6-9timestwo4As soon as I realize they are out back and head out with the camera they leave.  Last year I felt almost smug about the way that that crane family didn’t seem to mind me watching them at all.  And that includes the dogs, they didn’t seem to pay any attention to Ozzie and Zoe last year either.  And, like the chickens who visit the yard periodically, the dogs weren’t noticing the cranes either.  But the two colts this year seem to stick close to Mom and Dad, except when I go out with the camera and the colts lead the charge away from the yard.  And one of the adults hangs back to monitor things while they make their get away.  Last year when I was leaving work for the day I’d get teased that I was going home to stalk the cranes.  And that was exactly what I did, so it’s amazing to me how little attention I’ve paid to them this year.  And that they haven’t seemed to require my supervision.  They are doing perfectly well without me.


4 thoughts on “Don’t take it personally…”

    1. Well, if I was out there for hours at a time like I was last year I suppose they wouldn’t notice me so much. Plus there is so much more vegetation out on the island that once they are there I can’t necessarily see them. Now I know how it was that last year was the first year that I noticed the Sandhill cranes nesting out there. Even when the chicks were little I could see them on the island. I’m told that it’s been going on for a while now.


    1. We actually are surrounded by bird sanctuaries. When last year’s crane colt. Hurt his wing the rehabbed I talked with said that there was no better place that he could be, especially since his parents were with him. If only they weren’t crossing the road all the time.


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