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Eagle parenthood…

When I took the feature photo I wondered if it would be only photo I’d get today. But the eagles came through again.

I wasn’t as prepared to wait out the eagles today, I had no trike to sit on and no tripod. And yet I was there quite a while. I enjoyed a conversation with another watcher, and I declared that if I left I just knew that something would happen right away, and I’d miss it. But all I had seen by then was the adult on the eggs was rustling around a bit. I hoped that meant that it was time for a changing of the guard. I saw her pop her head up, but I didn’t realize she was calling to her mate until I saw the pictures on the iPad. The other watcher left, and yes, in a few minutes the action began.
I thought I saw the other eagle possibly flying in, so I rolled the zoom back out a bit, looking for one to land, and started shooting. I didn’t realize I’d caught the eagle on the nest as it headed out.
Suddenly the second eagle was just above the nest, and sounding off. But after just a minute or two it flew down to the nest.
And then she flew.
The burst mode on the new camera gave me at least 15 pictures of this descent into the nest.
I haven’t gotten many shots of eagles in flight so this sequence made me happy,
He landed on a branch, not on the nest as I had expected.
Once the new eagle had settled on the nest I looked to see if the first eagle had landed anywhere nearby. She stayed only a minute or two and she was off.

While waiting for something to happen I was a bit hopeful that the eggs had hatched already, if only because I thought that there would be more activity to see. Soon I think…

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