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Another step forward…

Yesterday I managed to solve a problem that’s been plaguing me.  I didn’t so much as persevere until I solved it, I just eventually gave up and threw money at it. Charley would approve.  So with my laptop/external hard drive issues behind me I found myself in range of the Nature Coast Botanical Garden, and of course I stopped in.  A low-tech respite in what had been a frustrating day. There were beautiful flowers everywhere, but hardly a butterfly to go with them.  Or bees, I didn’t see bees either.


With this computer issue finally solved, a nice check mark on my to-do list, I decided to relax and watch some TV.  I know, I had just declared that I had OD’d on TV after so much binge watching.  Turns out I won’t be watching after all because the TV is deader than the proverbial doornail.  A victim of the wicked thunderstorm the night before maybe?  One step forward…

2 thoughts on “Another step forward…”

  1. Well Sue, if it’s any consolation, you just justified my recent purchase of a surge protector for my electric panel. I was lamenting that I was probably upsold. Your issue just illustrated what the electrician told me. Sorry about that. I watch a lot of tv on my phone using my cable app, PBS app, Starz app, from my bed.

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    1. I’m just grateful it didn’t affect the desktop. Or laptop, LOL. Everything is plugged into those goofy strips, just because of the lack of outlets in here or they aren’t where they need them to be. In all honesty the TV had been turning itself off when I turned the turntable it’s on, so something wasn’t right in there anyhow. It may have been a coincidence about the thunderstorm, but boy was it ever a doozy!


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