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Kids these days…

They sure grow up fast, don’t they?  The eagles chicks had just hatched when I headed north for a visit in December.  I supposed I’d miss them completely.  And I guess I did miss the eaglet stage.  This ‘kid’ is a fledgling at the moment, though he didn’t do much fledging today.  He and Mom stayed in the same spots the entire time I was there, turning their heads this way and that, and that’s all they did.  I saw an adult fly away from the nest as I walked over to take up my position to shoot.  I was happy to spot this adult so easily since she was nicely positioned against the tree, but it took me a minute to realize that that lump just below and behind her was the baby.  He stayed in the shadows, and they both heard Dad calling when he landed out of sight in a tree nearby.  I think I teased about how less than regal the fledgling looked the last time I was here, but I think he’s gotten that regal stare down pretty well now.  What a privilege it is to be able to observe them, and they are far enough away that I don’t think we disturb them. 03-20-19kids103-20-19kids203-20-19kids303-20-19kids403-20-19kids503-20-19kids6

2 thoughts on “Kids these days…”

    1. Yes, seems like they were posing. I was hoping the other adult would come back with lunch, but then I realized that I had probably just caught a glimpse of a switch off between the adults when I was arriving. And I had more stops to make, I was on a roll!


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