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Another day with the eagles…

The feature photo is Duchess, the eagle Mama, taking her turn off the nest, but not venturing far. And here is Duke, staying very close to the nest, keeping close watch. I know which is which because we happened to arrive to find my favorite, and most dedicated, eagle watcher already set up and taking pictures. She is an expert on all the nests in our area. It was fun to keep watch with her and her mom.

I believe this was Dad’s position for the entire time we watched.
And here is the baby view I had hoped for, Except in my mind it was going to be a tiny ball of yellow fluff.
He looks alert, and serious, as befits an eagle.
He proceeded to flap his wings, getting ready to eventually leave the nest.
Then, all of a sudden Mom arrived. Look at his posture, exactly like mom’s here.
Feeding time. Mom stayed feeing the babies for a while, and then off she flew.
Dad was still on guard. And, finally, baby #2 appeared.
A slightly closer view.

Dad also flew off the nest as we packed up our gear to get on with the day, but as we drove away we could see both adults on snags close to the nest. It was a beautiful day and a chance to visit with friends, what could be better?

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