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Under the influence…

I was under the influence at the races on Saturday. We had a nice group, and the feature photo is the person who was influencing me. She likes to concentrate on the people at the race track, in addition to the races themselves. So when I was up on the balcony and saw her below me, shooting into the crowd between races, I was challenged to try to see what she was seeing. And she was an interesting subject herself.

This girl would probably be happy to know that her outfit was every bit as pretty as she hoped it would be.
You aren’t supposed to take pictures inside the clubhouse itself due to the number of serious gamblers studying their forms. I guessed that this guy directly below the balcony was fair game though.
This horse caught my eye as he was brought out at the start of his race. I remembered the little girl from our last day at the races who told her mother that one of the horses was being ‘naughty’. I really like his orange socks, but in looking at my pictures of his race I couldn’t see orange socks at all, so I don’t know where he finished.
This is the female jockey who won her race last time, and she won the first race this time. My vantage point on the balcony makes it impossible to see the finish line, but at least I can see the track itself. And I was told early on that getting a shot of the horses with all four hooves off the ground was one photographic goal, so I was a doubly pleased with this shot.
This was taken from track-side, of the race that the horse with the orange socks was in. What was exciting here was that the horse on the rail had led for the whole race, and this was the moment coming down the stretch that he was overtaken and I believe he came in fourth. Hmm, do the first and second horses both have all four feet on the ground?
I caught the photographer beside me aiming his camera at this little kid. He had successfully done a somersault off of this railing several times, and I was mad at myself for missing the shot when his hat flew off in the process. So I started shooting also, and got this shot. And he was still somersaulting so I kept shooting…
Let me caution you that no children were harmed in the process of getting this shot. Yes, he fell onto his back and cried, but he was okay. I believe he stopped somersaulting after that.

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