Snowbird diaries, chapter one

New Hampshire! Finally! The story begins, or so I thought. But it seems I’ve been dropping breadcrumbs on my pilgrimage to get here. So that I could find my way back home eventually perhaps? My ‘nice’ black shoes and my sweatshirt jacket that I wanted to bring with me apparently never made it out of my house, I hope. As opposed to having lost them along the way. The jacket I intended to borrow from my daughter is still at her house. And before I even missed it I was informed that I had left my laptop at my friend’s house yesterday. Really? Of all things. As I drove the last leg of the trip to my destination for these next couple of weeks I was anticipating sitting with the laptop in it’s newly updated state, and looking at the photos I had been taking along the way. So it will be a few days until I can go back to retrieve it, along with my favorite pillow that I’ve now realized hasn’t made it here either. But my iPad is here with me, thank goodness. But there will be a learning curve. Sigh. And so it begins.

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