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Taking a break…

Why do I stress so much over packing for a trip?  Always, no matter where I’m going.  And I take too much.  Always, no matter where I’m going.  But this time I am heading north to pick up my new trailer, and I suddenly realized that it will be 100% empty when I arrive to take it.  So I started packing up all my extra spatulas, silverware, paper products, basic stuff that I have duplicates of anyhow.  Seemed like a no brainer.  A win-win.  Oh wait, towels, packed some of those. And laundry supplies since I have extra.  Cleaning supplies too, again, there is so much of that stuff in this place that I probably will never have to buy it again. Then I put the seats up in the Pacifica and found out that there is an incredible amount of storage space in that car.  Lots more than it seemed with the stow away seats stowed away.  I hadn’t had the seats up since I bought it, and all the bins that I had in the back were sliding around back there, and now they have now disappeared into the space behind the third row seat.   They won’t be sliding now, and they stack, two side-by-side, and three high.  Now I have empty bins and it’s tempting to fill them up, because I can.

This sort of thing makes me nuts, and I was stewing about it at 2:30 AM, which left me plenty of time to go out for the sunrise at Bayport this morning, just to give my brain a rest.  But it seemed that everyone had that same idea.  There was a traffic jam at the docks, a line up of cars with their boats behind them, all waiting to get on the water.  And multiple fishermen on the pier where I usually have full reign to compose shots.  I figured it out eventually.  It’s Saturday!  I’ll bet I worked just about every Saturday for 7 years.  That explains it.  The sunrise wasn’t much, but this heron decided it was time for a close up.  Now I’m back to packing, those empty bins are calling me…05-04-19bayportsunrise405-04-19bayportsunrise105-04-19bayportsunrise205-04-19bayportsunrise305-04-19greatblue1

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